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Hello, Can I Be a Real Poet Now?

By: Josh Jordan

Raven Free bird, Where will you alight tonight? Where will your black feathers fall? I could feed you, dear Raven, but it would not satisfy. I could warm you, dear Raven, but it would not stop your chill. So fly far, fly fast, fly free, dear Raven. And once in awhile rest on my sill.

Raven II My Raven, as beautiful as she is, grows even more so when she molts. When her blackened feathers fall, she grows glorious, bold, feathers. which are jealously ripped out, and replaced again by sooty black. But each molting is faster, each new coat is brighter, and the effort necessary to steal them grows. One day, we will burn the sooty feathers, or sink them in the ocean, we may just stuff them in a jar, a reminder, a testament to our past. but What I know for sure one day her coat will be Gold.

Sick I am sick of waiting. Waiting for the day when different, unique, special, Arent all synonymous with Freak, weirdo, abomination. Waiting for the day when bigotry is shameful, and repudiated at every turn, when cruelty is unacceptable, And when the 15th Amendment is not a privilege, but an inalienable right. I am sick of searching For decency, humanity, kindness, in people whose

first thought each day is the purging of non-conformity. Because I am called non-conformist. I am marginalized, overlooked. I am cast wary, sidelong glances. But soon, peace will come

or we will bring it.

Numbers They are the scraps of paper clenched to your chest As your writhing mind wanders to love Fear Future. They are the ruby slippers you click when youre no place like home, And the tornado that flew you there. They are Confirmed rejection Unending Purgatory Or the Beginning of Bliss. Just append an area code. and

In Your Head The end, I say is no end at all. Glassy-eyed you look up. So an act concludes, the cast returns! The smile well, how I picture it flashes across your lips Ever so Brief ly. My pink tongue darts out like a snakes, And that does it you laugh until you cant breathe and your sides hurt and the wrinkles near your nose leave deep impressions. You forget your troubles if only for a short while, But Im just your Imaginary friend.

Letters In My Box Friends, new and old gathered together in one little nook. a happy glowing cranny crammed to overflowing with old salutations. Ive read each Many, many times And thought if only... If only I were wittier. If only I could sway a heart like my pens dancing nib.

Nothing Is Still Even in solidity There is viscosity, there is movement, Molecules in a perpetual dance. Electrons ebbing and flowing between atoms. Nothing is sedentary. Nothing is still. We all hum with the breath of life with the fire of existence so change we must, and change we will. Nothing is sedentary. Nothing is still.

Truth Truth spews from the pen. the only Truth I speak is in ink. i lie often and boldly. But most of all i lie to myself.

Warmth When was the last time someone touched me? When did i last feelhuman warmth? I have gotten so cold, so tired, so worn-out. But contact, touch, refreshes me. I reach for it. I wrap myself around it to bring it into myself. But then the fire dies and I am left shivering in the cold once more.

My Songs, To You I Sing My songs, to you I sing (and you listen with your heart) You hear tales of loves (though few with you) You hear stories of places (few of which youve seen) You hear of faces and hands, Palms with entwined fingers feet locked in step Eyes in sharp focus (none of which you know) Why do you trust my words? From where do they pronounce themselves true? For they are fraudulent. To believe them is to believe lies.

#22 darkness spreads from the rising moon blotting outwards to stain Days fine white linens. rising over Earths sullen silhouettes, and only the lake breaks through mixing with the brown of fields

Fireflies Fireflies dancing lighting your cheeks As you smile lighting my heart. They dance like the sparkle in your eyes that locks my gaze in its warm embrace never to let go. They sing, Or would sing if they could, a glorious ballad in time with my hearts percussion.

Cats I wish i was a cat so that i could walk up to you and sit in the most inconvenient places until you started to pet me.

I wish i was a cat so that i could meow like a maniac until you listened.

I wish i was a cat so that i could sunbathe in your lap and you wouldn't care.

because that's just what we cats do.

Dreams I. Im pretty sure you stopped dreaming of me a long time ago. Or at least, those dreams stopped being happy. Now all I give you are nightmares and fears and worries. I leave your nights sleepless And your heart aching every morning No matter how often I apologize, i cannot assuage your fears. even my own are too great for me.

II. In my dreams, you live next door, and we go see movies just to escape the warm summer sun (you dont want to tan). We hold hands and run past sprinklers you scream and laugh; both of us, soaked to the bone we find a shady oak and grass that smells like spring and Plop! land in each others arms to find eyes sipping languidly on toothy grins.

III. Youll never dream of me will you? Ive dreamt of you for so long and even if I recount each and every one to you You will still have a blank canvas every night that only your mind may paint.

The Moon Hanging in still silence round as lovers eyes cutting a path through the night though just a reflection. Brilliantly bold and stunningly beautiful silently drawing your gaze almost magnetically. Not gaudy as her sister but brighter than her cousins. Shining forth light to guide in dark times providing a path for the blind and direction to the lost.

Norma Sings Sing for me Norma Please? Sing the song That reminds me of you. That song that wriggles into my brain and lets you live there, forever. Pick it up In a voice That, honestly, isnt that amazing A voice that shows the timidness covered by your brash exterior.

Norma, sing for me in the voice I love When the notes I hear are the hushed nights whispers And the words so heartfelt I forget, They arent yours.

Sing so I can forget my troubles So I am not alone, And Ill lend you an ear so you can feel the same.