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TEST YOURSELF 2 1-6O. sorularda, cümlede bırakılan boşluğa uygun düşen kelime ya da ifadeyi bulunuz. 1She had acted .........

she was dismissed immediately. A) more unprofessionally than B) as unprofessionally as C) so unprofessionally that D) unprofessionally enough E) the most unprofessionally 2......... we climbed, ......... the air became, which made it difficult for us to proceed. A)The higher/the colder B) The highest/the coldest C) Too high/too cold D) As high/so cold E) So high/very cold The Goosander is one of ........ ducks which nest in tree holes. They are highly efficient underwater swimmers, being able to stay submerged for ....... a minute. A) the most/the longest B) the few/longer than C) too many/so long D) more/too long E) the least/as long Records of Johannes Gutenberg are ......... vague for us to be able to know what he looked like or even his actual date of birth. A) such B) more C) so D) as E) too I wish my cousin would type his letters to me as his handwriting is .......... legible. A) merely B) bitterly C) slightly D) barely E) utterly I made a bit of a mess of wrapping Matthew's present, but it was ....... shape to wrap. A) too awkward B) as awkward as C) so awkward that D) such an awkward E) more awkward The Renault Megane uses a little ...... petrol than the Skoda Esprit, but it performs ........ better. A) so much/less B) too much/more C) the most/a lot D) much/such E) more/much I didn't find the ski runs ........ so exhilarating as the ones in St Moritz. A) too nearly B) nearer C) nearly D) nearest E) so near Farmer Parkinson's dog is ........ to scare any intruder. A) ferocious enough B) such ferocious C) as ferocious D) so ferocious that E) more ferocious

D) so badly

E) the worst

15- I was ....... at the time to help him with his project at all, so it is completely his own work. A) too busy B) busier C) the busiest D) so busy E) such busy 16- I've had ........ trouble starting the car lately ........ I think I'll have to take it to the garage. A) so much/that B) too many/for C) the most/that D) such a lot/as E) much more/than 17In today's busy world traditional crafts, ......... knitting and embroidery, are declining in popularity. A) the most B) much more C) such D) such as E) much as The decision to promote him was based .......... on his sales record, and neither his management skills nor his organisational ability was taken into account. A) highly B) barely C) bitterly D) intensely E) solely





19- The holiday we spent in Canada turned out to be ....... expensive than we'd expected. A) so B) such C) less D) a little E) too 20- Don't be too critical of Mark as this is the first time he's played in ........ an important match. A) too B)such C) so D) as E) more 21- I don't know why ........ people find skiing great. I can't think of anything ........ being cold and frightened at the same time. A) few/as badly as B) too many/the worst C) too much/so much D) so many /worse than E) the fewer/the worse 22The Queen mother, who is 100 years old this year, is ......... member of the British Royal family. A) as old B) too old C) so old D) the eldest E) much older






10- The two brothers could have hanged themselves or they could have been murdered by attackers. The police suspect......... . A) such late B) the latter C) later D) the latest E) so late 11....... dangerously a person lives, ....... likely he or she is to die young. A) So/much more B) The more/the more C) As much/too D) Far too/so much E) The most/the most

As their conversation continued, she became ......... of the strange looking gentleman. A) as suspicious as B) more and more suspicious C) so suspiciously that D) more suspiciously than E) much too suspiciously 24- ....... the trial progressed, ........ apparent it became that he was guilty. A) So far/so much B) The farthest/the most C) The further/the more D) Much farther/too much E) The furthest/even so 25- If he spent ....... money on his family ........ he does on beer, his children wouldn't be running around without shoes on. A) as much/as B) so much/that C) a little/than D) enough/so E) too much/ that 26I know we didn't stop overnight when we drove to Scotland last year, but the Isle of Sky is much ....... Edinburgh. A) very far B) farther than C) the farthest D) as far as E) so far The holiday firm was accused of ......... misleading holiday makers about the location of their hotel. A) accidentally B) deliberately C) exceptionally D) fairly E) tactfully

12- To the thief, the bracelet will be ......... as it is only made of pewter, but to me it was precious because my aunt had given it to me just before she died. A) elaborate B) humble C) worthless D) plain E) priceless 13- Her economic situation has got ......... worse since she gave up her job because of her illness. A) more B) so C) as D) even E) too 14- Of all the problems she has faced, this one is by far ......... . A) badly B) worse C) too badly


28- We took a tour of the most amazing Chateau during our holiday, which we discovered .......... by accident. A) purely B) wisely C) deliberately D) competently E) systematically

