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Virtual PC Center. Your Best-Fit Solution

From the localized Thin Client terminals, end users can access their virtual PCs, full desktops and applications. Ali of the data and applications are storeo on tne server, and there is no data on the client terminals, as shown below:

Application Servers


TCM 380 Windows PC



Thin Clients


Production Network

Virtual Machines

Thin Clients
USI 10

Management Server
Connection Broker

0CM 300

Virtual PC Servers
Windows PC

VPCC/Storage Management Network VPCC VMotion Network



Thin Client terminals:
High-quality voice and high-speed image processing made possible by US110, a desktop terminal Palm-size desktop terminal (W15.5cm, L10.4cm, H3.4cm) with space-saving design that can be attached to the back on an LCD. Unique chipset: Newly developed system LSI that realizes High-quality (VoIP) telephony and smooth multimedia processing comparable to traditional business PCs all on one chip. No mobile parts, no user data storage. Express5800/VPCC Server Mobile notebook terminal TCM380 Notebook terminal (A4 size) for mobile use. Equipped with Windows ® XPe with access to server via mobile card and wireless LAN service, supports VPN (Virtual Private Network) environment, realizing a highly usable terminal. A simple operation will start the system allowing a quick and low-cost implementation of a thin client system. Express5800/VPCC Management Server Dedicated Management Server for the Express5800NPCC Server manages the entire Virtual PC Type Thin Client system centrally. USB / USB Dongle 3G Thin Client USB or USB Dongle 3G Thin Client will give you fast and reliable access to your working environment using Escritorio Movistar (Telefónica 's Connection Manager). Integrated with the 3G connectors provided by Escritorio Movistar. Software Thin Client available to reduce current assets

All-in- one server Thin Client terminals:

Ultra Mobility, Convergence
Access to your own desktop and full applications from an any device, any access, anywhere...




Thin Client Desktop —
debo FTTH

Thin Client Notebook 11~27
r% . n.

USB Dongle/ USB

Enterprise y

3G Smartphone

Travelling / Mobility
Wi-Fi Netbook

PC Wi-Max

Ubiquity examples: At the airport or second home: USB + PC Mobile office: USB Dongle 3G + Laptop or Netbook On the road: Smartphone or PDA

- Portable software client

- Conectivity in your pocket

-Your desktop in your mobile

TCO Reduction
Driving UP the bottomline results
TCO reduction .

compared with the traditional desktop model virtual Thin Client system, our system has achieved further operation management cost reduction by two means. By using Sigma System Center (SSC), NEC's unique central management software, the operation of physical servers and virtual PCs can be centrally managed. Also, the operation management cost is largely reduced by monitoring each virtual PC, distributing software, the environment settings and management of sessions between Thin Client terminals and virtual PCs. As a result, compared with TCO of owning traditional business PCs for three years, t.his system's cost is 40% lower(*). About 40j0

- Reduce failure rate (from 5% to 0,2%) Increase investments lifespan (x2 or x3)
TCO for 3 yrs

Reduce operation costs over 50% Reduce down time (up to 90%)
Increase productivity and mobility

Initial Cost Business PC
Current VPC type Thin Client system VPCC

Energy savings


Energy savings: compared with traditional PC workstations, there is a significant reduction in energy consumption.
W 5000 4500 4000 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 (*) NEC estimations based on Gartner and market data for 200 high end users deployment 500 LCD Business PC 1840W (3) PC Server 4300W (2) LCD 60% Reduction

o Significant energy-saving

Cost for 1 PC in 100 unit configuration. NEC estimation. For business PC stats, we use Research Company estimation together with NEC estimation Electric power consumption for 20 PCs + 20LCDs (3) Electric power consumption for 20 US110 + 1 server +20LCDs


The new environment: convergence, globalization, new technologies, ubiquity
Main Challenges:

New multimedia Applications
- Software & Hardware upgrade needs Complexity of fragmented solutions - New Contact Centers needs Emergency of Alternatives Thin Clients New Operatings Systems - Web based applications - Virtualization

Increasing Mobility Security & Compliance Work from Home & Branch office deployments Convergente / Mobility

Globalization - Business Process Outsourcing - Protection of IP rights Financial Challenges 80% of enterprise IT costs is spent on the operation and maintenance Costly system user management instead of estrategic tasks Need of cost efficient solutions

The newTelefónica's and NEC platform to optimize your environment
Opportunity to RETHINK traditional PC computing models

