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ACICO Instruction Manual

The first course should be laid in cement mortar bed of thickness 1 to 3 cm ACICO Glue is an adhesive mortar for quick and firm laying of ACICO blocks within joints

Use rubber hammer for driving together and aligning laid blocks

Vidia saw for cutting desired pieces, projections. Use electric saw for big sites.

Water level for leveling of blocks

Use slot scrapper for piping and electrical works

Full foundation should be set before building the second level of blocks

Use socket drilling machine for switch and wall socket holes

To mix glue use ACICO stirrer driven by slow speed drilling machine

Use ACICO ready-made plaster for masonry of ACICO Blocks

Use ACICO plain board for leveling any uneven in courses

Use wooden float or steel trowel for a good masonry quality

Make sure that the ACICO glue mortar is between 1 mm to 2 mm

Use special board to spread plaster evenly

Make sure the thin bed mortar flows easily through the teeth of plain block trowel over that surface

Tile are merely pressed into place and aligned, all tiles are seated over the entire area on the understructure

Use jack plains to smooth damaged surfaces

Use ACICO conical galvanized square nails for anchoring lighter loads in different lengths for proper fixing of small loads

Use ACICO steel connection to connect ACICO Blocks

Use ACICO special plastic plugs fisher GB for anchoring relatively heavier loads (do not use dril).


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ACICO Blocks
Tongue & Groove System

Save time and money with ACICO Blocks

ACICO Lintels fast and easy to install

25 cm 25 cm No need for vertical glue 25 cm 25 cm 25 cm

ACICO Reinforced Lintels 25 cm width and 25 cm height

125 cm

2 mm Glue

225 cm

100 cm
ACICO Tounge & Groove 25 cm width

Why ACICO Block?

Excellent Heat Resistance Perfect Tongue & Groove grip Light weighted, easy to carry Customizable shape Fast & precise installation T hin bed mortar glue Accurate Dimensions Long Lasting Delivered on wooden pallets without damage

Why ACICO Lintels?

Available in different dimensions and lengths Ready to install on windows and doors Light weight No more pouring on site

ACICO Block 25x25x62.5 cm

1 2

Regular Block 20x20x40 cm

1 2 100 cm 3 40 cm 20 cm 4 5 100 cm

ACICO Blocks the best

Width 25/20/15 cm

62.5 cm

25 cm

3 4

ACICO Reinforced Lintels suitable for all window sizes

Height 25 cm

Height 25 cm

To build one square meter

Only 4 layers of blocks (see above details) Only horizontal layers of glue (no need for vertical glue because of tongue and groove advantage) Length 62.5 cm Only 6.4 blocks are needed

To build one square meter

(5) Layers of blocks (see above details) A horizontal and Vertical Layers of glue (because this is a plain block) 12.5 blocks are needed