A) Such as B) More C) So D) As E) Like I thought we were being . from each other. A) as fertile as B) so fertile that C) fertile enough D) more fertile than E) the most fertile 39... leaving the Arctic North .. material for a skirt if you are careful about how you lay the pattern out... A) such B) so E) as D) like E) enough 52. have shorter legs than frogs..The shops on the main street have been restored and now they serve ...I don't know why the purchasing assistant is complaining as......A: Well..... A) as recently as B) so recently that C) more recently D) less recently E) recently enough 51...... position to cover the present post holder's maternity leave...... not a single black person was registered to vote.. A) as tired as B) tired enough C) too tired D) so tired that E) more tired than 46- 47- 33....... affected by the changes. he is really .. of all the staff.. not only have I put up these new shelves..The ruddy duck is . in many of these counties. ... A) plainly B) roughly C sparsely D) densely E) primitively For once she knew the answer to the question. A) so few B) few C) little D) the lesser the least E) the least 37.... A) quieter than/such noisy B) as quiet as/too noisy C) so quietly/noisy enough D) quietly enough/as noisy E) the quietest/noisier I didn't really want the children to eat all the ice-cream......... but the neighbours still complained that we were . A) formally B) publicly C) privately D) casually E) peacefully 56Most of the population of Canada live in the cities in the South. A) limitlessly B) temporarily C) reluctantly 36... bleach and insecticides.... A) too rare B) rare C) so rare D) rarely E) the rarest 30.. ............ and so... boutiques and gift shops for tourists.. it took me a whole morning to remove it...... petroleum and natural gas. but it is a/an ... A) tactfully B) utterly C) anxiously D) courageously E) coherently 42- 43- 57- ... she's .The oak tree in our garden is almost .... the grease on the oven was ... and never boasts at all. haven't you? B: Yes.29.... A) Reluctantly B) Approximately C) Extreme D) Perfectly E) Understandably 32Considering he is the top salesman... today.. A) so thoroughly that B) as thoroughly as C) thorough enough D) more thorough than E) the most thoroughly 34. populated.... In fact.. a good idea that he suggested we start implementing it immediately.....The council are looking for a qualified management accountant..... A) approximately B) virtually C) barely D) practically E) nearly 41Certain household items.... but admittedly.. it's known as the garden of England.In some southern counties in the USA... A) so tall that B) the tallest C) much taller D) tall enough E) as tall as 50... Yet ....The valley of the River Severn is ...... A) much B) enough C) the most D) as E) such 31.... we could be... we did.. A) industrious B) confident C) watchful D) careful E) sincere 38.You should have ........ ......We were expecting it to be a little cool..... students enrolled on the Serbo-Croat language course that they are discontinuing this class.. of all the newspapers published in Mississippi. so thick that B) as thick as C) thick enough. see it now... coal is a carbon-based fossil fuel.... the house itself... none of us expected . A) so B) as C) such D) like E) more 48. but they are not identical ones........'The Commercial Dispatch' is .. family ...Simon and John are twins.. raised her hand .... A) variable B) suitable C) modest D) confident E) jealous 44. to argue with them.The dry-cleaner's couldn't get the stain out completely.... A) similar B) the same C)different D) complete E) suitable 40.. are very dangerous and should be kept away from children. A) so awful/that B) as awfully/as C) more awfully/than D)such awful/as E) the most awful/than 49..... D) too thick E) much thicker 35The director thought our proposal was ...... which belong to ... afraid to miss the chance.........It was ... they are quite . A) more progressive B) the most progressive C) as progressive as D) too progressive E) so progressive that 53.. but I was ..I believe no one could have investigated the matter . thirty-six years ago.. but you can .. the tourists didn't want to go to the town where the riots had taken place just a few weeks before. this for our club picnic.... dressed.... seen in the wild on British lakes or rivers........ weather .. frogs.. A) Fewer B) Less C) The least D) So little E) So few I knew my grandmother was seriously ill as she couldn't speak . you've been . . blacks outnumber whites by four to one... injury that he struggled to carry on playing for the rest of the game. A) so much B) just as C) rather D) such as E) more ..When I moved into the house...Toads................. A) the same/as B) more/than C) so/that D) such/as E) rather/than 54.. A) so painfully B) such a painful C) the most painful D) as painful as E) too painfully 55I felt quite out of place in my evening dress as most of the guests were .......... but I have also mended the leaky tap in the bathroom...... A) temporary B) immediate C) momentary D) compulsory E) limitless 45...........

