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The Secret Of Salvation
Bhakti Bhakti Sub Jagat Bakhana. Bhakti Bhaid Koyi Birla Jana. Whole of the world is talking about worship but, it is some rare devotee who know the secrets related to it. I say it repeatedly and say it not out of ego that— “The thing I possess is not to be found anywhere else in the whole of Universe.”

—Satguru Madhu Paramhans Sahib


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The Secret Of Salvation
–Satguru Shri Madhu Paramhans Ji


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The Secret of Salvation



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1. Supreme Lord- Sahib 8 2. Soul is under Imprisonment 13 3. The gross body & the soul have developed a knot 20 4. There Is None But He (Niranjan) Is Between You and Me 29 5. Mind-Maya Brought Back To The Universe Even Those Rare Ones Who Attained Brahm Lok 37 6. Description of Five Words 48 7. Great Dissolution 56 8. Salvations Created by Kaal Niranjan 60 9. The secret to salvation 63 10. The Day of Naam Initiation by Satguru 92 11. Someone Was Causing Disturbance 96 12. Remembrance of The Holy Naam enables Mergence In Param Purush 99 13. He Will Remain Indescribable 103 14. We Will Be Opposed 108 15. Why do we offer food to the enlightened souls? 111 16. Art of Leaving-makes you enlightened 112 17. True Sayings of Sahib Ji 117

earth. He said that all the things made out of the five material elements were Sargun. The element water is also understandable. We light it. fire and sky were the five elements. I asked him what he meant by the five elements. I asked him what Nirakaar stood for. Sargun means that which we can see with our eyes whereas Nirgun is that which is formless and cannot be seen with eyes. Koi Nirgun Thehraey. We use it for drinking etc.” His reply created laughter. but tell me about the element sky.4 Sahib Bandgi A Few Words What is spiritualism? The people seem to have associated spiritualism with Sargun and Nirgun forms of worship alone. Mujhse Kahi Na Jaey. air. Atpat Chaal Kabir Ki. He said that they took the five elements as destructible and so didn’t worship them. it is difficult for me to say anything about the moves of Kabir. “The element earth is understandable. We breathe in it. Likewise. the element air is also understandable. He said that the word itself is the sky. I said. I had a chance to have some dialogue with a Nirakaar worshiper. However. I asked him what he meant by Nirakaar. I said that which he is seeing inbetween the two hands is the element-sky. Some are entangled in Sargun while others are entangled in Nirgun. . he said. They worshipped the One who is formless (Nirakaar). However. what do the Sargun as well as the Nirgun Stand for? Dadu Dayal ji says– Koi Sargun Mein Reejh Raha. He said that water. The element fire is also understandable. “This is Nirakaar. We walk on it. Pointing to the space in-between his hands.” I asked him what he meant by Sargun.

this is. It means. so to say. These are Air and Earth. What does our soul look like? What activities does it perform? What is its relation to the body? At what point? did it come under the control of the mind? How did it begin to take itself as the body? How can it free itself from the body as well as the mind? The awareness about all this is called as spiritualism. Those are certainly not related to spiritualism in any way. you will hear the echo-like sound. When you close your teeth and fists.The Secret of Salvation 5 What is word? Two things are involved in our act of Speaking. you are worshipping the fifth element. the process related to the movement of our body. Since the sky is the fifth element. the musical sounds emanate due to the contraction of the nerves. I told the fellow that taking the element sky as word was incorrect. Those indulged in the worship of the outward objects are taking their mode of worship as related to spiritualism. So to say. These are unreal. the idol worshippers as well as the worshippers of the Nirakaar (formless) are calling their respective modes of worship as spiritual. . it means. imaginary and misleading. Kabir Sahib has never described these sounds as God.

a common statement of an Individual that. and Krishan as the true worship of Supreme Lord (Sahib). Gods-Goddesses. How can you expect from such a Guru that he will help your soul in building up the true relation with your own Supreme Lord (Sahib) i. Now. Idols. In reality none of the above is your true husband (means that no soul is worshiping its true Supreme Lord) and all are having relation with someone else’s husband because the worships to the above said deities are in true sense is the worship of ‘Kaalpurush’ (Mind/God of Death and destruction). A question arises that: Are you truly worshiping your own husband (Supreme Lord/Sahib of eternal Satlok) or someone else’s husband? Sahib Ji has never marked the worship of Niranjan. now you decide about holding onto the shelter of such a Guru who is leading you and guiding you towards building up a relation with someone else’s husband who in reality is not your own husband. So. Hari. Ram. It means that a Guru himself does not know about the true husband (Supreme Lord). Paar Brahm. Muni. He considers it same as that of an example of a married woman who is living with her husband and at the same time is having relation with another woman’s husband. Tridev. and God with Form. Har. Adhya Shakti. Siddh. Real Satguru Whenever we talk about Guru. Om.6 Sahib Bandgi Seek a Complete Guru. for a moment let us give a deep thought into that thinking while comparing it with the true worship of Supreme Lord. how can a soul of a being . the presence of a Guru is already there in his life and he can’t shun that Guru for attaining the shelter of another Guru which in his own terms is the biggest sin of life.e. Brahm. Formless God.

Jab Tak Guru Miley Nahin Saacha. who is the husband of all the souls (by considering every ‘soul’ as wife and ‘Sahib’ as husband just to clarify the irrational thinking of the beings). Tab Tak Guru Karo Dus Paancha.The Secret of Salvation 7 attains oneness with true Supreme Lord where every being is engaged into the worships of different gods-goddesses which in reality has no relation with soul. Only a real Satguru knows about the true husband of a being who will definitely lead you towards attaining the everlasting relationship with Supreme Lord. .

On seeing the sun.8 Sahib Bandgi 1. Thus. 4. In reality. There is some such element in man that remains alive even after death. The sorrows and sufferings of the world and the fear of death encouraged him to move in search of eternal pleasures and immortality. It is this feeling that made it go in search of the Lord. This thought made him move in search of Him. Thus. man has been engaged in the search of that Super-power. knowing that the soul is immortal. the soul felt. man began to . After all. man began to make a search of supreme Lord-Sahib. he moved in search of Lord for attaining these objects.Sahib Right from the very beginning of this universe. It couldn’t understand as to what it lacked. With the passage of time. why has man been so much curious to know and to realise the supreme Lord There are four main reasons behind all this— 1. he felt that it was not an ordinary phenomenon. 2. Just as man has continuously been trying to know more and more about the solar system.. is the controller of this entire cosmos. as man gained consciousness. the moon and the stars etc. he thought that the life doesn’t end with the death of this physical body. On being influenced by the charming and beautiful sceneries of natural objects. which he believes. he has been trying to know more and more about Sahib as well. There must be some super-power that has created all this. 3. The devotion and worship of Sahib had begun right from the vedic era. it had got separated from someone. Supreme Lord.

According to Yajurved. Likewise.The Secret of Salvation 9 worship them. Therefore. God has a definite form. According to it. Sage Vyas Muni produced Vedant Shastra from Samved while the sage Kapil produced Sankhya Shastra from Athrav Ved. performance of actions and deeds alone is God while according to Samved. Finding different viewpoints about God in the vedas. That is why the Nyaya Shastra describes man as subordinate to actions and deeds. the philosophers produced six shastras out of these four vedas. Sage Jaimini produced Mimansa Shastra from Yajur ved. These sages don’t appear to agree to a single viewpoint. they began to worship water itself. The people had great devotion and regard for the vedas because these were the oldest scriptures of the world. some began to worship fire. it was not in the power of all to understand them. God is formless. Thus. not a single leaf even can make any movement without the will of God. . some began to worship the earth and the air while others began to worship the sky taking it as the most powerful object. Some thought that water was the sustainer of life because life without it was impossible and as such. there was some difference in their viewpoints. From Athrav Ved itself sage Patanjli produced Yog Shastra while the sage Kanad produced Vaisheshak Shastra. Being complex in nature. The sage Gautam Rishi produced Nyaya Shastra from Rig-veda. man began to worship the objects of nature in different ways. the soul itself is God. the different concepts about God are as under— According to Rig-Veda. In vedas. As different sages produced these shastras. According to Athrav ved. man also began to accept His presence according to different viewpoints.

It says. They call Him as Bechoona God (formless God) and thus accept His identity as that of a formless super-power. importance is given to Yog itself. all are trying to present His identity according to their own viewpoints. Those . According to it.10 Sahib Bandgi Mimansa Shastra has accorded prime place to deeds and actions. Our Hindu religion also accepts that God is formless though His identity as a super-power with form (Sagun) has been gaining more importance. Kabir Sahib says that the contradictory viewpoints presented through these shastras have prevented man from knowing the true identity of God. Jesus has repeatedly described God as his worldly father and himself as His only son. Let’s turn our attention to the identity of God that is acceptable to a majority of people. Neither the soul does any action nor does it reap any fruit. the other describes Him as formless while the third one attaches the highest importance to Karma. Nyaya Shastra considers the soul itself as God. the Soul as well as supreme Purusha is in no way attached to the material world. Then why are we having different Gods. Vaisheshak Shastra also says the same thing. According to the Sankhya Shastra. the jiva will cross the ocean of births and deaths only after knowing the God particle. The main religions of the world throw a flood of light on this subject. According to it. In this way. “It is I who is Brahm (God) himself. we shall have to keep our soul separate from mind. One Shastra describes God as having a form. To have knowledge of God.” In Yog Shastra. Everything–good or bad–is nothing but illusion. man attains the form of life after his death as per his deeds. The Christians take God as formless. For the whole of humanity there has to be one God. Muslims also believe that God is formless.

—Dadu Dyal Ji Some are absorbed in the worship of Sagun while others are absorbed in the worship of Nirgun. Voh Jhutha Jo Ved Na Vichara. Atpat Chal Kabir Ki. What have these Sants been saying? We shall have to listen to what they say and will have to ponder over it as well. However. The Sants describe God as a super-power that is far from the concept of God as being with some definite form or without form. Koyi Nirgun Thahraye. the soul itself is God. there is no mention of God. The people of the Vedic era also took Him as formless and the viewpoint that God appears on earth in a physical body for the good of His devotees seems to be a development of the post-vedic era. Mujh Se Kahi Na Jaye. Nevertheless. many people who accept God as a super-power with a definite form also accept His formless identity. I don’t find myself in a position to describe these.The Secret of Salvation 11 associated with Arya Samaj take Him as Nirgun (formless). Koyi Sagun Mein Reejh Raha. Is their description of God contrary to what the scriptures say? Are they denouncing our vedas and puranas? Certainly not! They are rather saying— Kau Kahey Ved Ko Jhutha. Therefore. but strange are the moves of Kabir Sahib. Even in our Hindu religion. In the Ashtang Yog of Mahatma Buddha. None had earlier said so. they hold that for the purpose of devotion and worship His identity with a definite physical form seems to be appealing and comfortable. this much is clear that a majority of people take God as formless. . this religion can’t be included in this ongoing discussion about the identity of God. According to Buddhism.

Today. we find the holy Sants everywhere. Words can’t describe His true identity. moreover. Our God (Param Purush) is far away from the Sagun as well as Nirgun. the religious teachers and preachers—be they associated with Sagun or Nirgun form of worship—are trying to associate themselves with Sant Matt. Why is it so? It will be enough to say in this context that all the Sants can’t be the real ones. He is the rarest of the rare and the most wonderful supreme Lord. Today. the present day Sants are saying nothing of the sort our Sants of the past said. the Sants deserve compliments for throwing light on what lies beyond. they can’t say what lies beyond.Bhakti. In fact. None can become a Sant simply by associating the word Sant or Satguru with his name. In fact. In fact.12 Sahib Bandgi Who says the Vedas contain false descriptions. Doing so. Vedas at the end say–Neti-Neti–that is. there is close proximity between the Sant Matt and the Ved Matt because both hold identical views in many respects. a liar is he who doesn’t go deep to understand the Vedas. However. the Sant Matt makes its beginning. . where the Ved Matt stops. they are perhaps trying to spread confusion and darkness in the path of truth-Sathya.

shabd na chinhe jay. gyaata bada ki gyey. lakshan jano doi. chahey nij kalyan. Kabir indari tey hey nahi. people end up without realizing the Atmic principles. Tako indari gyaan kari. yaha dil door ho jata nahi. sant virodhi an. Kabir baat adwaith ki. na paya bhed ko. without knowing the principle of Atma. Soul is under Imprisonment Hai tako jane nahi. tapa and shabd sadhna. Vimukh hoi satsang tey. Atma janey bina. People die pursuing japa. Shabd karavey sadhna. Sahibji says – Kya hua vedo key padhne se. maney murakh soi. Nirgun sagun kari jiv ko. Kahani kabir pukari key. Yogi bada ki yog baad. Enquire as to whether yoga is higher or the person practicing is higher! Receiver of wisdom is higher or the one imparts wisdom is higher! Seer is higher or seen is higher? The secret is higher or the one who is unreal in the secret is higher. This way. people live in ignorance. so nastic agyan. hua na kabhi hoi. both these are aspects of body. bhedi bada ki bhey. No one is able to realise that principle and they are chasing the unreal thing. However. Fools refer Atma tatva as Sagun and nirgun aspects and believe so. gyaani kehlata nahi. Nirgun sagun yaha deh ko. marey kamay kamay.The Secret of Salvation 13 2. Jab talak vishayo se. pawan chahey loy. . which keeps them ignorant. Drushta bada ki drushya baad. meditations doing meritorious acts but not knowing the genesism of soundless sound (Saar shabd). Yog jap jap adi lo. nahi ko karey maan. Even though it is unknowable through Indriyas yet people try to realize through senses of perception (indriyas).

chen sukh pata nahi.14 Sahib Bandgi Tab talak sadhak bechara. they are cremated or left in rivers or buried or burnt. Whenever you see someone. Atma is free from all traits (guna theet). You will notice your traits in your children. scriptures describe Atma as blissful (Aanadmaiee). Atma is beyond description. some are serious and some are disturbed. pure. free from the dirt (Nirmal). Chetan amal sahaj sukhrasi. Atma has such natures. Nevertheless. Why it is so? Where from such good qualities centered into Atma? Atma is an aspect of Parampurush. Usko sapne mey bhi. Speaking of Atma. who assume this Individuality? Some are peaceful. Where did the Atma go? It is important to know. but looking at the body everybody thinks that it is himself. When we look at their actions. jo ekagrah apni vrutiya. Kar nahi sakta hai. This way the body disintegrates. When the aged people die. permanent and eternal. eternal. which disintegrates with time. Similarly. and changeless. first you see an individual Body. What does the shastra say about Atma? Whatever has been said is it realisable? All agree that Atma is eternal. kya Mathura kya kashi. It is complete truth. it is not of atmic nature. This is a form of elements. There is no need to prove this. Body is not permanent. This means Atma is very unique. What is the meaning of Atmic wisdom? Atamgyaan bina nar bhatke. That is why individuality is not the nature of Atma. Atma is eternal. Ordinary man does not know what Atma is! This is the reason why he wishes to know Atma. some are angry. it cannot be Atma. Everyone lives with body consciousness. Secondly. For this very reason. Ramayana saysIshwar Hansh jiv avinashi. Some are engaged in agriculture and some in employment. . parmAtma najar aata nahi.

When you look at activities of people. When we look at person. You are here since many lives. but you don’t remember. jo hai sanatan so hi bhula. you can see physical as well as subtile activities. It is irrelevant to Atma. Atma is stuck in this same condition only. we have taken many births. unlawful activities and unethical activities. All are living in forgetfulness. Every individual in this world is engaged in seeking food. Atma is bound in such a condition that it is unable to realise itself and Atma would never like to do this sinful deeds. do na bhuley. ‘Jiv pada bahu loot mey. in all what we get to see? Atma is not visible. Atma without any reason is under illusion. Individuals indulge in theft. In the day-to-day activities of people. it is evident that Atma takes birth and dies because of actions. This is not the matter of today. Just think. Since time immemorial.The Secret of Salvation 15 Kahey kabir kisey samjau. there is no evidence of Atma. Ek na bhula. Action (karma) is the reason for birth and death. everyone is engaged in sustenance of body and accumulation of wealth. Does death have anything to do with Atma? If we enquire. In this world. From this. nahi kuch len na denn’. which people perform. What is the reason for this state? What is the mistake of Atma? You are not here today. Atma also based on accumulated karma (actions). It looks very surprising. Atma has no such a business. Ek dui hovey unhey samjau. All that I remember. Lord Krishna said “Oh! Arjuna. sabhi bhulana pet ka dandha. Just as we replace old cloth with new one. Atma is definitely bound and concealed by someone. What it has to do with Atma. cheating. chase the body. Scriptures also say so. All these actions are not connected with Atma. even shastras says. sab jag andha. Atma has become .

This means Atma is also bound in actions (karma). this is not true. Sahibji says --Pap punya yeh dono beri. There is no such thing in Atma as above. then Paramatma will also have same qualities. A man goes for stealing. there is use of Atma in that. What is the need of action (karma) for Atma? When we observe people of this world. Scriptures and mahapurushas have described the qualities of Atma. all are engaged in karma. Karma is performed when engaged in farming. Who is the doer? Whenever we perform an action. vyabhichar (Prostitution). Both are ties of attachment. etc are carried out by people. Bad actions are performed using Atma. If the above constitutes Atma. By the way of actions. in this Atma is also involved. perversion. Atma is immersed in it. By way of karma it adopts different bodies.16 Sahib Bandgi ineffective in this regards. by the way of karma. which means Atma is bound to both meritorious as well as sinful deeds. cruelty. However. For Atma. cheating. Yet all humans are engaged in work. Now what connection Atma has with . birth and death. this action is connected only with this body. ek kanchan keri. Atmic spirit has no use for it. Firstly. Why and for what reason? What other karmas? There are sinful and meritorious karmas performed by humans. Stealing. Then what is Atma? It means someone gets all these done through Atma. What is the result of these karmas? It attains hell with the sinful deeds and heaven with meritorious deeds. Atma is bound to birth and death. we experience pleasure and pain. where is the need for actions? Then how Atma is performing actions? It is done with complete ignorance. Atma neither drinks nor eats anything. physical harm. What is the connection of this for Atma? However. ek loha. Atma does not have mouth and senses.

kahey kabir samjaye. What is there in a house? There is a kitchen. they realise the greatness of human birth. but not for Atma. Elements have no effect on Atma. It indicates that Atma is bound by maya. The heavenly beings (devta) desire a human life on this earth. Atma is free from the influence of weather. phir piche pachtaye. For the sustenance of body. Atma does not depend on this and it does not need a house! Shelter is needed for physical body. All these means actions are performed only for the sustenance of physical body. It means Atma is engaged in the duty of sustaining body. Houses are built to take protection from weather and elements. Sahibji says---Chet saverey bavrey. People build houses but it is not needed for the Atma. What is it? It is a place for preparing food for this body. people reach heaven after death. Does it break free from the wheel of birth and death? Meritorious actions are good but it does not release you from birth and death. They again take a human birth in this world. cold and warmth cannot influence or bind Atma. Body is illusion (maya). Atma is bound. Why are they so engaged? It will give harvest of grains to feed their body. Nevertheless. . for bathing.The Secret of Salvation 17 hell and heaven? Is heaven the home of Atma? Is Paramatma (supreme god) seated in heaven? This is deception on Atma. When Atma does not eat anything. People of this earth do meritorious deeds with the intension of reaching heaven. Some are engaged in farming. where is the need for kitchen? What else is there in the house? Bathroom. On reaching the heaven. Tujko jaana door hai. All actions are performed for the bodily needs and wants. Is it not for the body they are engaged in employment? They work for earning money and it is for the bodily need. With great difficulties leading a human life with meritorious actions.

kaha firat magruri mey. With all this nothing happens to Atma. Even after listening. Sahibji says in his words----Deh dharey ka dand hey. However. It doesn’t need rest. for its safe keep. Body is the cause of actions (karmas) Sahibji says beautifully. it has no digestive system. for what? Those item which are needed for body. They think they understood but they are not able to understand the essence of it. for what? for sleep? What does Atma need from the bedroom? Atma is neither sitting. people are unable to comprehend. Tan pinjarey se nikas jayega. the karmic formula is very deep. Now we have a drawing room. It means bedroom is made for body. deception. It is meant to be lost. This acceptance itself is miserable but it also engages in such activities. sinful and meritorious deeds? Caught in act of karmas. Then what is there in the house? It is toilet. for seeking tasty food. Then what is good in house? Bedroom. and so it does not need toilet. for serving food. it is purely for one’s own body. Nevertheless. nor running. murakh bhugtat roye. What gain is achieved for engaging in all the activities like acquiring a house. Yeh jag mey koi rehen na pavey. nor sleeping.18 Sahib Bandgi this is also for the body. We have dining room. Whatever actions one performs. pal mey pakshi praan. violence. Atma has accepted that it is the body. Then what else is there in the house? Only these are there. Gyaani bhugtat gyaan se. indulging in tricks. cheating. for what? For empting the stomach. bhugtat hey sab koi. Atma does not consume food. so nishchay kar jana. nor standing. It provides facility for seating. Sahibji says again---------Aakhir yaha tan khaak milega. etc? Why all these happens? Why all these good and bad actions. . There is also a store in a house. fraud.

to earn money! Money helps in finding the needs and wants of the body. one should know where and how it is bound. Who directs this? With all its purity.The Secret of Salvation 19 One day we have to give up this maya born body. That is why. Even the great intellectual are under its spell. If one has to detach Atma. If you probe on all activities. Yadhyapi mitya chutath kahtinayi. cheat. The learned. Jadh chetan hey granthi padh gayi. for what reason? to shelter the body. It doesn’t take much time to leave this body. Where does the problem lie? What is the problem between Atma and body? Why it does not reveal? If somebody is handcuffed. Atma accepted this as permanent. the power that binds Atma with the body is very powerful. People build beautiful houses. Atma is associated with this activity. humans indulge in tricks. Body is temporary and is dirty. This is serious matter. why Atma is engaged in action (karma). violence etc. All have taken themselves as body and leading their lives. it is evident that for the maintenance of body. body is used. All these means. deception. The basis of karma is body. Why air-conditioning is done? For the comfort of the body. . For these actions (karma). all are bound with this karma. It means that we are taken ourselves as this body. everyone is engaged in karma. to support the children. Munis. Everyone is engaged in action (karma) for the sustenance of body. For the upkeep and satisfaction of body. fraud. If we enquire with clarity. What is the reason for taking the work. Rishis. man is engaged in karma. to release him you open the handcuff. you will find that all activities are only for the body.

