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I Sheila's Dolls' House
Sheila had a dolls' house. It really belonged both to her and to Benny, her brother, because he had made it for Sheila. But Benny said that a dolls' house was a toy for a girl, and not for a boy, so he said it was Sheila's. All the same, he played with it sometimes because it was really rather exciting arranging the furniture in the little bedrooms, and pretending to cook on the stove in the kitchen, and making the dolls receive visitors in the sitting-room. It was made out of a box, and Benny had cleverly made a slanting red roof, and had nailed chimneys on. He had made a big front, with windows and a door, so that Sheila could open the front of the house and play with the rooms inside. Sheila thought it was a lovely house. She had seen some dolls' houses in a shop, and one had electric light in each of the bedrooms,


and even had water running out of the little tap in the kitchen. But Benny said he couldn't possibly put electric light in the house, he wouldn't know how to. And as for water running out of a tap, to begin with there wasn't a tap and to end with there wasn't any water ! Anyway, Sheila thought the house was simply lovely, and she played with it every day. She made curtains for the windows and carpets for the floors. All her pocket-money went on buying little pieces of furniture for the house. It really did look very nice indeed.


The front door had a tiny brass knocker that Sheila polished once a week. It really did knock— a very tiny rat-a-tat-tat. One day Lula came to tea. She saw the dolls' house in the corner, and how she loved it! Lula hadn't a dolls' house, though she had nearly every other kind of toy, for her parents spoilt her, and gave her a great many presents. "Oh ! What a lovely house !" cried Lula, and swung open the front of it. "Oh—look at the rooms ! Two bedrooms—a kitchen with a stove—and a sitting-room with a sofa and chairs and table—and a tiny bookcase full of books, too ! And look at the dolls !" "Be careful, Lula," said Sheila, alarmed at the way Lula took hold of the tiny pieces of furniture and the little dolls. "Oh, do be careful. Don't move the kitchen stove. It fits so nicely into that corner." But Lula paid no attention. She wanted to play with that dolls' house, and whatever Sheila said she didn't hear. Soon she dropped one of the tiny dolls and its arm came off. Sheila was upset. "Oh, Lula—look what you've done ! That's a doll called Melia, and


6 .

Mummy told her. Lula was no better 7 . Sheila was glad when Lula went home. and she looked rather grave. Now a week later." By the time Lula had finished playing with the dolls' house. and Sheila wondered why." she told Benny. It was very upsetting. "Poor Lula is terribly ill." said Lula." So the children did. never let her play with our dolls' house again.she's such a good doll. "I'll never. You must put her into your prayers tonight. and he agreed. and the clock. she makes the beds each day. "Yes. and the bedroom wardrobe had one of its doors loose. and now she won't be able to because you've broken her arm !" "I'll buy you another doll. "Oh—now you've broken the dear little clock I had on the mantelpiece. picking up Melia. crossly. but one of the curtains had been torn. not only had Melia's arm been broken. but another doll won't be Melia. and Melia doesn't like having her arm broken. Lula didn't come to school." said Sheila.

Now she would not be able to come to school and join in all the jolly lessons and games for a long time. They felt very sorry for her. and sent them to her." So Benny and Sheila bought some sweets. 8 . all for poor Lula. "She will soon be sitting up in bed !" said Mummy. and some oranges and grapes. and perhaps buy her a little toy or a book. "You can send her some sweets and some fruit.for a day or two. and a book and a little doll. and then Mummy told them she was not nearly so ill.

Then Mummy came to Sheila and asked her a very hard thing. Her mother has tried to buy her one. but there isn't one to be had !" "Mummy. "I don't really. "Sheila was sad. She keeps asking to play with your dolls' house. dear—this would be such a kind thing to do. and I don't want Lula to spoil it. darling. I don't want to be kind over this. and she is very bored. "Sheila. and frets." said Sheila. Shall I take it round and lend it to her?" "Oh. "It is your house. Mummy !" cried both Sheila and Benny at once." said Benny. "She broke Melia's arm and it isn't mended yet. and lots of other things." "She has too many. no." "She'd break everything!" said Sheila. She doesn't love them." "Very well. Benny made me the house. almost in tears. and I shall certainly not force you to lend it to Lula. Lula's mother says Lula keeps on and on asking for the dolls' house." said Mummy." 9 . She cries about it." said Mummy. Sheila. "But. Lula is sitting up each day now. and I love it. "She isn't careful with her toys as we are.

10 .

