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This chapter deals with the background, statement of problem, research objectives, research significance, definition of key term and organizations of writing.

1.1 Background English is an international language. So people think that it is important to learn this language. People can use many ways to learn English such as joining English course or English conversation club, watching movies, and listening English songs. A song can be alternative media to learn English be more fun. Songs can impulse to learn all aspect of language like listening, speaking, reading and writing. A Song is arrangement of the lyrics, the lyrics contain arrangement of word and has meaningful message. Hence, people can learn new vocabularies and their meaning through the lyrics. People could not interpret text based only on their true meaning, because it directly concerns the relationship between the structure of languages and the context in which they are used. The reader will interpret the meaning of the text by using lexical meaning analysis. The lexical meaning is always related to ambiguity, vaguely, denotation, connotation, synonym, antonym, homonym, homophone,

hyponymy and polisemy. This research, however, focuses on analyzing the texts of song containing connotative meaning because lyrics are used as a means of communication in the form of the written texts between the writer and the hearers. This research utilizes One Directions lyrics to collect the data containing connotative meaning. These songs mostly convey messages to the reader about the struggle of love to be happiness. In addition the lyrics of One Direction are clear and easy to understand. A Song is one medium to express anything. So people can express happiness or sadness through a song. According to Oxford Dictionary (2008: 423), song is short piece of music with words that you sing. The arrangement of word in the sentence is a lyric. In addition, Raeske (1986: 35) states that, lyric refers originally to lyre poetry, which is written and sung to a lyre. Every song lyrics has a meaning. Kempson (1997:28) explains, If word meaning gives the independent characterization, then sentence meaning could be given a derivative characterization in term if word meaning; and if sentence meaning is given the independent characterization then the meaning of word could be explained in term of their contribution to sentence. In grammatical meaning, interpretation of a sentence depends on the interpretation of the words of the sentence and structural relation which hold between those words.

The analysis of meaning is connected to connotative meaning. According to Goddard (1998: 21), connotation is shifting an idiosyncratic association, which a word may have for some speakers but not other (as opposed to the fixed and generally accepted meaning of a word. Connotation is an idea suggested or implied by a word in addition to its main meaning (Oxford, 2008: 91). Furthermore, Ahmadin (1996: 5) explains, Connotations arise as words become related with certain characteristic of items to which they refer, or the association of positive or negative feelings to which they evokes, which may or may not be indicated in a dictionary definition. According to Wardhaugh (1977: 159) says that, the connotative meaning uses words to add further complications to any theorizing about meaning, particularly their uses in metaphoric and poetic language. While Raeske (1986:29) also describes that, connotation is one of the various implication or association that a word carries. A writer uses the connotation of word to his own purpose and advantages. It means that writer want to give good ideas to the reader. Connotative words can be found in all of the kind of writing of literature including in song lyrics One Direction that popular. One Direction is an English-Irish boyband based in London, consisting of members Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson. They signed with Simon Cowell's record label Syco Records after

being formed and finishing third in the seventh series of British television singing competition ( The researcher chooses One Direction as object of the study because usually the popular song uses the word that easy to be understood. But, the researcher found many words that contain connotative meaning. Connotative meaning is relation with the words that has multi interpretation. Connotative arises as words become associated with certain characteristics of the items to which they refer. For example, the word woman has different connotations for a misogynist than will have for a feminist (Fromkin, 1990: 205). Hidayatullah (2008) from State Islamic University Malang, for instance is the researcher who concern analyzing about denotative and connotative meaning of lyrics of Creeds songs. His research is concern to describe the denotative and connotative meaning shown on lyrics of Creeds songs and describe the denotative and connotative meaning shown on lyrics of Creeds songs. On the other hand, Zulaichah (2008) from State Islamic University Malang also concern analyzing in connotative and denotative meaning on the lyrics of Tina arenas songs. The conclusion is she found that there are positive and negative meanings in the lyrics of Tina Arenas song. The positive connotative meanings are mostly used by Tina Arena, because the sentences and utterances are constructed for daily expression. The negative

connotative meanings are not dominant because the lyrics of Tina Arena mostly written in the figurative language. This research more focus on

connotative words only that found and the meaning of the connotative words. Based on the previous explanation, the researcher is interested in conducting research about connotative meaning in One Direction Song lyrics. Because an English song lyric has a sentence that in the words of the sentence is relation with the meaning that can has multi interpretation in connotative meaning. This analysis related semantics.

1.2 Statement of Problem Based on the background of research, in song lyrics sentence, the word is not only has ordinary meaning or dictionary meaning, but also can be found the connotative meaning. The problems on this research are then formulated into two questions: 1.2.1 What are the connotative words found in One Direction song lyrics? 1.2.2 What are the meanings of such connotative words that found in One Direction song lyrics?

1.3. Research Objectives Based on the research question above, the purpose of this research are: 1.3.1 To find out the connotative words found in One Direction song lyrics; and 1.3.2 To describe the meaning of such connotative words that found in One Direction song lyrics.

1.4 Research Significance Theoretically, the research of connotative meaning is one of the study in semantic, so the research is significant for the researcher itself because the researcher is the student of English department who focused on linguistic background. From this research, the researcher gets more knowledge about connotative word and the meaning of connotative word. And practically, in semantics study the researcher is to understand the connotative words that have connotative meaning in the sentence of song lyrics.

1.5 Definition of Key Terms



: the additional meanings that a word or phrase

has beyond its central meaning (see denotation). These meanings show peoples emotions and attitudes towards what the word or phrase refers to (Schmidt, 2002: 108). 1.5.2 Song Lyrics : Song is short piece of music with words that

you sing. (Oxford, 2008: 423)

1.5.3 One Direction : One Direction is an English-Irish boy band

based in London, consisting of members Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson.

1.6 Organization of Writing This research contains five chapters. The arrangement of the chapter is: Chapter I Introduction, which contains background, statement of problem, research objectives, research significance, definition of key term and organizations of writing. Chapter II Theoretical Foundation and object of research, this chapter contains some theory about semantics especially about kind of meaning and connotative meaning that will take by the writer. Next, is about the description of One Direction song Up All Night album. Chapter III Method of the Research, this chapter contains of the methodology of the research and procedure in conducting the research. Chapter IV Finding and Discussion, this chapter is the main section of the discussion. It contains the report of this research. Chapter V Conclusions and Suggestion, this chapter is divided into two parts. The first is conclusion the whole analysis and the second gave necessary suggestions.