While thinking . anger etc. Without spiritual knowledge man has to wander in places like Mathura and Kashi. Kabir Sahib has said– Poison and nectar are to be found side by side. The Gross Body And The Soul Have Developed A Knot Atam Gyan Bina Narr Bhatke. He doesn’t know about his own soul as well. It is the knowledge of the soul that can help man cross the worldly ocean of life. We must remember that a soul of ours is flawless and has nothing like lust. These have nothing to do with the soul. Kabir Sahib says– Kya hua Vedon ke padne se na paya bheid ko.. He has not been in a position to know the source of his vices. This knowledge will enable us to understand the way our soul has been functioning in the body. One can’t be called as a learned person if one doesn’t have the knowledge of the soul. The study of the Vedas is useless if one fails to know the inherent secret. It is very strange to find that man hasn’t been in a position to understand his own self. Man doesn’t know as to who is running the administration of this body. The poisonous elements are also to be seen inside the body. Aatma janey bina geyani to kahlata nahin. There appears to be no evidence of spiritualism in all that man has been doing.20 Sahib Bandgi 3. No spiritualism is to be found in all that we see in the universe. but it is the behaviour of man that doesn’t show any sign of soul. Knowledge means to know. The nature of this soul is altogether different. Kya Mthura Kya Kashi. We shall also be able to know the forces within us and the nature of work these have been performing. Everywhere there seems to be the play and glimpse of mind.

can cross the worldly ocean. It is called as mind itself when it makes some desire. Vashishath Muni says that the knowledge of the soul makes man understand well that no material object of the world is of any use to him. the realization of which enables one cross the worldly ocean. Its function is to make a scheme for the fulfillment of the desire. laziness etc. He also realizes that none of the worldly objects can reach his soul. The third form is . In Yog Vashishath Maha Ramayan. the awareness of the soul makes the existence of the world meaningless. All his doubts vanish in a manner the misunderstanding of taking the rope as a snake vanishes after realizing the truth. thirst. Everyone breathes in the same manner. What is ignorance? It is the state of having no knowledge. after attaining spiritual knowledge. The fear gives rise to sorrows and pains but the knowledge of truth removes all these. Hunger. Likewise. the four forms of mind are also to be found within all. The fear also runs away. Likewise. Wherefrom did this ignorance come? Every one of us feels hot during summer and cold during winter. Then even if man tries to take the rope as a snake. Every man is living a life loaded with some or the other thing. The body of everyone is made of the same five material elements. The 25 forms of these five elements are present within everybody. The existence of the worldly objects is due to ignorance alone. Its second form is intellect. sleep. Ramji asks him as to what is the special thing about soul. are all due to these very five elements.The Secret of Salvation 21 over it. he won’t feel afraid. Vashishath Muni tells Ram that a devotee. All are living a life of greed and attachment and are making desires and taking decisions for fulfillment of the same. we feel as if some unspiritualistic thing is happening.

If we feel angry. yet it is not being untied. Out of ignorance. our mind is misleading it. The fourth form is ego. the soul has taken itself as the body and herein lays the flaw. the vices like lust. Why is the soul obeying all the dictates of mind? The knowledge about all these things is called as the knowledge of the soul. The mind is at work in the body but we have to know as to how it has been working. It has been forced to take itself as the body and to discharge all the functions that are necessary . Kabir Sahib says that it is the mind itself that is our enemy. is also to be found in everyone. Suppose the anger directs us to beat some fellow. This message soon reaches the brain. Yadyapi Mithya Chhootath Kathineyi. Why is the soul actively participating in all this when it is pure and flawless? Why is it supplying the needed energy in the performance of such acts as go against its nature? All the tasks that are being performed by us are for the satisfaction of the bodily needs alone. anger etc. It is responsible for all the activities being performed by us. It has been taking the acts of making desires and working for their satisfaction as its own. Again. Though it is an unreal one. we do such acts as we feel are in no way related to the soul and so feel repentance afterwards. Goswami ji has beautifully said– Jadd Chetan Hai Granthi Padd Geyi. The sufferings surfaced right from the time the jiva adopted the body. The gross body and the soul have developed a knot. It means some power first makes us do such acts. though these are in no way related to it. Sometimes. the soul also gets involved in it.22 Sahib Bandgi chitt (remembrance) that recollects. These are not being done for the sake of the soul that has no need of its own. Clearly.

Just as all have the same soul. some are white. All the species of dogs have the same seed. All the crows have the same seed and this is true of all the sparrows as well. All that I am saying is very much correct. How did our soul become the body? There is need to seek an answer to this question. I am of the opinion that all the people of the world are alike. how did all this happen? All the living beings have the same kind of sperms. All the jivas are in the grip of the hunter (mind). we shall find that the bones are separate though these appear to be connected. That is why Kabir Sahib has said– Seyyad Ke Kabu Main Hain Sub Jeev Vicharey. The scientists have not been able to understand it. They will. The seed of all the human beings is the same. If we look at the skeleton of bones. The soul is immortal. it is difficult for them to reach that state. the gross body and the soul have developed a knot. it doesn’t perish in any set of circumstances. Neither they are one nor will they ever be so. There are joints in our bones but these are protected by the muscles on them. the soul and the body also have different identities. the seed in them is also the same. understand what I am saying after a lapse of 50 years or so. Some are black. How can the devotees know the appearance of soul? Your awareness can never perish and this awareness itself is your soul. Likewise. and someone has a curved nose and so on. Nevertheless. some are fat. some are thin. So to say. . Then what is the reason behind the different visible physical appearances.The Secret of Salvation 23 for the satisfaction of the needs of the latter. likewise. They differ in no respect at all. There is not even an iota of difference in that. perhaps. God has made all of them alike. At present.

The scientists are not wrong in their approach but they don’t seem to know the secret beyond.24 Sahib Bandgi Now the question arises as to how the sperms in the semen are alive. it is placed in the sun light. Likewise. they kill other kinds of bacteria and as such serve as a tonic for the stomach. This is because they received the same kind of food. On opening the lid of the pitcher after a period of about 20-25 days. It is placed in the sun because it is the heat that produces the insects. As per their nature. To cite an example. can’t be produced from that which is gross. The truth is somewhat different. None is different from the other. They have their definite existence but they grow and develop in the material that is formed because of heat. That which is awakened. All that remains behind after filtration is thrown out and as a result. they die in large number. I don’t allow its production in the Ashram as corers of jivas are killed in a painful manner in the process involved. On reaching within the body. the sperms develop in the semen. Their thinking is wrong and they have been misled at this point. there is a system near the testicles which produces the sperms. but the fact is that they were already there in a very subtle form. The vinegar is beneficial for a person who doesn’t find relief from any other medicine. After putting the juice of cane sugar in a pitcher and closing its mouth with a tight cloth. the vinegar is taken as good for the body. They are alike. . Why were they misled? They took the very place of the appearance of the sperms as the place of their formation. According to the scientists. they do not let any other organism to live along with them and make their own generation flourish. there appear bacteria with length equal to that of the Basmati rice. However. They only received heat from within the body.

succeeded in reaching the baby tube and developed into a human form? All others died. Therefore. These bacteria have hardly a life of 3 days.The Secret of Salvation 25 Those bacteria were alike. They did not know what kind of diet was beneficial for them. when I say that that which I possess is not to be found anywhere else in the world. they grow. all are alike in Satlok. Again. The children of the same parents are different because in case of the birth of . For instance. If you watch carefully.) at that time. In addition. the way of crying and expressing love is also the same. I know the secrets related to astronomy as well. They had to die. become old and die. I say it based on my self-confidence and awareness and certainly not based on any ego. why didn’t the one that reached the womb of the mother die? This is because there was some definite system there. others on sour one and so on. Within this 1hour. There are such microorganisms in the world that have a life of one hour only. They became different because they received different kinds of food. reproduce. in the body of the father those sperms were feeding on semen and that which was the wisest of all. Likewise. the diet that is sour in taste is harmful for the semen. However. The others couldn’t survive because they failed to move further. you would find that the way of Laughing as well as weeping of every human being is the same. the differences that developed in them were due to the different kinds of diet alone. The blood of the mother helped it grow and develop. Neither I am saying all this out of ego nor am I indulging in any sort of self-praise. Some fed on sweet diet. They were in the Ukmaj yuni (the species of insects etc. This is just like the case of a fish that lives alive in water but dies if the water freezes. Therefore.

This is because they have never been to these places and so fail to give a clear explanation. size and structure. However. yet it is a fact that they were. The same is the case with other saints. I also want to tell about my thinking regarding the saints. knowingly or unknowingly. Anyone can be misled by the mention of Nirakar and Niranjan in the sayings of Guru Nanak Dev. that what he said afterwards is known to very few. Here we part ways. Further. So. like the micro-organisms. Kabhun Na Hoat Udasa. There are always joys and pleasures in Amarlok. there comes a stage when the guru as well as the disciple also loses their separate identities and you won’t be able to distinguish one from the other. It is this difference in diet that is responsible for the difference in colour. No Sorrow or suffering is to be found there. I advise you to be cautious because though many of them got absorbed in Sahib. they say that it was the gospels who took . I have never worshipped Niranjan. Often I visit those places and so have a complete knowledge about these. the diet was somewhat different from the diet of the rest. the sayings of the saints have been the causes of making people go astray. No Maulvi has a full knowledge of the visits Hazrat Mohammad made to the seven skies. at first. In the beginning. Sada Anand Hoat Hai Va Ghar.26 Sahib Bandgi every child. I have a very high regard for them. When I ask about the way he went. So. which are alike in all respects. However. “Merey to Girdhar Gopal’ and any common man can be misled by these. none knows about the Quran Sharif to the extent I know. Soor Dass has also repeatedly made use of the word ‘Girdhar’. Mira Bai also said. but it must be remembered that at that time he was the worshipper of Niranjan. the worshippers of Kaal Niranjan. That is why I ask you to be alert and cautious.

I have the factual knowledge of him and I am not saying it out of ego. The soul has not lost its appearance. None has ever said so. The scientists will be startled at this. It . The form of body will depend on the form of womb. Everything takes the form of the frame into which it is put. It was. the holy word that took him there. you would easily recognize him. Both are alike. If the frame is that of monkey. Amarish Rishi was the son of a bear but had the form of a man. Still the scientists are at a loss to understand all this. The bear keeps the woman for satisfying its sexual desires. Even you can see it. The sperms of the dog. How did Niranjan create the seed? both man and the dog have the same seed.The Secret of Salvation 27 him there. Isa Masih has talked of his heavenly father. Likewise. I see the same form of soul at this as well as at that place. The monks do not have the real knowledge about it. hen etc. as they are talking based on scriptures while I am talking based on my actual experience. I am saying it and can prove it as well. the jiva is made to move into 84 lakh species with different forms. even if the sperm is that of a dog. A woman had been taken away by the bear. In the same manner. If some cheat of your village takes the job of a Panda (priest) at some other place. fly. I also know about the spiritual element Budha talked about and the Ashatang Yog that the monks quote. I ask you to believe in what I say because there is none to bear witness to all that I say. Likewise. in fact. it will take the form of a monkey and not that of the dog. it simply means the frame into which it was put was round in shape. are alike. I say none has knowledge of the holy Bible to the extent I know. I can see all this clearly. mosquito. If we take the ice cream is round in form.

becomes fearless. Can we see this knot? How did the soul become the body? Can we see it? Certainly. we can do so. It is from here that the process of breathing started and the formation of the body took place. all his misconceptions regarding the cycle of birth and death are removed. Hanumanji’s appearance is that of man but his features resemble with that of a monkey. From here it comes down to the navel through the medium of breath. That is why Kabir Sahib has said– Ida Pingla Sushuman Sum Karey. this knot will get untied in a manner it developed. the proof of blood relation that goes from one generation to the next and so on. . That is to say. Ghatorkachh was born from the womb of a demon but the sperms there were that of Bhima which resulted into his particular form. Aradh Aur Uradh Vich Dheyan Lavai. which feed on blood in the mother. Kahein Kabir So Sant Nirbhey Hua.28 Sahib Bandgi makes her senseless by licking her feet. The dog also approaches the woman to smell her. That is to say. Now the question arises as to how did a knot between the soul and the body develop. the awakened one is breathing. Sushumna and fixes his concentration at a place inbetween the sky and the earth. Kakbhushundi had the body of a crow but his knowledge was that of man. Moreover. Its smelling power is very high. The soul remains in its own form up to the Agya Chakra (medula plexus). In addition. The semen is formed out of blood and the sperms feed on the semen and then grow and develop into the fetus. the awakened one (chetana) is present there in a formless manner but the process of breathing turned it into an awakened body. A sant who creates a unison among Ida. I will tell you how. All this is clearly. Janam Aur Maran Ka Brahm Bhanay. pingla.

from the rooftop. Everyone is talking about worship but it is some rare devotee who knows the secret related to it. the technique of worship. it was saying as . even the cows start speaking. I think none will have so much love for others as the followers of our panth have. There is need to have an understanding of worship and devotion. On the other hand. They know that I take great care of them. On reaching Ranjri. it is the True worship-Satya Bhakti that is talked about. Even the cattle and birds understand the favorable and unfavorable. It means there is a need to know. a cow was crying aloud.The Secret of Salvation 29 4. as I know that they speak only when there is some definite purpose for the same. Here. Bhakti Bhakti Sub Jagat Bakhana. I ask the boys to go to the animals in case they speak. when. there is no such thing to be found in our panth. One day. the audience turns up there in large number. I ask the Namis to do some particular kind of work. One night. The other cow was crying for attention to the fact that that particular cow was taking the feed all alone. one cow was crying. When some sage comes after a period of one or two years. However. these include some wanderers and others as well who are not even distantly connected with worship. The fan over its head was not moving. There Is None But He (Niranjan) Is Between You and Me How can we attain that ultimate reality? This is the question that Dharam Dass ji asked Kabir Sahib. Pointing towards the fan. All were to be fed in the morning but one cow had freed itself from its peg and was feeding on grass. Bhakti Bhaid Koyi Birla Jana.

though an unreal one. “My buffalo has given birth to a he-colt.” Now. the people used to help each other whereas now they envy each other. Why do you love your parents? Why do you bear rebukes sometimes from them? This is because you take them as your well-wishers. but the question arises as to why did they sever their ties with the panth. act as misguides to others. I remember one incident of my school days. They find a sort of satisfaction. it hasn’t given any milk. Likewise. The only answer to this question is that they found it difficult to give up their vices. the teacher would feel helpless. In earlier times. but my husband doesn’t believe in all this. The neighbors say that it is due to the effect of some evil force. A woman came and said. he would have to bear the insult from the teacher but if he made all others do the same. He used to smoke the pieces of Bidi thrown away by others. Even after seven days. You shouldn’t take the soul as weak. Such neighbours simply try to mislead the disciples. if my followers have love for me. Often those who after getting blessed with Naam. it is simply because they know what they have received from me. One boy used to smoke a Bidi and he made other boys of the class as well do the same.30 Sahib Bandgi to why it hadn’t running. It was feeling hard. Such persons feel exhausted from within though outwardly they appear to be enjoying . the question arises as to why the neighbors say so. They desire that none other from the village should go to Ranjri. in misleading others as well. He thought that if he did so all alone. They sever their ties with the panth due to some misguidance. they appear lovable. Even in old age.

the jivas go to reap the fruit of their Karmas. I want to tell you the way the soul reaches Satlok. you won’t think of making thefts. Karmas are performed on the earth. they come to me. Only your soul can understand all this. we mean to recollect his structure of nose. There is need to know the soul in the same manner taking into account its appearance as well as its nature. We say that it can be attained by the grace of complete Guru-Satguru alone ( Moksa moolam Guru Krupa).). Have I to make some effort or you will take me across the worldly ocean. finding themselves in a mentally disturbed state. None can attain that ultimate reality with the power of his mind. Ultimately. In the 21 lokas. intellect and the like. Dharam Dassji asked Kabir Sahib – Kerni Yog Ki Rahni Vasa. Punya or Naam Kamayee etc.The Secret of Salvation 31 smoking. Our panth believes neither in Kriya yog (yog related activities) nor in Karam Yog (performance of deeds. ears etc. Regarding the soul. In all these lokas. we have to know whether it goes to Satlok or not. there is nothing like Karam Bhumi or Karam lok (the places or abodes of Karmas). When we talk of remembering some person. There is some definite reasoning in the desire of the . Don’t we see a thief enjoying tasty food alone but also see him receiving kicks and slaps. Our act of calling someone as good or bad is also based on some recognized scale of judgement. All that I say has some weightage and so try to mould you accordingly. The first thing that I want to tell you is that I have complete knowledge of the lokas I talk about. The people associated with other panths are devoid of any sort of spiritualism. We also take into account his character as well. If you do so. eyes. Kaise Paun Lok Nivasa.

The only place for the performance of these is this universe. They are. they make it in a slanting position. My Namis have full faith that they will go to Satlok after their departure from this mortal world. either you will have to remain absorbed in the recitation of the holy Naam or you will have to keep full faith in your Satguru. so to say. Wherefrom do the insects appear during the rainy season? Why don’t they appear before it? Some say water reaches their places of abode. That is to say. The Shastras also speak much about it. All of the insects are ants. because they make their houses at places which are not within the reach of water.32 Sahib Bandgi Gods. the Rivers and Streamlets. They are very powerful. The bird ‘Beya’ builds its nest (a strong one) in a slanting position in the month of March that falls 5 months before the rainy season. To reach there. Not only in heaven or hell but even in Dev lok there is nothing like performance of Karmas. at the time of death. it is a treasure house. The human form has been called as the Naraini chola (God-like form). there is none who can protect you from the evil effect of the Ghosts and other evil spirits. who wish to take the birth in human form. one attains a power and a separate subtile body. The males among them are also of different kinds. They come out during every rainy season. the nine lakh Stars and even the 3 Lokas along with the Creator are to be found within it. In addition. Further. Likewise. It is not so. the younger . It is important to know that there is some special system in this human body. the Moon. The seven Seas. I have no doubt about it. I want to tell you that apart from us. but you have reposed your faith in me and I assure you that you will certainly reach there. There are 1000 kinds of ants. You must be having doubt as to how you will reach Satlok.

train or plane as per situation and after blessing the devotees with Nam. as you are afraid that it would spoil the sanctity of your worship.The Secret of Salvation 33 brothers of Yam Raj (lord of death). the same thing happens with you. they run away. at one time or another. Everyone has made one or the other spiritual journey during his lifetime and has also seen a dream that appeared to be true. Shastras also say that one will reach where one desires. you will reach where your concentration has got fixed. Your faith in me is sure to give you the results in this very life. You aren’t taking wine. you’re spending of life as per the noble teachings and holding on to only one mode of worship is nothing but your act of making a road to reach Sat Lok. It has the power to cover Arabs of miles in seconds. made a flight. Throughout his life. leave for some other Ashram. Everyone knows that noble deeds take us to heaven whereas the evil deeds take us to hell. after being blessed with Naam. This act of flying is not a dream but a spiritual journey. man performs noble deeds to reach heaven. At the last moment. I have made you follow the true mode of worship that will help you attain salvation. At the time of death. However. All of you have. Whole of the creation is functioning under some system. There are six bodies within your physical body. With this principle in view. They perform their jobs at different occasions. . All this goes on under some definite system and setting. Kabir Sahib says– Ja Ki Aas Laag Rahey Jahnva. Kahain Kabir Pahunchaon Tahnva. You are refraining from taking meat and intoxicants. you are also smoothing your way to reach Satlok. Just as I make a visit to some Ashram by bus. It can take you where you like. one attains a body that is called as Antvahik (inner) body. Likewise.

Money makes one-commit sins. Love for any worldly thing will take you only there. he had to remain in hell for thousands of years. The thing. Fix your concentration at your guru. He committed many sins.V for the whole day and then talk of going to Sat Lok.34 Sahib Bandgi Kabir Sahib says that he will take the Jiva to the Lok it desires You will have to lead a noble life if you have to go to Sat Lok. Love is not a thing to be centered at different places. You have to take food and perform various jobs but your concentration should not be oriented on them. If you watch T. However. No worldly thing should attract you. be cautious. one day or the other. The rich man also departed from the world. Remain detached. he had to remain in heaven for a hundred years. Therefore. The world is unreal. The rich man was asked as to where he would like to go first. at which you concentrate. There was a rich man. . you should not try to seek pleasures in the world. You should live in the world in a manner the tongue exists among the teeth in the mouth. Dharam Raj asked Chitara Gupat to present an account of his deeds. Day and night people keep running after wealth. Remain at home. he had served food to a sage. everyone has to depart from the world. This is called as greed. Considering the nature of his sins. All the worldly things are charmless. This is because your concentration will be diverted. It doesn’t mean you should go and live in a forest. perform worship along with the performance of your duties. He said that he would like to go first to the place where there was some opportunity to gain some money. Don’t have any attachment for it. you should feel uncertain about it. He was very greedy. is your Guru (Dhyna Moolam Guru Rupam ) and you will attain him. Nevertheless. Therefore.

Hindu religion says that one should remain a bachelor. after this age only as much blood is formed as is necessary for the functioning of the body. as well. From 25-50 years of age one can have an experience of the family life. A movie titled ‘Pati-Patni and voh (husband. I don’t watch movies.After this age. That is to say.V. Love is one and has to stay at one place alone. which is lost in a single sexual activity. I also say that you should not have it for another object but Sahib. 40 kg of food makes 1 kg of blood and one consumes this food in a period of about 3 months. Concentration at the Guru is all that is needed. The saints have also tried to make the people understand in the language of the masses. Those associated with the job of film production have nothing to do with the good or bad effect a film can have on the people. There were no cinema halls then. If one can’t remain so. After this age there will be less formation of blood. One should live this life up to the age of 75 years. I had a chance to see the still films that were shown to Villagers. In spiritualism there is no place for anything like Sahib. Have firm faith in Sahib. Now the cinema halls are losing their importance as the movies can be watched on a T. After 50 years of age one should keep away from the normal family life. In my childhood. a devotee can realize his Sahib if he meditates on Him. Therefore. even while living in the world. you will not be able to have it for any other object. This 1 kg of blood produces 1½ tolas of semen. you and third person. one should get married.The Secret of Salvation 35 After having love for some particular object. They are concerned only with the money they have to earn. wife and some third person) is an instance of this kind. Two swords can never be placed in a single sheath. both the husband as well as the wife .

powder and the like. None knows when. Out of those 55 persons. This . Sometimes. The society will provide food to such sages. where and how it will devour us. He said that in those two months he had to go to the graveyard 55 times accompanying the dead ones. That is to say. Remember! only a devotee who has no desire of any kind. Always keep your concentration fixed at your guru. you should remain absorbed in worship. he asked me telephone either to cure her or to give her salvation. He got tired within a period of 10-12 days forgetting the troubles the mother had taken in bringing him up. This is because. after death. I asked him to serve her. is the real emperor. Therefore. none will keep you at home for a single night even. After some days. This is not a good signal. Kabir Sahib says that Kaal is hovering over our heads. four or five were old while others were young. The bones of this body will burn like wood and the hair will burn like grass. It means about 10 % old and 90% young persons are departing. I see even the old women with faces painted with cream. There is nothing like that to be found today. he was directly asking me to kill her. A certain boy brought his mother to me and said that her body had become senseless after being injected by the doctor.36 Sahib Bandgi should move in the opposite directions to unknown places and should live like sages. So one should remain in the family with the spirit of detachment and should remain absorbed in the worship of God. Keep engrossed in worship without bothering about food etc. I asked him the reason thereof. These are called as premature deaths. There seems to be no justification for all this. You should always be prepared to depart from the world. This soul has adopted countless bodies of different species. A Nami of our panth didn’t come to me for two months.