temizlik ve beslenme düzeyinin çok kötü oluşunun göstergesi..... temizlik ve beslenme düzeyi bakımından çok kötü olduğundan. the less risk you'll have of catching heart diseases in later years.Sometimes a dish may not taste as nice as it looks. producing a report on the results of our research is the most important. if there had been more people our own age at the hotel.. .We should have placed a larger order this year . . temizlik ve beslenme düzeyi bakımından en kötü olanı Afrika olmalı çünkü oradaki ölüm oranı diğer kıtalara göre çok daha yüksek....... A) Their design wasn't as attractive as the other one B) Assuming we would save money by doing the job ourselves C) Although they had no difficulty paying their bill D) As they produced the most attractive plans E) They had made such a terrible job of the painting 67. A) if he didn't earn enough to save for a new one B) even if he is considering buying a new one C) though prices of new cars in Britain are higher than in the rest of Europe D) that the manufacturer doesn't make spare parts for it any more E) to rely on to get us to work every day 62.. bütün kıtalar içinde en yüksek ölüm oranına sahip olmasıdır. A) Çok hoş görünen bir yemek bile bazen tatsız olabiliyor..... diğer kıtalarda olduğundan daha yüksektir.... A) Rather/than B) So/that C) Much/like D) Such/as E) As/as 60.......... birds .. yemeklerinizde tuz ve yağı çok az kullanmalısınız... B) Yemeklerinizde mümkün olduğu kadar az yağ ve tuz kullanırsanız...... A) The fact that I have been working overtime B) The quicker I print out the analysis C) Of all the tasks that 1 have to do at work D) In order to be able to finish before I went on holiday E) The one which is produced for the committee 59- . sorularda. sönmüş bir volkanın merkezinde yer almaktadır.... A) Bütün kıtalar içinde ölüm oram Afrika'da en yüksektir ki bu da orada sağlık. A) as much as they are in many western countries B) than they used to be twenty years ago C) that we are producing very few professional athletes D) for this country to produce world class athletes E) less than any other European country 66. B) Afrika sağlık. temizlik ve beslenme düzeyinin çok kötü olduğu görülmektedir. D) Yemeklerinizde kullandığınız tuz ve yağ miktarı çok düşükse... D) Afrika'da sağlık.Of all the continents. A) the more money we would have earned B) ordering so much before we have seen if they are popular products C) so the company gave a discount on our bulk purchase D) that we don't have enough room in the warehouse E) than we normally sell during winter months 70. a large dog.. E) Aden şehri..I can only join you at the picnic .. 72. 73.... A) your brother was luckier though B) the more you appreciate them C) as I know that you came from a poor family D) it hasn't been as easy as it seems E) the less time you had had for your family 64. D) Sönmüş bir volkanın merkezinde kurulan Aden şehri. ..Drew's car is so old ... A) larger than/so big B) the largest/as big as C) large enough/bigger than D) too large/too big E) so large/the biggest 61-7O. A) Yeryüzünün en sıcak yerlerinden biri olan Aden şehri. yeryüzündeki en sıcak yerlerden biridir.... ... is one of the hottest places on the Earth..As the weather conditions worsened and daylight began to fail.... E) İleriki yıllarda kalp hastalıklarına yakalanma riskinizi en aza indirgemek için yemeklerinizde mümkün olduğu kadar az tuz ve yağ kullanınız.. A) the climbers begin to wonder if they will reach the top B) much earlier than the climbers were used to in their country C) the climbers began considering possible alternative routes D) then the climbers would have no choice but to turn back E) there has been only one alternative left to the climbers 65.. B) Bazen bir yemeğin görünüşü güzel ama tadı çirkin olabilir... .. C) Aden şehri. sönmüş bir volkanın merkezinde konumlandığı için yeryüzünün en sıcak noktasıdır. C) Yemeklerinizde ne kadar az yağ ve tuz kullanırsanız. 74. orada ölüm oranı. .... 61... the death rate is the highest in Africa.. ileriki yıllarda kalp hastalıklarına yakalanma riskiniz de çok düşük olacak demektir... yeryüzünün en sıcak bölgesidir.. as to lend her car to Michael.... parakeets and mynahs learn to imitate sounds........Canadian wolves are . wolves in the world and twice ..The city of Aden. A) as humorously as B) humorously enough C) such a humorous D) more humorous than E) so humorously that 68.... audiences roar with laughter. ileriki yaşlarda kalp hastalıklarına yakalanma riskiniz o kadar az olacaktır.. A) It would have been a lot wiser for my niece B) The most foolish thing Julester did last year C) She is a much better driver than her husband D) I didn't expect my sister to do something so stupid E) Of all the foolish things she has done this year 63. but he describes daily life .... ... sorularda verilen İngilizce cümlenin Türkçe anlamını bulunuz. ileri yaşlarda kalp hastalıklarına yakalanma tehlikesi o kadar az olur. temizlik ve beslenme düzeyinin çok kötü olduğunu gösterir.... A) if I feel better tomorrow B) when it makes me feel worse C) so I do hope you will be well again D) as I was feeling so ill at the time E) the less intense my headache gets 69.. we hired them to decorate our hotel.. C) Ölüm oranı diğer kıtalara göre daha yüksek olan Afrika'da sağlık... which indicates that the level of health care.. but they do not have the capacity to think or to understand what they are saying.... parrots.... yarım bırakılan cümleyi uygun şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.. .Our children aren't given enough support in sports ...D) tenderly 58- E) enthusiastically The comedian Jasper Carrot doesn't tell jokes. sanitation and nutrition is very poor there.. .... yeryüzünün en sıcak yerlerinden biri olup sönmüş bir volkanın merkezinde kurulmuştur..... E) Bütün kıtalar içinde sağlık.. which lies in the centre of an extinct volcano.. A) İleriki yaşlarda kalp hastalıklarına yakalanma riskinizi olabildiğince azaltmanız için. B) Sönmüş bir volkanın merkezinde yer alan Aden şehri.The less cooking oil and salt you use in your meals.. A) The school excursion was great fun for all of us B) A number of bedrooms were vacant throughout our stay C) We may change the date of our vacation D) We would have enjoyed the holiday much more E) Several days after we arrived at the popular resort 71-80.. 71.The harder you have had to work for your possessions.

