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Third Eye Activation and basic usage Written by René K. Müller (kiwi@spiritweb.

org) - Aug 10, 1995 Drawings by Lori E. Tostado ( Image manipulation by R.K.Müller ( As previously discussed in perception of subtle realms, we have physical and nonphysical senses, and both have their own area to serve us in how we act. To go a step further, I would like to describe here an easy way to activate the 3rd-eye, or the inner eye, in a passive way: looking and perceiving. Introduction We are truely spirits, who occupy physical bodies to participate in physical reality: without our bodies we couldn't be a part of it. We can consider the physical body as a vehicle, or using a modern word, a craft. Most spirits forget that they are truely spirits, spiritual beings. But how? We get overwhelmed by a dimension we didn't experience before, we even didn't know what time or space is, because as spirits we didn't experience such a limiting reality as here. That's what the call was we heared, and many couldn't reject its challenge. We entered by many adjustments, called dimensional doors, until we were able to enter a humanbody. What we call taking birth, is a long prepared-for procedure. We finally enter and accept the body, when we take birth. But then as babies we are in a period of time where we leave and enter easily, as our vehicle is new for us and we aren't yet so identified and addicted to it. Growing up means the spirit learns to use the vehicle, we learn to walk, even speak and behave in social conformity. This learning pulls our attention to the physical senses, so better we learn to interpret the signals, and better we operate with our physical body here. We as spiritual beings naturally see, it's part of our nature. Seeing through eyes, which means looking through two holes, but which serves us with many fancy signals from a colorful toy, even TV or even WWW such as here. We can refocus our inner eye away from the physical eyes. This is called activation of third-eye, in a passive observing way. Some of you maybe heard of or even experienced what is known as Shape-Shifting or Mirror Gazing, looking at aspects of yourself. This is one step of the usage of the thirdeye. Pre-Stages of Third Eye Perceptions Before I go ahead with my personal view on third-eye, let me describe some prestages. * Most people have very very tiny particles in their eyes, and we usually don't perceive them as our focus is most 1-2m in front of our eyes. But in a very relaxed moment, we can focus very close to the physical eye itself, and perceive some particles,

too. not a subtle perception. wordly an open mind. or even weekly in circles. that all people have third-eye experiences. my physical body. * If you have a pet. But the difference between using drugs (including legal ones like alcohol) and the natural use of the non-physical senses is. and feel comfortable with yourself. like a cat or dog. saying to yourself: That's now my face. to achieve altered states. and relax and try to establish a deep peace in you. for example a lake. It's much easier to calm and relax yourself with closed eyes. with dimmed light if possible instead of bright light which might hurt your eyes. it's part of myself. let's say 1-2 minutes. but an openness. This can be a real being. even legal ones. look for a place where you feel totally calmed and relaxed. Try to watch your own face for 1-2 min. whatever you prefer. where some altered states of consciousness are experienced. Look at your face. This perception tends to be a real subtle perception of your thirdeye. Try to establish a meditative state. as it does indeed create more than just physical imbalances. but as mentioned. * Take a candle. * If you feel better in nature than in your own apartment. and allow your thoughts to calm as your body does too. I personally do not promote usage of drugs. try to feel the room you are in. that drugs distort perception by removing the natural blockages which are expressions our spiritual maturity and allowance. which you can practice to open and prepare yourself. You can do it daily. but most people do not pay attention to them. * Some people feel presences in the corner of their sight. when the visual influences are disabled that distract our . Your physical attention is mainly in the center of your sight. but simply normal. reading such an article about the third eye. try to think calming thoughts. or river. A part of this text may help to make one become aware of it again. watch the flame for a period of time. Try to achive a meditative state. and try by turning their head. even your conscious mind catches a part of the concept. Preparation and Training One issue of preparation is. Here are some well known preparations. and no longer para-normal. that is trying to get your attention. but simply watch the flame.which distort bright objects and give a more colorful surrounding. I believe. This is a physical effect. which are more difficult to be healed. * Some of the spiritually-interested people have drug experiences. but astral distortions as well. my vehicle. It's simply important. try not to laugh or smile about the ridicilous situation looking at yourself. in a kind of distance. like marijuana or cocaine. try to watch her or his eyes. but different than a common meditation: with open eyes. and sometimes your inner eye overlaps with the corner of your physical sight. It's not meant to make-up or even create a huge amount of expectation. in the corner your sight it gets less focused. that you can calm with open eyes. with open eyes. as their belief-systems simply reject these experiences as real. and accept it as part of reality. Pets usually reflect humans' emotions and thoughts and therefore teach us our own inner peace by sourrounding humans. Don't stare until your eyes tear. to catch the presence they felt. * Watch your face in a mirror.