Sometimes. All this has given birth too many panths and religious philosophies. your soul will become devoid of awareness and your precious life will go waste. we find many techniques related to meditation. we are watching many new things related to the outer world. Certain incidents take place in the life of every man. man must have tried to attempt to move into his inner world. he sees some incidents of his previous life as well. To know it means to gain knowledge about it. Mind-Maya Brought Back To The Universe Even Those Rare Ones Who Attained Brahm Lok There are great secrets inherent in this human body. If you obey the dictates of your mind. Sometimes. In the spiritual world as well. he flies in his sleep while at other times he reaches very strange places. There is need to know the real meaning of it.The Secret of Salvation 37 human body is invaluable. In this scientific age. It means there is some bondage from which we have to free ourselves. Still there seems to be no unanimity regarding the techniques of attaining salvation. Likewise. 5. the soul can be freed from the bondages only when we are able to know the nature of the . Seeing all this. Some take going to heaven itself as the attainment of salvation. When a patient goes to a doctor. Can we see these bondages? Which are the things that have kept us in bondage? We simply take these things lightly and never try to give a serious thought to salvation. It sounds strange to find that even the intellectuals unable to know the nature of these bondages. A question arises as to what salvation stands for. . The word meaning of salvation is to attain freedom. the latter first tries to diagnose the disease before giving the prescription.

So the question arises as to which is the power that keeping it in bondage. we shall have to first know about the spiritual element. A healthy body has its own charm. nor does it suffer from any kind of sorrow or suffering. that which never loses its charm and bliss is soul alone. at least. . Moreover. Man doesn’t seem to be aware of the real identity of his soul. it is pure consciousness that is beyond the reach of any of our sensory organs. serene. Just as a dumb can’t describe the taste of gur (solid form of cane sugar juice). It is only some expert. we can also see whether our soul is in bondage or not. Neither it takes birth nor it dies. Small children look beautiful but with the passage of time their beauty and child-like simplicity vanishes. every one of us. in the field of spiritual realization. On the other hand. flawless. To see it. the sensory organs aren’t in a position to describe the pleasures related to the soul. All this is due to the material elements. He is familiar with the pleasures related to his sensory organs alone. the Soul is pure. All the nine apertures as well are excreting some or the other foul smelling dirt and filth. knows that the soul has been entangled in the grip of Munn-Maya. Sensory pleasures–be they related to taking of some choicest food or enjoying the beauties of Nature or listening to the charming music and the like–are short-lived. Every pleasure is followed by some or the other pain. The Soul is a part of Param Purush. However.38 Sahib Bandgi bondages it has been held in. who can impart us the knowledge regarding it. Every pore of it is excreting the foul smelling perspiration. The body is full of dirt and filth. The distinction between the body and the soul is clearly visible. Just as we can know from the look and talk of a person about his illness and can know from his clothes and eating habits whether he belongs to a poor or a rich family. likewise. is a source of eternal bliss.

The birth in a high family is the fifth heaven-like pleasure. Pancham Sukh Oonche Kul Janma. Likewise. If her views and approach to life show a marked difference. Dushat Sung Jan Dehu Vidhata. the pleasure of having a sound body is also a temporary phase. To be a worshipper or be a devotee–be it of Nirgun or Sagun kind even–is the seventh thing that can give heaven-like pleasures. After attaining these rare . Saptam Swarg Prabhu Ko Dassa. a good neighbour is the sixth heaven-like pleasure. Just as musk has a natural charming fragrance in it. Only a diseased person can know the worth of a healthy and disease free body. The satsang for a moment even and the pleasures related to soul are far greater than these. A noble woman is also a heaven-like source of pleasures.The Secret of Salvation 39 Pratham Swarg Nirogi Kaya. they become a cause of unhappiness for them. However. Doosra Swarg Ghar Mein Ho Maya. the soul also has natural and rare pleasures in it. Rich men derive pleasures out of it. Nevertheless. A disease free body is the first heaven. it is associated with ego and many other vices. O God! send me to hell but don’t let me remain in the company of a sinner. An obedient son is the fourth heaven-like pleasure. Teesra Swarg Kulwanti Nari. Goswami Tulsi Dass ji says– Narak Vas Bhall Dehu Vidhata. Money is the second source of heaven-like pleasures. Chautha Sukh Ho Puttar Agya Kari.

a wrestler looks at his body repeatedly. there remains no need for any other kind of pleasures. Now the question arises as to where have these pleasures gone. In fact. we can derive the pleasures from anything we concentrate at. Lobhi Ka Guru Daam. Money is the Guru of a greedy person. “Amongst the gamblers I am the gamble and amongst the sinners I am the greatest sinner. he wanted to make it clear that pleasure lies where the concentration gets fixed. Everyone must be feeling such a pleasure. he used to have a look at his wealth 2-3 times a day it gave him much pleasure. Likewise. The pleasures that we derive from the material objects are related to Maya alone and we can’t experience the pleasures related to soul while engaged in lustful activities. Now the question arises as to whether it is sufficient to know that the soul is in the bondage of Munn-Maya or there is some need to know how we have been entangled . we derive pleasures simply because our whole concentration is fixed at it. While at play. the concentration is the ideal face of soul. Lust is the Guru of a lustful person. A sant is the Guru of Kabir whereas ‘Naam’ itself is the Guru of the sants. In fact.” Saying so. These have. the concentration itself is the soul. It must be remembered that the place of concentration is one’s Guru. Kabir Ka Guru Sant Hai. Kami Ka Guru Kamini. It is simply because of its being a part of Param Purush.40 Sahib Bandgi pleasures. been diverted by the clever mind. In both the cases it is the concentration that has proved a cause of pleasure. Santon Ka Guru Naam. A man said that before being blessed with Naam. There is need to understand that these pleasures have not eloped anywhere. In fact. rather. Even lord Krishan has said.

The task of creation takes place from here. There is need to know that the Soul is present in the body in the form of consciousness and the centre of this consciousness is at the Medula plexus. In this connection Goswami Tulsi Dassji has said– Jadd Chetan Hai Granthi Padd Geyi. However. some call woman as Maya. yet it has developed and there seems to be no chance of its getting untied. “Truth and love alone are not enough for the life of man. Lord Krishan said to Arjun. I shall give evidence in support of it. which is the abode of Brahmaji and Savitriji. Fourth one is the cardiac plexus. Fifth one is the throat. . this is not correct. which is the abode of Shivji and Parvati.The Secret of Salvation 41 in this bondage and how we can free ourselves from it. In Sankhya yog. The gross body and the conscious soul have developed a knot. Out of misunderstanding. the soul resides at this very place. we have to see as to where and at which point in the body. First one is the Pelvic plexus which is the abode of Ganeshji. You should concentrate at a place at Medula Plexus and should try to know your soul. That is to say. which is the abode of Adhya Shakti and Saraswati. Again. it resides. It is this physical body that presents the face of Maya. we find the mention of 7 plexus. the soul has been entangled in this physical body. Third one is the Solar plexus. How did the soul become a part of body? Why is it not making an earnest attempt to come out of it? It means some kind of knot has developed between the soul and the body. Yadyapi Mithya Chhootat Kathinayi. That is to say. Though it is nothing but an illusion. He is considered as the power that helps in the performance of all the deeds. Second one is the Hypo gastric plexus. which is the abode of Vishnoji and Lakshmiji.

We hear people saying. If we observe with full concentration. From the Medula plexus it began to breathe. The vital force got immersed in the body. When a man dies. We can watch minutely the overall functioning of the body. 4th one is the Sarvatan vyam vayu that makes our joints flexible. Why does it want to keep the body alive? This is because it has taken itself as the body. So it has got entangled in the breath. That is to say. Here the pranas (vital force) change into 10 forms and control the functioning of the body. Along with the existence of the vital force into the body. Now where is the breath going? It is going to the solar plexus. It is just like the case of water that on solidifying is called as ice. In this way. Apan vayu (form of wind) is present at the place of anus. the soul began to be called as jiva. After all. The second one is the udan vayu that is present near the heart. It knows that the body will die if it stops breathing. the vital force has . It helps in the process of excretion and digestion. When the soul performs the activity of breathing. we shall find that the process of breathing is not automatic. Someone is inhaling and this someone is the jiva. According to the Sankhya yog also. The 3rd one is the Pran vayu that performs the job of pumping the heart. If you watch with full concentration.42 Sahib Bandgi Sixth one is the Medulla plexus which is the abode of the soul whereas the seventh one is the cerebral gland which is the abode of Niranjan. it is called as jiva. you will find that some conscious power is inhaling as well as exhaling. the different kinds of air perform different kinds of functions. his joints get strained. why is the soul breathing? It is doing so to keep the body alive. It is taking the breath to the navel and is then exhaling it. the soul resides in the Medulla plexus. at this point the soul got mixed up with the body. It prevents the Apan vayu from going up.

which is nothing but crammed things. During the course of discussion. they don’t appear to be so much influential in the field. When they speak of Sushumna. A bird imprisoned in a cage can’t make a flight. I know that I have limitless factual knowledge . I know that they are talking on the basis of the bookish knowledge and are devoid of any practical experience in this regard. They have been delivering their sermons through T. It is not the body that makes these trips. It is. as even after this there is the existence of Mind. it has used as its abode. Often I have a chance to meet people belonging to various sects and creeds. I enquire with them as to how they enter into it. They talk on the basis of bookish knowledge.V since long whereas I started using this medium only a few years back and it appears as if I were imitating them. I ask them how they reached the inner world. on the other hand.The Secret of Salvation 43 gone. The 10 kinds of air keep the body alive. rather. even after imitating us. They are also talking of the inner journey. The soul has to continue its job of inhaling as. the soul that does. I know that many imitate me. the body. Nevertheless. None can reach Amar Lok simply by the opening of Sushumna. It is actually the inhaler of the vital force that has gone. It is not a child’s play. will perish. He who has actually visited Delhi can speak with confidence about the places he visited but. I shall write a book on the internal trips I have made and shall explain everything related to these. otherwise. he who speaks on the basis of bookish knowledge alone does so with a visible lack of confidence. but he who has to undertake this journey has been entangled in the body. It is at this point that we say a knot has developed between the body and the soul. The soul has got entangled in our breath.

Just as the union between the rivers Ganges and Yamuna creates Saraswati. Kabir Sahib says that when the soul begins to take the breath upward instead of doing so in the downward direction. The mouth of Sushumna has been closed due to the accumulation of phlegm there. Here the mind becomes active and diverts our attention to the worldly affairs. they simply say that in the spiritual journey the opening of Sushumna is a basic condition. Gang Aur Yamuna Ke Ghat Ko Khoj Bhayi. The mind has no power of its own. This upward movement makes the phlegm melt which results in the opening of Sushumna. the breath moves straight upward and the body becomes dead (still and Senseless). the union between Ida and Pingla creates Sushumna. All the desires are . assumes the gross body. There is some deeper meaning inherent in these words of Kabir Sahib.44 Sahib Bandgi about these but I speak only as much as is sufficient for your purpose. the breath begins to move back to the navel region and the soul. Kabir Sahib says that a devotee can control the mind and the air with the stick of concentration. It doesn’t mean to make a search of the plains near the ghats of the rivers Ganges and Yamuna as some sages think. This concentration has to be like that of the Chakore bird and the moon. once again. After the opening of the Sushumna. Reciting of the holy Naam makes the breath move in the upward direction. Surti Ke Dand Se Gher Mann Pawan Ko. This phlegm doesn’t allow the breath to go up. To my question. the Sushumna gets opened. It prevents the breath from moving up and when the attention gets diverted.

The soul itself has entangled its own self. On one occasion. As this process is not an easy one and can cause problem to a devotee. he drove the vehicle on the road to Pakistan. Its job is to recollection. Munn Per Jo Asvar Hai Aisa Birla Koye. He who recites the holy Naam day and night. It means all the four forms of Mind owes their existence to the energy supplied by the soul. Chitt (remembrance) is the 3rd aspect of Mind. Intellect is the 2nd aspect of mind. Nevertheless. the mind will try to misguide you at this very moment. Sometimes. It will tell you that you are going to die. this intellect also derives the needed energy from the soul. Aapa Ko Aapa Hi Bandhyo. As you have lived your life taking yourself as body. Chitt also behaves dead without the energy of the soul. finds it easy to fix his concentration. there is no question of being misled in the inner world. the fact is that you have to reach this state. Ego is the 4th aspect of mind. Diversion of your attention clearly indicates that the Mind has played its trick successfully. Nevertheless. it is advisable to practise it under the guidance of Guru alone. The mind tries its utmost to convince you that it is useless to reverse the direction of the breath as it . However. Only some rare devotee can succeed in controlling the Mind. it is the soul that supplies the energy needed for it. It is the actual performer of the task. while I am engrossed in reading a newspaper. my driver diverts the vehicle to some wrong path. It gives final shape to the planning. This concentration will reverse the direction of breath. However.The Secret of Salvation 45 also related to its fulfillment.

how can your and My thinking be the same. So to say. . Recalling of that incident will give you a feeling of pain. It has occupied the place that lies in-between the eyebrows and has closed the 10th aperture. Main Kahta Aankhan Ki Dekhi. the moment you turn your attention to meditation. Therefore. How can I meet with my loved one when this mind presents before me one or the other incident to divert my attention? There is need to fix concentration in a manner a Chakor fixes its concentration at the moon. in such circumstances. Kabir Sahib has rightly said– Tera Mere Manna Kaise I Hoi Re. Sometimes. Tu Kahta Kagad Ki Lekhi. You are speaking what the Holy Scriptures say whereas I say that which I have experienced. Everyone has pearls with him. Koyi Nehin Kangal. Kis Vidhi Milna Hoye. Nevertheless. None is penniless. He has explained the whole philosophy in a single couplet. The people don’t seem to have any knowledge of this secret and talk on the basis of the study of religious scriptures alone. Kabir Sahib says– Sub Ki Gathri Lal Hai. the mind performs tricks by turning our attention to the pain caused by the mosquito bite and the like. However. You have miraculous powers within you. I want to ask who can be called as a more aware– one who is a PhD in geography or one who has actually toured the length and breadth of the country. Mira Bai has said– Sooli Ooper Saij Piya Ki. At this.46 Sahib Bandgi is beyond your reach to achieve anything there. it will present before you the incident that can divert your attention. the mind will remind you of some incident when you had suffered some humiliation.

Even after moving out of the body. You would soon reach your destination. Then the breath will reach the eyes. Here the mind will create hurdles. He says that there is need to be watchful lest the concentration should get diverted. You will feel yourself like a body without a soul. Total concentration means to remain cautious about the four forms of Mind. Sahib Kripa Kuchh Durlabh Nahin.The Secret of Salvation 47 Gaflat Nehin Tahan Sada Hoshhiyar Dekhna. With the blessings and grace of Sahib even the impossible looking task becomes possible. occupying the driver’s seat. The parts of body below the neck will seem to be functionless. The mind is. I replied that no other kind of death could be better than that one. Clearly. so to say. This is called as the spiritual journey. It will try to frighten you saying that you won’t be able to see your wife and children. intellect. it is not a joke to try it. the soul is still within the limits of Mind. A devotee asked what would happen if one fails to return back. namely–munn. Don’t pay any heed to any kind of fear created by the Mind. the devotee feels like dying. remembrance and ego. Munn Tarang Mein Jagat Bhulana. The energy of the body will begin to show a continuous decrease. Association with the mind amounts to getting swayed along with its waves. Here the Guru comes forward to extend his helping hand in taking him upward. The breath then moves into the Shunya. . When the breath rises beyond this point. The body was performing its functions with the help of energy supplied by the different airs and in the absence of these it will lose its senses.

Tiski Khabar Na Jaana. Saadhak. Unmuni. Yogeshwar etc. Sohang. they all failed to understand the true limitations of the five words which falls under the territory of Kaal Niranjan (Mind) and cannot help realise the true presence of Supreme Lord (Param Purush / Sahib) whose existence and presence is beyond all the five words and five meditation postures. Veh Nishchey Kar Maana Uske Aagey Purush Puratan. Onkaar. Siddh. Muni. Description of Five Words Paanch Shabd Aur Paanchon Mudra. everyone who gets involved into Nirgun Bhakti considered it as the right path towards realisation of Supreme Lord because this mode of worship came into popularity from the times of Rishis. Agochri. Siddh. R-Rankaar with their respective meditation postures: Chachri.) remained concentrated only on the following five words: Jyoti Niranjan. Munis. Yogeshwars etc.48 Sahib Bandgi 6. everyone (Rishi. With this belief. R-Rankaar through their own particular meditation postures. Yogi. Sohang. which is totally based on meditation (Subtile Yoga / Dhyaan Saadhna) and only concentrates onto recitation of one particular word out of all the 5 words : Jyoti-Niranjan. Nirgun Bhakti is the mode of worship. as mentioned above) was being considered as the only true method of worshipping and realising Supreme Lord (Param Purush. Saadhak. Bhuchri. Khechri and declared them as the true methods of meditation through which one can realise Supreme Lord (ParamPurush) who resides within each individual’s soul. Onkaar. However in reality. Yogis. Nirgun Bhakti (mode of worship totally revolves around 5 words based on meditation. Satt. Satt.Sahib). Before arrival of Sant Samrat Satguru Kabir Sahib in to this mortal world. It is called as Surat-Shabd-Abhyaas or Shabd- . In past.

However. The knowledge of every religion and the religious scriptures that are available to mankind is limited only up to the knowledge of universe (3 Lok’s ) which itself is the creation of Kaal Niranjan and everyone considers him and worships him as formless Supreme Lord due to the lack of true spiritual knowledge. Nirgun Bhakti is only related with the Five Words and Five meditation postures as mentioned above. not even to his own three sons :Brahma. The whole humanity is doing the worship of Kaal Niranjan (Mind/God of Universe/God of Death) in one way or the other because he never discloses the true presence of Supreme Lord (ParamPurush/Sahib) to anyone in this universe. Vedas and other religious scriptures had clearly mentioned that the whole universe (3 Lok’s) is present inside the human body.e. addressed Niranjan (Formless God) as ‘Kaal Purush’ (God of Death) who is the ruling power of this universe and is cruel by nature . All the Holy Sants who followed Satguru Kabir Sahib Ji’s true ideology of SantMat. which holds 100% truthfulness. Sky (vacuum-space-shunya) from where he governs the whole universe.The Secret of Salvation 49 Kamai or Naam-Kamai or Kriya Yog and is mainly focused on the subject of selfrealisation (as a soul) which is truly based on self experiences of inner journey (within the body) through concentration and travel towards different worlds (abodes) that are present into the higher limits of the universe. this knowledge is far beyond the reach of those people who are completely engaged into Sargun Bhakti (doing worship of Idols. Vishnu & Mahesh (Trinity). following religious rituals) and keep on searching Supreme Lord in the outer world. The reach and the limitation of Nirgun Bhakti is only up to the territory of Kaal Niranjan who himself resides into the 5th element of the universe i. chanting of mantras.

Soh Hai Nainan Mahin. which are as mentioned below: 1. their limitations and the expert masters of each individual meditation posture who in past. It is not . Above Shunya. suffering & sorrow to each individual being into this mortal world and drive them through destruction. Amarlok (4th Lok. i. The innermost deeper cells of this very particular point in the body gets activated only with the sound of the word: ‘Jyoti Niranjan’ with help of complete concentration which gives the feeling of immense pleasure to an individual and produces immense Mind powers which is being generated by Mind (Kaal Niranjan) itself. Maha Tej Hai Tahin. JYOTI NIRANJAN Jyoti Niranjan Chachri Mudra. Tisko Jana Gorakh Yogi. No individual being in this universe is safe and cannot liberate himself permanently from the entrapment of Mind (Kaal Niranjan).e. there is the creation of Maha-Shunya (7 Lok’s are present in this Maha Shunya where no articles exists) which all comes under great dissolution (Maha Paralaya). attained perfection over each individual word and has attained the different types of temporary salvations through different levels of conscience. The territory of Kaal Niranjan (Mind-Mann) whose limitation is up to the creation of Shunya (14 Lok’s are present in this creation where articles exist). The description of Five Words.50 Sahib Bandgi that continuously gives pain.The abode of Supreme Lord) even by doing Nirgun Bhakti. A yogi called “Gorakh Nath” was an expert of Chachri Mudra (meditation posture) in which he recited the word “Jyoti Niranjan” and completely fixes his whole concentration in place midway between the eyes at the mole inside pupil (also known as Teesray Till Ki Sadhna). No being can attain permanent salvation (Param Moksh).

This path is known as ‘Papeel Marg’ because the whole concentration moves very slowly (at the speed of an ant) inside one’s body. ONKAAR Onkaar Bhuchri Mudra. Chand Suraj Ho Jana. 2. The innermost deeper cells of this very particular point in the body gets activated only with the sound of the word: ‘OM’ (Aum) with the help of complete concentration which also gives an immense pleasure to an individual and produces immense Mind powers which is being generated by Mind (Kaal Niranjan) itself. Vyasa Dev entered into the 4th stage of conscience (Pragya Awastha / Turiya Awastha) with help of complete concentration and got an ethereal body called as ‘Gyaan Daehi’ through which he experienced a much higher state and traveled to much higher level of worlds present in the higher limits of the universe within the physical body and . A yogi called “Vyasa Dev” was an expert of Bhuchri mudra (meditation posture) in which he recited the word “OM” and completely fixes his whole concentration into the at Medula plexus (Aagya Chakra). It is not the state of true selfrealisation (as a soul) and has no concern with the spiritual powers (powers of a soul). Gorakh Nath entered into the 4th stage of conscience (Pragya Awastha / Turiya Awastha) with help of complete concentration and got an ethereal body called as ‘Mahakaaran Shareer’ which is of the size equivalent to Split Red Lentil (Masoor Dal ke daney ke barabar) where he experienced soothing Golden Light (called as ‘Alakh Brahm’) into which he looked at the different worlds present in the universe within the physical body. Trikuti Hai Asthana. Vyasa Dev Tis Ko Pehchana.The Secret of Salvation 51 the state of true self-realisation (as a soul) and has no concern with the spiritual powers (powers of a soul).

