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Genetic Testing

The Polymerase Chain reaction can be used to check for certain disorders, mutations, and genetic diseases. A sample of DNA is analyzed for the presence of a certain disorder. A sample of blood can be taken from a family member and the one being tested. The PCR process will take place concluding the test. Specific mutations will appear and the existence of a disorder will become known. The purpose of this application is to alert and give the knowledge of what might be present in a patients body. This application also gives us more knowledge of what other forms of mutations will be out there. I believe this application is scary for what might be affecting ones body and helpful to detect the disorder then prevent it or treat it.

Genetic Fingerprinting
Genetic Fingerprinting is best used for criminologists and for paternal testing. These tests will look for matches of DNA from two samples of DNA. For family fingerprinting a sample from the parent and the child will be used to look for a fifty percent match. Genetic fingerprinting in crimes will isolate the DNA presented in the crime to leading suspects. The purpose of these applications is to match children to parents and link criminals to crimes that they have committed. These applications are extremely useful. This PCR application can bring justice to those that want it and get falsely accused persons out of prison and prevent them from going. This application has been used for used and keeps helping those to find the truth.

Infectious Diseases
PCR is able to find pathogens in organisms. The ones that are often looked for is HIV AIDs, Hepatitis B and C, and HPV. Blood samples or samples of the organism will be taken and copies will be made to locate the virus to later prevent it or treat it. The purpose of this application is to find these certain viruses and kill them. This application will locate the problem and give the patient the knowledge that they have the virus or they are carriers for it. I believe this application is on the right track for detecting these viruses and treat them. With more research and development of the application, we all will be closer to obliterating or lowering these diseases and viral infections.

Multiplex PCR
Multiplex PCR is an optimization of PCR. This type of PCR is designed to detect deletions, duplications and mutations. The process will happen at a rapid pace and use multiple primers. The purpose of this application was to find cause for certain types of diseases. One example of this application was used to identify mutations in boys that suffer from muscular dystrophy. This application is quite advanced I think. The use of many primers at different parts of the DNA sample helps get the information sufficiently. With this process one can know what will happen to them and how they can overcome it. With this type of technology millions of people that are affected by these diseases can be aware and learn how to prevent certain forms of diseases. With the right types of advances people will be able to live a better life.