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Welcome to the Management System, the “backbone” of CCV‘s continued development of a strong, capable inf rastructure.

What is t he Management Syst em?
T he Management System enables our growth through leveraging and scaling up the talent and expertise of our leaders. To “def ine” the Management System, we must begin with the term “Quality.” What do we mean when we say something is “high quality?” Or, what is meant by “excellence?” A very long time ago, the International Standards Organization (ISO) def ined Quality as, “T he totality of f eatures and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisf y a def ined requirement.” In other words, quality is “f itness f or purpose.” How does this apply to CCV? What is “f itness f or purpose?” It’s pretty simple. Quality is how well we accomplish the “purpose.” And, of course our purpose is to honor God by f ollowing his teachings. Specif ically, to be a community that reaches the lost and helps them to become “f ully devoted f ollowers of Jesus.” So “Quality” means getting the job done well. It’s basically the sum of … Knowing the stakeholder needs Equipping CCV to meet those needs Excellent implementation Reliable inputs Clear instructions Ef f icient, ef f ective execution Feedback and continuous improvement T he main ingredient of the Management System is people. As leaders, we must f ind staf f and volunteers, train and develop them, communicate with them, and put systems in place that help them to succeed. T he Management System is the f ramework f or implementing these systems. T he Management System contains the methods we use to analyze stakeholder needs, def ine processes that meet those needs, and manage these processes to ensure that results are predictable and repeatable. T he Management System also provides the f ramework f or continuous improvement, increasing the likelihood of achieving the satisf action of the stakeholders. It gives the stakeholders conf idence that CCV has the capability to consistently deliver.

How does t he Management Syst em benef it CCV?
T here are many reasons our church has implemented a Management System. T he f irst is that it brings consistency to routine activities and helps to ensure best practices. What does that mean? T he bottom line is this, one of the biggest challenges in a high growth environment is rapidly identif ying, recruiting, training, and deploying leaders. T he senior leader’s ability to constantly communicate and give direction is limited. Even the best leaders can only do so much. Keeping up with a continuously increasing demand f or new staf f and volunteers, requires us to develop and implement systems. T hese systems, collectively, f orm the Management “System.” T he Management System is a training aid which enables staf f and volunteers to be trained quickly and ef f iciently. Best practices are established, documented, and made available to anyone needing to know.

documents. T he Management System is a means to manage and f acilitate change and improvement. this is counter intuitive. It’s very dif f icult to “rally the troops” around a change or quick tweak to something when nothing is really “f ormally” in place. with a Manual at the top of the hierarchy. and records. a “one stop shopping” simplicity is in place when inf ormation is needed to get something done. Documents. established methods. Simply put.” the manual explains that systems are in place to ensure the proper control of data. and records. T he elements of the Management System are listed below along with a listing of the areas under each element within which CCV has (or soon plans to) def ined minimum requirements: Management Syst em Administ rat ion Control of Data. but it is true. design. under “Management System Administration. Once it’s setup. One of the biggest obstacles to f lexibility and change f or the better is lack of f ormal.T he Management System f ormalizes our communication inf rastructure. It ref ers to a set of procedures that the church is f ollowing to ensure the consistent control of data. enabling new people to come up to speed quickly. What does t he Management Syst em include? T he Management System is organized under 5 dif f erent sections or elements. and execute the weekend service?” methods are established and made available. From “How do I spend money?” to “How do we plan. T he Management System Manual def ines the “minimum requirements” under each element. produce. T he Management System Manual also f unctions as a guide to the organization and hierarchy of the system. and Records Policy and Procedure Review and Approval Access to Inf ormation Document and Data Distribution Version Control Record Retention Leadership Responsibilit y Church Governance Organizational Structure Responsibility and Authority Strategic Planning Management System Review Environmental Responsibility Human Resources Recruiting Job and Ministry Descriptions . For example. it provides a vehicle f or organizing and disseminating inf ormation. Yes. documents. helping us to navigate and easily f ind what we need.

Training and Development Perf ormance Review Health and Saf ety Execut ion Ministry Area Operations Finance Purchasing and Supplier Development Of f ice Operations Inf ormation Technology Facilities Management Site Security Project Planning Measurement . and Improvement Measurement of Results Management System Assessment Continuous Improvement Corrective and Preventive Action . Analysis.