In this meditation. Shukdev Tis Ko Pehchana. which means that ‘I am God’. This is the stage where an individual speaks out with a word : ‘Aham Brahmasmi’. Sunn Anhad Ki Taana. Bhanwar Gufa Asthana. A yogeshvar called “Shuk Dev” was an expert of Agochri mudra (meditation posture) in which he recited the word “Sohang” and completely fixes his whole concentration into the nerve called ‘Sushmana’ onto the Jinglements of Words (Anhad Dhuns) continuously happening inside ‘Bhanwar Gufa’ which also gives an immense pleasure to an individual and produces immense Mind powers which is being generated by Mind (Kaal Niranjan) itself. 3. SOHANG Sohang Shabd Agochri Mudra. It is not at all the state of true self-realisation (as a soul) and has no direct concern with the spiritual powers (powers of a soul). This mudra is much more superior than Chachri & Bhuchri mudras (meditation postures). This famous phrase often repeated in the Upanishads. a person listens to the 70 kinds of jinglement of words/sounds (Anhad Dhuns/ Anhad Naad) in Bhanwar Gufa (Bunk Canal) which in reality originates . Shuk Dev entered into the 5th stage of conscience (Maha Pragya Awastha / Turiyateet Awastha) through complete concentration and got an ethereal body called as ‘Vigyaan Daehi’ through which he experienced a much higher state of conscience and traveled to the much higher levels of the universe (has its reach upto the creation of maha-shunya where no articles exists) at much greater speed as compared to the Chachri and Bhuchri mudras. This path is also known as ‘Papeel Marg’ because the whole concentration moves very slowly (at the speed of an ant) inside one’s body.52 Sahib Bandgi at the same time entered into the ‘Onkaar Mandal’ which is the state of higher conscience than Chachri mudra.

onto a sound of Mridang. Tisko Zhilmil Jyot Dikhana. onto a sound of Trumpet etc. There are 70 different paths that are connected with 70 individual musical sounds. Soh Prakash Sanehi. Jaana Janak Videhi. onto a sound of Flute. It is not at all the state of true self-realisation (as a soul) and has no concern with the spiritual powers (powers of a soul).The Secret of Salvation 53 from Anhad Chakra within the physical body. and travels to the different worlds present into the universe. In Vedas. This path is known as ‘Meen Marg’ because the whole concentration moves onto different musical sounds in the same manner and at the same speed as fish moves in water. King Janak also entered into the 5th stage of conscience (Maha Pragya Awastha/ Turiyateet Awastha) through complete concentration and got an ethereal body called as ‘Vigyaan Daehi’ through which he experienced a much higher state of conscience and traveled to the much higher levels of the universe as compared to Chachri. onto a sound of Tabla. A yogeshwar and a king called “Janak” was an expert of Unmuni mudra (meditation posture) in which he recited the word “Satt” and completely fixes his whole concentration into the nerve called ‘Sushmana’ at the point called ‘Saehstrasaar’ (crown chakra) which also gives an immense pleasure to an individual and produces immense Mind powers which is being generated by Mind (Kaal Niranjan) itself. Here an individual holds his concentration onto a particular jinglement of word like onto a sound of Whistle. This mudra is much more superior than Chachri. 4. SATT Satt Shabd Soh Unmuni Mudra. onto a sound of tinkling Bells. Bhuchri and Agochri mudras (meditation postures). Bhuchri & . these musical sounds (Anhad Dhuns) has also been described as ‘Naad Brahm’ or ‘Bangay Elahi’.

opening up of the 10th Aperture which leads them to the end of the universe (3 Lok’s) where they attains Oneness with Niranjan.54 Sahib Bandgi Agochri mudras. Above all. which also comes under the territory of Kaal Niranjan (Mind). It is not at all the state of true self-realisation (as a soul) and has no concern with the spiritual powers (powers of a soul).e. a true Sant (Sant Satguru) also attains this level of super conscience state and moves further towards the level of Supreme state of conscience which is the 6th stage of conscience (Beyond Turiyateet Awastha) while . 5. Brahma-Vishnhu-Mahesh Adi Le. This is the end of Yogmat (Nirgun Bhakti). This is also known as ‘Meen Marg’ where whole concentration travels into the universe at the same speed as fish travels into the water. This is also known as Meen Marg. In this meditation posture the whole concentration of the body enters into Saehstrasaar for which Janak got associated with the title name ‘Videhi’ (Formless Being) after his name. Vishnu and Mahesh were the experts of Khechri mudra (meditation posture) in which they recited the word “R-Rankaar” and completely fixes their whole concentration into “Shunya” which is equivalent to the size of a Poppy Seed (Khuskhus ke danay ke barabar) while passing through Sushmana nerve. Duswan Dwar Thikana. Bhuchri.whom they considered as Supreme Lord which is beyond the reach of yogis. This mudra is much more superior than Chachri. Here they also enters into the 5th stage of conscience (Maha Pragya Awastha / Turiyateet Awastha) and attains such a level of super conscience state which in spiritual terminology is known as “Dasham Dwar” i. Agochri & Unmuni mudras (meditation postures). R-RANKAAR R-Rankaar Khechri Mudra. R-Rankaar Ko Jaana. The three Maha-Yogeshvars Brahma.

Everyone praises of those Words that are present in every human body which can easily be recited with the tongue. which is only available to a true sant. but only the rare beings get blessed up with real Alive Holy-Name (Sajeevan Naam) which is formless and it does not comes under writing.Not of/in Body. This is known as “Vihangam Marg” because the complete concentration travels into the universe at the same speed as Bird flies in the sky.e. but of Atma)) itself that leads to “Amarlok” (4th Lok). which is a secret play of Mind (God of Death) just to entangle every soul within his own territory. No one has ever attained the Supreme state of conscience except the true holy sants. Videh Naam Koi Virla Pavey Videh Naam Pavey Ga Sohi. . Only that being will be blessed up with formless Alive HolyName (Sajeevan Naam) who gets the shelter of the true Perfect Spiritual Master. Jiska Satguru Saacha Hoi. Kaya Naam Sabhi Gunn Gavein. Sahib Ji says that both sargun and nirgun modes of worships are actually the worships of Mind (Kaal Niranjan) not of Supreme Lord (Sahib). It is beyond the reach of Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh. opening up of the 11th Aperture which is present into the concentration (Surati Yog. 7.The Secret of Salvation 55 crossing the territory of Kaal Niranjan (Mind-Mann) which leads to the opening of “Gyarvaan Dwar” i. GREAT DISSOLUTION Sargun Nirgun Yum Ki Baazi. reading or speaking.

air & earth perish while the fifth element ‘sky’ escapes. It will never get liberated. After 5 Asankhya yojan . He (soul) will take birth and die again and again. 5 Asankhya yojan above Shunya. Water waves rise to a height of about 100km and drown the whole of earth. the Sargun as well as Nirgun themselves are perishable. no doubt. The saints believe that when both. we won’t be able to realise truth by the time we remain entangled in perishable things. keep us away for some time from the cycle of birth and deaths however. Clearly. There are seven Lok’s in Maha Shunya separated by huge distances. Life perishes but the sun. There is no Pralaya at all over there. That is why the saints have talked of the Supreme authority that is far beyond Niranjan. Therefore. there is Sohang Lok. After a distance of 3 Asankhya yojan above Achint Lok. the four elements—water.56 Sahib Bandgi Now let me tell you how this Nirgun Nirakar gets perished— Laghu Pralaya : When there is flood. certainly not for all the times to come. the moon. In the last moments of life. where can the jivas worshipping makes them go. the living beings perish. Pralaya : In pralaya. small incidents take place. Kabirji’s saying clearly identifies Mahashunya above the Shunya (in the form of Niranjan). Virat Pralaya : Here all the five elements perish. Mahapralaya : At the time of Mahapralya. It is called as laghu Pralaya. Sargun & Nirgun Bhaktis can. diseases spread and a large number of people die. fire. one realises him whom one worships. the stars & the planets escape destruction. First of all there is the Achint Lok. they (soul) will remain entangled in the 84 lakh yunis. How can a thing are called as Truth when it is bound to perish sooner or later.

Here all the jivas (souls). above it there is Sahaj Lok. there is a Lok beyond these that never gets perished. that is upto seventh sky. Kabir Sahib says— Jahvaan Se Hansa Aaya. This Loka is the abode of Parampurush. Amar Hai Va Loka.These Lok’s are so huge that crores of our universes. there is Pralaya (dissolution). In addition. All the Lok’s upto Sahaj Lok I have talked about get perished at the time of great dissolution.The Secret of Salvation 57 above it. Aadi Purush Yahan Aap Rahayi. Above it there is Ichha Lok. Tahan Nahin Pralaya Ki Chhaya. These seven Lok’s are also called as seven skies. Pavan Na Pani Purush Na Nari. revolve around Satya Purush (Supreme Lord). can be accommodated in these. Hadd-Anhad Tahan Nahin Vichari. absorbed in wonderful unheard of bliss. Yeh Rachna Parley Te Rakha. Brahm Na Jeev Na Tattav Ki Chhaya. After 3 Asankhya yojan above it. where all the Hansas (souls) remain in permanent bliss. Akshar Achint Tahan Na Nayi. Even upto Sahaj Purush. Pap Punya Tahanva Nahin Dekha. Nahin Tahan Dass Indri Nirmaya. Tahan Nahin Jyoti Niranjan Rayi. Aage Achhya Lok Hai Bhai. Nahin Tahan Kachhu Moh Aur Maya. In this connection Satguru Kabir ji says— Sahaj Purush Takk Jetak Bhakha. In comparison to these Lok’s of Maha Shunya. However. there is Ankur lok. Geyan Dheyan Ko Tahan Na Lekha. . Niranjan appears to be a small Shunya (zero). The nine Lok’s of Niranjan and Maya are also upto this place. then Vani Lok wherefrom one hears Anhad sounds. there is Mool Surti Lok.

There is no state of spiritual knowledge or meditation there. is still the truth and will remain the truth for all the times to come. none knows this secret. Even water and air are not to be found there. There are no merits or sins. Nahin Tahan Sarishti Chaurasi Jani. Even Akshar & Achint can’t reach there. How can there be Pralaya where there are no 5 elements to be found? This is the ultimate reality about which Guru Nanak Dev ji has said— Aadi sach ! yugadi sach ! hai bhi sach ! Nanak hosin bhi sach !! Guru Nanak Dev Ji says. No pinds (bodies) or Brahmands are to be found there. This description of Amar Lok made by Kabir Sahib is in a sense scientific one. That Loka is beyond anything like limit or limitless. Also ten kinds of organs not to be found there. Pind Brahmand Ko Tahan Na Lekha. Tahanva Harash Shok Na Hoyi. Again there is no male or female. There is nothing like 84 lakh species. Kabir Sahib says that the Loka wherefrom Hansa has come.58 Sahib Bandgi Kam Krodh Madd Lobh Na Koyi. Nad Bindd Tahan Na Pani. No sign of other kinds of Lokas etc. . There is no Brahm (God) or jiva or material element. There is no existence of Jyoti Niranjan. is beyond dissolution. That is the abode of Param Purush. Nevertheless. Yeh Chariter Eko Nahin Jana. There is no element of any sort of attachment or material things. Aadi Purush Tahanva Asthana. exists there. Loka Lok Tahanva Nahin Dekha. There. “That was the truth from times immemorial.

the jivas (souls) have forgotten all about this Loka. The following lines of Kabir Sahib ji make it quite clear. at present you have fallen in the grip of Kal. In fact. This is a hidden mystery that is known to some rare Sants. Five basic elements constitute Maya & this body is also Maya because it has been made out of these five elements. Their real abode is Amarlok—a very rare & unique one. Both Munn & Maya have united. Panch pachees teen ka pinjrha. This Kal Purush is the devil that resides in our bodies in the form of Mind. 8. However. Munn itself is Niranjan or Nirakar.The Secret of Salvation 59 Jivas (souls) are the parts of Ishwar that have separated from Him & are in the prison of this world of Munn (mind) and Maya (Body). Everyone in this mortal world really understands the importance of salvation and shows their concern in . taking this universe of Kal Purush as the real one man is dancing like a monkey and is thinking his welfare is in it. This Munn (mind) has imprisoned all the jivas (souls) in a cage of Maya (body). Hey hansa tu Amar Lok ka. Sahibji says. Munn itself is Niranjan (God) who has imprisoned you in the bodily cage of 5 material elements. tohi rakhe bharmayi. Because of this they are unable to know themselves. Munn hi sarupi dev niranjan. Nature is also Maya. However. “O Hansa! Amar Lok is thy real abode. Salvations Created by Kaal Niranjan Mukti mukti sab jagat bakhana Mukti bheid koi virla jaana. parha kal bass aayi. Maya (illusion) resides in Munn (Mind). ja mein tohi rakha bharmai. Man is able to see His activities only.

By worshipping God in a Form mode (Sakaar-Physical) or in a Formless mode (Nirakaar-Non Physical). the secret to attaining up the permanent salvation is only known to a rare being. 1. SAMIPAYA MOKSHA An Individual who does noble deeds (punya-karmas).e.real abode of a soul) whose existence is beyond universe. . skyvacuum shunya which is perishable and at the same time resides into every human being as in form of Mind. an individual soul again comes back to this mortal world i. never give harm to any of the living species and worship the Ancestors attains SAMIPYA salvation. However. which all were created by Kaal Niranjan (Mind).e.60 Sahib Bandgi attaining up the same. on the completion of time period. However.e. Satguru Kabir Sahib was the first Holy Saint into the history of mankind who clearly explained and says that “Mind” itself is Niranjan who is Formless in nature and resides into the 5th element of the universe i. All knowledge in this world is emanated from Vedas. there is neither any mention about permanent salvation (Param Moksh) nor any facts of Amarlok (4th Lok. in any of the religious scriptures. After death of a physical body. a human being can only attain the following four kinds of temporary salvations. a soul of that individual being finds a place into Ancestral World (Pitar-Lok) and enjoys all the partial comforts over there as per Karmas for quite some time. which is limited in its approach upto Shunya (sky-space-vacuum) and described ‘Niranjan’ as Formless Lord (Nirakaar Paramatma). In the religious scripture “Vedas” (the world’s oldest knowledge of universe) there are only four kinds of temporary salvations mentioned which are available to mankind i.

2. a soul of such an individual being finds a place in “Brahm-Lok” for lacs of years and enjoys all the comforts over there which are of much higher level as compared to the comforts of Heaven.e. After death of a physical body. SALOKYA MOKSHA An Individual who does noble deeds (punya-karmas) as mentioned in Vedas and other religious scriptures. on the re-creation of the universe after great dissolution. on completion of time duration. Such an individual soul wanders in the limits of “PaarBrahm” and enjoys the bliss in that extremely higher level of universe.The Secret of Salvation 61 re-birth takes place of a new physical being concerned with the same individual soul. an individual soul again comes back to this mortal world i. gets absorbed in Formless after death of a physical being which is known as SAYUJAYA salvation. However. But. . do acts of charity and worship one or the other deity/God for whole life attains SALOKYA salvation. individual soul again comes back to this mortal world after reaping the fruits of noble deeds i. never take meat-wine . However. After death of a physical body. re-birth takes place of a new physical being concerned with the same individual soul. re-birth takes place as a new physical being concerned with the same individual soul. which can’t be described in words. SARUPYA MOKSHA An Individual who rise above Sargun worship and wanders in the limits of “Brahm” attains SARUPYA salvation.e. SAYUJAYA MOKSHA An Individual who worship only the Formless God (Nirakaar Niranjan). 3. 4. a soul of that individual being finds a place into Heaven (Swarg-Jannat) and enjoys all the partial comforts over there for thousands of years against yearned merits.

Mukti bheid main kahun vichaari. Bhave Vishya Kamae. This mind has four forms. Nevertheless.e. when it makes the planning. it is called as mind. All this is nothing but a bundle of thoughts. from the endless cycle of birth and death. 8. Bhave Jahan Lagaye. it is called as . Kabir Mann To Ek Hai. in the whole of universe. Whenever such thoughts enter your mind. It clearly indicates that Kaal Niranjan (Mind). Kabir Sahib says that the Mind is a single entity. has created all the temporary salvations in this universe just to entangle each individual soul into the endless cycle of birth and death which itself is the biggest pain for all of us. There is need to know the secret behind remaining cheerful and also the reason as to why some people remain sad. It is upto man to keep it engrossed in the worship of Guru or in the satisfaction of the lustful desires. I have shared such a true hidden secret of moksh (maha nirvana) which is unknown to the whole of humanity. The Secret of Salvation It is within your power to be happy or sad. subdue them. He has all the powers to mislead each individual soul from the right path – away from permanent salvation (Param Moksh). A true being must think upon it seriously by giving a deep thought on these words. when it makes some desire.62 Sahib Bandgi that individual soul will again comes back to this mortal world and re-birth takes place as a new physical being. only “Satguru” (The Perfect Spiritual Master) has the spiritual powers with which He can easily liberate the Souls permanently from the territory of Niranjan (Mind) i. Bhave Guru Ki Bhakti Karey. who is the ruling power of the universe.

The elements are opposed to one . crows etc. there remains something. This is because all of these are made of 5 material elements. it is called as ego. the dead bodies are thrown in open spaces so that the kites. which is the thing that will go to God? Hindus also say they have to give the account to God. These are–Jalant. it is called as chitt and when it actually performs the action. all the worldly objects we see are perishable. the poor people who can’t afford the expenses of cremation. In fact. Bahant. That is why even the Muslims say they have to go to God. throw the dead bodies in the running water. When the body is consigned to flames. Gadhant and Lutant. All our ancestors have gone leaving their bodies behind. may feed on them and there may remain no trace of pollution. All the religions and panths say that there is something that remains behind even after the death of the body and goes somewhere. Some burn while some bury. This soul gets mixed up with the body and the mind on account of its inability to realize its real identity. In U. these days. According to the Shastras. It has been considered as perishable. Each of these depends for its respective activity on the energy supplied by the soul. Who will go to heaven after the body is put in the grave? That which remains behind has been called as Jeevatma or soul. the body is made of 5 material elements. In European countries. The Christians also talk of heaven. It only expresses some desire. who will go to give the account? That is to say. The final rites of a dead are performed in 4 different ways. Actually the mind can’t go anywhere. Remember! none of the four forms of mind has the power to act on its own. when it remembers. Often we say our mind has gone somewhere.P and Bihar.The Secret of Salvation 63 intellect. This fact needs no evidence. When the body is buried in the grave.


Sahib Bandgi

another. Each destroys the other one. For instance, if a building falls, there is something that makes it fall. This something can be the sand, cement, iron or concrete. The simple reason behind it is that after some years, the iron will get rusted and dissolved. Who will make it so? It is the water that will make it so. The mixture (masala) was formed with water and this water will be responsible for the rusting of iron. It means the element ‘water’ has the power to destroy the element ‘earth’. The five material elements destroy one another and since all the worldly objects are made of these five elements, so these are perishable. However, it is the soul that never perishes under any set of circumstances. Though the soul and the body can’t behave as a single entity, yet they are doing so. It means a knot has developed at some point. The nature of both is different. The body grows, becomes old and then dies. At one time, it appears strong while at some other time it appears weak. It means the body doesn’t remain stable. It is due to the changes taking place in the proportion of the material elements. The soul being unrelated to the material elements, remains stable. How strange it sounds that man, inspite of having a great intellect, has not been able to understand and know his soul. Atam Geyan Bina Ner Bhatke, Keya Mathura Keya Kashi. Without the spiritual knowledge, man has to wander in places like Mathura and Kashi. Even God is present within this physical body. Man has been able to gather some information about the space as well but he has not been able to know himself. He doesn’t know where his Soul and Mind reside within his body. Water and milk can mix with each other as both are in the liquid state. Moreover, there is some element of water in milk as well. However none can expect a stone to

The Secret of Salvation


get mixed up with water. This is because both are made of different materials. Likewise, the spiritual element can’t get mixed up with the body as it doesn’t have even an iota of similarity with the latter. There are 25 kinds of nature related to the body. All the 5 material elements have five kinds of nature each. Blood, Saline, urine, phlegm and brain are the forms of element ‘Jal’ (water) but the Soul has no blood, phlegm etc. Hunger, thirst, sleep, sloth and yawning are the five forms of element Agni (fire). Each of us is feeling hunger, thirst etc. but the Soul doesn’t feel any of such things. The heat in body not only helps in the digestion of food but also causes sleep. Bones, skin, hair, flesh and veins are the forms of element ‘Prithvi’ (earth) but the soul has no skin, hair etc. lust, pride, anger, envy and greed are the forms of element ‘Akash’ (sky) but the soul neither indulges in lustful activities nor shows anger etc. Fear, shame, activities, speed, movements are the forms of element ‘vayu’ (air) but the soul doesn’t show any sign of fear, shame etc. That is to say, none of these 25 forms of nature is to be found in the Soul. We can’t make an effort for soul realization unless we feel the need for spiritual knowledge in the right earnest. All of us know the importance of money in our life. That is why we adopt different professions or jobs for earning the same. That is to say, we make efforts to achieve that which we think is important for us. We don’t try to attain the spiritual knowledge as we don’t realize any visible importance of the same. In Aurangabad, one fellow said to our Nami sister, “We don’t desire salvation. Have we to sit purposelessly and do nothing?” it shows that the said fellow had not understood the spiritual element in a right way. The fact is that there is need to achieve salvation. The literary meaning of salvation is to achieve freedom. Man doesn’t make any


Sahib Bandgi

earnest attempt for attaining salvation because he is not clear about the nature of bondage he has been held in. A certain boy was in the habit of smoking. I told him that it was harmful. He replied that he knew it. I told him that if he had known it in the real sense, he would have given it up. I also said that he was taking in Nicotine that was a very dangerous chemical. Kabir Sahib says to Dharam Dass ji, “The secret of salvation that I am talking about, is not known to the worldly people. A jiva attains real salvation only after reaching Amarlok. There are no sorrows and diseases to be found there. Bliss alone is to be found there. There are no suns and moons there and so there are no days and nights as well. There the Hansas take nectar as food. On having a look at each Hansa, it appears as if 16 suns had risen at one and the same time. Their charming fragrance reaches up to a long distance of 400 yojans. All are equal there. Neither there is any king nor any beggar. No language, used in the universe of Kaal is spoken there. All the Hansas communicate in sweet and nectarine manners. Nothing like sleep or laziness is to be found there. Love and only love is to be found there.” Dharam Dass ji says, “How can one reach that Loka?” Kabir Sahib says, “You should make a search for the true and real ‘Naam’ because it is only the true and real Naam blessed by Satguru that can help Jiva cross the worldly ocean of life. Kaal is very powerful and none can escape from its grip Only the sword in the form of ‘Naam’ can cut the strong rope of Kaal tied round the neck of every Jiva. The mayaic mesh of the world of Kaal (Niranjan) is like poison whereas the ‘Naam’ is the nectar that can counter its evil effect. The gods, man and the like are all drowned in the waves of vices and lustful activities and there appears to be no shore. All are entangled in the

Is Jyoti Swaroop Niranjan who has created our universe and in whose glory the Vedas etc.” Kabir Sahib says.The Secret of Salvation 67 unreal acts of hypocrisy like observing of fasts and visiting of places of pilgrimage but salvation is not possible without getting blessed with Naam. Vishno. That Param Purush has no physical body. enable Jiva to cross the worldly ocean of life. in no way. There are countless shining continents and countless flower-buds. The glory of that place can’t be described in words. “Kindly tell me how did Param Purush create that Loka? Also. Parvati. From that very Loka the Hansas have come over here. There is none other than He. 80 thousand Rishies. . Dharam Dass ji prayed to Kabir Sahib. His abode lies in Amar Lok that is far beyond the 3 Lokas.” He also says that all the people are engrossed in the worship of the three gunas–Sattav gun (Vishno ji). tell me how did He create all the continents and the flower-buds?” Kabir Sahib says. Dharam Dass ji says to Kabir Sahib. 84 Sidhs (a sect of sages). Raj gun (Brahma ji) and Tam gun (Shiv ji)—which can. Mahesh. In such a case how he can do so with one mouth only. 10 incarnations. Kindly satisfy my curiosity by explaining to me the glory of Naam. Brahma. “That Param Purush is neither Jyoti Purush nor a woman. “Kindly give me a detailed information about ‘Naam’. Adh Bhawani. Ganesh. I shall take all that you say as truth and truth alone. 6 Darshans (holy scriptures). Hearing this. our real God? I shall do what is helpful in the emancipation of my Hansa. There is nothing like Niranjan.” He further says that even 7 padam mouths will fail to describe the glory of that Loka. I bow to you and pray to you to clear my doubts. talk about. “There is nothing like the five elements and three virtues. Light and bliss are always to be found there.

