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July 2013

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July 2013
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Sabrina Amato

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There is no such thing as originality.
Joshua Gray

Page Five Dead Men Can’t Sing Page Nine 2013 A-Level Art Show Page Eleven “Don’t even get me started on…”

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The End of an Era
Victoria Brook-Hill

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Editor’s letter
The focus of this issue is ‘The End of an Era’ and, for me, the end of this school year really is. As well as this being my final issue as editor of Blue Planet I am also leaving Chalfonts this year to go on to university. In this magazine, the articles range from the celebration of artistic and sporting success to the inevitability of change and the emotional experience of having to say goodbye. This issue has been a long time in the making and I’d like to thank everyone who contributed during such a busy and exam-filled period of time. Next year, Josh and I are passing on the torch to Josh Riley and Jade Banger who I’m sure will be more than capable of continuing and reinventing the magazine. Although developing Blue Planet has been a huge responsibility and not an insignificant amount of work, I am very proud of what we have created. We could not have done it without our fantastic team of writers and designers and a special mention goes out to Francesca LeGall for her series of beautiful front covers. We have also benefitted greatly from Mr Michie’s advice and guidance and Mrs Tanner’s funding of the copies that we had printed, so thank you very much. I hope the magazine continues to grow and more students take up the opportunity to write or design aspects of it. Have a lovely summer and good luck to anyone awaiting results!
- Toria Brook-Hill

Kings of the County!
On Wednesday 17th April, the Year 9 Chalfonts Football Team along with the team coach, Mr. Fitzell, travelled to Brunel University Sports Centre in order to take part in the County Cup Final. The opposition was John Hampden Grammar School of High Wycombe and Chalfonts were more determined than ever to return victorious. Being a final, the stakes were very high and Team Chalfonts had trained very hard to ensure they played to the best of their ability and as a close team. The match began disastrously for Chalfonts, they conceded a penalty in the opening minutes from which John Hampden took a 1-0 lead. However, this did not affect Chalfonts’ confidence, and if anything it made them work that bit harder. By the 25th minute, Chalfonts equalised thanks to Jack’s Denton’s brilliant goal set up by George Harmes. At this point, Chalfonts knew they were back in the game and were eager to bring the title of ‘County Cup Winners’ home. The 2nd half commenced with Chalfonts starting where they’d left off, and a 2nd goal deservedly came when a free kick was won. It was taken from 30 yards out by Harmes who managed to find Charlie Barnett in the box who scored a sound goal. Sparks were flying for Team Chalfonts as they had turned the game around from losing 1-0 to now taking the lead by a goal. Despite the extra pressure given by John Hampden, the Chalfonts’ goalkeeper Daniel Wain saved some challenging shots. Chalfonts managed to hold onto the lead until the whistle was blown leaving the final score as 2-1 to Team Chalfonts. Mr. Fitzell said “I am very proud of their achievement and it has been a pleasure to work with all of the members of the squad this season.” One thing’s for sure, not only are the Year 9 Chalfonts Football Team the winners, they are in fact the Kings of the County!
- Nina Dhatt


Blue Planet | July 2013

July 2013 | Blue Planet 2

A Modern Musical Menagerie
It is often heard nowadays that music, especially (though not exclusively) mainstream music, is all ‘terrible’, and that we have entered a ‘dark age’ of artistic expression through music. The internet is plagued with blogs and comment sections full of people agreeing with each other over their assumptions that no new music will ever parallel the music of the past. It can seem as though all it takes for someone to dismiss the current musical climate, is to have a few very popular songs that they do not find enjoyable, enjoyed by many other people. Could it perhaps be said that these people are simply seeing what they wish to see? Maybe. It is easy to disregard western chart music as being homogenized and uncreative, but there is still a variety to the modern popular music scenes that has scarcely been found in the charts of the past; country-pop, electro funk, orchestral tinged hip hop, drum’n’bass, African-folk inspired dance-pop, 80s inflected synth music, four-to-the-floor club bangers, soul-infused girl-group pop, indie-pop, futuregarage, pop-rock, smooth r’n’b, dramatic ballads, dance-hall, and folky acoustic-pop encapsulate just some of what has been appearing on the UK Top 40 chart recently – and this is just the best selling music! Amalgamations of genres are happening all over the world, cultures reflecting each other through their music and giving artists more room to experiment and express themselves because of this. For instance, Americanmade instruments are becoming increasingly prevalent amongst modern African music, though are being used in different ways and to express different emotions. In turn, elements of genres such as Afrobeat are present in the music of contemporary acts such as Foals and Vampire Weekend to name a few. There is a menagerie of passionately made music out there just waiting to be listened to, and it would be a shame if someone were to miss out on a possibly life changing experience purely because of what they’ve convinced themselves music amounts to in the modern era. The future of music is bright so long as freedom of expression is promoted and new ways in which to create and listen to music are approached open-mindedly, though also with the musician’s artistic rights being respected and their livelihood taken into consideration as well. The human endeavour to convey thoughts and feelings through music is not something that is dead, and likely never will be.
- Josh Riley