especially in industrialised nations. D) Yüzyıl Savaşları. maun ve tik gibi değerli kereste elde edilen tropik ormanlarla kaplıdır. ancak son yirmi yılda biraz hissedilir bir gelişme göstermiştir. you have chosen to wear a very formal cocktail dress for this occasion. C) There are still family farms similar to those of earlier times even in industrialised nations. uyku hastalığı ve nehir körlüğü gibi öldürücü ya da bitkin düşüren tropik hastalıklar çok yaygınlaşmıştır. D) The only new technology to alter everyday life greatly in the second half of the 20th century was electronics. D) I don't think the dress you have on is the right choice for such a formal cocktail party. D) Ülke süt ve süt ürünleri ihraç edemiyor çünkü üretimi ancak iç tüketime yanıt verebiliyor. electronic products have caused greater changes in everyday life than those of other technologies. C) Afrika'nın çoğu bölgeleri ekvatora yakın olduğundan. 8379The demand for fossil fuels is so widespread that it would be virtually impossible to stop their production and use on a global level even if we wanted to.The country's production of milk and dairy products is not plentiful enough to export. eski zamanlardakine benzer aile çiftlikleri hala vardır ama bunlar her geçen yıl daha da azalmaktadır. A) Ülkede üretilen süt ve süt ürünleri. 75Roughly thirty percent of Sierra Leone is covered with tropical forests from which such valuable timber as mahogany and teak is obtained. D) Although traditional family farms still exist. Endüstrileşmiş ülkelerde bile. D) Ülkemizde yaşam standardı hala beklenenin altında olmasına rağmen. Sierra Leone'deki ormanlardan elde edilmektedir. hala beklentilerin çok altındadır. D) Bazen bir yemeğin tadı kadar görünüşü de hoş olmayabilir. ülkenin iç tüketimi için yeterli ancak ihraç etmeye yetecek kadar çok değil. yazılı tarihin en uzun savaşıydı. E) Afrika'nın büyük bir bölümü ekvatora yakın olduğu için. A) Ülkemizde yaşam standardı son yirmi yılda hissedilir ölçüde geliştiyse de. Yüzyıl Savaşları diye adlandırılır. B) Ülkenin süt ve süt ürünleri üretimi. B) In the second half of the 20th century. kerestesi çok değerli olan maun ve tik ağaçları kaplamaktadır. hala beklentilerimizin çok altındayız. electronic products changed people's lives to such an extent that no other technology could surpass. B) Even in industrialised nations. A) Maun ve tik gibi çok değerli keresteler. . C) Fosil yakıtlara olan talep çok geniş çaplı olduğundan bunların küresel düzeyde üretimini ve kullanımını durdurmak imkansızdır. D) Çok değerli keresteler olan tik ve maunun yaklaşık yüzde otuzu. E) I think the dress you are wearing is a little too formal even for a cocktail party. though in smaller numbers with each year. E) Fransa ile İngiltere arasında olan Yüzyıl Savaşları. 822O. uyku hastalığı ve nehir körlüğü gibi öldürücü tropik hastalıkların Afrika'da çok yaygın olmasının nedeni. B) You should wear a more formal dress to look right for this cocktail party. 80Because much of Africa is near the equator. family-run farms. A) Fosil yakıtlara olan talep o kadar yaygın ki bunların küresel ölçekte üretimini ve kullanımını. verilen Türkçe cümlenin İngilizce dengini bulunuz. E) Bazen bir yemeğin tadı göründüğü kadar hoş olmayabilir.