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Tutorial: How To Fix Model Identification Error XXXXXX#XYZ Of WD Black I With HDD Doctor for WD

Fix Procedures

This tutorial is intended to teach you how to fix the XXXXXX#XYZ problem which is detected by our HDD Doctor of WD. The same procedures can also be applied to the case that your HDD shows all exclamation blocks when you are using MHDD to get it scanned. First, we get the bad HDD connected well to our HD Doctor for WD. At the position where should be showing the model number, we can see a random number followed by "XYZ..." at the end. This error happens possibly because its PCB was replaced before by someone else, or the PCB itself has some problem, or the ROM chip on the PCB is having some problems. The solution is to find an identical donor with the same model number, motor number and PCB, then replace the bad PCB with the good one from the donor, and then upload the No.11 mod which was backed up from the good HDD before the swap. The detailed vivid procedures are presented below: We can see from Figure 1 that there is a random model number end with "XYZ..."

Figure 1 Error info showed

Copyright © 2007 SalvationDATA Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved Website: Sales: Tech Support: Phone: (+86) 28 68107757 Fax: (+86) 28 68107757 Tech Support: support@salvationdata. All Rights Reserved Website:http://www. Inc. backup the firmware of the donor (See Figure 2).11 backup from the donor. dismantle the good PCB from the donor and install it on the bad HDD to replace the original one. Figure 2 The backup of the firmware of the good drive sales. (See Figure 3) Figure 3 Upload mod No.Step 1: Find the identical donor with 3 identical parameters with the bad HDD: model number. Next. get the bad HDD connected well and upload the mod Sales: sales.11 to the bad drive with the good PCB from the donor Copyright © 2007 SalvationDATA Technology. motor number and PCB Phone: (+86) 28 68107757 Fax: (+86) 28 68107757 . Next. Tech Support: sales.Step 2: After the uploading.laura@salvationdata. (See Figure 4) Figure 4 Power off Copyright © 2007 SalvationDATA Technology. All Rights Reserved Website: Sales: sales. go to Other Operations tab. power off and exit the Phone: (+86) 28 68107757 Fax: (+86) 28 68107757 . Inc.

Step 3: Launch the program sales. you should wait for 30 seconds or even 1 minute before it’s done. If you can't upload the mod No. Don’t shut down the program forcefully.salvationdata. otherwise the fixing can't be proceeding. After uploading mod No. you can find that your bad drive has already been fixed. launch the program and wait for the "Ready" status and click Auto Config.pat@salvationdata.11 to the bad drive after PCB swap is done.11 is done successfully. After you finish the PCB swap.laura@salvationdata. there might be some problem with the heads. which means we are done the fixing. Copyright © 2007 SalvationDATA Tech Support: Phone: (+86) 28 68107757 Fax: (+86) 28 68107757 . then exit the main program then auto config to launch it again. Inc. All Rights Reserved Website:http://www. If all the procedures are done correctly. otherwise the fixing would be Sales: sales. we can see that this bad drive can be identified correctly. (See Figure 5) Figure 5 The correct identification Important Notice U You must backup the firmware of the good drive first. you must power off the HDD. Please refer to the related solutions for fixing head problems.

com Sales: sales.Appendix: The bad WD HDD parameters used in the U example MDL:MDTMD800BB – 00FJA0 S/N:MDT – MMAJ95880218 firmware version: 13. All Rights Reserved Website:http://www.03G13 LBA:156277491 Translated by Tac Copyright © 2007 SalvationDATA Phone: (+86) 28 68107757 Fax: (+86) 28 68107757 .com Tech Support: support@salvationdata.salvationdata. sales.