By the way. this theoretical background is my chosen belief-system to comprehend mentally the experiences I personally made. Physical Eyes and Inner Eye Overlap This is the issue I try to describe here in the entire text: the physical eyes serve impressions of the physical reality to the inner eye. as an example. 1. We are very visually oriented. The Activation. An additional thought you may find in Inner Realization vs. as today's world already says enough. Physical Eyes Only This is the most common case in western society. and reduce the traffic of information. A Theoretical Background As said before. It's no surprise that it's not well known to look without physical eyes. it's easier to do it with open eyes. Some people. you inhabit a physical body. I describe more about this below. The nature of this subtle picture is different than the impressions of physical reality. deep fear to lose any orientation of physical reality. Only Inner Eye This case is somewhat rare. and our technically oriented attention and research needs a high degree of ability to perceive physical reality in order to change it as we did mainly with industrialization. our eyes. which serves you with physical senses. which I indicate with the persence in the middle of the head (point of presence). and the pictures of the inner eye are real in the order of subtle reality. Giving up the attention to physical eyes is dependent on a deep trust that there is more than physical reality. especially in the technical times we live in today. which may give you impressions beyond physical reality. The understanding of their correlations I only partly can share in this text. not more. 2. the issue of having open eyes is to make it easier to allow becoming aware of the inner eye. that we only can see with open eyes. physical pictures passed by the eye are real in the order of physicality. since this is mainly achieved through practice. In our strong belief-system most of us use to define. that's the real issue. Anyway. Take it as a personal truth. or third eye. Technology. More simply said. where everything has to be multimedia to get our attention. where the visual sense. when I slowly shifted away from my physical eyes too. feed us with thousands of electrical signals every second.inner being. but for this procedure it's quite helpful to reach the same state with open eyes. 3. Mirror Watching A Single Person . Its Passive Usage I suggest two prefered kinds of procedures to achieve the best results. If your physical eyes get prepared by yourself. I may not go into that more. To bring both together. and often there is a lot of fear involved. even experienced spiritually aware people prefer to see with closed physical eyes. you slowly and partly will watch through the inner eye. in this case I like to describe. Somehow. as I perceive and feel it. at least I experienced it that way. and is only achieved with a lot of practice and inner allowance.