This very particular place is the abode of Param Purush. in Amar Lok. He didn’t kill Niranjan as that would have meant killing of all of His sons. Param Purush gave him as well a place called as Mansrovar. He didn’t give any abode to Niranjan. “Kindly tell me about the continents that are to be found in the Loka of Param Purush. He created tubeless flowers by His breath alone. Param Purush was again pleased with him and empowered him to rule over seven .” Dharam Dass is astonished to know this and says to Kabir Sahib with folded hands. The latter was pleased with his service. “That God is hidden from sight. He who reaches there never returns to the universe of Kaal. that Loka has no beginning or end and has no shadow even of Kaal (Niranjan). However. called as Ambu where the Hansas reside. he meditated on Him for a long time and served Him. The service never goes unrewarded. Those flowers are very charming and rare. He also created a continent. “There are countless lotus flowers in the abode of Param Purush. Then He created 16 sons as well. He gave a separate continent to each of His sons. So He thought of letting him remain in a separate place. called as (Pankhuriyan) and 900 other Continents.” He further says. All the sons of Param Purush began to serve Him.” He further says. “There is a continent. Then there is a lotus with seven leaves. Therefore. Moreover. You are like the Malyagiri mountain whereas I am like a serpent that desires your cooling shade.” Niranjan worshipped again. Niranjan didn’t get any continent.” Kabir Sahib says to Dhara m Dass ji. Have pity on me and hide nothing.” Param Purush gave to all of His sons different abodes in Amar Lok.68 Sahib Bandgi seven days and 15 lunar days to be found there.

Param Purush created a beautiful and a rare girl with 8 arms and sent her to him. Like an egotist. As a result. The latter was very much pleased to know of it. I want the Hansas that are to be found in Amar Lok. the sun. However. Mool Beej Ke Sung. I am not satisfied with this much alone. he asked him how he should perform that job along with that of creating nine regions. Chawrasi Lakh Jeev Sung. In addition. He told his elder brother. Niranjan went to his brother Kooramji. all the five elements.” Influenced by the service and devotion of Niranjan. the stars etc. . the universe he created was lifeless. that Param Purush had given him a separate abode and the power to rule over seven continents. came out from the body of Kooram in a very subtle form.The Secret of Salvation 69 continents. He didn’t show any regard to him. He was thinking about the ways and means by which he could take from him the material related to creation. He. Finding that Kooramji was very strong and his body was double than that of his own. He again went to Sahaj and said. once again. Niranjan collected all that material and came to Shunya (nothingness) and performed the job of creation. You should go again to Param Purush and should request Him on my behalf to give me the seed as well. “Param Purush has given to all His sons separate abodes in Amar Lok. Niranjan was pleased to hear so. began to serve Param Purush. he grew furious and began to run around him. the moon. He has given me nine regions as a reward of my service to Him. Sahaj. cut off his 3 heads and ate them up. Sahaj went to Param Purush and told him all that Niranjan had said. Param Purush told the technique that could enable Niranjan perform his job. He attacked his brother with nails.

” Hearing this. Niranjan became angry and stood face to face with Jogjeet to have a fight with him. Dharma Bood Rung. You should. Jogjeet scolded him much and he had to leave Mansrovar for some far off place. “Even after consuming 1 lakh Jivas. Aagya Bheyi Tum Beg Sidharo. your hunger won’t get satisfied. Dharam Rai Ko Mar Nikaro. Param Purush gave her the basic seed as well and asked her to go to Niranjan who was in Mansrovar and help him in performing the job of creation. Jogjeet went to Niranjan in Mansrovar and said. Along with Jivas. Aage Peechhe Na Sochiya. Jogjeet (Kabir Sahib) by name and asked him to turn Dharam Rai (Niranjan) out of His abode. However.” Kooram also meditated on Param Purush and said that Niranjan had cut off his heads and had forcibly taken out the seed of 5 elements.70 Sahib Bandgi Ye Sub Mansrovar Rachyo. he swallowed her. Ta Ko Leenhe Khayi. Sunat Vachan Prabhu Bahut Risane. Then He created out of Himself a power. go away from this place. As per the dictates of Param Purush. He couldn’t control himself for a moment even. Niranjan was fascinated to see the beauty of Adhya Shakti. Param Purush was very much offended with Niranjan. Jogjeet Tabb Hi Utpane. Param Purush took ill of this wrong act of Niranjan and hurled a curse on him saying. Without thinking about the pros and cons. at once. “You are the thief of Param Purush. . he came again and again to have a fight with Jogjeet though every time he had to eat a humble pie. Pall Bhar Rahyo Na Jayi. Dekhi Roop Kamini Ko.

Then Jogjeet meditated on Param Purush. Param Purush has created me and sent me to give you a thrashing and throw you away from this place. I never heard about you.The Secret of Salvation 71 Tabb Main Hatau Purush Ke Thaun. Trasit Kaal Darr Adhika. Ko Tum Hau So Mohi Bataou. Sahaj Bhav Tum Pher Banaou.” Hearing this. “Who are you? When I was in the Loka of Param Purush. Adhya Shakti began to feel afraid of Niranjan and stood there with a bowed head. Then Niranjan said– Kahey Dharam Sunu Aadi Kumari. he rose up.” Jogjeet said. Jogjeet did so and severed the head of Niranjan. Then he caught hold of him and threw him down the Amar Lok into Shunya. “Don’t be afraid of me. Finding himself helpless before Jogjeet. Abb Jani Derpo Tras Hamari. Tabb Nahin Sunyo Tumharau Naoun. Abb Jani Derpo Tras Hamari. You have swallowed Adhya Shakti and have done wrong to Kooram. she also thought that she won’t be able to go back to Amar Lok again. He said to Adhya Shakti. The girl came out of his body. Ik Mati Hoye Kerhu Upraja. Purush Racha Tohi Hamra Kaja. “My name is Geyani. Kamini Rahi Skaye. After gaining consciousness. She felt afraid on seeing him and began to think as to how she had reached there. Aas Paas Chitvat Khari. Rahi So Sees Navae. . The latter asked him to strike him on head. Hum Hain Purush Tum Hin Ho Nari. Niranjan was infuriated and began to fight with Jogjeet again. Niranjan said. Seeing all this.

Dus Char Sut Deeje Bhayanker Jihi Tain Hoye Tras Ho. I am a male and you are my female. Us Kerhu Kulaf Kapat Dai Sub Jeev Jahitain Na Chaley. Adhya Shakti said to Niranjan. From the 2nd point of view. along with the latter (Mind). So you should look at me with a pure eye or else you will be taken as a sinner. so you are my elder brother.” Dharm Kahey Sun Kanya.72 Sahib Bandgi Param Purush has created you for assisting me in my work. “It won’t be easy to do so. I am your daughter as I have come out of your body after being swallowed by you. There will appear the need to close the door with a lock so as to prevent the jivas from escaping away. Kahain Bhavani Sunhu Niranjan Yeh Mantar Nij Soyi Bhaley. Tihu Lok Hoat Jhata Pata Abb Char Jugan Nivas Ho. Niranjan closed all the apertures in the . Kya Dahkus Tain Mohi. “I have no misconception or doubt because the sin as well as virtue is nothing but my own creation. With the help of 5 elements and 3 gunas (virtues) he created 84 lakh species and asked Adhya Shakti to render her services in the running of administration. Niranjan said to Adhya Shakti. So both of us shall rule together. So you shouldn’t try to frighten me. For this purpose.” Adhya Shakti said.” Hearing this. you are my father. As such. Bharam Bhayo Mati Tohi. “What are you saying? As both of us are the children of Param Purush. Pap Punya Hamre Gharai. created the universe. you should give me 14 fearful and dangerous looking sons that may strike awe and fear in the minds of the Jivas.” Thus Adhya Shakti was forced to accept the dictates of Niranjan and then she (Maya).

. In this way. The latter lost his temper on seeing him and asked him the reason of his coming there. Kindly tell me about the 14 yamas. he reached the abode of Niranjan. he (Niranjan) asked him to leave that place or else he would kill him. Satgun and Tamgun) into the three sons (Brahma. He keeps an account of the sins and merits. Adhya Shakti entered three gunas (Rajgun. Kooram and Brah etc. Niranjan and Adhya Shakti cheated the Jivas through their unreal creation. These have held the Jiva in bondage. In addition. Kabir Sahib says. Chaudah Yam Mohi Varni Sunao.” Kabir Sahib further says that after offering salutations to Param Purush. Daya Kerhu Jani Mohi Durao. Acheta.The Secret of Salvation 73 ten directions. After that he created huge mountains so that their heavy weight may prevent the universe from becoming unstable. He also said that it was he who had turned him out of Amar Lok. They prayed for their safety. even a Guru who is aware of the path would have shown the same to his disciples. He asked me (at that time called as Jog Santain) to free the helpless and suffering jivas from the net of Kaal. Nam Jaman Kau Mohi Sunaun. Agni. Vishno and Mahesh) born out of her union with Niranjan. Dharam Dass ji says to Kabir Sahib– Dharam Dass Ji Teke Gahi Paun. The Jivas were frightened to see the fearful appearance of Kaal (Niranjan). Makrandi and the like with him. thus helping them move out through them. Chitchanchal. Moreover. After the closure of the apertures. the latter provided support to the universe through Meen. The echo of their prayer reached Param Purush. Had it not been so. He has an army of Mrityuandha. “Chitara Gupat is the head of all the Yamas.

Aagya Purush Ki Tum Hoo Maanhu. Niranjan said– He Swami Ver Aesu Hoyi. You can rule over Jivas for 3 yugas but with the beginning of the 4th yuga. so you shouldn’t take the Hansas. Bhavsagar Khali Per Jayi.” He also said that since the very time three sons were born to them (as a result of his union with Adhya Shakti). I shall get constructed a Hari mandir (temple in the name of Hari) where all the Jivas would worship me. Nam pratap hans muktavhi. I have granted your request.Chautha yug ansh mum aavhi. So Na Karab Jo Sub Jiv Jayi. “I obey your orders but I want you to listen to my request. So Na Karab Jo Sub Jiv Jahin. However. He also said that he had come over there to take the Jivas as per His dictates. Purush Bole Hara Mohi Pahin. He had also given 84 Lakh Jivas to him but he had given them much tortures. my Ansh (own part) will appear in the universe and will free the Hansas with the power of Naam. Param Purush has given me the 3 Lokas to rule over.74 Sahib Bandgi Kabir Sahib told him that he had come there as per the dictates of Param Purush who had given him (Niranjan) the three Lokas to rule over. Aisa Matt Geyani Tum Thanhu. He who doesn’t worship me.” At this. for three yugas I shall have my complete sway over the Jivas and in over the 4th yuga as well. Kabir Sahib said – Vinti tor karun pratipala. he had been taking himself as the king Niranjan. Niranjan said. Yug teenou jeevan ver sala. shall be taken as my thief. . Kachhu Mangon Abb Deeje Soyi.

Pratham Hi Sagar Teer Sudharhu. Parshu Ram. Ram Chander Aage Karo. He who gets blessed with ‘Naam’ from me. Bavan Nar Singh Ansh Mum. Tatein Bhav Jarai Nahin Mora. He further said. I want to have a firm and strong sway over the universe.The Secret of Salvation 75 Kindly give me what I ask for. NerSingh. Hans Lok Lai Aaeb. Paras Ram Balbir.” Jagan Nath Main Thapav. my name will be kabir and my appearance will be like that of a human being. “O Geyani! First you should get a temple constructed in my name on the bank of the sea. will gain victory over you and will reach Amar Lok. You shouldn’t do any such thing as makes all the jivas cross the worldly ocean because in that case the world will give a desertlike look and the blessings I have received from Param Purush. will remain unfulfilled. In Sat yug. Mohin Thaphu Main Kerhun Nihora. Ram Chander. His word can’t be dishonored. my Ansh (own parts) will come to the universe and any enlightened soul that seeks shelter gets blessed with Naam will be able to reach Amar Lok after crossing the worldly ocean. Purush Vachan Kahan Tum Kahan Lajoo.” Kabir Sahib said. Kindly help me in this task and keep the sanctity of the word given to me by Param Purush. He said that he would come to the world incarnating himself as Bhagvan. Jayab Sagar Teer. Tabb Puni Krishan Sharir. Mandap Uthe Atal Ho Rajoo. He Geyani Us Mato Vicharhu. . However in Kali yug. Deh Jabb Dharab Kabir. Krishan and the like and would display his miraculous powers. “If Param Purush has given you the word to rule. Treta yug and Dwapar yug.

“Of the three sons born to Adhya Shakti. In this way. Kabir Sahib said. . the demons were produced. Rajgun was associated with Brahmaji. The latter asked Brahma what they had to do.” He Swami Main Kahaun Vichari. Brahmaji created 60 thousand drops that produced the jivas with nails. Out of Rajgun and Tamgun. Satgun with Vishnoji and Tamgun with Shivji. Dharam Dass ji offered his salutations to him and requested him to tell him how Niranjan created the universe. Niranjan said. Rookun Na Hans Jo Sharan Tumhari.76 Sahib Bandgi Kabir Sahib said. The 4 Vedas were produced out of the breath of Niranjan. Brahma asked her to give him the permission to create seven seas and fill them with water so that the demons may remain misled and may not be able to create nuisance. “I shall not stop the Hansas that will seek your shelter. Your Jivas will keep their feet on my shoulders and will go across the worldly ocean. “I shall construct the Jagan Nath temple on the bank of the sea but I shall take the Hnsas to Amar Lok when I descend on the earth as Kabir. The tridevas went to their mother and asked her what they should do. Out of Satgun. Then there was a war between the two. These prayed at the place where Brahma was present. 33 crore gods were produced. Brahma came to have the knowledge of the Vedas. Jo Koyi Jeev Hoye Tumhara. Apne Kandh Utaron Para.” Hearing all this from Kabir Sahib. Adhya Shakti asked Brahma to create the universe. Brahma asked how he should do so.

The Secret of Salvation


Khanhu Sindhu Munn Vachan Im, Mantar Kahaun Samujhaye. Mati Uthe Ju Khanat Mahan, Ta Kah Ghalib Khaye. Brahma asked those jivas with nails to dig the sea and to take the earth out. He also asked them to mix the same with water and eat. In this way, Brahma with four mouths, created the seven seas. When the sea got filled with water, the jivas with nails were devoured by Kaal. After the creation of the seas, Brahma created Saligram, Gandak, Narmada, Godavri, 68 places of pilgrimage and the like. Whole of the world got misled in this creation. Sindhu Samhar Gaye Devi Thaun, Chatur Much Aan Gahe Tabb Paon. He Mata Agya Tum Mani, Rachyo Sindhu Tuv Vachan Pravani. Then Brahma went to the mother and offered salutations and said that he had created the sea as per her desires. He also asked her to tell him what he should do next. Gaye Sindhu Ke Pass, Bhaye Thad Teeno Janey. Yukti Mathan Perkas, Ek Ek Ko Nirakh-hin. As per the dictates of their mother, the three sons went to the sea and looking at each other, began to think about ways and means of churning it. On churning it, the three sons found three things. Brahma found the Vedas, Vishnoji found the glare while Shivji got the poison. With the three things the three brothers went to their mother happily. The mother asked each of them to keep with him that which he had found. She, once again, asked her sons to go for the churning of the sea and that too without any further delay. The three brothers offered salutations to her and proceeded for the


Sahib Bandgi

churning of the sea. This time they found a treasure of 14 precious stones (Rattan). With this, they went to the mother. Out of it, Vishnoji was given the nectar whereas Shivji was given the poison. When the demons came to know of it, they demanded that they should also be given half of it. They also said that Vishnoji the gods should keep the Vedas the poison with them should hand over the nectar to them (demons). Vishnoji suggested that they would together drink the nectar. Accordingly, both–the gods as well as the demons—sat in two lines. However, none could see through the trick of Vishnoji. He began to offer nectar to the gods alone. Devan Amrit Peyao, Kahu Na Keenha Prasad. Bantat Rahoo Tabb Grasyo, Chander Bhanu Kiyo Baad. In the meantime, Rahu came to know of it and he also drank the nectar in the guise of the god. The moon and the sun told this to Vishnoji. At this, Rahu swallowed the moon. On learning that Rahu had treacherously drunk the nectar, Vishnoji got infuriated. He cut off his head with his Sudarshan Chakra (wheel-like weapon). Nevertheless, the nectar had reached his belly, so he didn’t die instead, assumed two faces. His head turned into Rahu while the body turned into Ketu. Then there was a war between the gods and the demons. Taking the moon and the sun as his enemies, Rahu began to ecllipse them. All this happened on the bank of the sea. Then all the three brothers went to the mother who asked them to perform the job of creation. The mother herself created the Jivas that were to take birth out of eggs, Brahmaji created the ones that were to take birth directly from the bodies, Vishnoji created the insects etc. whereas Shivji created the ones that were to take birth from water. Thus, 84 lakh

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yunies were created. In addition, they created water and land in two equal parts. The jivas produced by Shivji had one element; the ones produced out of Ukmaj were given 2 elements; the ones produced out of the egg were given 3 elements whereas those produced directly out of the bodies were given 4 elements. However, the human body was given 5 elements and it was given the power to attain salvation. The Jivas who attain the human bodies after leaving their previous bodies, reflect their previous nature. Though the human birth is the highest one of all, yet it goes waste if one doesn’t get blessed with Naam. Brahma had listened to the Vedas created out of the breath of Niranjan and had kept them with him. He began to study these Vedas and this study revealed some secrets to him. Nirakar Niranjan Sarishti Keenha Utpan. Main Janaun Bhall Marm Abb, Nahin Keenhayo Adi Bhavan. The study of the Vedas revealed to Brahma that there is a formless being, Niranjan by name, who has created the entire universe. He also learnt that Adhya Shakti had no role in all this. Chaley Brahma Mata Per Aaye, Doyi Ker Jori Kai Vinti Laye. Hey Mata Main Poochhaun Tohin, Jo Poochhaun So Kahiye Mohin. Kaun Purush Muhi Keenha Prakasha, So Sub Matu Kaho Mohi Pasa. He went to the mother and with folded hands prayed to her to tell him how he was created. Kahe Bhavani Sunu Brahm Kumara, Prithvi Akash Main Anusara. Main Keenha Dutiya Nahin Kau,

Kahan Ahai So Mohi Batao. Jamein Hohu Snath. Four yugas passed thus. Sadhu Sadhu Kahi Adhi Bhavani. There was none else but she who had told all that to him.80 Sahib Bandgi Tum Kus Bhule So Kaha Bheou. Offering salutations to the mother. O my mother! I request you to tell me the whereabouts of that Adi Purush without hiding anything from me. Puhup Laike Perseu. The mother said that his feet reach the seven patals whereas his head reaches upto the seven heavens. Niranjan and Jyoti Sarup. Jyoti Apar Sharuti Gun Gaya. Jihin Tain Brahma Aaye. He himself is Nirankar. You should take the flowers with you and should place the same on his head as an offering. Kripa Karo Jin Mohi Durao. Hey Mata Main Ved Vichara. She produced a girl . Gayetri Utpanou. The Vedas sing in his glory. Abb Main Karab Upaye So. Hai Koyi Shunya Main Sirjanhara. Adi Purush Jehi Tain Utpani. There he began to meditate on Jyoti Swaroop. Saat Swarg Hain Maath. Nirankar Niranjan Raya. She began to think of the ways and means that could help in bringing Brahma back. Brahma went to shunya where there was no sun or moon. Brahma said that the Vedas had revealed to him that the creator of the universe lives in Shunya. Charan Sapat Patal Hain. Adhya Shakti began to show concern about the whereabouts of her eldest son. The mother said that it was she who had created the earth and the sky. Tahi Kahi Samujhaye.

Pita Darash Ujhun Nahin Payehu. Brahma Gaye Pita Ke Thayi. Gayetri went to Brahma and said that he had come with flowers in hand but hadn’t so far had the vision of his father. She also asked him to make haste as the job of creation couldn’t be performed without his presence. Bahut Bhanti Ker Tihi Samujhayi. Brahma Kahai Kavan Tain Aahi. Pita Darash Ajhun Nahin Paoun. Tum Bin Sarishti Na Ho Anusara. Mor Maram Paye Kihin Pahi.The Secret of Salvation 81 (Gayetri by name) and sent her to shunya with the needed guidelines. Puhup Laiker Darshan Aayehu. Gayetri Kahan Aayesu Hoyi. Kahey Brahma Kaise Main Jaoun. Pita Darash Ajhoon Nahin Payi. Tinsaun Jayiker Vachan Prakasha. Tau Tub Sung Abb Dharaun Paou. Chalhu Begi Jin Lavhu Bara. She should admonish him that much time had elapsed. Adi Bhavani Mohi Upjayi. Morey Hit Kah Jhuth Savbhaou. Chali Gayetri Brahma Pasa. . Ek Upaye Chalau Sunu Bata. Brahma asked her how she had come to know of him. Tau Kahan Baat Poochhihe Mata. Bahut Divas Bhaye Beg Lai Aavhu. Tumhi Lain Ko Yahan Pathayi. Gayetri said that she had been created by Adhya Shakti and had come there to take him back as per her dictates. The mother told Gayetri that Brahma had gone to have a vision of his father but he had not so far succeeded in doing so.

