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The main contents of a marketing plan are:[4] 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Executive Summary Situational Analysis Opportunities / Issue Analysis - SWOT Analysis Objectives Strategy Action Program (the operational marketing plan itself for the period under review) Financial Forecast Controls

In detail, a complete marketing plan typically includes

1. 2. 3. 4.

Title page Executive Summary Product niya chotto intro Current Situation – Macro environment (NABIL and Bhaskar) o economy o legal o government o technology o ecological o sociocultural o supply chain 5. Current Situation - Market Analysis (sexy RONO <3) o market definition o market size o market segmentation o industry structure and strategic groupings o Porter 5 forces analysis o competition and market share o competitors' strengths and weaknesses o market trends 6. Current Situation — Consumer Analysis (Bhaskar and nabil) o nature of the buying decision o participants o demographics o psychographics o buyer motivation and expectations o loyalty segments

7.value chain and CRM 11. Marketing Strategy . o by customer segment. o by geographical market. Marketing research (Rabby)1 o information requirements o research methodology o research results 10. Marketing Strategy [6] .Product o product mix o product strengths and weaknesses  perceptual mapping o product life cycle management and new product development o Brand name.C. Marketing Strategy. Marketing Strategy . Multi Factoral analysis  Quality Function Deployment 12. o by distribution channel.E. brand image. Dhakar map e bosti kothay.segmented marketing actions and market share objectives o by product. 13. Current Situation — Internal (Unilever) (Lamia/Saba/ba apu) o company resources  financial  people  time  skills o objectives  mission statement and vision statement  corporate objectives  financial objective  marketing objectives  long term objectives  description of the basic business philosophy o corporate culture 8.G. Summary of Situation Analysis (KHAMBA) o external threats o external opportunities o internal strengths o internal weaknesses o Critical success factors in the industry o our sustainable competitive advantage 9. .Price 1 Logo. and brand equity o the augmented product o product portfolio analysis  B. Analysis  contribution margin analysis  G.

or telephone) o word of mouth marketing (buzz) o viral marketing 15.g.pricing objectives pricing method (e. Financial Summary o assumptions o pro-forma monthly income statement o contribution margin analysis o breakeven analysis o Monte Carlo method o ISI: Internet Strategic Intelligence 18.: skimming. demand based. techniques. Scenarios o Prediction of Future Scenarios o Plan of Action for each Scenario 19. theme. and management o sales promotion o publicity and public relations o electronic promotion (e.promotion o promotional goals o promotional mix o advertising reach. Marketing Strategy . Appendix o pictures and specifications of the new product o o o o o o o .: Web. Marketing Strategy . or penetration) discounts and allowances price elasticity and customer sensitivity price zoning break even analysis at various prices 14. frequency.: cost plus. flights.g.g. or competitor indexing) pricing strategy (e. and media o sales force requirements. Implementation o personnel requirements  assign responsibilities  give incentives  training on selling methods o financial requirements o management information systems requirements o month-by-month agenda  PERT or critical path analysis o monitoring results and benchmarks o adjustment mechanism o contingencies (What if's) 17.Distribution o geographical coverage o distribution channels o physical distribution and logistics o electronic distribution 16.

o results from research already completed .

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