I do mention this. watch your face. it's a type of preparing energy from your spirit-guides. it will not happen. another presence. don't expect. breath slowly and surround yourself with the best and most lightful energy that you can. which you attract by refocusing your attention. Remain on this point as long as possible. because it's necessary to allow your attention to move away from your physical eyes toward your inner eye. but if you do feel it. maybe the . between your eyes. and don't change it anymore. Choose maybe an evening. the one picture served from your physical eyes will be smoothly overlapped like a slide by another face. again don't constrain it. don't practice it or don't even urge or strain yourself to do it. while you still are looking at your face and this particular point. and maybe close your eyes for a moment to give your eyes some moisture and cleansing for your physical eyes. when you are perhaps already a bit tired physical and mentally. as we are usually not experienced with having open eyes for 60 seconds or longer. You have to release the attention to watch with your physical eyes! The change of your own face.This version is a further practice of one of the relaxation suggestions I made above: Watch your face in a mirror. if you feel not comfortable doing so. After some moments you may see a short change in your own face. but maybe after work. maybe 30-60 secs and you are fully relaxed. After some moments. Imagine an inner door you open. Do not try to watch both eyes. as you have to slip into a very relaxed state of consciousness. don't worry. Don't move with your sight or blink your eyes. Make sure you are alone. or you know that no one will interrupt you. Focus with your physical eyes on one point. but be open to allow it to happen. is an overlapping picture which reaches your consciousness. I say this. or one single eye. Do it when you feel comfortable. When this happens. or who it is. starting at the point you are looking at. If you feel really tired. because it will make you move your sight. Again. not a special time. or simply perceive it as presence of the good. as I came across people who constrained things mentally. This face may be humanoid. If you don't feel anything special. neck area. The warmth is energy. forehead. "I'm in peace within myself. you will feel an warmth on your back. where any physical interruption may affect you much much deeper. there is no competition to win or to constrain things. with dimmed light. Focus again on a point. You can say. know you are well underway. I simply watch my face to calm and find peace in me". Don't awaite this. If it feels comfortable. so that you simply get aware of your energy. or beings helping you in your spiritual path. open yourself even more. It's not so important you know excatly what it is. If you wait for it to happen with your mind to grab it. and blocked themselves with this urge. relax yourself by a calming suggestion such as. it's important you feel comfortable. Choose a point on your face you focus.

the point between the eyes. choose one point in the face of each other. or even focus on third eye. upper part of body or even neck indicates a coming presence entering your aura. or Shape Shifting For Two Persons This is the way I would prefer for most who have already some experiences with the mirror. Choose two chairs. for example. Again. . It's not important where you look with your physical eyes. and feel whether energy surrounds you. and don't blink anymore if possible. Look at each other's face. the forehead or whatever. Make sure that there is no direct light.5 to 2 meters distance between you and your friend. and if you don't see anything after 2-3 minutes. Keep about 1. Some basic knowledge of chakras may be very good for both of you to know. for 10-15 minutes. I can't repeat that enough. and shifts the consciousness into a more relaxed state. stop it. it simply helps you to relax better. dim any artificial light. attracted by the activity. This Mirror Watching is a subset of the so-called Mirror Magick. even if they are just small and short snapshots of other faces in your own. but it's not especially necessary. Practice a relaxing meditation. You could also sit on the ground. Breath deeply. If you see parts of someone else's face in yours. without fearing that he or she may laugh at you. don't judge what you see. and relax your sight again as much as possible. Watching Faces. but only look. just look. Ask a friend. as well as meditation and who you can openly share spiritual concepts with. just watch. even if it's a beautiful or grotesque face. it is important though that you relax your sight totaly. Warmth in your face will indicate the energy the other one radiates by his or hear third-eye. watch as an observer. or use a candle as mentioned. face or back of the neck. to call spirits. and you will slip very easily and faster until your face will change again. as in the example of warmth around your head. the mirror is generally used to focus the attention and will to make affirmations. This entire procedure maybe shouldn't go for longer than 5-10 minutes. but allowance. but make sure you are comfortable. and maybe a table with a small little candle in the middle. no constraining. so it is therefore important you allow your attention to move away from the physical sight by relaxing mentally as well as physically. and balance all the trouble and distraction from your daily life. who is interested in energies. Every blink of your eye-lids brings your inner attention back to your physical eyes.same as before. In this context. Don't even judge yourself if nothing happens the first time. don't move your sight anymore when you have anchored your sight. like surround yourself with light. either the nose. warmth on the back. Even as said before.