Brahma told the mother that both of them were witness to the fact that he had had a vision of his father and had touched his head. Then all the three went to the mother.82 Sahib Bandgi Pun Parmarath Hai Barr Soyi. Gayetri admonished her much but in vain. Persyo Sees Dekh In Aankhi. Mata Sub Poochhi Kushlayi. Then she asked Brahma if he had a vision of his father. for his sake. Gayetri suggested to produce another witness for the purpose. Gayetri produced a girl out of her wax. At last. Kahu Brahma Pitu Darsan Paye. Brahma. Brahma said with what a face he could go to the mother. He hadn’t been able to have a vision of his father. was left with no alternative but to oblige her. she agreed to tell a lie say to the mother that he had been able to have a vision of his father. He also said that he was ready to go with her if. All the three offered salutations to the mother. under the nature of circumstances. Both–Gayetri and Brahma–were worried at this development. She was given the name of Savitri. Savitri was not prepared to tell a lie. The latter asked how they were. Doosri Nari Kahan Se Laye. Gayetri said that she would tell a lie only if he agreed to satisfy her sexual desire. Savitri gave her accent provided Brahma agreed to satisfy her sexual desire. . Gayetri asked her to stand witness to the fact that Brahma had had a vision of his father. Brahma agreed to it. Kah Brahma Dou Hain Sakhi. She also asked as to who that second woman was. Savitri said that she should be called by the name of Puhupavati. Kari Pranam Sammukh Rahey Jayi. But before going to the mother.

Puhupavati also said that Brahma had a vision of his father’s head. said that she had seen Brahma having a vision of his father. Tabb Gayetri Vachan Sunava. There was no element of falsehood in that. Mata Satya Vachan Nehin Doli. Adhya Shakti was perturbed to know of it. Kimi Brahma Darsan Kiye. Kahu Pahupavati Mohi. Bha Achraj Yeh Maram Na Jani. Yeh Main Poochhaun Tohi. She was astonished as to how all that could happen when Niranjan had said that none would be able to see him. . Sakh Sunat Adhya Akulani. Tum Dekha In Darshan Pava. Giving false witness. she could confirm it from Panpavati (Puhupavati). Moreover. Brahma Darsh Sees Pitu Pava. Gayetri. Kachhu Gayetri Vachan Vichari. Brahma Hi Miley Dev Jugdeesha. Darshan Sees Lahyo Chaturanan.The Secret of Salvation 83 Tabb Mata Bhuge Anusari. Charey Sees Yeh Dhar Nischaya Mann. Main Dekha In Perseou Shisha. If she didn’t believe her. It was very much true. giving a false witness. Adhya Shakti asked Puhupavati to tell her whether Brahma had a vision of his father. Kaho Satya Darshan Perbhava. Darash Katha Nirvar Ke. The mother asked Gayetri to say the truth as to whether Brahma had a vision of his father. She also said that she had seen Brahma offering a flower at the head of his father and that woman (Puhupavati) was produced out of that very flower. Puhupavati Vachan Tabb Boli. he had touched his head as well.

Even Brahma. Niranjan replied that Brahma hadn’t had a vision of him. “You will become a cow and will have countless husbands. will invite disaster for his family. Jani Manhu Yeh Hain Labrai.” Jabb Lug Us Keenha Prahara. “Everyone in the 3 lokas is under the spell of Kaal. Sankadi. None has been able to escape from the charming snake-like bite of Maya.” All the three suffered for their wrong acts. So she sat in meditation and asked Niranjan if they had a vision of him. Then Adhya Shakti hurled a curse on Gayetri saying. Brahma Mor Darash Nehin Paya. Hearing this. You will taste filth with the mouth you have used for telling lies. Brahma fell unconscious on the ground. You will be born on stony lands he who plants you in his home. Kabir Sahib says to Dharam Dass ji. the mother hurled a curse on Brahma saying.” . Jhuthi Sakhi In Aaye Divaya. Hearing the curse hurled on him by the mother. Moreover. she looked at Puhupavati and hurled a curse on her as well saying. Narad and others couldn’t escape from it. Teenon Mithya Kahey Banayi. your descendants will also indulge in acts of great sins. Brahma Moorchhit Mahi Ker Dhara.” After this.84 Sahib Bandgi She didn’t realize that all of them were telling lies. You will become a Keli flower (a flower on a banana-like tree). Shiv. “You have told a lie that you were born out of a flower. can surely escape from it. The women were being made to bear false witness. “none in the world will worship you. Only some rare devotees who remain absorbed in the holy Naam blessed by the Satguru.

Hearing the Akashwani (sound from across the sky) of Niranjan. Jus Chaho Tus Karo Upayi. Munn Sun Gune Kaha Nehin Bani. Akas Bani Tabb Bheyi. Badla Mohi So Pavai. Oyal Prabhab Shap Hum Paya. “You should go to Sapat Patal and should touch the feet of your father and worship him there. Adhya Shakti began to repent inwardly. Abb Kaha Niranjan Raya. whenever some strong fellow would tease some weaker one. She told Niranjan that she was under his power and he could do as he desired. Shap Oyal Jabb Suneou Bhavani. Munn Mahin Tabb Pachhtavei. Torey Bus Pari Hum Aayi. Tumhoon Panch Bhatari Ho. Dwapar Yug Jabb Aaye.” Neechhi Oonch Sitaye.The Secret of Salvation 85 Shap Teenon Ko Dai Liyo. Then she went to Vishnoji and said. Niranjan said. Adhya Shakti thought within herself that she had received a curse in retaliation of curses hurled by her. Utpati Karan Tohi Pathayo.” He hurled a curse on Adhya saying that in Dwapar yug. After hurling the curse on all the three. he began to feel drowsiness due . Kaha Charit Yeh Thaniya. Yahu Kaha Keen Bhavaniya. “Bhawani! What have you done? I had asked you to perform the job of creation but what play have you enacted. I shall give him troubles in return. Kus Kerhi Mohi Niranjan. In addition. Niranjan spoke from across the sky thus. “In future. She thought she ought to have pardoned them instead of hurling curses. she was thoughtful about the course of action Niranjan would adopt.” Vishnoji proceeded on his mission but in the very first Patal. the five husbands of Draupadi (Gayetri) will be her (Adhya Shakti’s) sons. Pall Chhyama Mohi Na Aavei.

The mother told him all about the two brothers and said that he could ask for what he wanted. With folded hands Shivji worshipped the mother and felt much pleasure. The effect of the Shesh Nag’s poison turned his color black (Shyam). Keenhoun Bahut Hulas. The mother asked him to perform yog and said that his body would remain safe as long as there were the universe.” Niranjan came to know of it. The mother was pleased to hear all this. In this yug. Yeh Charitar Ker Devi. His body wouldn’t decay as long as there were the sun.” Vishnoji had to return back. She blessed him for his truthfulness and said that his glory would remain in the world as long as the creatures would continue to be born. you will be incarnated as Krishan and you can take revenge by stitching me in a string. the moon and the like. the Patal and the like. Ker Jore Stuti Karai. He would remain so even when Brahma. He spoke from across the sky.86 Sahib Bandgi to the effect of Shesh Nag’s poison.” Vishnoji told Adhya Shakti each and every thing that had happened to him. the mother asked her three sons to perform . If there is such a heat in the very first Patal. “The way to the 7th Patal (Lokas below the earth) is a very hard and tedious one. the mother went to Shivji. there will be Dwapar yug. Chali Jo Shiv Ke Paas. After this. Vishno and the 33 crore gods would leave their bodies. the sky. you should bear in mind that in the Patals to come. Shivji said that his body should never decay. After this. your body will turn black. Shesh Nag said to Vishnoji. “After the Sat yug and Treta yug.

Thus. Keejai Sarishti Vichar. there appeared human beings everywhere. in all the 10 directions. Prithvi Bheyi Tabb Vyakul. Then there was a word from the sky. Jabb Bhayo Prithvi Prachar. Sahi Na Sakey Us Bhar. Teen Dev Vinti Karain. The birth of demons gave rise to repeated wars. which directed Vishnoji to kill all the creatures. Karon Charit Abb Soye. This made the earth painful as it couldn’t bear so much burden. She asked them to create both–the male as well as the female–so that out of the lustful desires. Just as a store of grain is first filled and then it is put to use and again it is filled and used. Aagya Us Jo Hoye. The earth came back to its place. Tahan Baith Jo Devat. Jus Anaj Ki Kothri. Even the 33 crore gods got perished. So the earth assumed the appearance of a cow and went to Vishnoji to narrate to him her tale of vow. began to kill the living creatures. Then he kept all the jivas in molten form with him. the continuity of life may go on. Sava Lakh Jeev Vsihno Te. Then Vishnoji asked the earth to go to its place and said that he would lighten her burden. Vishnoji meditated on Niranjan and told him about the problem of the earth and asked what he should do in such circumstances. all the Jivas began to take birth and die again and again. Kari Krishanu Bahu Prem. Chaley Jaat Nit Nem.The Secret of Salvation 87 the job of creation. Then Vishnoji. Bhar Utaro Mahi Ko. Dashoun Disha Tabb Nirmayo. as per the dictates of Niranjan. Then 1¼ lakh jivas began to be created by Vishnoji. . In the same way. Bhayo Manush Apar. Jahu Prithvi Ghar Apne.

at the mercy of Yam (the lord of death). the Tridevas (Brahma. Shabad Gaho Parvan. remained absorbed in his worship. He had gained a victory over all the 3 lokas –the heaven. Bina Nam Nehin Mukti Fal. At first. Nam Gaho Chit Laye Kai. Munies. thought of performing the job of creation. Sun Dharam Dass Sujan. The people became prosperous and none remained miserable. Vishno and Mahesh). the kings and the like but none could realize that the Jivas were created and destroyed as per the self interest of the creator. Janchyo Fir Aavai Hershanta. there appeared many Rishis. Bali Bhayo Dani Maha Perchanda. Swarg Patal Mahi Nau Khanda. never returned empty handed. Kabir Sahib asks Dharam Dass to hold on to the ‘Naam’ as there is no other way to attain salvation. However. at least. His minister Shuker suggested to him to perform an Ashvamedh yajya. the Patal and the earth. help him attain heaven. In this yug the bodies of all the Jivas were very beautiful. The Jivas. Then he thought of performing worship so as to seek the blessings for salvation. there was the Sat yug. The living beings were produced. He said that if that yajya failed to give him salvation. it will. . couldn’t see through his acts of cheating and instead. Whoever came to him with some desire. However. Everyone returned from his abode with a smiling face. Kabir Sahib says that one Bali among the demons performed great acts of charity. once again. Dharam Dass ji told Kabir Sahib that he had fully understood him. Sidhs. he asked the latter to fulfill his desire of knowing more about the virtues of God. Jo Janchain Tihi Dey Turanta.88 Sahib Bandgi After the dissolution of the earth.

Pug Teen Mangaun Naptai Jamain Hoye Atav Ho. You can ask for some diamond if you so desire. the king Bali laughed and said. The king expressed his anger at what the minister said and taking water in hand. Hira Rattan Manak Padarath Chhad Mahimein Keya Raha. Hearing this. Trishna Swarth Nidhi Kahav. Vishno ji came to know of it. He thought that he would bring Inder under his subordination and would rule over the heaven. Prathan Vachan Perman. The king. gave 3 steps of land to Vishnoji who had come in the guise of a Pandit ji. Karab Swarg Ker Raj. Suni Bihanse Bali Rai Tabb-hein Aho Viper Mangau Kaha.The Secret of Salvation 89 Ashavmedh Rachi Raj. Yehi Ruchi Mohi Sun Narpati. on knowing that the Ashvamedh yajya could bestow a great thing like salvation. Hearing this. The latter offered him salutations and asked the reason of his arrival. Jaan Mahafal Mukti Ker. Inder Karab Bus Aapne. His demand didn’t sound good to him. Parankuti Chhavan Chahain Mahi Dev Tum Balihari Ho. Krishan ji said that he wanted to construct a Paran Kuti (a cottage) and for that purpose 3 steps of land were required. He assumed the form of a Bavan (small sized) and in the guise of a Pandit ji went to the Yajya Shala (place of performance of Yajya) of Bali. decided to perform it.” Mangau Thora Daan. In his Bavan-like appearance. Vaman said that he needed only that much and added that the desire for money speaks of selfishness alone. “O Brahman! what lies in 3 steps of land. He asked him to choose the land of his choice for the . the minister Shuker shook his head and told the king not to give him that thing in charity.

Pall Mein Dait Lakhat. So Kabir Sahib says that everyone. there is every possibility of distortion of facts in books. Some concentrate at a point in-between the eyes. Vastu Kahin Dhundhe Kahin. is not going to pay. Munies. none is able to understand such a kind of salvation. Naap Deenhi Peeth Apni Bali Narpati Barr Rayi Ho. Yehi Bhanti Perpanch Keenheyo Tapi Sidh Sabhi Ho. Vishvas Deenha Mukti Ko Bhermai Rakhyo Tehi Ho. worshippers and the like. They seem to have no knowledge of the inner world. This is solely due to their lack of spiritual knowledge. Then Vishno ji assumed his own appearance and with one foot he measured the land while with the other one he measured the sky and said. However. Thus Vishno ji took away all the 3 lokas by binding the king Bali in the net of a word. Often the devotees belonging to other panths talk of performance of yog through the five postures. Bali said that he could measure his back. On account of the mistakes committed by the writers as well as the publishers. Kehi Vidhi Aave Hath. are being misled. Kahain Kabir Bhedi Liya. We want the people to be truthful instead of remaining entangled in the bookish knowledge. . He says that searching for the thing at a place other than the one where it is lying. Kabir Sahib tries to make the idea clear to us saying that it is not possible to attain true salvation without getting blessed with Naam. some do so at the cerebral gland and the like. including the Rishis.90 Sahib Bandgi purpose. I have a chance to meet many devotees belonging to other panths but they fail to answer the questions related to real mode of salvation.” At this. “Give me half of a foot as well or else you will lose two or more of your merits. Vacha Vrat Mein Bandhi Rakhyo Lakshmata Paithaye Ho.

none has been able to liberate himself. Do not be anxious. But strange to say. Saat Shunya Saat Hi Kamal. All the sages remain absorbed in these musical sounds. There are seven Shunyas (Nothingness). understand that. Upto the limits of 21 universes the whole of knowledge is related to Kaal Niranjan. Tahan Anhad Ki Ghor Shabd Jhankar Hai. Now you are not ignorant you will have clear Understanding on good. Saat Surat Sthan. be observant. The only yog Kabir Sahib has talked about is the Surti yog. In fact. The Day of Naam Initiation by Satguru The day when you come for receiving Naam. Different kinds of musical sounds are emanating from bhanwar gufa within every being. If you deliberately ignore the prompting of that . Hence forth do not commit any bad actions. he has described the true Naam as the unparalleled one. he has talked about the true Naam alone. Ikkis Brahmand Lag. Seven rules will be given for you to resolve and observe in life. 10. on intellect. Whatever acts you have done till that day you should forget because you were in ignorance and you’re not clear of good and bad Actions. due to the influence of Karmas performed in previous lives. that day is your second birth. creates hindrance in perfoming good actions.bad.The Secret of Salvation 91 But these can’t help the devotees cross the worldly ocean.right and wrong actions due to satsang. Kaal Niranjan Gyan. Laag Rahey Siddh Saddh Na Pawat Paar Hai. seven Kamals (plexus) and seven abodes of Surti (concentration). you will receive needed strength and support of Naam. If in confusion that power will stop and guide you. That is to say.

weather you have faith. ‘Ek Naam Ko Jankar Dhuja Dei Bahay||’ Know that you are entering the right place. You are approaching with faith to receive Naam. you replay yes. First you will be given these rules. Do not steal or buy stolen goods. sahib is working from behind the veil. your conduct will guide others. on this faith alone you will attain salvation. you will not be excused. be of good character (No extra marital affair). Come with full faith as a believer. because the one who follow everything will not follow any(In the matters of faith and beliefs).92 Sahib Bandgi inner power. I did not declare that I am The Sahib and I perform everything. That is why keep faith truthfully. There is a secret behind this. The day the veil is removed. that is why he can be called a nonbeliever. be a vegetarians (No meat or egg). Guru Ko Akhand Brahma Kar Maney| Guru Ko Nahi Manush Kar Janey|| . remember. I have not told you to come leaving all. I know that the world is scared. everyone will merge in Sahib. “The thing I possess cannot be found anywhere in the universe” mind will not accept this that easily. do not take intoxicants. lokets. and no gambling. nevertheless. rings of planets. I will ask you. Thats why come with all that yantras. I have repeatedly said. At the time of initiation. You are liable for punishment. live by your own means. however keep faith. What is faith. right now. Speak the truth. I have spoken on Sahib and never taken my name. On this faith you will be bestowed Naam. It is not just a statement. items of shields given by tantrics etc removed from your personel because it implays lack of faith in the power of your Guru.

even otherwise keep your concentration while eating. Therefore when you offer your Individuality. understand. you shell offer this with a pure heart. mind and wealth. I will release it. ‘Naam Pay Sathya Jo Bira| Sang Rahu Mey Das Kabira‘ Understand that your new life has started. Self (Individuality). then I return your individuality back to you. offer with your eyes closed and form the depth of your heart. Atma forgetfully makes a claim on these as its own. that I have also not received in truth. Tan Man Diya Toh Bhal Kiya. walking and sleeping on Naam and bhajan. and ask you go and serve your family and parents. Then keeping My hand on your Head. You have surrendered to me . In the same way I return your wealth and command you not use in wrong deeds.The Secret of Salvation 93 Then I will ask for your. I will give mathra dikshsa. it will never end. but use this as mine and never indulge in wrong acts. do not wrongfully hurt anyone with wealth. truly. ask you to keep it with Me. with this a spark of Guru will remain in touch. However I will not return your Mind. because only these three are the sickness on Atma. with that I will separate Mind from Atma and make it one pointed at Agya Chakara. After Naam Dhiksha you should sit for some time with Naam and bhajan. If it is not offered with a pure heart. In the form of Naam Sahib will himself will stay with you. The methodology of meditation will be imparted to you. Bahut Sahey Shir Marr|| That is why with your eyes closed. Sirr Ka Jaasi Bhar| Jo Kachu Kahey So Mey Diya. In the morning and evening before you sleep do manthra jap while seated ( given by Guru) for 4 to 5 . however I will free you for your duty. Merging your Atma in Me. Then the Naam and Mantra will be explained to you. Do you know why I take these. Possessions and Mind.

cannot be recited or heard. with time it becomes little difficult. because at time you can even make contact with Me. If you happen to forget the Mathra you can ask any Naamiinitiate of Sahib Bandgi. You can sit at any time.94 Sahib Bandgi mts. ‘Sar Naam Sathyapurush Kahaya||’ that itself is Parmpurush and made to manifest in you. hence do not fall in to illusion. Khanajath Ghulam||’ First six months Guru will be with you wholly. it may take up to an hour. it will lead to bad effect on yourself. that is why you should spend more effort in meditation with faith and belief. the truth however is that midnight is excellent. Do not become confused that the Mantra is coming under recitation. If there is a difficulty in the inner world I am always available for help. Never utter this Mantra or Naam in front of others. it amounts to reconnecting with your Guru. that is with you. obedient and attentive. It is customary: to bring a simple Mala for blessing. but not from your wife if this happens then it becomes breather and sister relationship. Make offerings at the feet of Guru with love  . You can get clarification with a Naami. Note :  At Naam Initiation. Just has current passing through the wire Adyatmic-spiritual rays will enter you. which is worn to identify as Naami (It is not used for chanting). During this time you have an opportunity to realise Sahib. keeping with the given Naam regulate your breath and fix your concentration at 1and 1/4 hand high above your head as demonstrated during Naam Dhaan. At the start of meditation. be enter with an attitude of surrender. Bhor Bhaye Guru Naam| Ardhraat Ko Jaghsi. Meditate on this Naam with one pointed concentration. ‘Dekha Dekhi Sab Kahey. That Naam which is given to you.

rest is his grace. However. 11. and have eye to eye contact with Him and receive his rays. When no Hansa (soul) returned back to . Karmas of all your lives are cleared. It is the mind that makes us say ‘my body’. be courteous make it short and simple. So no man in the world. (Bandgi) make sure you touch the feet of Guru with your palm. None can bind the soul who overtakes Mind and moves ahead. Man is not in a position to decide as to who is performing the tasks—mind or soul. which can make remaining life harder otherwise. can take the Soul out from mind. This is the power of mind. All the relations we find in the world are nothing but bondage.The Secret of Salvation 95     (No flowers). ‘my life’ etc. When you offer salutation. Rise above the religions and its rituals. Spirituality is about Spirit-Soul and its Salvation whereas. keep away). clarify your doubts. for you will have no rebirth to reap. Someone Was Causing Disturbance All the worldly jobs we do are related to mind. all of these relations appear to us as sweet and real. Meditate on Satguru complete faith. So our Soul has been misled since ages together and salvation lies in separating our soul from this mind so that it can take the form of a soul (Hansa). Religions and divinity is about Mind and Matter. save time. therefore follow the seven rules. (Do not disrespect them. Mind cannot be seen so easily. Present your contact details before you leave. None of these is related to our Hansa (soul). however wise he may be. Mind has got mixed up with our Soul in the same manner as salt gets mixed up with water. ‘my family’. to the volunteers.

It was the order of my Guruji. I began to smaran. I concentrated myself more and more. Its remembrance alone will weaken the control of Niranjan (Mind) over soul (Hansa). Even in normal life you see that you begin to make a search for your child if he doesn’t return at the usual time. I thought that if I am a soul in truth. Param Purush sent Sahib Ji with a ‘Naam’ saying. “O Gyaani! Go to mortal the world with this ‘Naam’ and create awareness among the Hansas. Then I . Param Purush felt disturbed and sad. I began to feel disturbed. I held on to one thing alone and that was the ‘Naam’. Only this real ‘Naam’ can help one to attain permanent salvation but. I was able to realise the causes behind my disturbance but I was not able to see it. there is no need to satisfy the hunger. This thing happens with you people as well but you don’t read the exact causes. It saved me from getting swayed. I found that even hunger and thirst were started causing disturbance to me. I took a decision and gave up eating. Nevertheless. it is a hidden one and is known to some rare holy sants. I became alert again and tried to find out who was the invisible force inspiring me to eat food. I fixed my concentration more and more in order to find out who was bent upon disturbing me. It appeared as if some hidden power didn’t want me to sit in meditation. Now I became much more curious to find out this hidden power.96 Sahib Bandgi Amarlok. As I was determined to find out the power that was creating disturbance. Gradually. During recitation when I fixed my concentration over mind. Now some power from within was trying to inspire me to have some food. I couldn’t see the power that was creating disturbance. I found that this power was some different one from my own self (soul). I want to take you to my past life. After getting blessed with ‘Naam’. Likewise. I became alert. This ‘Naam’ has a wonderful property.

