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1) Complete with verb to be and match: (is/ am/ are)

(a) What ____ your name?

( ) Oliveira

(b) Where ____ you from?

( ) She ___ from Italy.

(c) What____ your last name?

( ) I ___ Twelve.

(d) How old ___ he?

( ) Dianna

(e) Where ___ she from?

( ) I ____ from Brazil.

(f) How old ___ you?

( ) He ____ fourteen.

2) Complete the box:

First name: ________________________________ Last name: ________________________
Middle name: _____________________________ Age: ___________
Nationality: ______________________________ telephone: ________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________

3) Leia com ateno o dilogo abaixo:

Kelly- Hi, Im Kelly!
Whats your name?
Nick I am Nick.
Kelly- Nice to meet you, Nick.
Nick Nice to meet you too, Kelly.
Kelly-Where are you from, Nick?
Nick I am from Florida, USA. And you?
Kelly- I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Nick How old are you?
Kelly-I am fourteen years old. And you?
Nick I am thirteen.
Kelly- See you later, Nick.
Nick See you later, Kelly.

4) Complete the dialogue according to the text: (complete o dilogo de acordo com o texto):
a) _______________ is your name?
b) _______________ Nick.
c) Where are ______________?
d) I am ___________ Florida, USA. And you?
e) _______________ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

5) Complete a tabela com as informaes sobre Nick e Kelly que voc viu l no dilogo.
Brazilian American girl boy younger older Florida Rio de Janeiro thirteen fourteen

6) Answer the questions about you:
a) Whats you name? ___________________________________________________
b) Where are you from? ___________________________________________________
c) How old are you? ___________________________________________________
d) Can you speak Japanese? ___________________________________________________
e) Is your father a doctor? ___________________________________________________
f) When is your English class? ___________________________________________________
g) Whats your favorite color? ___________________________________________________
h) What do you do on the weekend? ___________________________________________________

7) Escreva um pargrafo falando sobre voc. No poder faltar as seguintes informaes:

a) nome

c) idade

e) cor dos olhos

b) de onde voc ...

d) cor do cabelo

f) o que voc sabe fazer


8) Enumere a 2 coluna de acordo com a 1:

(a) I am a student

( ) Voc Peter.

(b) You are Peter

( ) Isto uma caneta.

(c) She is a girl

( ) Eles so garotos.

(d) He is Bob

( ) Ele Bob.

(e) It is a pen

( ) Ela uma menina.

(f) We are teachers

( ) Eu sou um estudante.

(g) They are boys

( ) Ns somos professoras.

9) Look at the pictures and practice the dialogs.


este, esta, isto


aquele, aquela, aquilo

1. A: Whats this?
B: Its a ruler.

2. A: Whats that?
B: Its a bed.

3. A: Whats ______?

4. A: Whats ______?

B: Its a _______.

B: Its a _______.

5. A: Whats ______?
B: ___________________

6. A: __________________?
B: __________________.

10) Fill in the blanks with this, his, or her.

a) This is my brother. His names John.
b) ______ is my sister. ______ names Carol.
c) This is my father. _____ names Mike.
d) ______ is my friend. _______ names Mariana.
e) ______ is my friend. _______ names Bill.
11) Look at the pictures and write about the people.

1. Her names Catthy.

Shes from the United States.
Shes American.

2. _______________________

3. _______________________

4. ______________________





12) Fill in the blanks with the correct nationality.

a) Hes from China. Hes Chinese.
b) Were from Spain. Were ___________________.
c) Im from Mexico. Im ______________________.
d) Theyre from England. Theyre __________________.
e) Youre from Australia. Youre ___________________.
f) Shes from Argentina. Shes _____________________.
13) Match the opposites. Write the answer on the line.
(c) 1. boy

a. man

___ 2. black

b. short

___ 3. tall

c. girl

___ 4. heavy

d. thin

___ 5. woman

e. white

14) Fill in the blanks. Use is or are.

a. Her book ____________ on the desk.
b. The shorts ____________ on the bed.
c. Where ______________ my pens?
d. My pencil sharpener ____________ on the chair.
e. Your cap _____________ under the desk.

15) Fill in the blanks. Use a or an.

a. My father is ___________ plumber.
b. She is __________ electrician.
c. Is Maria ____________ teacher?
d. My friend is ____________ actor.
e. My mother isnt __________ farmer.
f. Is your father ____________ artist?

16) Complete the text with verb to be:

Susan and Peter ___________ brothers. They ______ from Canada.
Their mother Jane ______ a nurse. Their father ____________ a doctor at health hospital.
They ________ good students at Ibituruna School. I ________Susans friend.
a) are/ are/ is/ is/ are/ am

c) are/ are/ are/ is/ are/ am

b) am/ are/ are/ is/ are/ is

d) are/ are/ is/ is/ am/ am

17) Are you good at Math? Choose the correct answers:

25 14= _______

5 + 43 = _______

36 20 = _______

13 + 14 = _______

a) twelve/ twenty- six/ forty- eight/ seventeen

c) eleven/ sixteen/ forty- eight/ twenty-seven

b) eleven/ sixteen/ thirty-eight/ twenty-seven

d) twenty/ sixty/ forty-eight/ thirty-seven

18) Choose the best answer for this question:

Are you American?
a) No, she is not. She is Japanese.

c) Yes, I am not.

b) Yes, you are.

d) No, I am not. Im Brazilian.

19) How old are you?

a) Im Teresa.
b) Im fine, thanks.
c) Im thirty-two.
d) Im from the USA.
20) Choose the correct nationalities or countries:
Akira is Japanese. He is from _____________________.
Brbara is from the USA. She is __________________________.
Robert and Tony are from England. They are _____________________.
Oscar is Russian. He is from __________________.
Janine is from Brazil. She is ____________________.

a) Japan/ English/ American/ Russia/ Brazilian

c) Japanese/ England/ the USA/ Russian/ Brazil

b) Japan/ American/ English/ Russia/ Brazilian

d) Japanese/ English/ England/ Russia/ Brazilian