as you receive a picture related to the . This key is an inner question and thought-pattern which you broadcast literally with your mind. and not disappointed about yourself. and form a key. think of this face. but it's just another way to relax the physical eyes. Focus as described above. there is no competition to win. It takes training to focus on one presence longer. you might come across other ways to train your subtle senses. Other activations Crystal Sphere: This I didn't experienced myself.. not just in a prepared surrounding. for what you are looking for. if it doesn't happen fine too. that the preparation technique of using a candle is used to reach a certain state of consciousness. It's different than channeling. like a radio station. but I don't know exactly how it's done. but you have to learn to turn the channel smoothly. Further Steps When you practice Watching Faces or Shape Shifting weekly. which attracts you. where other beings can be perceived in the flame. Candle: The candle initiation I heard of. If it's happening fine. Often some kind of ceremonies are involved to invoke spirits. I met a lot of people hanging arround and partly rejecting their being on the physical. Allow also your friend to focus. and you get skilled in focusing also during daily-light and moving faces. to move the attention to the inner eye. but someone doesn't wait until you can grasp its meaning. In case you know some of other procedures I may list here. as if you are watching a slideshow. and you remember it well for that short time. as there may appear 10-15 different faces during a very few seconds. speak out what you see . your attention may be strictly on the physical. The crystal-sphere allows by its physical structure. drop me a line by email. you may take pictures. and maybe wait until he or she gets a glimpse of a change. practice as often as possible so you feel comfortable .. you go with a key. even the face. If you are successful fast. In case nothing happens. no changing of the face. When watching faces. If it works easily. and its better for them to ground themselves first beforehand. absolutly no feeling. seeing something doesn't mean it's make your conscious mind ready to allow you to perceive in your daily-life with the inner eye as well. smoothly. to attract the connected energies of the picture. which is ok. who support the activation. If there is a face. Again. It's like you see. describe the face while you see it. It seems. in order to train psychic abilities such as this third-eye example. If the time is right. relax again and focus back until you see another face. to recognize no real pattern to begin to search astrally for connected presences and energies.The moment you see something. and focus on them. The difference with the sphere. At the beginning you maybe will have difficulties focus on one face. Be open. Help each other with patience. is you have to build within yourself a key. and allow yourself deeply to move back to this face.

but the same just a bit younger. It will tend to be a face too. you may see very fat faces. People who tend to judge themselves being unworthy tend to have a lot of faces of sadness. what can I do? Well. watch their aspects they keep. Watch people's face around you. There are a lot of faces. When I tried to find out what it did . and your brain has problems grasping all the information. who shares the same view of him or herself. which someone rejects inside. it will give you a glimpse of their bigger personality. which may be perceived in a spiritual manner as entities in her or his aura. that you have an energy-blockage in the third-eye chakra. what does it mean? Freaky faces tend to be associated with mentally unsteady people. Ugly faces. sometimes there are past-lives coming through. Non-balanced past-lives. and now had found an embodied being. Try putting one hand on your heart-chakra. what does that mean? This person is dealing with a lot of personality aspects. How do I know. hours. Your inner knowledge will allow you to understand the bigger picture. that each of us is.picture. before I'm able to sort out all the impressions I've gotten and understand within me. or not being respected. If other face-forms appear. Especially after the first time you watch with third-eye you may experience a headache the next day or so. Some hints about things you may experience when you are a bit skilled: I get headache when doing this. whether it's a being. for example fear. but got bright and more intense in appearance than the physical view I had before. who have no focus. it's like you re-use something you haven't used for a very long time. then change with the one hand from your forehead to back of your head. and tend to be attracted by everything which seems to give them something. It's a symbiotic relationship of sympathy. where past-lives are a part too. It may help. that you may connect with the concept of past-lives. and the face didn't change. I personaly need to use some time (from minutes. or beings in their auras which have distorted looks of accidents or sickness when they left their bodies. or a past-life? Generally speaking. where other kinds of beauty counted in society that may not be like today. You may perceive aspects of somone's personality. and have a difficult connection with their bodies. there you have to distinguish very carefully. Maybe mention the major impression of all faces. Sometimes. as I made the experience that it does disturb the person even more than help her. with people who are afraid of getting fat. when I watched with the third-eye to someone before. appear as another being in his or her aura. I tend to remain in silence and not share this perception. and the other one on the forehead. but it shouldn't be heavy headache. or you might see a personality aspect one is balancing in his or her present life. Understand that they fear to repeat this again. where I shifted my focus and watched with my third-eye. don't judge or censor them with your current belief-system. I see freaky and ugly faces. What does it mean? I personally only saw one single person. but not necessarily. There is no other face. maybe read Reincarnation and The Self for some additional understanding or suggestions. not a case to judge. Don't define it according your current belief-system. be open. Support this person with words of understanding and suggestions of integration of the so-called denied aspects of her or himself. While you talk to them. It could be also. or even attract like-minded bounded entities. you see associated energies. even months).

