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Current Watch-list
S&P500 Index ETF (SPY) $167.52 Attempted rally Near-term resistance $170 SPY’s steady and attempted rally Market under pressure ahead of Fed near its $170 mark. First down day Chairman show tomorrow and also $170 level in 8 days. above it. AAPL’s mini-rally from $423 working well, as mentioned before. Long-term in Bullish mode. Waiting for new entry if you are in this stock before. UPS found some support near its $85 level zone. I expect more basing at this level. LNKD is facing pressure from $200 mark and retreated a bit. AAPL really need some game-changing plan to boost the stock price. The up-trend is intact for NKE despite recent market chills. Recent price action was not showing much trading interest. UPS had its own price moving catalyst, but not for the upside. Earning warning ahead its planned earning release triggered big sell-off last Friday. LNKD supporters not getting out. A good earning would initialize a new upside move.



Attempted mini rally Try to hold 50D MA

$420ish area nearterm support. $62ish lower support

Nike (NKE)





$85ish support zone

LinkedIn (LNKD)


Retreating $200ish resistance zone

Boeing (BA)



$99ish support

BA recovered most of its damage due to new Dreamliner incident. Still Bullish on stock price action.

Boeing’s Dreamliner came back for bad news and earning is coming. I think this would create another buying opportunity when people cooling down. GPS is expect another quarter of solid earning growth. Good for stock. A bullish stock.




Pulling back

GPS steady rise shown some sign of weakness, normal after a run. It needs a rest. As expected, it is stalling.

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Discover Financial. (DFS)


Breaking high failed

In defense mode

DFS is ready to test the high with ranging price action. Entry was $49.50 with volume. Visa’s price action has been Bullish for a long time, while it is Longterm intact, short swing is normal. TSLA suffered bleeding panic selloff after GS report, profit booking and short-sellers drove price down. AMZN is one of many stocks that stayed strong during the correction and now it is very bullish for many days. NFLX is recovering from its loss since it topped $300 two years ago. Price action suggesting it has ability to move higher from here.

DFS about to post its new earning report and people are expecting a good-looking result.

Visa (V)



Pulling back from new high

Years of strong earning and growing and not showing sign of slowing down, this is what people look for as a Bull Stock. An investing report from GS, suggesting that TSLA has a target for $84 based on average price three scenarios. AMZN continued to rise amid non-stopping questionable its profitability. But so far, its price is saying people still in favor of its business. NFLX made very successful business change from DVD rental to online streaming provider and also create Netflix only series and are welcomed by many. More subscribers than HBO is a powerful proof that it is smart ass.



Bleeding Smoked

Turning around

Amazon (AMZN)



Charged rally

Netflix (NFLX)



Attempted to rally

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Current Watch-list Featured Chart: N/A Market retreating ahead of Fed Chairman and near $170 mark. TSLA proved that GS’s influence and you should always have a stop when you are on the wrong side…and you happened to short TSLA, good for you.

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