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Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School 8th Grade Mathematics Course Syllabus for School Year 2011-2012

Course Outline: 8th grade math is based on the Hawai’i Content and Performance Standards with special emphasis on developing proficiency with concepts and skills in numbers and operations; measurement; geometry and spatial sense; patterns, functions, and algebra; and data analysis, statistics and probability. Math classes combine lessons in concepts, computation, and activities that assist students in becoming problem solvers, building confidence in their math ability, and showing evidence of the value of math in daily experiences. Attached is a copy of the 8th grade math benchmarks. Materials Used: TI Navigator system, Smart Board, standards-based supplemental activities, Hawaii State Assessment resources, calculators, Math-Thematics Book 3 (McDougal Littell), and a variety of manipulatives. Grading: Student assessment is based on quizzes, tests, math labs, in-class activities, projects, journals, binder checks, and other assessments as necessary. Grading is based on a standards-based system and roughly translates as 4 = A = Exceeds Proficiency; 3 = B = Meets Proficiency; 2 = C = Approaches Proficiency; and 1 = D/F = Well Below Proficiency, needs help. If your child is “well below” in the math class, parents will be contacted and we will discuss how to best meet the needs of your child. Free after school tutoring is available. Student Responsibilities: ♦ Is prepared for class with pencil, paper, binder, and math work every math class ♦ Maintains an organized math binder and brings it to every math class meeting ♦ Completes all daily assigned math work; makes up missed work if absent; makes corrections as needed ♦ Completes all project assignments and activities on time and in a quality manner ♦ Participates in class discussions and in cooperative math groups ♦ Seeks extra help or tutoring as needed, especially after an absence Completion of daily math assignments is essential to student success. Discipline Policy: Students are expected to follow the rules set in the CKMS planner. Consequences for noncompliance depend on the severity of the offense. In addition, my class policy is:  1st time student breaks a rule – Warning with proactive classroom action  2nd time – Problem will be dealt with immediately  3rd time – Time out with behavior reflection Think Sheet. Parent or guardian must sign and return this sheet by next class meeting. th  4 time or major infraction – Referral to Administration Please sign the bottom portion of this syllabus after reading. Retain the top portion for your own information regarding expectations and grading. If you have any questions, please call me. My phone number at school is 241-3200. This is going to be an exciting year, and I look forward to working with your child. AlohaMr. Pearson --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I have read the math syllabus and understand the expectations, grading system, student responsibilities, discipline policy, and 8th grade math benchmarks. Student sign: ________________________ Parent /Guardian sign: __________________________ Date: ___________ Phone number: ______________ Parent/Guardian email: ________________