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Garmin HomePort v2.0.

2 Before heading out on the open water, plan your voyage with HomePort marine trip-planning software1 that lets you plan and organize routes from the convenience of your computer. Use your existing BlueChartr preprogrammed card, or transfer the preloaded maps2 directly from your chartplotter to an SDT card. Then simply plug the card into your computer's card reader to start planningyour voyage. Navigating waters with no visible landmarks or shallow shorelines can be a daunting task for even the most experienced navigator. With your existing BlueChart data together with HomePort on your computer, you'll have the ability to view map details such as underwater hazards and hidden obstacles and plan a route to avoid them. HomePort also offers features such as depth profiles, distance and bearing measurements, and tidal predictions. Manage Your Data In addition to managing waypoints, routes and tracks, you can store information from past voyages right on your computer. HomePort will also help you create point-to-point routes, determine fuel usage and estimate your travel time for each leg of your route - saving you time and money. View Marine Charts It's easy to browse and view chart detail on your computer screen and mark waypoints and other points of interest. When finished, send the data to an SD card or proprietary Garmin datacard to load into your compatible Garmin chartplotter or sounder. HomePort is compatible with BlueChart, BlueChart g2 and BlueChart g2 Vision navigation charts. It is currently only compatible with Windowsr operating systems. 1 HomePort software does not include map data, and is only available in English. 2 Inland Lakes software is not compatible with HomePort. If using a device preloaded with Inland Lakes software in conjunction with BlueChart g2 and g2 Vision pre-programmed cards, only the pre-programmed cards are compatible. displays both fishing and navigational charts from BlueChart g2 Vision allows user to measure distance and bearing on the charts displays route/track depth profile converts tracks into point-to-point routes (track to route conversion) and specif ies the speed for each leg of the route provides ETA and arrival times (for each leg) when you create routes shows animated playback of data collected on device calculates fuel consumption (based on fuel flow data provided by the user) exports selected data to GoogleT Earth displays statistics and graphical information about tide stations, tidal streams and currents displays grid lines to show latitude and longitude allows you to manage waypoints, routes and tracks allows you to view the map north-up, map-up or course-up displays celestial information such as sunrise, sunset and moon phase

File Information A 2 GB card will be required if transferring the preloaded map from your chartpl otter onto a microSD/SD card for use with HomePort.displays photos and point-of-interest detail supports vector charts includes worldwide basemap allows multiple map views Note: HomePort is compatible with Windowsr operating systems only.NET Framework 3.0 microSD/SD card reader or Garmin proprietary USB card reader USB port . Minimum Requirements Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista or Windows 7 Microsoftr . There are no Mac OSr versions at this time.5 2.0 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent 250 MB disk space 1 GB RAM 1024 x 768 display video card that supports DirectX 9.