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LJMA 2012/13 Level 4


Course code: LN026S4 Levels: 4 ASSIGNMENT 1 (Term 1) Deadline: No later than 6pm, 11 January 2013 INSTRUCTIONS 1. Answer only TWO of the questions from the list below. 2. Each answer should be 1000 words in length. Do not exceed this word limit. 3. Ensure the questions chosen are clearly indicated on your answer paper. (A) How does evidence from naturally occurring speech errors, such as substitutions, blends, shifts and exchanges, provide a window on the adult speakers language processes? Give examples to support your answer. (B) Describe theories of language origin and briefly provide evidence to support one of these theories. (C) Describe the early acquisition of speech sounds by children: what stages do children pass through; what sounds are first to be acquired and what variables appear to influence the order of acquisition of speech sounds? (D) Provide an account of Brocas aphasia. Detail how this syndrome was first identified and its neurological and linguistic characteristics. Assessment Criteria: Please consult the BA Linguistics and Culture Handbook for a more detailed account of the assessment criteria. You will be assessed according to the following criteria:

LJMA 2012/13 Level 4

1. Understanding of the question and ability to present a perceptive/relevant response; 2. understanding of the literature (secondary sources) and use of appropriate quotations to support points made; 3. critical engagement with secondary sources and lecture material (whether critical, theoretical or historical) in the service of an independent argument/structured account; 4. the presentation of a well-structured argument/account; 5. deployment of a lucid and fluent prose style. 6. command of subject-specific vocabulary and English grammar, spelling and punctuation. 7. appropriate use of referencing, as presented in the BA Linguistics & Culture Handbook and on Blackboard.
ASSESSMENT Please note that although Level 4 and Level 6 students will attend the same lectures they will receive different assignments. Submission: As stated in the Linguistics Undergraduate Student Handbook 2012/13 p.20ff, 4.2 Submission of Assignments for Linguistics Modules All coursework must be accompanied by a signed Department cover sheet. This is available from the Department Administrator or via our Department website ( You must provide one hard copy and one electronic copy of your assignment. Students must further retain one copy of each piece of work submitted for their own records. The hard copy of your assignment must be given to the Administration Office only. You are not permitted to hand in your coursework to any of the academic staff. Your electronic copy must be submitted via Blackboard. Further guidance on how to submit an electronic copy will be sent to you at the beginning of the autumn term. All coursework is marked anonymously, so you must not state your name anywhere within the text of your actual essay. Instead, please ensure that you add your Student ID onto the top right of the first page of your essay.

LJMA 2012/13 Level 4 Your name should only appear on the Department cover sheet that you will provide with the hard copy of your essay. Students will be informed by the Department Administrator when they can collect their individual feedback and provisional marks. The marks only become final once they have been approved by the Examinations Sub-Board. You can expect to receive feedback within six term-time weeks of submission of your essay. Your essay will not be returned.

LJMA 2012/13 Level 4 4.3 Assignment Deadlines It is important to note that both the hard copy and the electronic copy of your assignment must be submitted no later than 6pm on the day of the deadline. If you do not adhere to this then your assignment will be considered late. You are not permitted to email your assignment directly to the School Administrator. Deadlines for submission of assessed work must be adhered to. Extensions to deadlines cannot be granted under any circumstances. Any late submission will be given a maximum mark of 40% or will be considered along with mitigating circumstances to receive your actual mark. If you have mitigating circumstances, such as medical, compassionate or any other major reasons, you should submit the College Mitigating Circumstances form, along with supporting documentary evidence, to the School Administrator on the day of the deadline. You should let your the Module Convenor know that you have done this. This will then be taken into account when the Examination SubBoard meet for the determination of marks. The mitigating circumstances form is available from the School Administrator or on our Department web page ( Any claim for mitigating circumstances will not be determined until the Examination Sub-Board meet, which normally takes place in June. For those students who do not submit their assignment before the deadline, an absolute cut off deadline will be given. Any work submitted after this deadline will not be marked and will receive 0%, which will result in failure of the module. 4.4 Assignment Format Your assignments must be word-processed and double-spaced and on singlesided pages. You must ensure that you reference correctly (please see section 4.7 for guidance on referencing). Please ensure also that you include a full bibliography at the end of your essay. Footnotes should normally not be used in submitted work, either for bibliographical references or in order to

LJMA 2012/13 Level 4 make additional comments. Very occasionally a footnote may be appropriate for oneoff purposes such as providing the original version of a quotation which is presented in translation in the text. Essential supplementary material such as transcriptions and other relevant texts should be placed in an Appendix. Please remember that your Student Number should be added to the top right of the first page of your essay. Your name should not be entered into the actual text of your essay to ensure anonymous marking. The title of your essay must also be included at the start of your essay and not just stated on the Department cover sheet. A word-count, excluding the bibliography, should be added to the end of your essay. Your assignment must not be bound, but fastened with a staple in the top left-hand corner. 4.5 Word Limit You must keep to the word limits given to each assignment. You are allowed to go 10% above or under the word limit. If your assignment exceeds 10% above then the marker is entitled to stop reading any further. If your assignment is more than 10% below the word limit then it is unlikely that your essay will have sufficiently answered the assignment question and you will be marked accordingly.