If you have a strong belief-system. If you have some experiences with it you think I should add here. Is it for sure that the things I see are connected to the person? Yes. This is so far some of the common issues I came across when I showed people how to watch with the third-eye. the more you limit yourself in order to understand the things you perceive.. when I trained my third-eye a bit more and I saw light-beings. that this person indeed has intergrated all aspects of himself. your mind is totally passive. and you will know what I mean. It made me remember the divinity of all creatures. As most of us are opening and starting to use the charkas consciously. and you move away from the face. let me know too. Slowly the entire surrounding begins glowing by itself. it touched me so deeply. I only once listened to a professional psychic who saw my spirit-guardians and described their appearance. will not able to see. it does attract beings who have experienced the same death. You slip into a trance like state. In the case of meat. but he turned into a bright glowing white ball . You will feel or even listen to your spirit-guides. Those who are not able to handle it. Check out by watching a slaugtherhouse with the third-eye. you even have to let go more of your watching with the physical eyes. the same for third-eye watching? Well. what now? It takes some experience to do this. You may experience also some cases. The only additional thing I may say is. the deeper the patterns you will get. When meditating it's said not to drink alcohol or eat meat. and to you too. I can't watch animal faces. and I honestly doubted that she saw them. The more skilled you are. You look with the key-pattern of the other person's face into the pool of all patterns. where you are not permitted to get information. and so far haven't read anything about it. not only the person you looking at.. especially raw meat. I received the hint. but the wall. Once I tried with our hare. I did it with our dog and saw a similar dog in him. and that this person is to become complete. observing.mean. I can't describe here in words. don't play with it. If you are focusing on the person. To whom I may share this third-eye activation? Everyone you feel might be open. I knew she possibly was right in the way she saw them. for example to the outline. Advanced States Lucid Sight A further step in looking with the third-eye. as well as the throat chakra where a part of the subtle energy of the alcohol gets absorbed. a very peaceful state. self-realized. The more open you are. but use it to bring understanding of the subtle reality into this world. who are always involved in the moment you watch with your third-eye. but you are fully conscious. but I couldn't get any more impressions. you might try to reduce any possible influence which might distort your perception. Every piece of information is given to you in understanding. and understand its meaning. and he had no face. and you start to see the dull milky aura of the person. I experienced it a few times. . the more universal information you can access. Some time later. and all things standing arround. alcohol affects the solar-plexus very much. I call Lucid Sight.