" So Mummy." he said. not because she couldn't take the dolls' house round to poor Lula." "Well—they didn't want to at first. "because they love their dolls' house very much—Benny made it. took the dolls' house round. who was really very kind-hearted. "But Mummy. please. "It really will cheer her up. you know. She played with it very carefully. and that is enough to make any mother very sad indeed. won't you?" Lula was simply delighted with the house. but because she thought she had a selfish. unkind little girl. suddenly changed her mind. do ask her to look after it well." said Mummy. So Sheila. looking pleased and happy. How kind of Sheila and Benny to lend it. Lula's daddy opened the door.Mummy looked a bit sad about it. Ask Lula to be very careful with it." she said. do. "Ah— this will make our little Lula feel much better. and he was delighted to see the house. Sheila knew she looked sad. Her daddy mended the loose door of the wardrobe in 11 . "You can take the dolls' house round to Lula.

so her daddy set to work. He bought a little bath with taps and put it into a corner of the bedroom. Daddy—if only. with wires that ran inside to little lamps in each room. When Lula pressed a switch. That would make me so happy. "If only I could turn on the little bath-taps and fill the bath." Well.the bedroom. he had put batteries at the back of the house. It looked fine. the 12 . only I could light the rooms at night !" said Lula. He was very clever with his hands— and before two days had gone. "Oh. the doctor had said that Lula must be kept cheerful and happy if possible.

water came out and filled the bath ! Oh. lo and behold. There was the bath in the bedroom.lights came on—and there was each room brightly lighted as if it was real ! Then he put a tin in the roof. and was very sad when the time came for her to give it back. Sheila. Let's shut the front and see the light showing through the windows. "I expect it's all battered and broken ! I shall hate opening the front and seeing all that Lula has done to it. Melia's arm was mended and so was the clock. And there were little lamps in each room ! "Look." said Benny. Sheila saw Lula's daddy carrying it up her front path. dear me. fixed them to the taps—and. all lighted up. in great excitement. the house looks so real. put tiny pipes leading down to the bath. "All the lamps light ! Oh." But. She spoke to Benny. and he pressed a switch. filled it with water. what a wonderful surprise the two children had when they did open the front ! There were new curtains. when Lula turned them on." 13 . how pleased she was ! She played with the house all day long.

14 .

"Come and see ! Our dolls' house has come back far better than it went. Well. "You deserve a little reward. I've seen them. "You didn't want to lend your house—but you were unselfish enough to be kind.After that they discovered that when they turned on the bath-taps. Sheila could hardly believe her eyes ! The children spent the whole evening filling the bath over and over again. they ran to her in joy. it isn't always that kindness is rewarded so well as this !" The lights still go on and off and the bath-taps still run water and fill the bath." she said. Wouldn't you love to see them. too? 15 . and switching the lights on and off ! When Mummy came in. Just see !" Mummy was so pleased. water came out and filled the bath.

He tried to scrub it white." "We don't like you. The 16 . They weren't at all kind to him. He couldn't help his black face." said the black doll. Old Black-Face !" Sambo didn't like that. They wouldn't let him join in their games. the other toys didn't like him. I'm a doll. "Are you a golliwog without proper hair?" "No. "I'm called Sambo." said the clockwork clown. but it stayed black. "But you've got a black face. I'm just a black doll.II Old Black Face When the black doll came to the nursery to live." said the black doll. All black dolls are called Sambo." "Well. He did wish the toys wouldn't call him BlackFace." said the golden-haired doll. "We shall call you Black-Face. "Dolls don't have faces like yours. "What are you?" said the teddy bear.

One day something strange happened. She turned her back on him. He wished he hadn't come to this nursery." Sambo soon didn't smile any more. But how could he chatter if people wouldn't talk to him? He didn't feel like making jokes or laughing either. Go away. "Trying to push himself in as usual. whenever he came near." he would say. The black doll was a friendly fellow. But someone had given him to Peter. He loved to chatter and laugh and make jokes. A lot of black stuff suddenly fell down into the hearth ! It was soot. They ran over to the hearth and looked at all the black stuff. so Sambo couldn't help coming.golden-haired doll was really rude. The toys didn't know this. the golden 17 . He kept in a corner. Black-Face. and didn't try to join in the others' games. the boy who belonged to that nursery. He felt very miserable. Not even the teddy bear was nice to him. "Here's old Black-Face. Suddenly some more fell down the chimney and—oh dear—it fell all over the toys ! In a trice the teddy bear was black. as soon as Sambo came up.