An optimized platform for ubiquity access, convergence and new applications that can lower operational and maintenance costs and increase productivity and core business investments.
Intra Data Center Fragmented & Complkated Infrastructure Environment Optimized Infrastructure Environment Extensively Optimized Infrastructure Environment

lndependent Infrastructure for each task Complicated Operacional Management Ineffective Resource Utilization

q q


Integrated Infrastructure for each layer Automatic & Easy Opemtional Management Effective unlization of Resources



Application Sales

Int Fulana]

Inter-enterprise Cooperasen by Web Service




Broadband Network

Disaster Recovery Remote Backup





Commoditlze Remote Resources



Autornatically reallocate resourres a«ording to work loads. Aumnomour Vinualization Technology

Amornarically r ea O« ate resources
in the rernote/Multi-environment • Bonotes, -mici Technology

Innovate your client environment. A new, improved way of working
While maintaining the performance and functionality standards of current PCs, Telefónica is focusing on the requirements that will drastically improve the IT organization's responsiveness and create a successful client terminal environment. One way to realize such an efficient environment is through NEC's new Thin Client Solution. This solution integrates and centralizes client assets, such as data and applications, entirely on servers in the data center in order to fulfill three requirements: enhancing security in the client environment; reducing TCO; and increasing mobility and working efficiency.

As a result of centralizing assets, the client is extremely simple, serving as a user interface without resident data or applications.

Business - Enhanced information security - Cut TCO by 40%(*) - Investment protection - Increase productivity - Energy savings up to 60%(*) - Ubiquitous working environment - Reduce business disruption - Integrated with contact center CRM

IT Reduce operation costs,
on focus

User - My desk, my line, anywhere, anytime, any device - Boots in 10 seconds - 100% silent - Maintenance free - No more local backups - More applications - Better & more convenient support - Multimedia

strategic investments

Centralized management Seamless Integration Convergente Agility for migration Increase investment lifespan Reduce failure rate Down time reduction - Full compatibility

NEC estimations based on Gartner and market data



Success Story
Case of Achievement Agility: Daiwa Securities
Daiwa Securities

Company: Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd. Headquarters: 2-6-4 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Establishment: April 26, 1999 Capital: ¥178.3 billion (as of September 30, 2008) Operating Revenues ¥825,422 million (as of March 31, 2008) Virtualized Pes: 1,200 Thin Clients

"Developing and deploying a system composed of the latest software and hardware six months ahead of schedule is an extraordinary achievement..." "Office productivity has improved because with the Thin Client an employee can switch off the client mid-task, go home, return to the office the next day, switch on the client and resume his/her task at the same place as on the previous day..."
Yoshinari Yamada (Chief of the System Planning Department, Daiwa Securities.)

Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd. (Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group) is a retail securities company and a subsidiary of the Daiwa Securities Group, a listed holding company. The aim of the company is to provide innovative financial services that exceed the expectations of customers, businesses, and current industry standards. Daiwa Securities exists in an environment of tempestuous change. As a securities retailer, Daiwa firmly believes that business survival depends upon agility in the face of change. The company is introducing thin client terminals company-wide. Replacing 10,000 computers by 2011 and expanding future possibilities is the challenge. All PCs at 117 branch offices nationwide will be replaced by the thin client system. This switchover will: Enable IT infrastructure to respond immediately to change Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) Strengthen security management and business continuity

Key Benefits: Ever-increasing numbers of PCs, along with the growth in human resources — minimizing the effort and costs of implementation and operation. Easy to operate for end users, easy to manage for administrators "Virtual PC Type" thin client system proposed by NEC was selected. Virtual PC Type thin client systems can adapt quickly to market and environmental changes without missing business opportunities. Virtual PC Type thin client systems realize TCO reductions through integrated management, security enhancement due to diskless terminals, and increased productivity through improved mobility. Savings from reduced costs and workload for administrators has resulted more time and investment dedicated to developing strategic IT in itiatives.

Data Center
Current resoure

Expresa server•iStorage Share No.l server in Japan Hogh fault tolerance Fully supported Virtual PC Center AP AP AP User Data

Wndows Active Director,/ Mail Server Web Server Operation Management Server Virtual PC servers



Resource muge User manageability by ActiveDirectory Connection to the server is same as business PC

Virtual PC servers Resource distribution along VPC servers When h/gh load, VPC is moved to other servers (no down time) When defect, VPCS run on the other servers, without interrupting their work procese

Remote Office

Implementation of thin diem terminals Space-saving, lees noise, lesa consumption. USB restnction ', Any PC could be your virtual PC

Set-up Period: 1.5 months


My desk, ariywhere, anytime, through any device
Enhanced Virtual PC Service




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