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,Cover art copyight Henry Diltz

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by William Ruhlmann


l":,1 f .





July 9, 1993 quintessertial lns Angelenos). -Ever since I movid out here fton\ Texas l've bcen in lhe Twilight Zone," iormer Eagles drummsr and singer Don Henley told ioumalist 19S9"'l don't feel TimothY White in June anJ 1'et I cen t go here belong ,.rt,, tiOa t trom' came I hack to where

ttrst dsuco tsY hit, thev c'1":t'jl,:1,,:Tl?; H,r\\ .grUUp ln Bo,vs nll.

lni u..u'.,t''

",id",l c"l''ilil',L]Lll"n.*'

il:r:"ffi;;;;;tres hit' becarne J:: ;::il;;i" and t'n*n' i: .:.'ll -:"*:]: \cw Dr!'" l::*'.T'il;.i. rrlcntcd c..,,. ( ril.
'!l\o tlepf,n to attcnd Salramenro l.oe. *ltere he studicd psrchologl

rhty added drum'



o{ the Eagic' is rcall*ercn touih upon mJnv in,ar'aa,inC 'lorr(s thur lnd

'-il;. ; l'""i ,li"i of disasreement born' an-rl when Joe Walsh was *t "
"ra "trour ntuiotl'y opinion is rhar he cane into i.riiL"

6-t t-t.t 1980's'Long

;1", i"


of rhe ragr$. . '. .ecun:ider rhc career

. -' *=''':,*": '"'

'ccnc lg47' ln .ri..r.'it:t''n. story of a mu\icf,l t*. *-fi on November 20' rhe brr rl the opinron' hold iMinorin ,i", t..".:' ut-t'"ittnt f'ot L"*' *t,nt,r.' st\le or a roik club to a mu:ical il;;;;". i".t, birth' perhap' in Clcvclrnd '''"' much or thc.most PoPular ". "ro,t ciN,) Bv general agrcemenl' .1.* ffi;;;,;;;t " hevond lo pl3) the gultdr music of a 'lecade and wrlsh tre'* up and learned "'i" lrleisncr rn such the oldesl Randy pcrir'rrncd h< I **it"^.t. uhere varch "r" "'tn ;:;"'brufl' Nebra:ka on G-Clels and the Nomads tnt it -,:;;;; i"."i*t""pt birth 31 Kcnt '" *me sources place his *- is*' ,ir."gt' J,'iitun.utt.et in Seprcmhcr lq65 sang in u I r.o, lrr., l-n the carly la60s' Meisncrcarre'lr .'.* i" atni". *ftere hc also pl*ed aPParentlv in a Nebrasla band Hc ::: :';;;;; Meastes :::;;"';"uJ the out oi He then moved lo Dinver oi totttgt in lebti and -J".u :'*;.il;t 'i" I'i^o... Thi:*":,lo: Suruivors Soul the alter *hich' in Aprrl l9o9' in ,i.'it""o.t I o r our ""i Glenn tbc banrl rhat did 'Expres*ay featurt't"n i. was invited to replace quartet ;J,;i; i967' but rather a d'T'"J..::i S.i*uro in a Cleveland-ba"cd poter trro

'""" 'intt


';;;;#i n,,,1i,r,,. *i';'.';;"1.1;, ,.i"ra.'r"o f['f:*ttrriri:.,l:;+li* ip$$dff";1 ,enan .oubr tbar if. as thev
tle trouble r,laring

.riten remP and

:[:,[:*:Ll[''fi";'il::1"":''"iil: p"p' th" h':.:n.."1.r*,",rf
ncy Houston

r:;**:m'.1il#iJ[Tft: 't".,,.ffi1m"t"t#$lil 't:,_rffitl...J".s.'x'*l,i;l
to Iocarion

do a fcu years

ago. ,n.r,r"Jo...*.ontoltht,*'I:^.:1.:"- rnd

;*:'*$l#'"+H'':"* rhc
anorher calred


ri";:i:l';lt;:::*'$i;:?'1"'i ;:ir,{ff:{trIfl.{:'ffi "fi.:ffiilr,*r*:li:l*,* *"ve to L A srr ri( - 1*'"0*ia'0 * llll5: ii*i":::n:; J'pu*r"utu, while "' :1,:Til:1::'i;i!".' f"Hltr..ono former' trrdon californl. ii. *r."0=-'ror.tii1 *:::t-i


li:$l-:l -f""il ;;,t[f;|Ttliii:'J,.,i:* *:t**j:fld.,1#i+j:J H:,111,1..'J"'".-lti*;*.*:lm **ry,.'1i*i,1""*r;q?Jill;ii'i"; X,l;:.m;;;.io?nn"o,..r'i..ll.;,,,,,,; rre in cainesvi,,e. rimoriy a schmii is and recent soro arbums 'n' '"" ;;';'';; ;;; ha"rmon*inging 11"11',"" ,i,"* ",*'.u"r'"' yii{irJg;:i{i1i il *iru*i -rut#r]**Xt;:;Ranu' "?:[.'o,,",,j}j Ti-t1:T'JJ"|:"ffiilffil:l* "{:'4':;q;[J1#:k',Ti* 1..n1g".6.u0,, cessru, or the bunch probab,v is ili;;;; a,so inc,uded u l:Tll? :i"Tff:i ilTJilll;il];:"-; n*::i;:mL:",?T.*'J.""';; :,*::ru:*';1ff;"1' ;::i,,T:'ii yliil":X.:,:;,lll,Jl'"'iT l:;


h"*.,, ol",i""i"

,*" ni".i",u.