18 .

The toys were full of horror and dismay. of course." he said. Black-Face. He washed the face of the golden-haired doll first of all." So they all went into the bathroom with him. and ran warm water in. It came pink in no time ! "You look quite all right now. I can't bear being black like this. "Oh ! We've got black faces ! Oh. and rubbed soap on it. "Do me next. He ran over to all the frightened toys. They stared at one another and squealed. Sambo was very sorry for her. Only the golliwog looked no different. "I'll make you right again. and this made her look queerer than ever. how dreadful we look !" The golden-haired doll cried." It took quite a long time to get the bear 19 .haired doll was black." the teddy bear said to her. and so was the clockwork clown. Her tears made a little passage down the black of her cheeks. and Sambo. Don't you worry ! Come into the bathroom with me. "Come away from that stuff. Then he took Peter's flannel. and little black Sambo put one after another into the bath.

The mouse was very grateful." 20 . right down to the very tip of his tail.brown again. But the black doll worked hard." he said." said Sambo. "I look better now." How black Sambo worked to get the toys all clean again ! He even scrubbed the clockwork mouse with the nail-brush. You mustn't get a cold. because the soot had covered him from head to foot. "Then you will soon dry. don't I? I'll go and join the bear in the sunshine. "Thank you. and at last the bear was clean. "Go and sit in the sun.

but he didn't laugh at us." 21 . The toys looked at him." said the golden-haired doll. But he worked hard and got us all clean and nice again. "Now he's gone back to his lonely corner again. and to blame Peter. I'm going over to sit beside him. and sat down in his lonely corner. For the first time they saw the kindness in that little black face. "We've been so unkind to Sambo that you might think he'd be glad when the soot made us black too. "I feel ashamed of myself. and the loneliness.After he had cleaned all the toys." "Well. He didn't want Peter's mother to find it like that. and would refuse to help us. and washed away every bit of soot from them. even after all he has done. He fell fast asleep. He came into the nursery. He doesn't expect us to like him. He worked hard and helped us. They saw the tiredness too." said the bear to the clown." said the mouse. It was dreadfully sooty. I do like him. the black doll cleaned the bath." "We laughed at him for being black. He was tired when he had finished. "I like him very much.

22 .

and the mouse and the other toys said the same. when they were all as black as he was? Good old Sambo ! 23 . How happy he felt! Now the toys like Sambo better than any other toy. He was most surprised to see them there when he woke up." said the bear."So am I. "We want to be friends with you." she said. The golden-haired doll slipped her fingers into his. "We like you. Sambo. Will you play with us: Well ! What a question to ask ! Sambo grinned all over his black face. and began to chatter and laugh and make jokes at once. So they all went over to Sambo's lonely corner and sat by him. Wasn't it a good thing he gave them kindness instead of unkindness.

But one day the fat little toy elephant wasn't so good after all. "Don't eat any more. 24 . walked across the strip of linoleum. John. to the little book-case." John put them away on the bottom shelf of his little book-case. They lived together happily and were kind and good to one another.III The Clown's Little Trick In John's nursery were all kinds of toys. just as John was kind to them. over the carpet." said his mother. he left the toy cupboard. in the dark. He felt about with his trunk and found the paper bag. The toy elephant saw exactly where he put them. And that night. from the big rocking-horse down to the tiny clockwork mouse. I should think. John had some little chocolate sweets and he seemed to enjoy them very much. "You must make them last all the week—three a day. The toy elephant watched him and wished he could taste one.

Don't do it. "Toys." He went back to the toy cupboard. Nobody saw him. "Who is it? Let him own up at once !" 25 . Tomorrow night I'll fetch another. The next night he did the same. "Can one of us be so horrid?" they said. All night long he felt the taste of it. and then he took another. stood himself in a corner and finished eating the sweet. I like it. He just stood there in the dark and enjoyed himself. It's very. They looked at one another when John had gone out for a walk. He looked sternly at his toys. very good. He ate it. "My—it's good !" he whispered to himself. very wrong." he said. "Very. He didn't think how bad of him it was to take it. but one of you is taking my sweets at night.He put his trunk inside and felt the little chocolates there. "it's very sad. He got hold of one with his trunk and popped it into his mouth. putting his little trunk into the bag and pulling out a sweet. and was happy. But John soon found that someone was taking his sweets." The toys were dreadfully upset.