This makes it difficult for us to decide as to whether the desire arising from within us is that of Mind or Soul. However. Who is making me think like that. You remain hidden so deep. The difficulty in having the glimpse of mind lies in the fact that the soul and mind have become one. Subordinate this mind if you want to soar high. “So it was you. This is called as . I separated myself from all the worldly things and attained supernatural bliss. it is not possible for everyone to attain this point. I felt as if someone was guiding me to sleep lest I should grow weak. Then I found that I was not a body. I was able to nullify all the activities of mind. When you get complete information about some person.” Now I didn’t let it make any movement. Mann Ko Maar Gagan Chadd Jaey. he won’t be able to deceive you anymore. Nanak Sant Akaal Sadahin. but it is a fact that this task can’t be performed by wisdom alone. This is called as Videh Moksh (liberation without body). Sukhman Madhya Mann Ko Vasa. Then I realised the extent to which the living beings of the world are misled. This is the miracle of ‘Naam’ that I want to bring to your notice. I did not descend down in the body below. The holy sants are for away from the grip of Kaal. I was in immense pleasures. After six months I was able to see the hidden power (Niranjan) that was giving orders to me. At this point I realised that all the jivas (living beings) of the world are within the grip of this Kaal (Devil). I said to this power. I became more alert and decided not to sleep even. The Mind resides in the Sushmana nerve. He who knows it. I concentrated more and reached Sushmana. can gain victory over mind as and when he desires.The Secret of Salvation 97 thought that Hansa (soul) neither sleeps nor awakes.

his mind remains under his control and he remains near his soul. Sumiran Se Dukh Jaye. Sub Sumiran Ke Mahin. Kabir Sahib says that recitation of holy Naam includes in it the worship. Kahain Kabir Sumiran Kiye. This is because the Satguru has that source of will power that can transfer a part of it in you Bin Jaaney Joh Koi Bhakti Karey. Sahib Ji says that if a person is worshipping God as per his own intelligence and convenience without knowing the true facts of it.98 Sahib Bandgi ignorance. Sahib Ji says that ‘Surati-Kamal’ (8th Chakra) is the immortal abode of a ‘Satguru’ 13. I am telling you the easiest way for doing so and that is “The vision of Satguru”. Surati Kamal Satguru Ko Vaasa. . This is because as long as a devotee remains absorbed in reciting the Naam. Kabir Sahib says that a devotee who constantly remembers the holy Naam. Jap Tap Sanyam Sadhna. Sumiran Sum Kachhu Nahin. Sayi Mahin Smaye. Remembrance of The Holy Naam enables Mergence In Param Purush Sumiran Se Sukh Hoat Hai. It will increase your will power. austerity. then such a person can never cross the worldly ocean of birth and death. Soh Nahin Bhavsagar Se Tarey. Remembrance of holy ‘Naam’ removes sufferings and brings bliss. This is the complete and final truth. self control and the like. Kabir Janat Sant Jan. gets absorbed in Param Purush.

If someone comes to me with a problem of headache or stomach ache. Nahin Naam Sum Koye. Ram Na Sak-hin Naam Gun Gayi. The true Naam is a panacea for all the sufferings sorrows. the Namis think that I suggest recitation of ‘Naam’ as a cure for all sorts of problems and sufferings. Kabir Sahib says that he has tried all the medicines but none of these can match the holy Naam. Kabir Sahib says that Ram helped one devotee attain salvation but the holy Naam has helped countless devotees cross the worldly ocean. Sometimes. Nam Koti Khal Kumti Ubari. I ask him to recite the holy Naam. Kahan Lug Karaun Main Naam Badayi. Also. there is nothing equivalent to the recitation of holy Nam that includes in itself all other forms of worship. However. Likewise. To what an extent can he speak of the glory of Naam when it is not possible for even Ram to say about its significance? Sakal Rog Ki Aushad Naam. Ram Ek Tapas Tiy Tari. It is very much true but the sad thing is that none tries to have an understanding of it. I ask him as well to recite the holy Naam. when someone says that he is being teased by the ghosts and other evil spirits. It gives one peace of mind.The Secret of Salvation 99 A certain father told his son that he worried his mother with one or the other demand for various eatables prepared from the milk. It was better for him to take the milk that contained the properties of all those things. there is no doubt about the wonders that Naam can perform. Sabai Rasayan Main Kiya. .

In pallanwala.9% false. There he saw a fellow who resembled his father. Watching the play of the planets and the signs of Zodiac. Often when someone rotates his head. The family members wept over the incident to the extent they could. I mean to say. He asked the woman what a drama she was enacting. When the old man came home. I want to cite an instance in this connection. One day.100 Sahib Bandgi No doubt. the husband of a woman went missing. So to say. but the Seyanas (posing to be expert in curing the illeffects of the evil spirits) suggested to the family members to give due honour to Hatya (ill-effect that the soul of a deceased can cause). he went to a temple. the people have begun to make use of various stones to check the ill-effect of the planets. He investigated and knew the truth. then they became calm. However. This went on for many days. The wife of the deceased fellow began to rotate her head (chauki lena). I can say with confidence that it is 99. he asked as to whose Hatya they were honoring about and asked whether all that was being done for the living person. such acts are flourishing. Forty years have passed a dehri (temple like structure in memory of a deceased) in the memory of the deceased has also been erected. The people from the neighborhood began to gather there. they have become more superstitious. His nephew was transferred to Doda. I had a telephonic call from one of my Namis in Amritsar. the media has created awareness among the people but it is also true that it has done some definite harm as well. He said that he wanted to narrate some urgent . people say that some particular Baba or the like has made his entry into him. The people said that he had been washed away along with the currents of the river. He questioned the seyanas as well about their activities.

I request you to give him half an hour. I cleared their doubts. at least. I am a psychologist as well. we feel ashamed of ourselves. Earlier. Out of the three–mentally disturbed persons. so as to say. During the course of discussion. I have no more time. He wants to have a talk with you. It brings to us the rays from God. I asked him to make haste as I hadn’t much time to spare. “My brother also is a Guru and has many disciples. It is not a joke but a fact that a devotee can realize Sahib. he didn’t agree to my views. In the meanwhile. I gave a call to Sumiran (a Nami) to catch hold of her hair and turn her out. He replied that he won’t go so far. It is but natural to conclude that recitation makes us have Godlike appearance. The lady became quiet on having a look at my Nami who was a well built lady. I suggested some other places as well but finally Amritsar was chosen as the place for the purpose because I have enough of time at that place. The recitation of Naam is not an ordinary thing. Roop Ram Tehi Jan. the woman began to rotate her head.” I said that I would do the needful in 5 minutes. thinking affects our mind. A woman was also accompanying them. He was proud of his own status of Guru. Reading of Anurag Sagar Vani has cleared some of his misunderstandings. Four to five persons with black beards came there. Where did the ghost go on seeing the strong lady. I asked her what she was doing. . I asked him to bring his brother to Ranjri. I said that the Ghosts were afraid to make their appearance even at my presence. He said.The Secret of Salvation 101 mater. Nanak Devji has said– Nanak Jo Nishi Din Bhaje. All of them were fat persons. those under the influence of the ghosts and the diseased ones–it is the last category of persons that appear to be those with some genuine problems. Our thinking makes us happy or sad. I gave him four books to read. After doing some wrong.


Sahib Bandgi

He who recites daily becomes like Ram himself. A kite has leeches on its skin. These don’t possess the power to fly in the sky. It is the kite that takes them to great heights. Kabir Sahib says– Mujh Mein Gun Eiko Nahin, Jan Ley Sirmaur. Tere Naam Partap Te, Paun Aadar Thaur. I have no virtue in me. It is because of your holy Naam alone that I get some name and fame. Satya Naam Nij Aushdhi, Satguru Deyi Bataye. Aushdhi Khaye Aru Path Rahai, Taki Vedan Jaye. He who recites day and night the holy Naam blessed by the Satguru, finds relief from all sorts of sufferings and sorrows.

13.He Will Remain Indescribable – Kabir Sahib
There are three ways to use the spiritual powers. Remember, you will find yourself present at the place where your concentration goes. Three things – thinking, knowledge and vision have their definite influence on a person. I think, the person who meditates, will surely be wise. You need not import knowledge from any other place. The soul possesses all the possible virtues. The second thing to think over is the nature that a man can have after his death. As a matter of fact, this nature doesn’t change even after death. An evil natured person will remain so even after his death whereas a kind person will remain kind even after his death. An impartial judgement will reveal the oneness of all the Jivas. There was a cow. It took great care of its cleanliness and it didn’t sit at any dirty place. I liked that cow. Now it had become pregnant. I couldn’t keep it there because at Ranjri ashram I keep only the milk giving cow. Any

The Secret of Salvation


animal I send away from Ranjri, resist. This is because the animals are well aware of everything. There is another cow with lovable nature. It doesn’t take any other cow’s food but if some other cow tries to take its food, it will drive it away. Though it has a short stature, yet all other cows are afraid of it. Unlike other cows, it feels satisfied with what it receives as food. In everything, I see the glimpse of soul. I go into the bodies that are at all the times thoughtful and also go into the ones that remain absorbed in concentration. Sometimes, you must also be feeling as if I were very much present before you. Often I travel with an inner body. Regarding the nature of man, Rahimji has also said– Rahiman Lakh Bhali Karo, Aguni Agun Na Jaye. Rahim ji says that an evil natured person doesn’t shun his vices even if you do a lot of good to him. You don’t know your identity. I am of the opinion that everyone on this earth is in the hands of a devil force. Man doesn’t even know as to wherefrom he has come and where he has to go. He is ignorant even of the force that is controlling him from within. A certain fellow remained unmarried till 35 years. He was not happy with his married life and asked if he could get back his earlier carefree life. Man has no control over any of his possessions. None knows who is controlling the inner enemies. The period of meditation is of a great significance. Never desire to see the choicest miracles during meditation. Instead, try to trace with the subtle waves the source from where the vices are raising their heads. You can get some signals about the force that is making the soul act as per its dictates. You will ultimately realize that it is you, who are providing the needed energy to all and the devil force


Sahib Bandgi

within you is preventing you from having an awareness of it. Sometime back, a professor from Uttarakhand told telephonically that he wanted to have a talk with Madhu Param Hans Ji Maharaj. I asked him to say what he wanted. He again said that he wanted to have a talk with Madhu Param Hans Ji Maharaj. I said that I was Madhu Param Hans speaking. Offering salutations, he said that he had been trying for the past about 2½ months to have a talk with me but had succeeded in doing so just now. I feel my lot divine. I have been listening to your sermons for the past 3 months. As long as you see or hear someone, you will feel yourself like him. He said, “I listen to the sermons of all the sages but have never seen one like you. You don’t entangle the listeners and speak with perfect concentration. Your words reach the depths of our heart. Every word spoken by you comes out with a complete sense of self-confidence. It is what distinguishes you from all the other sages.” I thanked him for all this but said that I couldn’t have more talk with him as I had to hold a satsang. One fellow from Sweden wrote to me that he wanted to get blessed with Naam. He also asked if he could come to India for that purpose. However, I think that the distance is immaterial for the sants. He was right. However, that thing can give rise to some doubt. He can take it as a dream. Prayer made by you reaches me. Only you need to be fully prepared for that. In this context, Kabir Sahib has said– Main Aya Sansar Mein, Fira Ganv Ki Khor. Aisa Banda Na Mila, Jo Leeje Fatak Pichhor. I went from one street to the other but failed to find a single fellow who was ready there and then. Kaal Ka Jeev Maney Nehi, Main Kotin Kahun Samujaye.

As all the . If you want to go to Sat Lok. If some building is to be razed to the ground. An insect that feeds on Neem (a bitter tasting plant) can have no liking for nectar. I want to take it to Sat Lok but it wants to go to yam puri (the abode of Yama) held in chains. Anything that I desire. If they think of living on the earth after killing human beings. can happen. I told the fellow not to worry about them.The Secret of Salvation 105 Main Kheenchat Hoon Sat Lok Ko. I have seen these thousands of times. Yeh Bandha Jampur Jaye. you will have to leave aside every kind of attachment for the material objects. They have been directed not to tease human beings. someone said that the Aliens can be a cause of danger. Therefore. they are directed to keep themselves away from the sight of human beings. One day. Armstrong had seen them on the moon. You will easily leave anything I desire. Even a ruler can be dethroned but it is the job of Niranjan. The Jiva misled by Kaal Niranjan shows no inclination of understanding the reality inspite of my earnest attempts in this regard. Nevertheless. it is clear that they can’t be defeated by any weapon. The evil souls also have great power in them. they won’t succeed in doing so. The country where some enlightened soul resides. I visit that Loka spiritually as well. This is because the annihilation of man would mean annihilation of the entire Brahmand itself but none knows it. remains safe. Therefore. They are enlightened souls. You must be feeling a sea change in yourself. they will simply desire so and the building will collapse. But– Neem Keet Jus Neem Piyara. I want to say one thing more and that is I can make anyone leave anything within two minutes.

this universe is the basis of everything else. Man is not satisfied in any manner. has some definite basis and my words will reach the depth of your hearts. That is to say. You needed two things–the awareness about the soul as well as lord. I know that there is need to cover the body alone. He is . It is your duty to take due care of that which I have given to you. I had given you these two and so what else remains there to be given. However.C etc. Main Saoun Panv Pasar. God of your imagination is not in the form of lights alone. You can say that you have yet to move ahead and have to see the Satlok.106 Sahib Bandgi Jivas from the universe go to other Lokas like heaven. When there are no IAS officers. Mera Prabhu Moko Bhaje. Try to understand this point. Param Purush has nothing to do with decoration. Existence of any building can’t be imagined even without the foundation. I take you around myself alone. There remains nothing to be given to you. My job is to make you look attractive not from the physical point of view but from spiritual point of view. there will no D. If there is global warming. you have not remained poor in the real sense. these Lokas will also get destroyed with the destruction of man. Shiv Lok. All that I say. I often see even many old women decorating themselves with Lipsticks. I have given to you the real Sahib. So the tickets for all the places can be bought from this world alone. My God worships me while I lie with feet stretched. the rich also will have to die. The truth is that Param Purush had been with you earlier as well (before Naam Dhaan) but then He was not active. So I never think as to what kind of clothes I should wear. the poor will die first but afterwards. Brahm Lok and Pitar Lok. I know that after getting blessed with Naam. He won’t let you fall in a pit as before. This is because I am satisfied in every respect.

Preet Karey Sub Koye. intellect etc. Though He is beyond the Mind. none will have enmity with you. The spiritual knowledge that I have given to you will create awareness in you. Even materially well off persons. One Nami said. at all the times. Sahib shows His glimpse from within you. you meet such problems as seem insolvable but it seems to you as if some power had come from somewhere and set the matter right. Jo Mann Sheetal Hoye. Jug Mein Vairi Koyi Nehi. Sometimes. are just like a ‘Zero’ in comparison to you. Attraction of worldly objects will automatically decries. Sahib is. ready to take you along with Him but– Satguru Naam Batane Waley. He is not even the word that many sages believe.The Secret of Salvation 107 beyond the imagination of any human being or any enlightened soul. Tum Ko Koti Pranam. I do my job at the time of blessing you with Naam. O Satguru! I offer you salutations for blessing me with Naam. yet He is very much there. You have got the invaluable thing with great ease and that is why you haven’t been able to put the ri ght value to it. everyone will show love for you if you shun your ego. Neither He is male nor a female. The words that we hear can perish at any time. In fact. If you have a calm mind. The mind seems to have accepted defeat. “My neighbor is causing nuisance to . Ik Aape Ko Dari De. 14. We Will Be Opposed Have a positive approach to life. The word is related to Maya and material things.

At present (2009).V. We are of the view that all the modes of worship prevalent in the world are limited to Kaal Niranjan alone. Don’t feel frustrated on any account. Some people stare at me on the way as if I had eloped with their maternal grand-mother. America or another country. Our Ashrams were also attacked. A certain girl was fed up with her parents. Remember! The enlightened souls have always faced opposition. All others are in his powerful grip. I am more than 60 years old. In frustration. Care kills a cat. Kabir Sahib says– Chinta Chita Sman Hai. It is immaterial whether the other fellow has suffered or not. Niranjan doesn’t’ want anyone to attain divine knowledge. This is because Niranjan knows that anyone who seeks my shelter will move away from his grip.”I asked him where he would go when more and more people will begin to construct their houses there. I pass by smilingly. Often I meet many such ill-mannered fellows on the way but I move ahead smilingly. she took 5 tablets of Sulphos. When you begin to perform worship. Keep envy-like cinder away from you. I have to face opposition whether I go to England. Remain tension free. Ever since my programmes are being broadcast through T.108 Sahib Bandgi me. I want to construct a house at some lonely place. I am living the life of a sant. the world won’t allow you to maintain stability. . the approach of all seems to have undergone a change. Munn-Maya make earnest attempts to keep Jivas entangled in their net. What a foolish act did she perform! It is the universe of Kaal. For what fault of ours was the attack made. everyone seems to be misled. They have started imitating me. In this world of Kaal. Have no trace of tension in your mind. Don’t lose your peace of mind because of someone else. it is you who will suffer. If you don’t do so.

The fellow enquired about the time. His explanation would convince them. I don’t find much time for this but I haven’t stopped doing so. As they were imitating his Guruji. The boy was somewhat startled. However. I told him not to worry and said that he would preach in favor of our panth to the extent he has opposed. In fact. I said that in that case it was very much necessary to bless him with Naam. so all the channels. due to busy schedules. A boy ran to me and requested me not to bless him with Naam.The Secret of Salvation 109 Someone asked a boy (our Nami) about the channel on which the programmes of his Guru were being broadcast. The people would naturally get influenced and would ask him the reason of his getting blessed with Naam. I used to organize satsangs in villages as well as in homes. When I go there for the 2nd time. they come forward to get blessed with Naam. The measure of the . When I deliver sermons in villages. they sit on the mats and listen. He asked if it was only the programme of their Guruji that was being telecast. I had already said that every child will speak of Sahib. were telecasting Sahib-Sahib alone. He replied that all the channels were making a telecast of his programmes. My opponents are more devoted to me than my followers. The boy said that it goes on for all the 24 hours. He works on website. Once a Sarpanch came to get blessed with Naam. it was more important to bless him with Naam than doing so in his own case. the denouncers listen to them standing at some distance while the severe opponents do so from their roof tops. He said that he was my great denouncer and had a hand in organizing the attack. All the sages were talking of Sahib from within though their outward appearance was somewhat different. at all the times. After some time. The boy said that it was true.

I fit a system within the devotees that prevents all sorts of vices from re-surfacing again. those people began to worship the idols. However. To serve food to 1 Sage is equivalent to serving it to 100 girls. Even Jagjeevan had got blessed with Naam by Kabir Sahib. While blessing with Naam. is surcharged with doubts and misconceptions alone. will envy your virtues . afterwards. However. I hold satsangs only to make you cautious. To serve food to one small girl is equivalent to serving it to 100 Brahmans. The worldly people. being entangled in the grip of Kaal. Finally. This is because it is equivalent to doing so to Adhya Shakti. Though there is no need for me to do such noble jobs but still I want to do so. I guess that there will be more gathering. serving it to 1 satguru is equivalent to serving it to all the Lokas.110 Sahib Bandgi mode of worship I preach is the extent of opposition. Why does all this happen? This is because the environment we are living in. What does one gain from serving food? The food provides us the vital force. My . When there is stiff opposition. Why Do We Offer Food To The Enlightened Souls To serve food to 1 Brahmin is equivalent to serving it to 100 persons. Often I intend to serve a great Bhandara to the people. the Brahmin should be one who doesn’t take meat or wine. Then serving it to one worshipper of Guru is equivalent to serving it to 100 sages and serving it to 1 sant is equivalent to serving it to the whole of Brahmand. 15. I take everyone who denounces me as my preacher. Only you have to save yourself from getting misled.

If I taste the food. take care to satisfy him in every way without indulging in unnecessary talks. The merit in serving Bhandara lies in the fact that on that very particular day if you meditated. .makes you enlightened Yeh Sansar Kaal Ko Desha. This food shouldn’t be prepared in an angry mood. If you do so. Serving food to the Guru makes the Pitar Lok (the abode of the deceased family members) and the whole of Brahmand satisfied and pleased. Whenever someone asks me for Bandhara. 1/10 of your merit goes to him who served it. The greatest act of charity in the world is that of serving food. When my father left his body. Sufferings and sorrows won’t vanish without the holy Naam. you did so with the power attained from that food. Art of Leaving . in the earnings of the fellow concerned. Jo Koyi Guru Ko Bhojan Khilave. This universe is the abode of Kaal. if any. I arranged a Bhandara in the Ashram out of my pension. That is why the enlightened souls and the sages are served with food. he who eats it. This is because at no other place one will be able to find such sages as are to be found in the Ashram (Namis). I ask him to arrange the same in the Ashram.The Secret of Salvation 111 desire is to satisfy others with the best possible food. Taking Guru as God and serving food to him means to serve it to the whole of Brahmand. In addition. Bina Naam Nehin Katey Kalesha. If you think of serving food to someone. Samjho Vo Vairat Jagave. I do so in order to filter the vices. 16. will show the same behavior.

