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Airport Security & Passenger Access Control Systems

With over 10 years experience within aviation, our proven solutions are enabling airports to deliver unique and personalised passenger experiences whilst increasing operational efficiency, retail conversion and security. We provide the UKs largest airpor ts with key passenger and staff management operational solutions.

Enabling a world-class passenger experience

The Aviation identity management experts

Tracking, measuring and securing the passenger journey through your airport can be difficult and takes up a lot of internal resource with often inaccurate results. You want to ensure the maximum dwell time by reducing queues, identifying bottlenecks and security risks to allow you to deploy operational staff more efficiently. Our MFlow suite of solutions utilises a variety of proven biometric and analytic technology, including facial recognition, iris recognition and video analytics to deliver robust solutions to airports. MFlow manages passenger flow safely and quickly through secure environments and with a five time better capture rate than Bluetooth systems.

Ensuring only staff with the correct privileges gain entry to key secure areas is essential, but centrally managing and maintaining all employee records to ensure that individuals identities adhere to regulatory and corporate compliance can be complex and costly. MTrust allows airports to define their own identity verification process for individuals working on a regulated site. The MTrust Passport to Work provides absolute certainty of identity, without the labour intensive manual process and administrative overhead. We implemented the first UK biometric based security platform using iris recognition technology to provide secure access to airside areas.

Construction Site Access Control Systems & Biometric Security

We have 10 years of experience working with the UKs biggest construction companies and a hard earned reputation for providing robust and reliable solutions backed with outstanding customer service. Ensuring site security and only properly qualified and inducted staff are allowed site access is vital, but with the modern construction workforce moving between multiple sites, there is also a need for robust identity and access management at an enterprise level to enable you to apply your company policies at site level.


Delivering trusted site security and workforce management on an enterprise level

Our MSite solution is the most widely used biometric access control and workforce management system in the construction industry and enables you to manage multiple sites centrally. MSite delivers a standard system across all active sites minimising health & safety risks by ensuring the enforcement of company policies at site level. This saves time spent reporting and allows on site teams to focus on managing the projects. MSite holds all of this key operational data in the cloud so you can access information anytime, anywhere. By keeping track of key site and workforce data such as the right to work in the UK, penalty points or past health & safety incidents, site safety is boosted and the capacity for employee error or negligence is reduced.

MSite is an Enterprise workforce management and access control solution that collects and reports on different streams of operational data. Utilising robust hand geometry technology, MSite enables you to accurately identify your workforce and manage their access rights and site activities in accordance with company policies and procedures.
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Document and Student Attendance Management Systems (SAMS)

It is imperative in the education sector that institutions engage with students effectively and focus on providing a quality education service, which must be balanced with ensuring efficient compliance against relevant regulations and improvements on key performance indicators. Accurate student document management and effective attendance monitoring is vital for compliance purposes such as Home Office Tier 4 requirements. Such obligations carry a high cost of failure to the institution, both in terms of financial and reputation damage, should international student sponsorship licenses (i.e. confirmation of acceptance of studies) and Highly Trusted Status (HTS) be revoked by the Home Office. It has also been found that failure to effectively monitor student attendance results in higher rates of non-continuation, as low attendance is directly linked with underachieving academic performance and students dropping out of their studies.

Reduce the cost & complexity of Home Office Tier 4 Compliance

Document and Student Attendance Management Systems (SAMS) provide a proven approach to help reduce the costs and complexities of compliance whilst helping to improve student retention and academic performance as well as the overall study experience. Our MVerify platform provides automated document verification and student attendance capture with no impact to the teaching session. This reduces the manual checking and entering of passport / visa data, in addition to reducing the on-going administration of attendance information as neither the lecturer nor an administrator have to collate data to generate attendance reports. Furthermore, all document and attendance data captured in MVerify can be integrated into an institution's existing Student Information System (SIS) to provide a complete end-to-end reporting capability.

MVerify is an automated document verification and student attendance capture platform which enables education institutions to accurately record, monitor and report on identity documentation (passports & visas) and student attendance to improve course engagement and support regulatory compliance. Read more

How it works

Some results we are proud of:

Delivery of an enterprise-wide biometric student attendance monitoring system consisting of over 30 mobile biometric devices across a range of campuses. First solution of its kind to offer a truly mobile enrolment and identification capability; leveraging robust handheld touchscreen devices with integrated fingerprint recognition technology. This is ideal for the classroom environment to quickly capture student attendance without impacting the teaching session.

Government & Civil Biometric Security & Identity Management

Human Recognition Systems (HRS) has established firm capabilities for delivering leading edge biometric solutions to government and civilian blue-chip companies around the world. Through the deployment of biometric technologies HRS is able to provide increased security and stronger identity management either directly to our clients or through a Prime Systems Integrator as part of a larger change programme. Offering a niche skill set HRS has previously collaborated with a range of project teams from BAE Systems, Thales and CSC to name a few. Awarded supplier status under the Framework Agreement for Technical Support (FATS4), HRS works within timescales and tolerances that leave very little margin for error, providing scalable solutions that are often deployed in challenging environments. Maintaining an agile approach our solutions have successfully supported operations in defence, Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), humanitarian and healthcare departments.


MForce is a multi-modal biometric platform that can be deployed through fixed, portable and mobile devices to deliver the benefits of positive identification to organisations working in remote, expansive or hostile environments.
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ABIS - Mobile Forensic & Biometric Identification Systems

Human Recognition Systems has established firm capabilities for delivering leading edge forensic and Automated Biometric Identification Systems (ABIS) in the field. Our experience covers a range of military and humanitarian applications around the world; supporting live operations for the most demanding customers in remote and challenging environments. Through the deployment of MForce, Human Recognition Systems mobile and multi-modal ABIS platform, actionable intelligence is delivered into the hands of those who need it quickly and securely. This enables policing, military and humanitarian organisations to gather intelligence, process it at the scene and make quick and informed decisions with confidence. Maintaining an agile approach, Human Recognition Systems have successfully supported operations in global defence and humanitarian projects and have collaborated with a range of project teams from BAE Systems, Thales and CSC on national ID programmes.

How it works

MForce is a multi-modal biometric platform that can be deployed through fixed, portable and mobile devices to deliver the benefits of positive identification to organisations working in remote, expansive or hostile environments. Read more

Some results we are proud of:

Delivery of a pioneering Biometric Data Capture System (BDCS) for the Ministry of Defence to control access into UK controlled military bases via multi-modal biometric enrolment and search capabilities comprising iris, fingerprint, facial image and biographic data.

Delivery of an enhanced Biometric Enrolment and Identification System (ABIS) for the United Nations in Africa.

Secure Mobile Identity Verification & Access Control Management

With the oil and gas industry characterised by large pieces of critical infrastructure which, by their very nature can present significant security and safety risks, there is a real need to control the access of personnel and to manage the safety of the workforce once on site. This becomes an even more challenging task when the workforce is deployed over numerous geographical and everchanging, remote locations which do not lend themselves to the installation of traditional static access control equipment.

Know where your workforce is

Drawing upon extensive experience of delivering robust, mobile platforms to address identity verification challenges in remote, high security environments, Human Recognition Systems MSite Mobile platform enables international oil companies and EPCs to control access to their critical infrastructure whilst allowing rapid response to health and safety incidents through real-time workforce mustering. Designed to complement existing market leading physical access control systems, MSite Mobile operates in multi-zoned environments, allowing you to know the precise number and location of all personnel and provide instant mobile mustering.

MSite Mobile is a versatile, handheld identity registration platform that enables international oil companies and EPCs to control access to their critical infrastructure in remote locations and to conduct instant mobile mustering. Read more