Üzerindeki elbisenin böyle resmi bir kokteyl için doğru seçim olduğu kanısında değilim. C) There were many technological advances during the second half of the 20th century. sleeping sickness and river blindness are very common there. A) In industrialised nations. sıtma. E) Ülkemizde hala normalin çok altında olan yaşam standardı. uyku hastalığı ve nehir körlüğü çok yaygındır.C) Bir yemeğin görünüşünün güzel olması tadının da hoş olacağı anlamına gelmez. D) Fosil yakıtlara olan talep o kadar geniş çaplı ki. uyku hastalığı ve nehir körlüğü gibi insanları çok bitkin düşüren tropik hastalıklar. Afrika'nın ekvatora yakın olan büyük bir bölümünde öldürücü olabilmektedir. B) Yüzyıl Savaşları denilen mücadele. yüzyılın ikinci yarısında elektronik ürünler günlük yaşamda. sorularda. . farmers make little use of modern technology. D) Sıtma. istesek de bunların küresel düzeyde üretimini ve kullanımını durdurmak neredeyse imkansız olurdu. B) Büyük bir bölümü ekvatora yakın olan Afrika'da. fatal or debilitating tropical diseases such as malaria.ya da bitkin düşüren tropik hastalıklar orada çok yaygındır. I wouldn't choose that dress for such a formal cocktail party. uyku hastalığı ve nehir körlüğü gibi öldürücü. C) In my opinion. A) Fransa ve İngiltere arasındaki yazılı tarihin en uzun savaşı olan mücadele. B) Sierra Leone'deki ormanların yaklaşık yüzde otuzunu. 78Although living standards have considerably improved in our country in the last two decades. Sierra Leone'nin neredeyse yüzde otuzunu kaplayan tropik ormanlardan elde edilir. of which those involving electronic products caused great changes in people's lives. but they are becoming fewer with each year. durduramıyoruz. A) The greatest change in everyday life during the second half of the 20th century was the change caused by electronic technology. but it is sufficient for the domestic consumption. still employ methods similar to those of earlier times. Fransa ve İngiltere arasındaki savaşların en uzunu olarak tarihe geçmiştir. especially more traditional family-run farms. diğer teknoloji ürünlerinin yarattığından daha büyük değişiklikler yaratmıştır. orada öldürücü ya da bitkin düşüren tropik hastalıklardan özellikle sıtma. E) In the second half of the 20th century. iç tüketim için yeterliyse de ihraç edilecek kadar çok değildir. A) Were I you. which resulted in many new products. kıtanın büyük bir bölümünün ekvatora yakın olmasıdır. yazılı tarihin en uzun mücadelesi olarak kabul edilir. C)Fransa ile İngiltere arasındaki Yüzyıl Savaşları diye adlandırılan mücadele. they are still far below expectations. ihraç edilecek kadar çok olmamakla beraber iç tüketimi rahatlıkla karşılayabiliyor. E) Sierra Leone'nin yaklaşık yüzde otuzu. B) Ülkemizde yaşam standardı son yirmi yılda büyük ölçüde gelişti ama beklenildiği kadar değil. 81. bunların küresel düzeyde üretimini ve kullanımını durdurmak kesinlikle mümkün değildir. yazılı tarihin en uzun savaşı olup Fransa ile İngiltere arasında olmuştur. B) Fosil yakıtlara bu kadar yoğun talep varken istense de bunların küresel ölçekte üretimini ve kullanımını durdurmak mümkün olmayacaktır. çok istediğimiz halde. The struggle between France and England called the Hundred Years' War was the longest war in recorded history. C) Süt ve süt ürünleri üretimi. 76- 77. E) Fosil yakıtlara olan yoğun talep yüzünden. sıtma. ihraç edecek kadar çok değildir ama iç tüketim için yeterlidir. 81-90. son yirmi yıldaki gelişme yad sınamayacak ölçüdedir. A) Sıtma. E) Ülkenin süt ve süt ürünleri. they are getting rarer with each year. C) Maun ve tik gibi değerli kerestesi olan tropik ormanların neredeyse yüzde otuzu Sierra Leone'de yer almaktadır. C) Ülkemizde yaşam standardındaki gelişme yirmi yılın sonunda bir ölçüde hissedilse de.