This intellect is none else but mind. we see that the party in power has its say in the administration of the country. Every cabinet minister has a separate portfolio and looks after the affairs related to it. Every dictate of him is obeyed and he can get anything he desires as per his sweet will. Karam Ka Jaal Pasara. there is no need to give a thrashing. If the anger is not aroused. The intellect thinks over the matter and calls anger. Kabir Sahib says– Seyyad Ke Kabu Mein Hain Sub Jeev Vicharey. Let’s see the way this power has been running its administration. . All the Jivas are in the grip of the hunter. Tera Bairi Munn. Kabir Sahib declared that this universe is the abode of Kaal Niranjan who controls the entire universe and rules over it. Our mind sends its message to the brain. Yeh Sansar Kaal Hai Raja. Likewise. They aren’t to be blamed for all this. Like the ministers of a P. In the universe itself. The intellect receives the order. Suppose the mind directs you to slap some person. within everyone of you there is some power that is running the affairs but this power always acts against your interests.M or a C. Kaal Niranjan is the king of this universe who has spread a net of deeds.M. These are not to be blamed as these have to perform their assigned duties. So it is our mind that is the boss of all the inner forces. the minister of rage and instigates it. If the police personals receive the order to lathicharge. Tera Bairi Koyi Nehin.112 Sahib Bandgi Usually the people say that it is God who is controlling the universe. First of all. our mind also has various ministers to obey its dictates. Munn itself is Niranjan who has his sway over all. they have to do so. Munn Hi Niranjan Sub Per Chhaye.

my–all this has no link with the soul. “I told my husband . agyani ner janat nahin. the army of mind is very strong. Therefore. the entire network of ministers and their team members put their combined efforts to do the job assigned to them by their boss (mind). It is present within everyone. If I wear pants and shirt. They have made their distinction in their own way. The poor Jiva has been entangled in many kinds of chains.The Secret of Salvation 113 Jeev ke sung munn Kaal rahayi. Ek Vichara Jeev. you won’t be able to recognize me easily. Bahu Bandhan Te Bandheya. five hold major portfolios. Dil Staney Ke Liye. Only some real sage has a knowledge of it. None else but your mind is your enemy. Try to see with the inner eyes the plays being enacted within you. Out of our inner enemies. I was brushing my teeth with eyes down. Keya Keya Tamashe Ho Rahey. She began to cast a look at me. The wife of attachment is priya (dear). These have their secretaries as well. I happened to meet a girl in the train. She said. Afterwards. I. Its son is ego and its daughter-in-law is Mamta (motherly affection). she asked me if I was Sahib. There are a lot of things there for torturing you. If the attachment for some family member surfaces. The ignorant man doesn’t know that Kaal is at all the times with him.V many sages who have decorated their bodies in one or the other. the concerned minister will try to get everything done to please and benefit the member. I smiled and she recognized. You can watch on T. Dil Satan Keya Keya Hain Tere. No doubt. I don’t decorate myself in any way. my-I. You can recognize me from my Kurta alone. Chashme Dil Se Dekh Tu.

These are the enemies that are not visible to anyone. Man tries to derive satisfaction by abusing and beating others. All these join hands together in their activities. Then greed is the son of lust. At the very first question he lost the ground. If he fixes his eyes at some girl or sounds horn without any sufficient cause. .114 Sahib Bandgi that you looked like Sahib Ji but he did not agree to it. The anger instigates us to give a thrashing to one who does us some harm whereas violence makes us feel pleasure and satisfaction in the actual performance of acts of beating and thrashing. Its wife is Rati (sexual activity). I not only caution him but give a thrashing as well. During my visits. Then there is anger. Goswamiji says– In Sub Mil Jeevhi Ghera. In the absence of all these. I happened to meet a psychologist. I was trying to recognize you. All these inner enemies together have surrounded the jiva. Its wife is Hinsa (violence). The soul has been feeling pains and sufferings in their company but it finds no solution to free itself. Then Lalupta is the daughter-in-law of lust that makes man remains absorbed in such thoughts. I asked him. I keep a watch over my driver. These aren’t visible. The two together make an attack. Your movements indicated that you were Sahib.” She had been blessed with Naam but still she couldn’t recognize me so easily. Only an enlightened soul is the pure one. there can’t be any sexual activity. He has no knowledge of his body and the various systems that are at work within him. “What is mind? Where does it reside? He said that the thing I talked about wasn’t to be found in any literature of the world. Then lust as well has its own family. In Ramayana. This is the story of all.

Auguni Agun Na Jaye. You could never become so even after the worship of years together. Par Lagan Ko Her Koyi Chahe. Even great enlightened souls were unable to understand the whole network of mind. unchangeable and flawless. He seems to have developed such habit for years. The body can die if it doesn’t receive air or water but the soul is away from all these problems. Its wife is desire.The Secret of Salvation 115 I advise him give up such tendency. Rahim ji says that an evil natured person doesn’t shun his vices even if you do a lot of good to him. The anger suppresses our right thinking for some moments. Bin Satguru Koyi Par Na Pavey. greed also has its own family. It is eternal. It is in fact a spark of Param Purush. Munn hi aahey kaal krala. . Forgetfulness is its daughter-in-law. This is the result of these powerful enemies. I have pulled you out of the empire of mind. Rahiman Lakh Bhali Karo. Aapa Ko Aapa Hi Bandhyo. Jeev nachaye karey behala. Avichar (non-discrimination) is the son of anger. the fact is that the soul is totally unrelated to lust. anger. It makes the Jiva dance to its tune and gets everything done with the force of its powerful agents. its son is sin and its daughter-in-law is falsehood. The ignorant soul has held itself in bondage with its own power. Likewise. It will leave its present body as well. It has assumed many bodies of different species as its abode. However. Mind is controler. This is really a pitiable thing. Everyone wants to cross the worldly ocean but it is not possible to do so without the grace of the satguru. Now you have become spiritually enlightened. attachment etc.

Sahib Ji says that hypocrites played a very big role in defaming the real personality of ‘Kabir Sahib’ and presented the distorted knowledge about His sayings in front of people. That is to say. Though it sounds strange.116 Sahib Bandgi The power you gained from the recitation of Naam has given a crushing defeat to the vices within you. True Sayings of Sahib Ji Ek Kabir Bhav Mein Dubaey. It is. the root cause of all the sins. No other vice is worse than greed. So all these five vices are very bad.Ek Kabir Bhav Paar Lagaey. it is the father of sin. some of power. Those who are following the unreal and defame the personality of Kabir Sahib will for sure to drown into the worldly ocean of birth and death. which has never been presented in front of humanity that too in a truthful manner. Its wife is denunciation. Some feel proud of wealth. the hands of Mind. so to say. in fact. others of beauty and so on. Sakal Adharm Lobh Te Hoyi. some of education. holds the true authority and supreme power to . The true personality of ‘Kabir Sahib’. Kabir Sahib says that pride spoils everything. It is also very much dangerous. that are used by the latter to keep all in its grip. some of caste and race. Bura Lobh Te Aur Na Koyi. Last of all comes the ego. An egotist considers himself superior to all. Its wife is desire and its son is sin. After anger. 17. we move towards greed. An egotist often speaks ill of others. yet it is a fact that these vices become very weak and fail to do any harm to the devotee who has got blessed with the real Naam. These are.

the heart of a being cannot be purified.Ik Loha Ik Kanchan Keri. there is one true and unique ‘Holy Name’ that is Immortal and holds the Supreme Power to liberate all the souls from the entanglement of mind and body. Kotin Bhaanti Karey Jo Koi. However. Guru sumrey soh paar. Sahib Ji says that all the five words: Jyoti Niranjan. Uske Aagey ‘Naam’ Anoopa. Sahib Ji says all the souls. above all the five words. Satt. Paap Punya Yeh Dono Baedi. which are present in this universe is under the complete influence and control of ‘Kaalpurush’ (Mind/God of Death) who is the creator of this universe (3 lok’s). Sohang.The Secret of Salvation 117 liberate the souls permanently from the worldly ocean of birth and death. Sahib Ji says that both auspicious karma (punya) and inauspicious karma (paap) is a chain of bondage for every soul. “Guru . Sahib Ji says that without the blessings of a complete Guru. even if a being tries billion other methods/ways to completely purify his/her heart. R-Rankaar with which the whole universe (3 lok’s) has been created to holds the power and appearance of Brahm(creator). Onkaar. The true knowledge about that ‘supreme holy name’ is not available to any Religions and their respective religious scriptures/manuscripts. mann mein dekh vichaar. Guru hain badey Gobind se. Saeeyaad ke kaboo mein hain sab jeev baecharey. Sahib Ji says that as per the ideology of SantMat. Hari sumrey soh vaar hai. Guru Bin Hirdaey Shuddh Na Hoi. one is of iron and the other is of gold which is the creation of Kaal Niranjan (Mind) who entangled every soul into the net of karmas. Paanch Naam Hain Brahm Swaroopa.

Aadat Buri Sudhaar Lo. Sahib Ji says that there are crore over ‘Holy Names’ (Words) present in this mortal world. whereas meditating on a true Guru will provide all the help and protection to a being while living in this mortal world and will provide permanent salvation from the endless cycle of birth and death. Jaaney Virla Koey. which you can hide from the eyes of ‘Sahib’. Guru Milney Se Jhagda Khatam Ho Gaya. Whereas. Koti Naam Sansaar Mein. Just think over it. Toh Ho Gaya Bhajan. when a true living Satguru comes in your life and bless you with a true Alive Holy Name (Sajeevan Naam). mind and heart. Aur Jana Hai Kahan. Tintey Mukti Na Hoey. He holds the life force of every living being. the true ‘Alive Holy Name’ which holds the supreme power to provide us permanent salvation is an absolute secret which is only known to a rare being in this mortal world. Sahib Ji says that ‘Sahib’ who is the Supreme Lord of souls knows each and every movement of body. you have nothing of your own.118 Sahib Bandgi is greater than Supreme Lord”. which all are unable to provide us permanent salvation (not beyond maha pralaya/great dissolution). Aaye Ho Tum Kahan Se. Sahib Ji says that by just killing the commands (comes . So. Uss ‘Sahib’ Se Kya Chhipa Hai Jiskey Haath Mein Dori. Mool Naam Joh Gupt Hai. Toh Ho Gaya Bhajan. Lo Toh Ho Gaya Bhajan. Sahib Ji says that all search regarding to the realization of Soul (true-self) and Supreme Lord comes to an end. Meditating directly on Supreme Lord will not provide any help or protection to a being. Itna Sa Bas Vichaar. Mann Ki Tarang Maar Do. Tann Ki Jaaney Mann Ki Jaaney Ghatt Ki Jaaney Chori.

Bhavey Vishaey Kamaey. Sahib Ji says that ‘Amarlok’ which is the true origin of all the souls is unique as in comparison to other abodes. Sahib Ji says that all the three lok’s which is the territory of ‘Kaal Niranjan’ (Mind) has no permanent exit for a soul from the circle of birth and death. It’s upto you. . ‘Where have you come from and Where you have to go’. Sabki Gathri Laal Hai.The Secret of Salvation 119 in form of vibrations to the brain) of mind and by leaving all the bad habits. Mind and Body cannot go beyond the limits of universe. The true abode of a Satguru is the 4th loka. Mann Maya Na Pavey Para. which exists beyond Kaal Niranjan’s territory and is the only permanent exit available for a soul. and cannot reach ‘Amarlok’. ‘Amarlok’ Hai Sabse Nyara. by just giving a sincere thought to it. Koi Nahin Kangaal. Chautha Lok Hai Satguru Bhawana. Bhavey Jahan Lagaey. your worship to Supreme Lord is over. your worship to Supreme Lord is over. Teen Lok Hai Aawa Gamana. which exists beyond universe. either you involve mind in the worship of a true Guru or you involve mind in lustful activities. Sahib Ji says that every single human being on earth is filled up with equal miraculous powers and has no differentiation of any type at all between a poor and a rich. Kabir Mann Toh Ek Hai. Sahib Ji says that Mind is only one and you can involve it in all kind of activity in life. Bhavey Guru Ki Bhakti Kar. which are present in this universe. which leads back to origin. Every single soul will keep on revolving in the continuous cycle of birth and death within the creation of ‘Kaal Niranjan’.

So Sharnagatti Pal Mein Tara. Jyon Ki Tyon Dhar Dini. . Khel Brahmaand Ka. Sahib Ji says that the ‘Kaalpurush’ (Mind/Niranjan) who entangled all the beings into the cycle of birth and death under the territory of 3 lok’s (universe) is being worshipped as ‘Supreme Lord’. The true presence.120 Sahib Bandgi No individual being is empty from inside and has the presence of same Soul. Tu Talashey Yaar Mein. Sansaar Naahin Jaanat Bheid ‘Sahib’ Ka. Teen Lok Joh Kaal Satawey. Sahib Ji says that I have seen the whole universe within the physical body. existence of ‘Sahib’ is only known to a real living ‘Satguru’. it is only the ‘Kabir Sahib’ who succeeded in maintaining the purity of the same sheet of knowledge (as in form of body) without making it dirty with sex. ego and returned back that sheet of true knowledge in its pure original state. attachment and ego. greed. appearence. attachment. anger. Maeli Kar Dhar Dini. will get liberated permanently from the endless cycle of birth and death within a fraction of a second. Taako Jagg Sab Dhyaan Lagawey. Karat Na Laagi Daer. Ek Kabir Yatan Se Leeni. Gyaan Chadariya Jisney Leeni. However. greed. anger. Pind Mein Dekhiya. which truly belongs to ‘Sahib’ (Supreme Lord). Everyone is meditating onto ‘Kaalpurush’ (God of Death) in this mortal world. Sahib Ji says that not even a single being in this universe knows the secret of ‘Sahib’ (Supreme Lord / Param Purush). Kyoun Bhatakta Phir Raha Hai. Sahib Ji says that who so ever took the sheet of true knowledge (as in form of body) failed to maintain its purity and made it dirty with sex. Sahib Ji says that a being who completely surrender himself to a true Satguru with absolute faith.

‘Human’. which I am talking about.The Secret of Salvation 121 Raasta ‘Shahragg’ Mein Hai. is that.e. Sahib Ji says that if a person is worshipping God as per his own intelligence and convenience without knowing the true facts of it. Kahaet Kabir Suno Bhai Saadho. then such a person can never cross the worldly ocean of birth and death. to whom the whole world considers and worship as ‘God’. Bin Jaaney Joh Koi Bhakti Karey. is no one else but ‘Kaalpurush’ (God of Death/Mind/Mann). Duniya Jisko ‘Paramatma’ Maaney. Surati Kamal Satguru Ko Vaasa. Sahib Ji says that ‘Surati-Kamal’ (8th Chakra) is the immortal abode of a ‘Satguru’ . the way (the exact path) which directly leads you to His abode is present in ‘Sushmana’ nerve (it is also called as ‘Shahragg’ in urdu language) within your own body. Sahib Ji says that all human beings has only one caste i. Sohi ‘Kaal’ Koi Bheid Na Jaaney. Sahib Ji says that O’ Human. Dilbar Takk Jaaney Ke Liye. Jeheinwa Se Hansa Aaya Hai. Sahib Ji says that a being should listen and understand the reality. the whole world has been created by “Mind”. . Waa Ghar Ki Sudhi Koi Na Batawey. Sahib Ji says that the ‘Power’ who is ruling over the universe. Soh Nahin Bhavsagar Se Tarey. This secret is unknown to the whole of mankind. Ek He Jaat Sakal Sansari. why are you roaming around here and there from one place to another in search of God? Whereas. Jagat Banaa Hai Mann Se.

“Sahib” only resides in the heart of truthful beings. Satya Naam Nahin Koi Vichara. Saach Barabar Tapp Nahin. which is equivalent to ‘speaking the truth’. pastor etc about the true origin of a soul from where it descended down into this universe. but no one really answered back to me with full confidence and were in confusion regarding the true origin (abode) of a soul (hansa). who Himself will liberate His being from the territory of ‘Kaal Niranjan’ with His own spiritual power. Koi Virla Jaaney Bheid. and there is no other ‘sin’ in this world which is equivalent to ‘falsehood’. Chhudda Le Apne Bandey Ko. Sahib Ji says that it is only a true ‘Satguru’ in the whole of universe. Sahib Ji says that the whole world is busy in chanting out the ‘Words’ (so called holy names of God) of Kaalpurush (Mind / God of Death) due to lack of true . Guru Prataap Se Sowat Jaga. Adaa Kar Khud Khazaney Se. Gurus. Kabir Kaya Athaa Hai. Zhooth Barabar Paap. Uske Hridaey ‘Aap’. Jiske Hridaey Saach Hai. priests. pandits.122 Sahib Bandgi Sahib Ji says that I have asked from so many religious preachers. Sahib Ji says that a soul of an individual awakes at the very same moment when a true Perfect Spiritual Master bless him with a true ‘Alive Holy Name’ through His supreme concentration. Sahib Ji says that the depth of a human body is limitless and this secret is only known to a rare being. yogeshvars. yogis. Kaal Ka Naam Japey Jagg Sara. Sahib Ji says that there is no other ‘tapasya’ in this world.

even if a person is equivalent to Brahma ji and Shiv ji in all aspects. Guru Pal Mein Diya Pauhnchaey. Sahib Ji says that no being can cross this worldly ocean of birth and death without the blessings of a true Guru. Koti Janam Ka Path Thaa. Is Duniya Ki Reet Anoothi. Tajay Saach Aur Zhooth Se Preeti. and . Paar Lagan Ko Har Koi Chahey. Yeh Sansaar Kaal Ko Desha. and no one knows about the true ‘Alive Holy Name’ of Supreme Lord which holds the power to liberate a soul permanently from the entrapment of mind and body. but without a true Satguru no being can liberate himself from the endless cycle of birth and death which is the creation of ‘Kaal Niranjan’ (Mind) not of ‘Sahib’ (Supreme Lord). Sahib Ji says that this world has altogether a very strange way of living where people discard the ‘Truth’ and has immense love for ‘Falsehood’. Bin Satguru Koi Thah Na Paey. Guru Bin Bhav Nidhi Tarey Na Koi. Sahib Ji says that the world in which we all are living. He rules over every single being (except Satguru) in this world. belongs to Kaalpurush (Mind / God of Death). Sahib Ji says that everyone wants to cross this worldly ocean of mind and body which in reality is an entanglement for all the beings. Joh Viranch Shankar Sam Hoi. Sahib Ji says that a true Satguru will Himself lead you back to the origin (Amarlok) within a mili-second.The Secret of Salvation 123 spiritual knowledge. Yahan Karam Ka Jaal Pasaara Hai. the path and the distance which can never be covered by an individual being even after taking billion over births.

Secondly. anger and greed in this phase of Kalyug. But. Kaami Krodhi Laalchi Inki Bhakti Hoey.124 Sahib Bandgi is the creator of karmas in which he entangled all the beings that are present in this world.e. People will only worship and follows such Gurus who are filled with lust. Sahib Ji says that the whole world is tied up without a rope. Aakhir Yeh Tann Khaak Mileyga. Sahib Ji says if all the three things are truthful in nature. Bin Rasri Sakal Jag Bandheya. a disciple should also be of True nature towards his Guru after taking “Naam” and will never try to find another shelter for himself during problems/ hardships in life. three things are equally important to transform the poison into nectar. still you are roaming around in egoism for this perishable body. only then. Firstly. “Guru” should be of True nature and must have attained Oneness with Supreme God (Sahib). Keh Gaey Sant Sabhi. Teen Satya Jab Ek Kon. Satya “Sahib” Kabir Thaey. the poison will turn into nectar i. Sahib Ji says that in the duration of Kalyug people will not worship a true living Sant who holds the supreme power to liberate the beings from the entrapment of mind(mann) and body(maya). Naam Satya Guru Satya. Kabir Kalyug Aa Gaya Sant Na Poojay Koey. Sahib Ji says that a body to whom you are considering as your true-self is actually not yours and will turn into ashes one day. . Aap Satya Joh Hoey. Kahan Phirat Magroori Mein. “Naam” should be of True nature. Toh Vish Se Amrit Hoey. Thirdly. Sahib Ji says that in ‘Satguru Bhakti’. : such a being will attain permanent liberation from the endless cycle of birth and death within no time.

Dadu Dayal Ji.The Secret of Salvation 125 Sahib Ji says that all the true Sants in past like Nanak Dev Ji. Sahib Ji says that without faith onto a true Satguru. which is a secret play of Mind (God of Death) just to entangle every soul within his own territory. Sargun Nirgun Yum Ki Baazi. Sahib Ji says that both sargun and nirgun modes of worships are actually the worships of Mind (Kaal Niranjan) not of Supreme Lord (Sahib). Sahib Ji says that a true Saint has the purest supreme concentration. Whereas. Nabha Daas Ji. only a true living Sant has the true realization of Supreme Lord (Sahib) and completely knows about His true presence. can directly transform a crow like being into a swan (same as touchstone. had addressed with confirmation and with all due respect in their truthful sayings that: “Kabir Sahib” Himself is the “Supreme Lord” (Sahib). Peev Ki Parakh Koi Sant Jaaney. Ravi DaasJi. which can directly transform an iron into gold with its single touch). Karam Aur Bharam Sansaar Sab Karat Hai. Mann He Niranjan Sabey Nachaey. But. a being cannot cross the worldly ocean of birth and death. Bin Parteet Jeev Na Taraee. . Paras Surati Sant Ke Pasa. Garib Dass Ji. Tulsi Sahib Ji etc. Naam Hoey Toh Maath Nawaey. Sahib Ji says that Kaal Niranjan (Mind) is driving the whole universe and makes everyone dance onto his tunes (commands). which holds the supreme spiritual powers that. the king (mind) actually bow before that being who has the true ‘Alive Name’ of Satguru. Sahib Ji says that the whole world is busy in doing karma and is wandering with confusion in search of Supreme Lord. appearance and existence.

....... karam bharam tehi baandh na paavey. ... Alakh Agam ka darshan paavey. Kanchan karhin sudhar ki...... shunya shikhar chaddi been bajavey. Bhae na rahey yum ghar ki.. Harhin paap kalimal ki.... Arti karhoon... Kaam..... Arti karhoon... Arti karhoon.... Darshan ho hari harr ki....126 Sahib Bandgi Aarti Aarti Karhoon Sant Satguru Ki. Sahastra kanwal chaddi trikuti aavey.. Bhulehoon jo jeev sangati aavey. Khuley dwar Satt Ghar ki.. madd. Padda dwar sab vidhi Mein Hara. Purush Anami mein jaye samavey... Tum paras sangati paras tabb.. Jai... Moh rahit kari sursari pawan........ Jai Guruvar ki... kalimal grasit loh prani bhav.... Jai.... Arti karhoon.... Arti karhoon. Yog agni pragtey tin ke ghat... Gagan chaddey surti khule he brajapat. krodh. Arti karhoon.. Satguru Dev amar ki. Arti karhoon.. Ek aas vishwas tumhara. lobh nasavan. Satguru Satya Naam dinkar ki.

Atma-An Exposition (Atam Bhodh) 07. Sadguru Bhakti 02. Naam-Words Of This World Cannot Give Real Salvation 11. Meditation on a Real Satguru Ensures Permanent Salvation 04. Anurag sagar Vani . Without Soul Realisation Man Has to Wander 06. Stealer Of Devotion 13. The Secret of Salvation 15. The Real Naam Is A Hidden One 12. The Truth 03. The Whole Game Is That Of Concentration 05. Seventy Dissolutions On The Path 14. Amrit Vani 10. Satguru Bhakti (Uniqueness) 08.The Secret of Salvation 127 DETAIL OF LITERATURE BOOKS 01. Crossing The Ocean Of Life With The Grace Of Satguru 09.

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