26 .

the monkey.But the fat little elephant said nothing. John was very sad the next day. I shall find him out. the elephant. When the moon shone in at the window they often had a dance. "I am not going to let us all be punished for something that only one of us does ! Let that one own up now before it is too late. He didn't even go red. The toys did so love to get out of the cupboard and play around sometimes when John was in bed." 27 . When John had gone out of the room the clockwork clown stood up. He looked at the teddy bear." he said. This was a horrid threat. For I warn him. And that night he crept off to the paper bag and took two more sweets ! He really did. and all the rest of them. the golliwog. the black dog. He wasn't a bit ashamed of himself. "We simply must find out who is the thief. the mouse. so that none of you can get out at night. "If it happens again I am afraid I shall have to lock the toy cupboard door. the pink cat. It would be dreadful if John really did lock the cupboard. the clockwork clown." he said.

that night the clown did a funny thing. very bad for the thief when I find him out. "Very well. "It will be very. The clown frowned. It made it very sticky indeed. He carefully painted the bit of shiny linoleum outside the toy cupboard with the honey on the brush." he said." Now. He dipped in a paint-brush and hurried down to the floor again.The toy elephant didn't say a word. He crept into the nursery larder and found the pot of honey there. Then the clown went to the breadboard in 27 28 .

"Wake 29 . When he was sure everyone was asleep. He didn't tell anyone at all what he had done. and sat down beside the golliwog. with sticky feet. He trod on the scattered crumbs. Then. The toys were tired that night. just at dawn. John had played with them a lot that day. He took them to the little book-case and scattered them just in front of the place where the paper sweet-bag was kept. all but the fat little elephant. who was waiting to go and get another sweet. They stuck to his feet. but he didn't know it. His four feet stepped on the honey. He spent a long time enjoying the little chocolate. he crept out of the cupboard as usual. he padded over to the book-case and put out his trunk to the sweetbag. Now. the clockwork clown woke all the toys up. They fell asleep and slept soundly.the nursery cupboard and collected all the crumbs he found there. when a silvery light was coming in through the window. He took a sweet and padded back to the toy cupboard. Then he hurried back to the toy cupboard.

30 .

when he came in. and scattered crumbs in front of the book-case ! And the elephant walked over the honey and the crumbs stuck to his feet! So now we know who the thief is ! Bad little elephant!" The toys were angry with the elephant. " W hat's the matter?'' they said. and the clown looked at their feet quickly." he said. too ! "Here is the thief!" he cried. And. "I am going to show you who the thief is. and show me the underneath of their feet !" In great surprise all the toys did as they were told. They turned him out of the toy cupboard. toys. so that John would know who the thief was. but I soon shall know ! Everyone sit down. and smelt the honey on them. "I myself don't know who it is yet. They made him go and stand in front of the sweet-bag. when he came to the elephant's feet.up. please." said the clown. I spread honey just outside the cupboard. he has crumbs stuck to his feet! You see. he saw the little crumbs sticking there. and his voice sounded so stern that the toys were alarmed. of course. "Bad little elephant ! Look. 31 .

"So you were the bad little thief!" he said." said the clown. "Serves you right. wasn't it? I'm sure I should never have thought of it ! 32 . You must be spanked !" And he spanked the fat little elephant so hard that he cried tears into the brick-box at the back of the toy cupboard.And he did. of course. Perhaps you will think twice the next time you want to take things that don't belong to you !" It was a clever trick of the clown's. and made quite a puddle there. "We shan't play with you for a night or two. "I'm ashamed of you.

Just then somebody rushed by him. The person who had nearly knocked him over was the longest-legged man he had ever seen ! Leslie stared after him. He had long. Leslie was cross. thinking of what he would spend his Saturday penny on.IV Good Gracious Me! It all happened in such a hurry ! Leslie was going along the path in the wood on his scooter. long arms. "Hi ! Don't go rushing about like that !" he shouted. and a long neck on which sat a big head with pointed ears ! "He must be a gnome or a pixie or something!" 33 . almost knocking him over. "Sometimes I go almost as fast as a motorcar. and I really ought to have a hooter to warn people to get out of the way !" thought Leslie. He was wishing he could save up enough money to buy a hooter to put on the handle of his scooter. spidery legs. Then he stared in surprise.