This is a complicated issue that needs to be addressed over and over again. For decades people have been made to feel different. Everyone is different, however, it can get to the point where a person or more specifically- a child, is made to feel worthless compared to the rest of the world. Growing up is a struggle faced by all but for some the struggle turns into a constant battle to survive. I was one of those people. I was teased, I was beaten up and I was ignored, every day. I know what it feels like to hate yourself because you believe that there is something wrong with you. The funny thing is that, you only believe it because other people have told you that or have made you feel as so. They dig at your weaknesses and insecurities until eventually a hole in your heart is created and remains there until you finally realise that everything that they said, everything that they did to you, was merely just a reflection of their own insecurities- their pain. The naivety is eminent and such a saying has been repeated many times. However, it is said so often as it is the truth. The reason why it is such a difficult thing to believe is because some people deem it to be okay to belittle another- which is and never will be right. As the quote above explains, it is up to the people who witness the bullying, the prejudice and the homophobia, to stand up against it. To stand up for what is right. Due to my experiences, I have learned to be kind and generous, not for personal gain but to soothe the ache in others.

Why am I saying this? Well, because I believe that music is something to be enjoyed and not despised. Passion is one of the greatest qualities a person can possess and the modern musical environment is the perfect place to indulge in whatever you are interested in musically. Most modern artists are able to embrace their influences, however far-reaching, and still be heard by a wide ranging audience due to the many mediums in which they can promote their music. It is true that a lot of artists get lost in the often overwhelming tide of new music (it is clear that there is more music in the world today than there ever has been previously) but this forces artists to be creative, both with their implementation of ideas as well as their sound. 3 Blue Planet | July 2013

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who harm but because of those who look at it and do nothing” – Albert Einstein

Our society lacks in such people. It lacks in people who understand that some things are just unacceptable and must not be done. However, some will continuously find a reason to challenge this. Yet, as they challenge it, they don’t think about the people who are listening, because for all that that person knows, they could be ripping someone’s heart to pieces. Learn to be understanding and sympathetic as everyone has a battle to overcome.
- Sabrina Amato

July 2013 | Blue Planet 4

Dead Men Can’t Sing
Dead is a very strong word. Death is finite. Dead means gone, done, passed away, popped their clogs, cremated, buried, ultimately forgotten. Yet, if someone ran into the room and shouted: “my relationship is dead”, you would probably laugh at their melodramatic outburst because in the end they’ll probably be back together next week anyway. Which is exactly the reason I wince when people say “oh that band is dead”. Ok let’s think this through, was it murder, joint suicide, are we talking old age here? No, generally we are looking at a hiatus or personal reason that makes no sense to anyone but the band themselves. No one has perished, except the hopes and dreams of assorted fan-girls crying into their CD collection. The only grief that is being felt is the fan-girls’ tears of mourning. The band aren’t rotting in the ground or burned to little bits they are just laughing all the way to the bank.
- Bethany Ainsworth-Coles

There is no such thing as originality.
Do excuse me for a minute as I get on to my soap box and try to explain why originality is the most obnoxious word in the English language. The Oxford English Dictionary definition of the word originality is: “the ability to think independently and creatively.” The problem is that it’s impossible to think or create anything independently. For one, originality, the act of being original, isolates the individual from any influence given by others and places the subject in question up on a pedestal for us to look at and admire. But that is not true; Einstein was not original, he was new. Galileo was not original, he was new. Shakespeare was not original, he was new. No one is original because we all take and are inspired by other ideas and works to create our own. ‘New’, where original does not, allows for there to be the acknowledgement that an idea or piece of work has developed from others. As humans we need reference points to learn; when we are born we are not automatically musicians, we learn to be. Lessons, the process of gaining new experiences and skills is the act of ‘Copying’. As infants we copy to learn from our parents to gain the skills to speak. However copying is not new. After we have copied to gain an understanding, there needs to be “Transforming” and “Combining.” Changing, altering and bringing together other ideas or pieces of work to create new, different and developed theories, music, art, film, literature, etc. An example of this in practice is the film The Matrix by The Wachowski brothers; a film that seems so good that it must be original is far from it. The film’s idea is based on that of a French theorist Jean Baudrillard and is extracted from his book “Simulacra and Simulations”. However the film itself, with all its slow motion and martial arts, is also not original. Inspired by Asian Cinema Fist of Legend (1994), Drunken Master (1978), Tai-Chi Master (1993) as well as inspired from the Sci-Fi genre itself - Total Recall (1990) and Alice In Wonderland (1951).

