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Hood Techs UAV Imaging System Nets 600 kg of Cocaine during Demo During a demonstration of UAV technology, the

US Coast Guard interdicted smuggle rs trying to put an additional 600 kilograms of cocaine on US streets. Hood River, OR, July 17, 2013 -- During a demonstration of UAV technology, the U S Coast Guard interdicted smugglers trying to put an additional 600 kilograms of cocaine on US streets. From: Hood Tech Corp Vision, Inc., Hood River, Oregon Date: July 16, 2013 Subject: Hood Techs UAV Imaging System Nets 600 kg of Cocaine during Demo Contact: Dr. Andy von Flotow, Hood Tech Corp Vision, Inc., 541-387-2288, andy@h According to Coast Guard sources ( es/uas070213.asp), during the second of three scheduled shipboard demonstrations of Hood Techs UAV-based imaging systems, the US Coast Guard Cutter Bertholf caug ht smugglers with nearly 600 kilograms of cocaine. (This was) the first Coast Gu ard interdiction conducted with the support of an embarked UAS asset. The succes sful interdiction used the ISR capability of Hood Techs imaging system on board a UAV launched from the cutter. The imaging system provided ISR capabilities for more than 90 hours of flight time, tracking smugglers on board a suspected go-fast vessel. The imaging system was part of a successful coordination of technologie s and assets that included the U.S. Customs and Border Protection P-3 Maritime Pa trol Aircraft that first spotted the target vessel(and included the)UAS, upgraded MH-65D Short Range Recovery Helicopter, next-generation cutter boats and Berthol f, withregular communication with shore commands UAS testing included use of the daytime camera, the combination electro-optical/i nfrared camera, as well as auto detection software... Results from the demonstr ation project are being used to support Coast Guard decisions regarding operatio nal requirements for a future cutter-based UAS acquisition. I wish all demonstrat ions worked as well, and had similar good results, said Andy von Flotow, Hood Tec hs President. When Hood Tech began producing 800-gm video-camera turrets in 1998, it enabled a n entirely new class of small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Hood Technology Vision now designs and manufactures imaging and video processing systems at the highest level of the National Imagery Interpretability Rating Scale (NIIRS): le vel 9. Hood Tech Vision matches improved stabilization technology with electrooptical lenses that zoom up to 170 times. This results in a field of view of 0. 3 degrees, in a package that weighs less than six kg. Designed for manned and u nmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), boats, land vehicles, and stationary mounts, the reliability and utility of Hood Techs daylight and thermal imaging products has been demonstrated over more than 700,000 hours of use in a variety of temperatur es, humidity, dust, smoke, haze, and other environmental factors (http://www.hoo Dr. Andy von Flotow founded Hood Technology in Hood River, Oregon in 1992. Alon g with the design and manufacture of stabilized imaging systems, Hood Tech: Develops, tests, and manufactures launch and retrieval systems for UAVs Operates controlled launch and quiet wind tunnel test facilities Monitors blade vibrations in industrial turbines and jet engines, including diag nostic methods that predict possible future failures. The Hood Tech web site is: Contact:

Andy von Flotow Hood Tech Corp Vision, Inc. 3100 Cascade Hood River, OR 97031 541-2-387-2288

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