34 .

and then they pushed off with all their little left legs ! The scooter simply shot through the trees! "Hi. I didn't know that. "Why didn't you stop him? Didn't you see Long-Legs rushing by? He's taken a bag of magic spells from us !" "Oh. "Stop him! Stop thief! Hi. he's gone. stop ! We'll have an accident!" said 35 ." said Leslie. " Well.said Leslie. "Yes!" said the little men. Anyway. with Leslie in the middle of them. And just as he was thinking that. he's got such long legs !" "Lend us your scooter !" said one of the goblins. he heard shouts behind him. who felt sure he would never see his nice new scooter again if he let the little men have it. and caught hold of it. can't you stop him?" Then all round Leslie rushed two or three very small men. in surprise. You'll never catch him. and they all jumped on the scooter at once. They looked very cross and impatient. He thought they must be goblins." said Leslie." "No. "Come on! Lend it to us ! We can go fast on this.

The little men used their left feet all in time with one another.Leslie. faster. and the scooter went faster and faster. But he might as well have spoken to the moon. And faster they went. till Leslie could hardly breathe! Then CRASH! They bumped into a tree and all of them fell off. They held on to Leslie and to each other. It must have been a funny sight to see them tearing along at top speed through the wood ! "There he is ! Go on. faster !" yelled the little man who was right in front. The front wheel of the scooter looked a little 36 .

But the little men took no notice of that! No. You nearly knocked over that pixie." So they stopped at a fine shop and bought a most wonderful hooter. Leslie knew he had never been there before ! It was crowded with all kinds of fairy folk! How he stared ! " We shall knock people over.bent. up they all jumped again. "We don't want an accident." "Sound your hooter. blow it. "I haven't got one !" said Leslie. nearly leaving poor Leslie behind this time. That's where he's going ! He means to sell our spells there ! Hurry !" They left the path in the wood and came out on a main road. blow it!" yelled the little men." said the little man at the front. "Oh. "We're going too fast. It looked like silver to 37 . and off they went again. "He's going to the goblin market. with Leslie clinging to the handle for all he was worth. "I can see him! I can see Long-Legs !" yelled the front goblin. Look out !" he shouted." "We'd better stop and buy a hooter. do be careful. then.

38 .

never mind. this time hooting for all they were worth. and the rubber part was painted blue. especially as he was the one to sound the hooter ! "There's Long-Legs again !" yelled the little men. your scooter does." Tell me the way home!" The goblins stopped. Just hop on and it will take you back to the path in the wood." 39 . and began to march him away. "Hi!" called Leslie. and then goblins swarmed over the groaning Long-Legs like ants. don't you know it?" they called. "Hoot-toot-toot! Hoot-toottoot!" People hopped out of the way at once. they caught up Long-Legs. They took away his bag of spells. They fixed it on to the handle.Leslie. "Well. Leslie couldn't help enjoying it. "Faster. and tied his hands behind him. and. faster !" "Hoot-toot-toot! Hoot-toot-toot!" On they went. In fact. The scooter raced on as fast as an express train. they ran right into him. just as they reached the crowded market. Then on they tore again. They seemed to have forgotten about Leslie. and knocked him over ! Everyone fell off the scooter. "Oh.

You can have it in return for letting us borrow your scooter !" called back the goblins. and pushed off. "Well." said Leslie. and he didn't even need to put his foot 40 . and looked at his new hooter in delight." "Goodbye. He hadn't noticed that his scooter was very clever before. "Don't you want it?" "Oh no. To his surprise and delight it raced along by itself. what would Mother say? He got on his scooter. "Goodbye. Goodness.Leslie was rather doubtful about this. what about your hooter?" he called.

in the middle of the wood. perhaps he will some day. "All right—I'll take you to the marketplace. feeling quite tired. 41 . He got home at last. of course. When he told Mother how he got his new hooter. and you'll see all I saw !" But isn't it a pity?—he can't find the way again now. but Leslie couldn't help sounding his hooter.down again until he reached the path that he knew. "Hoot-toot-toot! Hoot-toot-toot!" And all the rabbits scuttled out of the way at once. Still. There was no one about. she didn't believe him.

She was a queer-looking doll. and she had never given it away. She had bright blue eyes that didn't shut. and at the back it had come off a little and she was bald there. She had had it when she was a little girl. Her name was Tabitha Jane. She smiled and showed a set of white teeth. and a round fat face made of china. Her 42 . Her hair was very fuzzy. dressed in funny old-fashioned clothes.V Grandma's Doll Grandma had a very old doll. When Winnie went to see Grandma she always asked to see the old doll.