and slipped immediatly back inside in the middle of my head. you feel very small and the room will getting huge. You will see glowing smoke like dancing energies. You manifest with the third-eye. Managers: They visualize activly. and I just move a bit out of my head. and everything will get brighter and brighter without any need for artificial light. Charles Goldmann wrote in his OBE. as I could see things behind my shoulders glowing. As said. as I no longer had stereoscopic view. but maybe 240 degrees. You can read a related text from Robert Hay. you pull astral and etheric energies toward you. one phase of mediumship. as reality is then even more real. who are assiting you and the people who gathered for the session. we use the term 'traveling clairvoyance. Spirits. Out of Body Experience (OBE) A further state of Lucid Sight is." I honestly have to say. If you visualize. and I felt. You might be able to see light-beings standing or being present in the room. how I literally gave up watching with my physical eyes. somehow.. not fully spherical 360 degrees. OBE interested groups. who manifest things with material energy called money. then achieve a business and company that flourishes: "Your success is of your own creation". where you act as modeller. but one intensive looking and feeling of living energy in the entire room I was sitting in. There are many different intensities to use third-eye in conscious active way. Today managers are kind of half-aware yogis.. and then. which is called 'traveling clairvoyance' is the out of body state. "Where the medium is conscious of leaving the body. that's all that is passivly meant. Spiritualist Technique: ". and the Spirit World. that I always faced a deep fear when I reached this state. or maybe just a human-like outline. if you are fully centered in your being. Active Using Well. above. and with the force of the heart and base chakra. and you will see your own aura or energy flooding your sight.When I remained in this state. and ground themselves with the 1st base chakra to be able estimate the success of the business. in meditation circles. your sight expands to full spherical 360 degrees. Visualizing A lot of teachings of visualization are done today. my sight got expanded. uand now modern management teachings. and in that state views the surroundings. and you will see everything in spherical 360 degree view. it's a very very peaceful state. more vivid. I will write later about other approaches to achieve an out-of-body state more active. but I could keep looking nearly 360 degrees. But often . and you feel you are in the middle of your head (point of presence). you leave your body fully conscious and you feel you're watching like a bee. which becomes a glowing presence of light.

and an astral aspect as well. For example. but feelings and emotion which may help much much more to understand these impressions. and control with the third-eye and physical eyes the transformation of the higher-dimensional patterns into matter (the picture). has an astral aspect. without guidance of an experienced embodied teacher or a fullconscious remembrance of a past-life you where received the teaching already. There is no short-cut possible to being fully balanced in yourself . which finally leads to the true enlightment of an embodied spirit. everything we affect. I will add later some affirmations for the active usage. who are deep in materialism. Artists: They usually perceive more. Again. and the heart-charka. it's not good to do so. fine too. Everyone lives a life. driving a car or riding a bicycle. which indeed are more than physical symbols. if you work consciously with base-charka (full acceptance of incarnation. but those spirits simply learn to handle energy here. Making a plan. which needs to be assisted by a teacher or guru. and the crown as well (acceptance of a higher purpose of your life). If it's too far away from your own reality. The same for the active usage. the moment you also open other chakras to perceive the subtle reality. especially when they have to make theoretical research available for industry. . those are my thoughts on the third-eye. So far. and if the artist was balanced when he or she drew it. fully grounded). One of those cultures that was conscious of this connection was the Egyptian culture with its hieroglyphs. fine. but I honestly have to say. a very intense picture drawn by an artist has a physical appearance. and some associated subjects. which is more real than the physical aspect. As long as the third-eye is somehow isolated in use. and every life is different hopefully! I will update this text infrequently. full activation of the third-eye is connected to the full balance of all other chakras. we feel it and it does deeply touch us. The connection of both is the secret of every success. scientists act as visualizers too. and are often overwhelmed by its usage. Scientists/Engineers: As partly described in the text about spaceships (discussing conscious and unconscious creation of spacecrafts). signing a contract. For example. and if you think it serves you. then drawing symbols to make other people aware of to create a physical thing. Peace. you not only get pictures. . . may it be cooking. painting a wall. is mainly based on the ability to transform higher realities into the limited physical reality. which is the kundalini.spiritually aware people judge those. there is less to achieve. you may indeed experience miracles. Take it as a personal view and belief-system. Full activation The full activation of the third-eye with the kundalini is a major step. Anyway. I'm not especially a follower of guru-ism.