Parliament banned its importation. has been dammed creating a charming lake in the centre of Adelaide. Rudolf Nureyev was the most accomplished dancer of his era. from which a lake was created in the centre of town. 1987'de Van Gogh'un 'Irises' tablosunun 53. mechanisation and the latest scientific methods are strictly employed. which could be due to isolation of individuals from the community they live in. dammed and made into a lake. Avustralya'nın beşinci büyük şehri olan Adelaide'nin merkezine güzellik katmaktadır. Rudolf Nureyev made his trademark catlike leaps and rapid turns. which was sold for 53. B) Mali is one of the least populated countries in Africa. 84Mali. 89- 85. B) A trend all over the world towards larger farms using the latest scientific methods has meant a sharp reduction in the number of small family farms. which is common in modern industrial societies. Baraj yapılıp göle dönüştürülmüş olan Torrens Nehri. as in modern industrial societies. has been dammed to create a charming lake. C) Unlike small family farms. C) Suicides are more common in modern industrial societies. Adelaide and. E) Australia's fifth largest city. B) Known for his catlike leaps and rapid turns. E) The additional portion of mousaka I ordered wasn't as tasty as the first had been. 90- 87- 91-105. Adelaide's charm is largely a result of the Torrens River.E) There are still some family farms using the technology of former eras. bir sanat eseri için o güne kadar ödenen en yüksek fiyat olmuştu.9 million dollars in 1987 has been the highest price ever paid for one of his paintings. D) Foreign lace was so expensive causing huge sums of money to go abroad that in 1660. B) It has been observed that isolation. A) Rudolf Nureyev's catlike leaps and rapid turns made him the most spectacular dancer of his time. E) On larger farms. . D) The sale of Van Gogh's painting 'Irises' for 53. E) The population density of Mali is not as high as of other African countries. C) The population of Mali is the smallest of all the African countries. 91. but more and more farmers in industrialised nations are converting to modern technology. A) Mali is one of the countries in Africa with a very low population density.It was such a delicious mousaka that I could have asked for a second helping if there had been any left.9 milyon dolara satışı. D) I regretted that I didn't ask for a second helping of mousaka because it was so delicious.9 million dollars in 1987. larger farms all over the world prefer to utilise mechanisation and the latest scientific methods. no one had ever paid such an amount for a single work of art.Kedi gibi sıçramaları ve hızlı dönüşleriyle tanınan Rudolf Nureyev zamanının en başarılı dansçısıydı. the Torrens River. adds charm to the centre of Adelaide. there will be very few small family farms and more large mechanised farms utilising the latest scientific methods. A) The Torrens River. E) One of the most accomplished dancers of all time. sorularda. E) Before Van Gogh's 'Irises' was sold for 53. C) Among the most popular dancers of his era. A) If the trend in agriculture continues all over the world.9 million dollars in 1987. C) The sale of Van Gogh's painting 'Irises' for 53. C) I asked if there was any mousaka left because I really liked it and wanted to have some more. A) The highest price of all time paid for a single work of art has been for Van Gogh's 'Irises'. Afrika'da nüfus yoğunluğu çok düşük olan ülkelerden biridir. an accomplished dancer of his era. A) In modern industrial societies. there wasn't any left. D) In agriculture. adds charm to the centre of town. the number of which is increasing at the expense of small family-run operations. which runs through Australia's fifth largest city. B) Due to the large sums of money leaving the country to pay for material for lace making in the 1660s. that are mechanised and that utilise the latest scientific methods. Parliament banned its importation in 1660. the trend all over the world is toward larger farms.9 million dollars in 1987 had been the highest'price ever paid for a work of art up to that time. 88- 166O'larda dantel yapımında gereken malzeme için o kadar büyük miktarlarda para İngiltere dışına gidiyordu ki parlamento ithalatı yasaklamak zorunda kaldı. C) In the 1660s. the fifth largest city in Australia. E) It's been observed that suicide cases are common in societies where individuals are more isolated from the life around them. B) The sale of Van Gogh's painting 'Irises' in 1987 for 53. mekanize olmuş ve en yeni bilimsel yöntemleri kullanan daha büyük çiftlikler yönündedir. 86Günümüz endüstri toplumlarında olduğu gibi. Parliament banned anyone from importing it. D) It has been confirmed that suicides are more common in areas where individuals lead a life isolated from other people than in modern industrial cities. Tarım konusunda tüm dünyada trend. rather than small family farms. C) The fifth longest river in Australia. D) Mali has a much smaller population than most African countries. verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın olan seçeneği bulunuz. A) I asked the hostess if I could have some more mousaka as it was so delicious. D) Rudof Nureyev. A) Because of the sums of money going out of the country to pay for lace used in manufacturing. küçük aile çiftlikleri yerine. B) I could have eaten another portion of the mousaka as it was so tasty. Rudolf Nureyev was best known for his catlike leaps and rapid turns. Adelaide. produced some remarkable catlike leaps and unbelievably rapid turns. but unfortunately. E) The high price of the material used for making lace during the 1660s was as effective at deterring importation as any ban introduced by Parliament. is the major cause which drives an individual to commit suicide. B) The Torrens River runs through Australia's fifth largest city. bireylerin çevrelerindeki yaşamdan daha kopuk oldukları toplumlarda intihar olaylarının yaygın olduğu gözlenmektedir. such huge sums of money were going out of England for the material needed for making lace that Parliament had to prohibit its importation. it is commonly believed that exclusion of an individual from the community is a primary cause of suicide. along with the lake created by the dammed river.9 million dollars is still the highest price ever paid for a work of art. D) The Torrens River.

E) Everybody would like to visit Las Vegas. E) One of the best ways to overcome stress and sleeplessness is to take regular exercise. Las Vegas is more spectacular than any other city in the world. and this will cause it to appear very bright. E) A rise in temperatures in developing nations around the world has been causing severe floods and droughts. B) Quintuplets. which will cause the most devastation in developing nations. A) New England looks more beautiful in autumn than at any other time of the year. Canada. we raised sufficient funds to continue. 100. C) Sierra Leone's large diamond reserves haven't prevented it from being among the poor countries of the world.Regular exercise is one of the most effective methods of tackling stress and insomnia. B) The biggest lake in England is Windermere. made more money for the country's government than their principal tourist attraction. the sea level could be half a metre or more higher than it is today. B) It is hard to believe that Sierra Leone is so poor because the country actually has large diamond reserves. B) When the moon comes close to the Sun. the sea level has risen by over 50 centimetres. Las Vegas is undeniably the most breath-taking city on earth.Once every 133 years. 102. E) The amount of washing does not affect the drying time in a machine. Niagara Falls. Turkey's Lake Van is quite small. E) If it didn't have large diamond mines. Lake Van. which happens at least once every 133 years. A) If you put too much washing in the dryer. even bigger than Turkey's largest lake. 101. the sea level will rise by at least 50 centimetres. A) In some cases. the moon will be extremely close to the Sun. A) Global warming causes such extremes as floods and droughts. E) Nowhere in the world is as beautiful as New England is in autumn. the moon appears much brighter than normal due to its proximity to the Sun. E) More people visited the quintuplets. but when measured against Lake Van in Turkey. A) We desperately need to raise more money if we want to proceed. Sierra Leone would be the poorest country in the world. B) Global warming will cause both floods and droughts. D) In autumn. C) Your washing is taking so long to dry because you put too much washing into the dryer. but it is not as big as Turkey's largest lake. A) Over the last 50 years. 99. cost more to raise than the entire earnings from tourists at Canada's premier attraction.The biggest problem we face is raising enough funds to continue. D) We will have to raise a lot of money before we are able to proceed any further with our plans. Niagara Falls. which have already been seen in some developing nations. Canada. C) It is not hard to find somewhere as beautiful as New England in autumn. Niagara Falls. world renown city. the longer it takes to dry. than have ever visited Canada's premier tourist trap. Las Vegas is the most popular. D) The best method to relieve stress and sleeplessness is to start an exercise program. E) Lake Van is Turkey's largest lake and it is a little bigger then lake Windermere in England. A) The fact that Las Vegas is one of the most exhausting cities in the world is beyond doubt. no other country in the world is poorer than Sierra Leone. A) The birth of quintuplets in Ontario. the world's most stunning city. who were born in Ontario. the moon shines a lot brighter than usual every 133 years. it appears slightly brighter than normal. it is extremely small. 93- 94- 95. D) Large loads of washing take longer to wash in a machine than smaller amounts. C) Every 50 years. C) Rising temperatures throughout the world have been the cause of both floods and drought. C) Stress and sleeplessness can be a symptom of lack of exercise. cost the government more than their greatest tourist attraction.The more washing you put in the dryer. 97. B) It's going to be extremely difficult to raise sufficient money to enable us to proceed. D) England's Lake Windermere is a very big lake.92- The birth of the quintuplets in Ontario. B) Indisputably. A) Windermere is among England's biggest lakes.A warmer world means more floods and more droughts. who were born in Ontario.Despite having extensive diamond deposits. the sea level rises by approximately half a metre. 98. Windermere is England's largest lake. C) Raising sufficient money to proceed is the greatest difficulty ahead of us. there are several places as beautiful as New England in autumn. B) It is feared that in 50 years' time. D) Sierra Leone was the poorest country in the world until large diamond deposits were found there. sufferers of stress and sleeplessness can be helped by taking regular exercise. D) A rise in world temperatures will cause both more flooding and more droughts. D) Of all the spectacular cities in America. but it wasn't easy. D) In 133 years' time. the moon shone a lot brighter than it usually does because it came very close to the Sun. their main attraction for tourists. A) 133 years ago. C) It cannot be argued that Las Vegas is a most exceptional. C) In the next 133 years. C) In comparison to England's Lake Windermere. E) The sea level is expected to rise by no less than half a metre in the next 50 years.There is barely anywhere more beautiful than New England in autumn. E) As a result of its being close to the Sun. the moon will shine extremely brightly because it will pass very close to the Sun. . Canada. C)The Canadian government profited more from quintuplets being born in Ontario than they did from Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls. Lake Van. although tiny in comparison with Turkey's Lake Van. E) Luckily. New England is more beautiful than virtually any other place. B) The only way to beat stress and sleeplessness is to take exercise regularly.During the next half a century. but only in the developing nations of the world. Canada. and they will hit developing countries the hardest. which have affected developing nations lately. it will take a very long time to B) The drying time increases with the amount of washing put into the machine. D) The sea level has been rising at a rate of a metre a century. B) Actually. 96. A) Sierra Leone is the poorest country in the world even though it has considerable diamond reserves. D) The only attraction in Canada which raises more money for the government than the birthplace of the famous quintuplets is Niagara Falls.