" "Grandma. when I was small. I wish you would give her to me. Mamma !" Winnie thought that was wonderful. "She is a very special doll. but still she always spoke when you did that. I've got a rocking-horse you used to have. And Derek has all your bricks. why didn't you ever give Tabitha Jane away?" asked Winnie." said Grandma. little girls called their mothers 'Mamma' instead of 'Mummy'. You don't want her now." said Grandma. I feel I can't give Tabitha away because she once did a very fine thing for me. But there was one nice thing about her." 43 . "You see. Winnie. and not very cuddlesome. Mamma. and that was—she could say "Mamma. do you?" "Well. and she looked rather mysterious.arms and legs wouldn't move very much. But you have never given Tabitha Jane away. so she was rather a stiff sort of doll. It is true that Tabitha Jane wouldn't say "Mamma" unless you pulled a string in her back. "You gave all your other toys away. "So that is why Tabitha Jane says 'Mamma' to me instead of 'Mummy'.

surprised. "Nobody has ever believed it. "I can't tell you." "Well." went on Grandma. "Once. Please do tell me. Grandma. "Listen ! It's a very queer tale really."What was the fine thing she did for you?" said Winnie." said Grandma. I told lots of people when I was a little girl. "when I was 44 ." said Grandma. really." "I would believe you. but nobody believed me." said Winnie. so I never tell anyone now. "I would. but it will help you to know why I have never given Tabitha Jane away. I will tell you.

I could hear something. with my little sister Mary. my little sister. smaller than you. "Yes. We slept until about midnight. you may well look surprised. My mother. and Mary. too. "Oh." 45 . blew out our candle. and left us. I love hearing this." "What could you hear?" said Winnie. Very soon I was in my cot. That night I popped Tabitha Jane down in her little bed. I knew the voice of Tabitha Jane very well. "I slept in the night nursery.quite small. kissed her goodnight and left her. Winnie. She had a bed in the day nursery. looking at Grandma with wide-open eyes. who was your great-grandmother. "Mary and I went to sleep. and I felt sure it was my doll calling out 'Mamma ! Mamma !' to me. Winnie ! I was surprised. was in hers. this is lovely. When I woke up. I put Tabitha Jane to bed for the night. Grandma. "I could hear a voice saying 'Mamma ! Mamma ! Mamma !' " said Grandma. and I always used to undress her and put her to bed before I got undressed myself." "What did you do?" said Winnie.

46 .

I shall love her twice as much after this. "The smell was horrid. It had set light to it." 47 ." said Grandma."Well. threw water on the flames and put out the fire." "Well. and the flames from the rug were burning the wooden chair standing there !" said Grandma. Grandma ! She warned you of the fire. and all the time could hear that anxious little voice. I sat up in bed. "A hot coal had shot out of the fire and landed on the rug. "I stood at the door." said Winnie. It should have been dark there. And again I heard Tabitha Jane calling out. 'Mamma ! Mamma ! Mamma !' " "Oh. Grandma-—how dreadful !" cried Winnie. but it wasn't—because part of the nursery was on fire !" "Oh. "And I ran at once to my own mother's room. "how wonderful of Tabitha Jane. and I heard my voice too crying 'Mamma! Mamma! Mamma!' I woke my mother and father and they ran to the nursery. and I listened. full of horror. 'Mamma ! Mamma !' "So I jumped out of bed and ran into the day nursery. Dear Tabitha Jane. I was very frightened. 'Mamma !' she called.

"Didn't your mother and father think Tabitha Jane was a marvellous doll?" "They didn't believe me when I told them that Tabitha Jane had wakened me by calling 'Mamma !' " said Grandma. Grandma—what a lovely story !" said Winnie. "That made me very sad. to reward her for being so good. "If 48 ." "Poor Tabitha Jane." said Winnie."Oh. They wouldn't even let me take her to bed at night. I still had to leave her in her little bed in the day nursery.

My Mummy lets me have just one toy in bed. "Mamma !" Wouldn't you love to hear her She has such a dear little voice ! 49 . You can tell Tabitha Jane is a doll like'll just lend her to me one night. looking pleased. you shall have her. I think you would love her as much as I did. I'll cuddle her into bed with me. Winnie. Every time I come to see you. You couldn't possibly give away a doll like that. just by looking at her darling face. Tabitha Jane at once said "Mamma !" Winnie hugged the old doll. I should like that!" "Mamma !" said Tabitha Jane." "Well." "And she might call me one night !" said Winnie. "Grandma. you must tell me the story of why you have never given Tabitha Jane away. as Winnie pulled her string. "Oh." said Grandma. "if ever I do give her away. I'd love to. I believe every word of your story." Grandma pulled the string. Grandma.

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