So no one or no work is original but instead new. This does not degrade extraordinary achievements but instead emphasises them. It asks questions like who or what inspired Shakespeare to write “Romeo and Juliet”. It broadens our understanding of achievement and stretches it to show every avenue of great inspiration. As Isaac Newton famously said:

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”.

For more information visit: www.
- Joshua Gray


Blue Planet | July 2013

July 2013 | Blue Planet 6

The End of an Era
Leading on from my previous article ‘Growing Up’ and relating nicely to Phoebe RomeHall’s ‘Don’t get me started on goodbyes’, it seems a good moment to highlight the fact that for some this is the end of an era. Not just for year thirteens but also for some year elevens, this summer (if we have one!) marks the end of a school career that has dominated most of our lifetimes. To some this may be daunting, to others exciting but regardless of your outlook you have to acknowledge this moment as a significant milestone in your life. Be it college, an apprenticeship, work or university, whatever the next stage may be it is likely to mark a drastic change. Without becoming too sentimental, or indeed stealing Phoebe’s thunder, there is an aspect to this change that will force a few goodbyes. Undoubtedly there are some people who you will be glad to be rid of or, quite frankly, won’t remember existed in two years time. However, there will be others for whom ‘goodbye’ just won’t be good enough. Some people will have had a marked impact on your life and moving away from these people or
7 Blue Planet | July 2013

leaving them behind will be very difficult. There is no answer to this dilemma but depend on the fact that you will never be completely separated from or forgotten by those who truly matter.

better and discover things about yourself that double maths can’t quite reveal. You’re a grown up, or near enough, and I can’t tell you what to do or where to go or what you need to know but the beauty of it is that nobody can and you answerable to only yourself. Obviously that comes with the small print that you are entirely responsible when you mess it up, which you will, but that’s OK because you have to learn!

Yes it is the end of an era and hopefully it’s been one to remember fondly but just remember: it’s not the end, it’s only the beginning.
- Toria Brook-Hill

On a more positive note, think of the opportunities and experiences that will befall you when you’ve escaped from the confines of school.

Enjoy these last few weeks but look forward to the big wide world that will expand before you. You’ll finally have the opportunity to try a little harder to be a little
July 2013 | Blue Planet 8

“Jump out of the glass and into the fishbowl.”

Photos taken by Josh Riley

2013 A-Level Art Show

From top right to left: Charlee Murphy Year 12, Callum Welsh Year 12, Emily Morgan Year 13 and Charlotte Hazell Yeat 12 9 Blue Planet | July 2013

From top right to left: Holly Charge Year 12, Eve Powell Year 13, Molly Page Year 12, Lucy Wise Year 12 And Reece Garside Year 12. July 2013 | Blue Planet 10

“Don’t even get me started on…”
For many of the year elevens and year thirteens we may never see our classmates again. We’ll never have to compete with younger years for places to sit, or argue with teachers over certain predicaments. (Great isn’t it). But will we all feel so free and fantastic when the safety net of school is ripped out from underneath us and we have to walk the tightrope alone? How do we say goodbye to those that have had an impact on our lives? Of course we aren’t going to spend our last week in tears, the British stiff upper lip would never allow it. Possibly a card or a cupcake to everyone, but we aren’t all made of money and for most saving for our futures has now become a top priority! Maybe that’s it. Take not only your money but also your memories of those that were there for you and use them to become the greatest possible version of yourself. Say goodbye by showing the rest of the world how wonderful the people you have known have made you. it seems that popularity is judged on style over substance and whether you’re sporting the latest season’s fashions appears more important than whether or not you work hard. Everybody cares about how they are seen by their peers even the ones who proclaim ‘I don’t care what you think of me’. These so called ‘rebels’ want to be seen as just that: ‘rebels’. Fuelled by the perception that because you like one thing you can’t like another, people are scared to make other friends simply because they don’t hang around with your ‘clique’. It’s sad that people aren’t branching out to make friends simply because they are scared of the reaction of their ‘clique.’ When in reality, you should be friends with people you like not necessarily those who have similar interests.
- Sarah Austin

Agony Uncle
How do I deal with the countdown to results day?
I know it sounds like a really ‘parenty’ thing to say but remember there is nothing that you can do about it now, all you can do is wait and see. However, if this is easier said than done just remember the exam was a measure of how much relatively pointless information you could remember in an hour. Not getting the grades you (or your parents) want will not lead to you being on the Jeremy Kyle Show in ten years with you having 19 kids and no job because you got a C in GCSE maths when you really wanted a B.

