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Community First Grant for the Milton area of Southend

How much cash is available? A maximum grant of £2,500 is available although it is expected most grants will be for smaller amounts. An important part of this grant is that groups have to prove they have match funded their grant. In practical terms for every £1 you are awarded you need to have raised £1. This could be from straight forward fundraising or from using volunteer time. Every hour a volunteer works on a project counts as match funding of £11. This means if we gave you a grant of £250 you would have to fundraise £250 or have evidence of 23 volunteer hours or a mix of both. In total £8,488 is available to be spent by groups between April 2014 and March 2015. Where does this grant come from? The Milton ward of Southend has been selected as one of the 600 areas to receive Community First funding from central government. A Community First panel has been set up in this area, made up of local people. This panel gives grants to projects which meet community first priorities for the Milton ward. Milton Ward Community First Priorities 1. Improve and clean up the local environment, pavements and park especially dog fouling 2. Improve community relations between different ethnic groups in Milton 3. More free and low cost things for families and young people to do 4. Reduce alcohol consumption in the streets Milton Ward is the area of central Southend running from Valkyrie Road in the west to Queensway in the east. The northern boundary of the ward is London Road and the southern boundary is the seafront. Can my group apply for funding? This grant should be used to build stronger and more resilient communities in the Milton ward of Southend. This means your project must mainly benefit communities in this area and have strong links to the Milton ward area. Only groups and not individuals can apply for this grant. Your group does not need to be a formal group but it will require a group bank account or an agreement with another group which has a bank account and is willing to receive the grant and pass it onto you. A condition of accepting a grant from us is that a group will work towards becoming a more formal constituted group if appropriate. When is the deadline? For projects which will be completed between April 2014 and March 2015 applications will be needed by 5 p.m. on 26.09.13 or 5pm 15.1.2014. All projects will need to be completed in the financial year the grant is awarded.

How do I apply? To find out more and download an application form visit: