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Soy Presentation

• Consumer trends • Why soy? – Key drivers – Key global figures • Market information • Product trends • Sensory Evaluation

Consumer trends

Health, Convenience and Pleasure
‘Efficient Nutrition’
(fast but nutritious and healthy)

‘The time factor’ ‘Health awareness’
•More information •More evidence for •More individual


(portion) control •More control over time

claims •More control through ‘food

‘Guilt-free indulgence’
(Low & light without compromising on minus’ and ‘natural taste & texture)


‘Convenience Plus’
(convenience with restaurant quality and and quality of entertainment value)

‘The sensory experience’
•More fun & entertaining •More ethnic & exotic tastes •More premium & indulgent alternatives’ preparation

Food on the go is outside of home and foodservice
In the home
Home meal replacement Takeaways In home snacking Ready meals


Restaurants, cafes Food on the go


Source: Datamonitor analysis

Outside of home

Why soy? .

90% of Asian Americans and 70% African Americans are lactose intolerant. – We know more about what is and is not good for us and we are taking our health more seriously. – Approx. Sweden. Lactose intolerance is on the increase. Soya drinks are much more palatable than in the past! – The characteristic “bean” note can now be hidden readily easily with flavourings and masking agents. • • .Why Soya Based Snack Drinks? 3 Key Drivers • People are more health conscious. Ireland) but up to 75% in Southern European countries. – Healthier options in drinks is a growing area of the convenience market. – Intolerance in Europe differs widely. 5% (UK.

– Volume of Soy Milk products was still only 50 Mio Liters (cows milk = 23’845 Mio Liters) European Market – Non dairy drinks market in Europe is worth around $80 Mio and rising! • • . sales increased from $100 Mio to $594 Mio.5 Billion in 2002 ( + 23% from 2001)! – Growth rates predicated to be +16% pa over the next 4 years ! N. American Market – Since 1995.Why Soy Based Snack Drinks ? Key Global Figures: • World Market – Soy Milk products represented sales of $ 1.

Soy – A Healthy Alternative Phytoestrogens and Isoflavones • • • • • • High Protein Content Lowering Cholesterol Reducing the risk of heart disease Treating bone health Protecting against various cancers Easing menopausal symptoms .

combined with a diet low in saturated fat and dietary cholesterol.25 grams of Soya protein per serving will be allowed to claim on their labels that Soya protein. may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease” . .The FDA approved a new health claim for Soy protein in May ‘99: • “ Foods containing at least 6.

Market information .

Canada. Holland. Switzerland. USA. Germany.Soya Beverages Around The World •At initial stage •Non Beany taste •Soya + Milk •Substitute for Milk Russia Belgium. etc •Juice + Soya •Value Added Fruit Juice China/HK Singapore Malaysia Thailand Taiwan Africa Australia & NZ •Non-beany taste •Sweetened •Traditional Drink •Enriched Calcium •Non-beany taste •Dairy Alternative Japan Korea •Beany Taste •Sweetened •Traditional Drink Argentina Brazil Mexico . France. UK.

2001 Source: Organic Monitor * 50% of all Soya drinks are not organic! .Market share of Organic Non-Dairy Drinks of Total Non-Dairy Drinks.

Product Trends .

Product Trends Soy Products 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Low Cholesterol Soya Plus Organic Functional Low Calorie/Diet Flavours .

It contains no additives. is low in cholesterol and rich in vitamins. Soya Milk Drink Soy bean milk with a coffee flavour.Product Trends Soy Products 1) Low Cholesterol AP Singapore. .and preservative-free South Korea. Black Soya Drink Soy beverage which is cholesterol. YHS. Lotte Chilsung Beverage.

Ainza. Ideal for lunchboxes and “on the go”. Williger Teva Soy Beverage This Soy beverage is claimed to be ideal for cereals and in tea or coffee. South Africa. Hovennuts. Flavoured Soy Shake Strawberry Sensation A Strawberry flavoured Soy shake. And Cholesterol free . Its not containing lactose or cholesterol and is 100% vegetarian.Product Trends Soya Products 1) Low Cholesterol EAME Israel.

Apricot Mango. Apple Flavoured Soy drink This product is cholesterol free and fortified with vitamin C .Product Trends Soy Products 1) Low Cholesterol NA/LA Canada. Pacific Foods of Oregon. WholeSoy. Non-Dairy Drink All Natural Non-Dairy Beverage in the flavour Vanilla Brazil. Strawberry and Peach USA. Available in Raspberry. Cultured Soya Drink Extension These beverages are made from organic Soy beans and dairy and cholesterol free. Agropecuária Tuiuti.

Kkam Doo Soy Bean Milk Soy bean milk drink made from black sesame South Korea. Also available in Strawberry South Korea.Product Trends Soy Products 2) Soy Plus AP Malaysia. Woori Doori Kong Drink Milk drink which contains Soya bean. SoyKids Soya Protein Milk Banana flavoured Soya milk with added calcium and vitamin A. Vitamilk Soy Milk The milk is certified as “halaal” . Greenspot. Yeo Hiap Seng. apple juice and chewy bean balls Singapore. Wooil.

Product Trends Soy Products 2) Soy Plus AP Japan. . It doesn’t contain any sugar but natural sweetness of apples and bananas. Vit. Lactose and cholesterol free. Tropicana. Luch Soya Milk Range Soy milk that contains real fruit juice and is 98. VitaSoy. Fruits Soya A pack of fruit juices fortified with calcium and Soy milk. Australia. Rich in calcium.5% fat free. B12 and riboflavin.

live cultures and natural fruit purée and available in: Strawberry & Rhubarb. Vanilla and Banana . AHEF. Low in fat and cholesterol free UK. Orange & Mango. MangaJo.Product Trends Soy Products 2) Soy Plus EAME Egypt.and lactose free nutritious protein drink. Soy Drink The drink is made from a blend of Soya protein. Natural Soy Beverage Powder A milk.

Product Trends Soy Products 2) Soy Plus USA USA. Soya2O Fruit Flavoured Water and Natural Soya Isoflavones The Soy Isoflavones are “linked to many health benefits”. Flavours include: Blueberry Grape. Peach Mango and Strawberry Guava. . Lemon Green Tea. Leading Brands.

Roasted Soy Coffee Alternative This product claims to be “a healthy coffee alternative”. Soya Quencher Mixes In Rich Chocolate and Coffee Mocha. Naturade. Rocamojo. Non dairy and lactose free USA. Berner Foods.Product Trends Soy Products 2) Soy Plus USA USA. French Vanilla Meal Drink The total Soy Vanilla Meal drinks in singleserve cans USA. which can be brewed like regular coffee and is certified organic .

Cholesterol and lactose free Mexico. with chocolate flavour.Product Trends Soy Products 2) Soy Plus LA Argentina. Chocolate Shake Drink A 100% vegetable drink based on Soya. vitamin and mineral fortified and cholesterol and lactose free . Peach Flavoured Soy Juice Drink Made with peaches and Soya seeds. Soy Bean Based Food Drink Grape flavoured version. Cholesterol and lactose free Brazil.

It contains no preservatives or colouring. Green Image Organic. . Soya Milk Powder This instant milk powder is claimed to be richer. It has no cholesterol and is rich in Soy isoflavone Malaysia. contains no sugar. Rich Malt & Coffee Soya Milk Drink Soya milk made from organic Soya beans.Product Trends Soya Products 3) Organic AP Japan. Takara Shuzo. blended with malt and flavoured with coffee. organic and rich in Soya isoflavones. is gluten-and lactose free. lower in purine and taste smoother due to the Soya beans being peeled before processing.

lactose. Natural Soy Drink Soya drink made of Australian certified organic Soy beans. CalciPlus Premium Soy milk A premium Soy milk which is cholesterol. flavours and preservatives and is made using organic Soya beans India. suitable for vegetarians.and cholesterol free product is made with no preservative or artificial sweeteners.Product Trends Soy Products 3) Organic AP/LA New Zealand. which is a good source of phytoestrogens and protein.and lactose free. is non dairy. VitaSoy. Its available in Creamy Original and Chocolate Riche flavours . free or artificial colours. So Natural Foods. Guatemala. High in Calcium and Lactose and cholesterol free. Soy Milk This organic. rich in calcium. mineraland vitamin enriched.

Dulche de Leche. Strawberry. SoyaWorld. Coffee Latte and Coconut Canada. Original Fortified Soy Beverage This Soya beverage is made with 100% organic non GMO Soya beans and doesn’t have a beany taste.Product Trends Soy Products 3) Organic NA USA. Available in Chocolate and Cappuccino flavours . Lifeway Foods. Cultured Soy Milk Smoothie Varieties for this organic Soya milk smoothie are: Peach. Apple.

It used domestically grown Soy beans. Drinho. and added vitamins and minerals. Also enriched with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids necessary to maintain good health. calcium and fresh eggs for the delicious taste. It also contains walnut. Indonesia.Product Trends Soy Products 4) Functional AP China. Low Sugar Soy Milk Contains half the sugar level of a regular Soy Milk. Sapporo. organic and nutritious powdered milk with original Soy bean juice. claimed to prevent lipids in the body from oxidization. . Japan. It also contains vitamin E. Soy bean Milk Powder A low fat. black sesame. Daizu De Kirei Soy Yoghurt Drink A yoghurt flavoured drink that is mainly fermented Soy milk. Kanghui Group.

Soy Milk Soy milk with added calcium that is low in saturated fat. contains no cholesterol. scientifically shown to maintain strong bones. Magnesium & Vitamin D. Hi-Calcium Soya Milk Contains 120 mg of calcium per 100 ml. Indonesia. Yeo Hiap Seng. lactose or preservatives and is a source of dietary fibre . So Natural Foods. Malaysia.Product Trends Soy Products 4) Functional AP Vietnam. Drinho. a unique combination of nutrients including Calcium. Also enriched with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids necessary to maintain good health. High Protein Soy Milk This Soy milk contains CoActivé ß.

Tom Soya. zinc and amino acids. Also available in Banana . Israel.Product Trends Soy Products 4) Functional EAME UK. So Soy Milk A multi-use ultra pasteurised and homogenised vanilla flavoured Soya milk enriched with Calcium. Tnuva Dairies. filtered with preservative water. Organic Soy Drink Made from whole organic Soy beans. This cholesterol free beverage is naturally rich in iron.

Available in Strawberry Banana. Its made with organic Soya and essential nutrients. Raspberry and Tropical. Improved Vanilla Soy Beverages The company improved the taste of the Soya Vanilla Beverage. Canada.Product Trends Soy Products 4) Functional NA USA. . Added Calcium and fortified with vitamins and minerals. Non-Dairy Natural Soy Smoothie This smoothie contains 22 vitamins and minerals. Island Farms Dairies. Pulmuone.

Country Pure Foods. vitamins A.Product Trends Soy Products 4) Functional AP/LA Australia. Mexico. C & D. Available as Sunburst. Peach Dream and Berry Breeze. Soy Juicy! A Soy milk and blend of 60% fruit juices from concentrate with calcium. Its natural cholesterol free with no added sweeteners. Cholesterol free. Liga México Panamericana Médico Educacional. vitamin.and mineral enriched and a good cow’s milk substitute . Soy Drink 100% natural Instant Soya Drinks Mix.

Strawberry & Banana with 30% fruit juice.25 g of Soya protein.Product Trends Soy Products 5) Low Calorie/Diet USA USA. Vanilla. Germany. reduced calorie Soy milk. cholesterol.and lactose free. low sugar. comprising: Orange-Passionfruit met 30% fruit juice. . vegetarian. Chocolate and Cappuccino. Sugar Free Soy milk A sugar-free. high in calcium and suitable for diabetics. Pure. Soyaland. The product is sweetened with Splenda and delivers 6. Available in Vanilla. Hain-Celestial Group. Soy drink GMO-free flavoured Soy drink. Low fat.

Soya lecithin. Black Bean Cocoa Powder A pack of adjusted cocoa (hot chocolate) focusing on Soy isoflavone. House Foods. Bingquan. seaweed and shrimp for extra nutrition. Rich in vegetable protein. cocoa polyphenol and dietary fibre. black Soy bean (100% Tanbra band) polyphenol. Japan. Served hot or cold. For breakfast the drink can be added to cereals or oat flakes with fruit. .Product Trends Soy Products 5) Low Calorie/Diet AP China. Salty Soy bean Drink Seaweed salty Soy bean drink made with selected natural Soy bean and sauce. The cocoa is formulated with vitamin D and low in sugar. Its claimed to be tasty and contains no cane sugar.

Olvebra. Low Calorie Cereal Drink A low calorie cereal drink in a Banana Honey. . Brazil. Refinerias de Maiz. The product is prepared with milk and contains non-gmo Soy. Papaya Banana. Strawberry flavour.Product Trends Soy Products 5) Low Calorie/Diet LA Argentina. Ades Light Juice Drink with Soya beans in a Pomelo Rosado Pink Grapefruit flavour. Fruit Juice Extension Sugar-free. vitamin fortified.

Soy milk USA. Sanitarium. So Natural Foods. Sun Soy. Xpress Liquid Energy Breakfast With whole Soy bean extract .Product Trends Soy Products 6) Primary Flavours USA. So Good Flavoured Soy Milk CHOCOLATE Indonesia. Vanilla Soy milk VANILLA Malaysia. Whole Foods Market.

Fortified Soy milk Drink Mix BANANA USA. Energy Shake All natural blend of Soy Protein Guatemala.Product Trends Soy Products 6) Primary Flavours STRAWBERRY USA. Low fat Soy milk Extension Brazil. Nature’s Plus. Olvebra. Hain-Celestial Group. Alimentos Nutrica. Meal replacement drink mix With Soy flour .

Soy Apple A fruit juice and Soy milk blend. Grape. Soft Apple Soy Milk Available in Natural. Germany. Malt. Parmalat. Soy & Juice Beverage Extension Orange Mango Peach. Agropecuária. .Product Trends Soy Products 6) Emerging Flavours South Africa. Fruit and Soy Drink Available in Tangerine. APPLE Brazil. Apple and Mango. Godrej Industries. Passionfruit. Orange & Peach and Lemon CITRUS Canada. Good Hope.

Naked Foods. Wild Berries & Soy Smoothies Dairy Free and all natural .Product Trends Soy Products 6) Emerging Flavours Argentina Unilever. Mango Magic Smoothie Soy & fruit drink with a Mango Magic Flavour. Australia. Apple. Soy Drink with Tropical Fruit Juice Tropical Fruit. Peach and Pineapple. Fruit ’N’ Soya Smoothies Citrus-circle. Pauls. Mori-Nu. Orange. TROPICAL BERRIES USA. Berried Treasure and Peach Me I’m Dreamin USA.

Coffee Flavoured Soy Milk Japan. Morinaga Milk Industry.Product Trends Soy Products 6) Emerging Flavours Japan. Coffee Flavoured Soy Milk BROWN USA. Glico Dairy Products. Choc Hazelnut Smoothie Made with real nuts . Soy Cocoa Cocoa mix in Royal Chocolate and Irish Chocolate Mint Flavours. Country Choice Natural. Australia. So Natural Foods.

Product Trends Soya Products 6) Emerging Flavours Japan. Apple & Pear and Banana OTHERS Thailand. SoyPlus UHT milk drink Available in Apple & Cucumber. Smoothie Fruit Drink with Soy Milk Pineapple & Coconut. Nestle. Forestberry & Tomato. Strawberry & Raspberry. and a variety with Orange & Carrot Juice . Moringa & Co. Plum Drink with Soy Milk Dry Plum Drink with Soya Milk. Mango & Passionfruit. Also available in ginger Israel. Jafora.

Sensory Evaluation .

New concept ideas for soy based products G .

G Concept proposals Powdered concepts Ready to eat/drink concepts .

G Powdered Concepts .

G SoyVida powdered soy milk • Target to all ages – Who wants a great tasting alternative to milk – Who are lactose intolerance SoyVida beverage is – Soy based product – Easy to prepare – Ideal for drinking at breakfast. lunch or supper! – Hot or cold Flavors: – Natural milk • • .

G SoyVida powdered beverage for Kids • Target to Kids – Between 4 and 10 years – Who need energy – Who want tasteful and fun products – Who are lactose intolerance SoyVida beverage is – Soy based product – Easy to prepare – Ideal for drinking at breakfast – Hot or cold Flavors: – Chocolate – Banana – Strawberry • • .

G SoyVida powdered beverage for Adults • Target to adults – Who are health conscious and looking for natural – Search for convenience – Consider time as a luxury – Who are concerned about their heart health – Want tasty and nutritional products • SoyVida powedered – Soy based beverage – Easy to prepare – Ideal for drinking anywhere and anytime – Hot or cold Flavors: – Frutal (apple and apricot) – Indulgence (vanilla/cream. coffee) g • .

G Ready-to-eat/drink Concepts .

G SoyVida yogurt SoyVida dessert SoyVida Probio SoyVida Ice cream SoyVida Ice .

G SoyVida yogurt • Target to adults – who are health conscious – Looking for natural – Enjoy healthy life – Have active lives SoyVida yogurt is – Soy based yogurt – Cholesterol free – Lactose free – Preservative or additive free Flavors – Strawberry – Vanilla – Peach – Passionfruit • • .

G SoyVida dessert • Target to Adults – Who are health conscious – Looking for natural – Searching for convenience – Consider time as a luxury – Who want placer without guilt SoyVida dessert is – An ideal snack – Soy based dessert – Cholesterol free – Lactose free – No preservatives or additives Flavors – Vanilla – Chocolate – Dulce de leche – Strawberry • • .

G SoyVida probio • Target to the Family – Who are health conscious and looking for natural – Searching for convenience – Who want to increase their self-defenses • SoyVida probio is – Fermented soy product – Low fat – Cholesterol free Flavors: – Orange – Lemon • .

G SoyVida creamy ice cream • Target to younger adults – who are health conscious and looking for natural – Have active lives – enjoy to play sports – Search for convenience – Want self-rewards SoyVida ice cream – Creamy soy based ice cream – Indulgence flavors – Ideal for eating anywhere Flavors: – Chocolate – Vanilla – Dulce de leche • • .

G SoyVida Ice • Target to younger adults – who are health conscious and looking for natural – Want energy – Love natural life – Search for convenience • SoyVida ice cream – Soy based sherbet ice cream – Ideal for eating on the go Flavors: – Strawberry – Tropical fruits – Lemon • .