16.July.2013, 11.30PM) Sri Lanka yesterday banned the film ‘Flying Fish’ (Igillena maluwo) which earned international merit. The ban was imposed by the Defense Ministry , and this decision was made public by the national defense media spokesman Lakshman Halugalle. This film was not only banned in SL but also orders had been given by the State Film Corporation chairman Asoka Serasinghe to call back the film reel that had been sent to the Mexico film festival for screening. Though Film Corporation permission is not necessary for participating in a film festival , the Customs permission has to be obtained when the reel is being dispatched. By all this it is Serasinghe the notorious villain who got an opportunity to became a hero by withdrawing that permission. It is to be noted that these dastardly actions are being taken to recall this film reel by Institutions that have no role to play in this, when the relevant

Public performance Board which is vested with the official powers had granted the authority to screen this film. The ruling regime is however holding discussions to amend the powers of the Public performance Board. It is the Public performance Board that grants permission for public viewing of a film. Its chairman is Gamini Sumansekera. So far , no application has been made to the Public performance Board seeking permission to release this film for public viewing in Sri Lanka (SL.) It is mandatory that even the reels of films that are screened at the international film festivals have to be first shown to the Public performance Board. There are two modes of applications when seeking permission from the Public performance Board for screening of ordinary films in local cinema halls and when showing them at international film festivals. Though the Board has the power to ban a film that is sought to be screened in a cinema , it has no powers to ban a film that is to be shown at an international film festival. It has only powers to classify films as suitable for viewers above the age of 18 years or over 15 years of age, or adults. They cannot totally ban them . The film ‘Flying Fish -Igilena maluwo’ was shown recently not in the local cinema halls , but at the French Film festival. Accordingly , the public performance Board (PBC) has no right to ban the film. Yet , in a country like Sri Lanka where lawlessness reigns supreme , it is a mentally deranged defense secretary who is ruling the roost , and takes decisions on these matters. This Secretary Gotabaya alias ‘yuddhata baya ‘ is a G C E O/L qualified army officer who fled the country in fear when the war was at its height, and when he ought to have stayed back and contributed to the country’s war efforts as a true patriot like any other member of the forces. While in the US after fleeing , he was engaged in puny jobs. Subsequently , when his ‘aiya’ became President , he came back to bask in the glory of his brother Mahinda. Now he pretends that he is the alpha and omega of creation , and rides the high horse only to have a heavy fall sooner rather than later going by his mentally unhinged conduct and decision making. It is the media Director Lakshman Halugalla the Gothaya who stoops to the sordid biddings of this Gotabaya who has now been appointed as the judge to inquire into the screening of this film which won an international award. ( Sudharman Radeliyagoda against whom there is a warrant and Sunimal Fernando are the two individuals who are behind the censorship of this film, according to reports reaching Lanka e news).

Halugalla Gothaya speaking to the media yesterday had disclosed that this film had to be banned because those acting in the film are wearing official uniforms of the Forces without taking permission from the defense Ministry . Gotaya Halugalla had further said , action is contemplated against the producers of the film too ( it is noteworthy that camouflage uniforms are not worn only by the SL forces). The producer of this film is a prominent SL businessman , Manohan Nanayakkara and it won the best Asian film and best Director awards at the Festival out of 15 films which had 29 participants. Manohan Nanayakkara is a Queensland University graduate , and owns the following enterprises : Asia capital, Asia Asset finance, Asia securities, Asian Alliance assurance, Asian Hotel and properties. It is learnt that the CID had visited his office and recorded his statement. Recently at the international film festival in New York , the SL film that won a bronze award was ‘a common man’ which too was produced by Manohan Nanayakkara. Ben Kingsley the world renowned actor played the key role in that film. The Director of that film was Chandran Rutnam. This was the first ever SL film that was sent to Hollywood. The film, ‘A common man’ was produced by Nanayakkara after spending heavily towards it , while also as the producer of the film Flying Fish ‘Igilena maluwo’ , he spent modestly on behalf of the up and coming young Film Director in SL , Sanjeewa Pushpakumara . Based on reports, ‘Flying Fish’ was a film produced expending only Rs. 25 lakhs . The insanity ridden decisions of these ‘Gankabarayans’ (village crocodiles) are only making businessmen like Nanayakkara who are engaged in the production of award winning films to get disgusted of their genuine efforts to make an invaluable contribution to local films and arts. Owing to these discouraging and degrading activities of these Medamulana village crocodiles and their loin cloth sniffing scoundrels , internationally acclaimed local producers would have no option but to leave this country searching for a better environment in a better country ruled by humans and not village beasts. If not they will have to produce films ‘ Aba’ ,’Perakumba’, ‘Gemba’ and Kurumba boosting the moth eaten image of these Gothayas if they are to stay back here .

(The producers and Directors of the film ‘Igilena Maluwo’ are to express their stance tomorrow) Posted by Thavam

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