usually as a white light around the person. your brain goes into the theta state.René K. Your brain frequency slows down from its usual beta "awake" state. About a month later I was at a meeting where a woman whose seminars and channelings I often attend. July 30. and I'm sure with more practice and with releasing limited beliefs. I saw his face seem to shift into a lion! The image was like a shadow of a lion's head over Rene's face. and when you get to that point that is just between being asleep and awake. Method for Self Discovery and Healing). western society is wrong about this. I have not had the experience (yet) of being able to see faces or beings become "light" in my third-eye viewings. One thing I have learned about is how being in a very relaxed and somewhat meditative state does to your brain waves. Later. It reminded me of pictures I had seen of English professors from maybe before the 1930's or so." In my opinion. I was also feeling a slight pressure in my forehead. and I felt very sleepy. But I have only been consciously doing this now for a few months. First I saw his face start to look like he was wearing glasses (though he does not) and it was as if he was a professor. and maybe once or twice I've seen some colors in the aura. All forms of experience are real to the person that . it was when Rene showed this technique to me. not "reality. when I was being shown something during the channeling. I have also seen these "shadows" when I have been channeling too. when my perception was open to the which is very receptive to other states of reality that you don't perceive when you are in the beta state... It was so interesting because I could really see (third-eye kind) this being superimposed over her whole body as a shadow of what looked to me to be an ancient Mayan shaman. Tostado (lorazz@inreach. into the alpha range. What I saw was like a shadow appearing superimposed over his's more considered a dream state. (see Channeling. Paula Peterson. that I could see when I did not try to focus too hard and was really open without much expectation. I have seen some auras around people and things at times. It was the first time I had consciously tried such a Comments Here some comments I received on this the text above: * 3rd eye (my own opinion) (Lori Tostado) * Message On The Third Eye (Chuck Goldmann) 3rd eye (my own opinion) Lori E. 1995 When I first experienced the third-eye viewing of another person shifting. Lucid dreaming is one of the things you can have while in the theta state. Müller (kiwi@spiritweb. I'll be able to see more. this brain-wave range of theta is rather difficult to get into and stay for any length of time since we don't practice going there much in western society since it is not considered "real". For most of us. but it's not too hard to get the impressions back. Usually I'm so surprised I lose my concentration. was channeling a being who said he was an ancient Mayan.

com Message On The Third Eye Charles Goldman (cgoldman@execpc. 1 Aug 1995 Rene. no matter if it was in our reality or realm of perception or not.) I think that I was in the alpha state when I was seeing the shadows superimposed over Rene and Paula. you have my permission to use it on your WWW site. As I sat down to write a short essay on the Third Eye. without editing. because it puts us in touch with part of our subconsious that not very many people have integrated into their waking consiousness yet. The theta state is a doorway into other realms of reality. One way I've recently discovered of how you can practice getting yourself into theta state that is an alternative to the discipline of meditation (meditation is something I have a hard time with) is listening to music that has beat frequencies that are in the range of theta waves. This one is called "Brainwave Suite" and it is sold at regular music stores (at least in the US it is. Third-eye viewing can occur most easily when our brain waves are in the frequency of theta (and alpha to a certain extent.perceives it. It was delivered sentence by sentence as it appears. when rubbed with a mallet. I think I was going into the theta state when I felt sleepy and I would see something about Rene's face but I would lose it since I could not keep myself in that state. Lori Tostado lorazz@inreach. from someone who is just starting out. can create the kind of beat frequency that can alter your brain-wave state through entrainment. your brain will begin to get into that same frequency through a process called entrainment. Then when you listen to it and relax. It is also sometimes hard to remember what you experience when you are in the theta state. It is quite an interesting experience. If you want I have a tape which uses some of these instruments and nature sounds to create music to entrain your brain into the theta state. Your Friend Chuck Goldman MESSAGE ON THE THIRD EYE . It works on the same principle as striking a tuning fork and placing it next to another tuning fork (of the same frequency) that has not been struck. There are plenty of books about this.) These are just some ideas that may help if you like to try to develop your third-eye. (There is more to it than this and it deals with the physics of harmonics which I won't get into.) Tibetan and quartz crystal bowls. The other tuning fork will begin to vibrate and sound the note through entrainment. the following channeled message began in my inner hearing. as I felt relaxed and receptive at those times.