I’m worried about missing my friends over the summer, any advice?
The summer holidays are the perfect opportunity to spend as much time as you can with your friends. I know you probably see them everyday at school but now you can do it without the hassle of copying each other’s maths homework (we’ve all done it). I know some of you will want to spend a lot of time sleeping and some of you will be going away but as long as you don’t lock yourselves into your bedrooms for six weeks like a recluse I’m sure you’ll see your friends lots and you’ll have a lovely summer.

We’ve all been eagerly waiting for the summer months to arrive where music gets louder, nights get longer, skin gets darker, water gets warmer and overall life gets better. - Phoebe Rome-Hall However, despite the current heat wave, we’re still walking around with umbrellas secreted in our bags ‘just in case’! It looks like the rest of ‘Cliques’. the world is already indulging in the summer I look around the school and see many climate; but here in England we have the mindgroups of people or ‘cliques’. These social groups categorise people to conform to certain set not to trust the apparent summer weather. We’ve seen the coldest, cloudiest, and interests or ways of behaving. That is all well wettest summer holidays since 1993. Some of and good, but what about the people who are us may remember the miraculous heat waves not destined to fit into these social groups? in 2006, which was then unfortunately followed Are they fated to stand on the sidelines just because they have different interests? It seems by lousy summer seasons. It’s understandable that we have little faith in our summer sun! so... I think over the years we’ve now learnt, These people are the outcasts, the when the sun is out enjoy it whilst it lasts! ones who are shunned to the gutter in social Nevertheless, let’s not let the weather ruin our standings. These are the people that are well-deserved summer break, have a good forgotten during school years but, as cliché ‘summer’! as it sounds, are the ones that most of us will be working for. That is the problem I find with - Sarover Aujla popularity, it makes everything complicated and causes a lot of ill feeling. Furthermore, 11 Blue Planet | July 2013

British Summer

I’m moving to another school next year and I’m worried about not having any friends, what should I do?
Well I am sure that you already have many friends from Chalfonts that you will be able to keep in contact with once you move. Everyone at some point has to experience change be it for school or work and people are usually very welcoming and friendly, as they understand your situation. As long as you don’t turn up on your first day dressed as a Smurf shouting ‘Be my friend!’ at the top of your voice you’ll be fine, its best to just be yourself, unless that is your normal self.

- Jack O’Connor *This column is a work of fiction.“

July 2013 | Blue Planet 12

Bastille – Bad Blood the Extended cut
The UK based quartet is most definitely a group to watch this year. After bursting on the music scene with the major success of ‘Pompeii’, which attracted the ‘Hipster generation’ because of the raw and meaningful lyrics written by the frontman Dan Smith, the quartet set to make 2013 memorable by playing Reading festival. The album is a great listen due to the lyrics that many teenagers can identify with. The beats are powerful, neo-synth style pop with heavily 1980s influenced melodies. The album is serious with few upbeat aspects, which means it does not become repetitive or dreary unlike some albums where it is one sad song after another. This album is truly worth a listen!

it’s easy to see why; many songs have memorable choruses that quickly become earworms that are most definitely not annoying.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis –The Heist
After the success of ‘Thrift Shop’ both in the states and over here, you’d think that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis would be riding on massive high. However, as the message throughout the album suggests, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are working hard in order to achieve their goals. The album as whole attacks different issues from alcohol abuse to same sex marriage. Often talking about delicate subjects, Macklemore hasn’t been afraid to voice his personal opinions. Many songs are about Macklemore’s addictions such as ‘Starting Over’, which tackles the subject of Macklemore’s relapse in December 2011 from an alcohol addiction. Importantly, the beats from Ryan Lewis often lighten the subjects that Macklemore has decided to rap about. The album is good is but often depressing. The powerful collaborations with different artists demonstrate the messages that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are trying to communicate to their listeners.

Alt – J An Awesome Wave
“Alt-J” is a reference to the Greek uppercase letter delta (∆) which can be typed on Apple Mac by the key sequence alt (option) + J. Therefore, Alt-J were never going to be your typical run of the mill pop group. The quartet who formed in 2008 were all students at Leeds University and began making music with help from Garage Band after the frontman Joe Newman played a few of his own songs to band member Gwil Sainsbury. The album is quirky with often bizarre lyrics like in ‘Fitzpleasure’. In fact it’s hard to actually pinpoint the genre that the album is because it has multiple influences from different genres, typically jazz and folk. The album has been described as ‘accessible’ and

- Sarah Austin


Blue Planet | July 2013

July 2013 | Blue Planet 14

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