Organizing your essay IT'S IMPORTANT TO organize your writing in a logical way so that your reader can easily understand

what you are saying. Here are some examples of logical organization. TYPES OF LOGICAL ORGANIZATION Essay types For DESCRIPTIVE & EXPLANATORY essays (location, personality) Organization You can organize the contents by telling the who, what, where, when, why, how or telling how different ideas can be ranked in importance or telling how things are arranged in space (for example, top to bottom, bottom to top, near to far, inside out, For CHRONOLOGICAL or SEQUENTIAL essays (narrative, report, process) For CAUSE AND EFFECT essays (descriptive, argumentative, persuasive, reaction) and so on) by telling what did, should, or will happen first, second, third, and so on by telling how events (causes) result in other events (effects), or telling about events (effects) and then explaining why they happened For COMPARE AND CONTRAST essays (location, personality, (causes) by telling how ideas are alike and different

process) Remember that you need not be constraint to using only one type of organization. You might choose more than one structure, depending on the purpose of different parts of your paper.

Examples of writing types

When we think of courage. breathing a forgiving prayer for her accusers. I play on the junior high team as a wide receiver. where the coach can choose only from students in the school. the professionals are bigger. . It is then that nerve ends get raw. I am. In high school. he must do the best he can with the talent available. Now that such tremendous salaries are being paid to professional athletes. 4. Argumentative or Persuasive. Joan of Arc died courageously as she was burned at the stake. and tackle in somewhat the same way. There are two tennis rackets. we often limit ourselves to war heroes. Anyone visiting my bedroom would think I am a sports nut. and certainly wealthier. when I was runner-up in the tennis tournament for my age group. and the later tasks become boring or frustrating. A woman can be just as courageous as any man. and I have all of the Yankees and the Mets for the last ten years. more and more people are competing for the few possible slots on the teams. notice that relationships tend to be good when everyone is just beginning the day with routine tasks to be done. First of all. And there are many other examples of courage: Elizabeth Blackwell completing her medical education and becoming the first woman doctor. faster. and many of the objects in the room show that interest. On a shelf above them is a trophy I won last summer at camp. Descriptive by chronological order When people are idle. beware of trouble. and I often practice in the park with a friend of mine who happens to be a quarterback and throws the ball well. Though the professionals and the high school athletes play the same game. all taped to my wall just above my bed. kick. 3. bored. Descriptive by Spatial order My bedroom is a reflection of my personality. At this point. block. trouble often develops. Peeking out from under the bed is a football helmet and the toes of a pair of football shoes. 2. People are in good spirits and well rested.1. or frustrated. Compare & Contrast Professional sports and high school athletics are different in many ways and similar in only a few points. and people begin to get under each other's skins. and though they run. Later in the day. I like sports. even before women could vote nationwide. in one comer. football. by giving examples Remember that courage can have many different aspects in various situations. as blood sugar gets low. The next time you are with a group of people for a long period. weariness sets in. but there are many women who show courage off the battlefield. the superior talents and abilities of the professionals make it almost seem to be a different game. with only the most highly qualified athletes making the team. along with a can of balls. On the wall is my collection of baseball cards. and this results in a highly selective competition. and Jeanette Rankin of Montana becoming the first woman in Congress.

He was an outstanding defensive catcher. who rarely let anything get by him at the plate. and dive in when the team was behind. he was a team leader. He inspired his fellow players and led them to play even better than they knew they could. Because of that Thurman Munson was considered one of the best players in New York Yankees.5. which was respected around the league by those who might want to steal bases. But most of all. He had a strong arm. Cause & Effect He was a great batter who could be depended on to get the crucial hit. Logical flow .

Until. Eventually Cause and effect : So. Meanwhile. Ensuring everybody in the world has enough on the plate b. In addition. Foremost. Again. Order degree: Most importantly. Clearly Although. That is. To the left. However. Chronological order: First. When. second. On the contrary. To the right. Before. second. First. Beyond. Contrast: On the other hand. Lastly. After. As a matter of fact. In conclusion ideas Essay types and how to make the tone of your essay more interesting Titles a. In between. In contrast. Then. For instance. Yet. Furthermore. Above. A career visit to ASTRO TV station Types of writing Informative intent . Even though In short. third. As a result. Although. To sum up. In brief. Next. Likewise. Like.third. In fact. In the same way. and so on Then.To create better flow when you organize your points. As you can see. Under. third Spatial order : Next to. Below. Also. Near. Accordingly Comparison : Similarly. second. Just as. Therefore. Because of that. In front of. Despite that. Besides. Certainly. Furthermore. Thus. First. Consequently. But. In fact. In particular. Beside. Moreover. Still. In addition. What's more Indeed. Later. Since. use transitional words and phrases. While. During. In other words. Specifically And. Instead. Unlike. Hence. When you want to give an example Add a thought Emphasize a thought Give credit to another point of view Sum up a series of Try these words or phrases For example. Finally.

Public transportation: Singapore and Malaysia e.c. 1. Here are some reasons why. Revise the thesis statement. The modern woman has yet to see total equality j. 3. Persuasive: In view of the negative influences brought about by uncontrolled flow of information in this era of globalization. This is how you can twist a basic informative essay into a more interesting one. Informative: The purpose of this essay is to outline the advantages of family bonding in this globalized era. Argumentative: Many may think that the weakening of the family unit is just a natural manifestation of contemporary lifestyle. Amazing discoveries in the exotic island of Langkawi Descriptive Process Comparison and Contrast Report Response intent Argumentative Persuasive Reaction Literary Response An essay which is mainly intended for disseminating information may turn out a little dry and uninteresting. The dark humour in Joey’s character in Friends f. RM23 million for a minister’s house is preposterous k. Revise the title. Getting prepared for an examination h. Faith alone is not enough d. If you can tweak your essay with some elements to create an emotional response from your readers. Informative: The advantages of strong family ties Persuasive: Make your family your number one priority Argumentative: Building stronger family ties: the answer to successful living 2. The importance of strengthening family ties in this globalized era i. . Revise the topic sentence. but I am totally opposed to it. Polygamy g. we must never forget the virtues of strong family ties. it would become more exciting to read.

seeks to imbue a greater sense of security among the people. it was found that…. the challenges of global interconnectivity will never be an insurmountable task. According to…. Informative: More dependent on external sources. personal opinions. E. Persuasive: By spending more time with one’s family. Melissa Day states that…. Argumentative: It is plain to see that contemporary living can be totally compatible with maintaining strong family relationships. Canada. The eminent psychologist Dr. 4. In a study conducted at University Columbia. Persuasive: Have you noticed how individuals who come from a close knit family exudes confidence and a greater sense of security? Argumentative: First of all. Revise conclusion.Informative: The first advantage of maintaining close family ties is the attainment of a sense of security. analogies and quotations. developing strong family ties will ensure happiness and well-being of the individual. contemporary or otherwise. it also includes anecdotes. any lifestyle. Informative: In conclusion.g. 5. . more so the family unit. Choice of supporting details. Persuasive & Argumentative: Besides facts and figures.

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