B 5.D 15.A 25.D 21 . C) A long sleep isn't always necessary and sometimes as little as a quarter of an hour's rest is ample.E 55.E 85.A 99.E 77. 1O4.103.B .B 73.A 19.D 9.B 7.C 86.A 94.B 87. E) In Roman times. A 12.D 23.D 71 .A .E 46.D 89.C 57.C 45.A 63.E 53.C 102.E 52.E 24.C 61 .C 42.A 35.D 58. C) Today Dunnage is one mile nearer the coast than it was in Roman times.D 91 . Dunnage had a coastline which was about one mile in width.C 98.B . 1.E 59. A) The ventilation of greenhouses should be tightly monitored at all times.D 16. D) Dunnage has expanded one mile towards the coast since Roman times.C 66.C 34.A 54.D 75.E 14.B 62.A 78.C 74.E 84.D 72. ll. B 56. B 43.C 49. heating must be chosen accurately.D 39. B) Dunnage was about a mile away from the coast in Roman times. E) Even if we don't have time to sleep for a long period.A .E 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80.A 44.B 48.A 88.C 18.B 83.E 41 .D 104.A 81 .E 67.D 51 .C .C 29.E 17.E 28. 1O5.D 6. D) Precise and thorough control is necessary for the temperature in greenhouses to remain constant.D 32. C) The temperature inside a greenhouse should not be allowed to fluctuate.A 38.E 96. A) Taking a fifteen-minute break can refresh you until you are able to get some proper sleep.B 95.A 26.E 90.D 100.C 79.The coastline at Dunnage has receded by one mile since Roman times.B 13.D 97.B C 2.B .B 92.B 101.D 76.A fifteen-minute rest can be as energising as sleeping for hours.C 8. heating appliances need to be installed.D 27. D) Relaxing for quarter of an hour can refresh you as much as a long sleep.D 31 .B 37 . B) A quarter of an hour's sleep should be enough for anyone to refresh.B 36.B .E . A) The coast at Dunnage was one mile farther out in Roman times than it is today.A 47.B 4. we must make sure that we sleep no less than fifteen minutes.E 68.E 3. B) If you want to ensure a constant temperature inside a greenhouse.A 105.A steady temperature in greenhouses requires a careful and accurate control.C 22.D 65.C 82.B 33. B 64. E) To achieve the optimum temperature in greenhouses.C 93.D 69.D 103.