The physical world is tied to the spiritual world here. This is where what is seen. but also of red. The best way to keep the third eye open is to make sure that you have enough energy going through it from the chakra directly beneath it. and therefore events which are happening to you. is absorbed by the inner self and given a final okay. There is nothing unusual about making the third eye stay open. Without the third eye there would be all pervading spiritual darkness about you. by giving those kindred spirits a bolstering of kundalini energy from the first chakra. It is the center through which you see the world and others in it. We call these images day-dreams. Color plays a role in this. So a healthy third eye chakra has the appearance of a glittering jewel. It is here that we compose individual images for our creation purposes. each one blending with a specific shade or color within the aura. To cause a change in the energy field means that working relationships of patterns of energy have also changed. To color an image with blue means you want to relax the tension of that physical expression to which the image is attached. but they are really open doorways through which you can manipulate or change the flow of energy. To color an image with what you wish to get. The river comes up from within through the other energy centers beneath it. touched. felt. The third eye can bring meaning to life. composed not only of brilliant violet blue. It is the heart of the matter. Actually. heard. Red brings the healing ray to outworn or stale relationships. The third eye is basic to all spiritual work. well it is. To hold an object in one's mind means that it is being held in the quadrant of this chakra which pertains to visualization. it is well to learn to clean up those actions which block the aura in the heart also. So if you are working on unblocking your third eye chakra. It is there where you find the Golden gate. . yellow and orange. To change what you perceive in the visualization quadrant of this chakra means that it will have a lasting effect on the subtle body's energy field.It is often that we hear of people wishing that their third eye was open. If this median point is not clear. The heart is a river through which all time flows. most of the energy which is moving through the third eye center has to come from your heart. nor can your third eye be clear and insightful. To color it with a particular shade of red brings concreteness of various kinds. The third eye can communicate what you need to know about the aspects of your life which are hidden to you. It is through an act of will that the third eye will do what you want it to. It is divided into quarters. green. or doorway to all other chakric doors. or to give the image a corresponding coloration.

Change over the surrounding energy field to a pure black. to the left and right of the third eye chakra are for hearing. which is the occultist's favorite. for its tendency is to seek for knowledge in the higher. hold to the count of two. This may be impossible for certain individuals who are visually impaired. These are connected to hearing. beginning with the black space. The more clear your images are. and breathe in to the count of four. It will also help you to better understand and guide yourself through the daily foibles of life. Charles Goldman . especially around the neck or collar. until you feel it comfortably energized. An eighth of this energy is blue on the left side and another eighth is blue on the right. and the spiritual hearing of the inner ears. It will afford you an opportunity to perceive on a new plane of existence. Sit in loosely comfortable clothes. Giving them no credence whatsoever. until a sensation is reached within the vicinity of the third eye. sense the area around the third eye. but who are earnest seekers of divine knowing. clairaudience and clairsentience. out . This is an erasure technique. In which case. One to which you will eventually return. Notice the sensations now occurring. or in a group setting. You must first sit comfortably and concentrate your mind on the place within where your daydreams occur. A clairvoyant both hears and sees on the spiritual planes. The lower quadrant. for shared visionary experience. or crown chakra through which it is located. Take several deep breaths and relax. This means you share your images with the other members of your group. emanates from the chakra just below it. But this third eye chakra steers us forever upward. means the more energized your chakra is.hold two. Charge up this chakra. Leaning into your third eye chakra with your consciousness. and that they are not the same ones as before you started this exercise. The third eye chakra can be attuned to in the following way. hold onto whatever images are seen. do the following. This practice will aid you in the development of clairvoyance.You may have to work hard at developing this chakra. never tight. known as the throat chakra. The blue of this hearing energy. It may be impossible to reach the quality of expression that this chakra deems possible.four . and through which the manifestation of sound has its basis of perception. and the relationship of appearances. This procedure can be done alone in a protected environment. or circle. From this point on recount to yourself any images that you may see. So the work of this chakra concerns the planes of existence where spirit is working as the primary method of manifestation. Now for those whose sight is not impaired.