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Legal Traineeship Application Form

(to commence September 2013)
Please return your completed form by post to W Ruthven Gemmell, Partner, Murray Beith Murray, 3 Glenfinlas Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6AQ , or by email to th by 30 September 2012

Please complete this form in full. Applications which are incomplete may not be considered.

Personal details Salutation and Full Name (Block Capitals):

Date of birth: _______________________________________________________________ Address:

Please attach a passport sized photograph here

Postcode: _______________________________________________________________ Out of term address if different:

____________________________________________________ Contact telephone no: Mobile no: Email address:

Postcode: _______________________________________________________________ Secondary/Further Education Name(s) of school(s)/college(s) and dates

____________________________________________________ Subject/courses studied and level (e.g. Highers, A, S) Give examination results

Law Degree(s) University/ College and dates

Title of degree/diploma course

Class obtained

List subjects studied with examination results or course grades to date: .

awards or prizes won at School or University/College Which aspects of your university studies have you found particularly interesting and why? Work Experience Please detail your work experience. indicating whether the post was paid or unpaid: Name of Organisation Role Dates From D/M/YY To D/M/YY Main Duties .Other / postgraduate degrees/diplomas or qualifications University/ College and dates Title of Degree/Diploma Subject/courses studied or title of Thesis Detail any scholarships.

Activities and Interests Please detail your main extra curricular activities and interests. .Voluntary Work Other qualifications/skills. What do you feel you have contributed to and got out of them? Please mention any posts of responsibility. eg keyboard skills. languages spoken. etc. IT literacy.

g.Career choice Explain what attracts you to the legal profession generally and to this firm in particular. give details and reasons. etc): . What differentiates you from other applicants? Do you have a preference for any particular fields or areas of law? If so. additional positions of responsibility held. prizes/awards gained. If there is anything else you would like to describe in support of your application (e.

and provide an alternative date . when and what was the outcome? Interviews will be held on 23 /24 October 2012. rd th If unable to start traineeship on 02 September 2013 please indicate why. Please state if either of these dates is inconvenient.Have you applied to Murray Beith Murray previously? If so.

Referees. 2. Postcode Telephone Postcode Telephone Data Protection . at least one of whom should be academic.I understand the information provided on this form may be processed by Murray Beith Murray and I give my consent to that processing. Please give name. address and occupation (BLOCK LETTERS) 1. Signature Date .