Southern ,r,. , sound

As ro the


ordest Eagre. u<111e

ger rhing. t r se can ten started Let's see


rinues to



:i,,::,r:;..,::;; nt'""t;'i;;',;;

rock and AoR radio

""'o": "':;;; ;";

1rr,l"ffifih:fiiffii$:i *r';il:ft*r tt"nri-'i.in.*. nu.,'on, iti$i;:**i**l*:i*t,*it tr'rr r"ii];i;;;,;;u., no,io".rt.r" n#ly, uool"i "




#JFs*l*l*,:"#ffi";ii [i'*;t:t old Kem T"l%,0"*."*'n',,""0 il""Iff. o""L ut"tott*' it "Any ::fif:;"'r'J deined n,!id
to be Eaeles records ''"0 continue as



."1"' l:,:T' i:i;'J"T i3iili".,',illlilJ,'i*'.J".*ff:Tl; :,ffi{l-,JH,iT.,",-.Ti*r*l :il"*:,t"t#::+f;il""J,'.-.".'j., ':::,":#,,:Y::i"?,':T;;;lffi; ;*,.1; ",ti"irlJinnii,:,:l,,,.tfr i:[i5*tr,,nff1.T:,.lffi_ fi.,]:T??i,ffJ;:il]i::i",,",i:,ffi



Blue. Karra

,rHi:{# '**r;*1,*,,r"T;1l**""'o*' '
the band's

ren- To"'|iiofiluout*i-




ili"tr ]ji|.;.;'r.lt'-};,t"1';* rereased in Feb
She,s Gor

,.","u o^, born during a rornadu

tt: t::l:"T::t? :::;t::*"j',:"7 in ^o

: inu, Bu,,hc rec.r.,sg' n'*hee

rhe changes.

l.:ffi ;;,.***;ji".,ffi:
y^,,.1., ro do bur used

Di,,ard D.ug

rence).-Gp4rest much or And ir vou can\ hear


'+*t'i:ll::I?"?iltfliTi: ,i.o**"0"'"{,f r::";,ffi, 'i)uil'.'iir Gnm Rick $ri]n:fi,::.":rT;.['J]ir.:':ii.lr *o,.,liil ,i, ;^. ?:.';;;,.*"sh. iure *il";;;; ;:fi';; carrv ,Tl'Ji;* "n*;,n, ."no -TlIh1 ;;-.st. r ;n ::mlf ;1
parsonsPrarne seger.

ii i I

ry# *gt'**ffi;+ ffiTi::'::JH:::ffi?:Yl;:i"::: *iliuj$fldil i: *[u#*rgrlr*-* 3JiI|,i$"lil] #::'.'j:,::{il;i:TliiTif"#l 3#l*1;i';Jrm:I::i,ft1"':l'JT:l
testless hez





l":":::':::l*) V#;;I, Fsnt6n:.Lxlx

il. I: i,

!, .i {

;;.;",",is,enins ro "i":lffffi:,l ["JH:11'"'t!1T between r>r' G PlaYs L'A' countv ' - - c^'r' il-i" l:adon pl"v' iJ;,"i"-i""#t""-d*i'"I*"a* weren'ton? theJi u"n.loon*o*ouno,rrui',t"lroup'rnu-. Danlou'rwu!u!rer'-oi.,nu,i.u.r-.na"t

$ S

ru,;i1:l:'mX'"I;,, land.)Byl%2.folloy",9::,lTtHil;, .Curiouslv.rhoughtnerruu'qur(r*'-..m made lnil ("tc, thos ("lt's tt'o* Ron Froser *ti.no,onorchartbutistarml)-' ',"#;.'";1" a {olk dlo :'''l i'i.I'^:l!: rhat X ;it was rei.'t identifieritn with their loffile 'Til )luy"d burr. ond bered. to tt'" .*i.ni tnsAngelenur m*". f*. u" '..:1ru:n**,*"J',9ff'ffJ" *.i':l"rhequinressential both were rn rhcir rime.,r,.*iigr., "nuroiopr,it.?ior*"oj'.t'*"t' itli'"'""'o *""' ln 1eb3' during th" scc- *"." "1.'i,',"t"':'ff.:;::Sll.:'H:f;.Tl ""*itrandRon.TlT,o*i.,rheReach p,",*d (

il':;'ili "*""* euer"r";;i
one of

*iry$53dffi:dJ **,**f*E**"*t*';* m:'ll*t*;1'1ililH:T'::r';:1 ;t*mf',fi:ffH "::ili:'"#,;**: ;:1'iiti,i'i":":tl:#":"ili*l ;:l&ilil;"f#,TT.,ffi,:,1 f"!i -'- --ln sacramento'uil*'"tt;;- qi{:[:.d;" califomia ## litTJ*n:;"._,T,-;
November20, 1947'tSomestru.nionsof




"'a '.rJ n",r th€ l9?th. thq were t "ono.,-"a,-r,-u1





iate 198ih paired with its tollowup llroa6lt 'fhe Mrtmintl, Through The Night ln Decemher. lhe Bob S€ger System s 'Ramblin' Gamblin Man" djd hit the charr: (it got Io

rrally movltl to Boslon. but by- l9?l he had arrived in L.,A.. where the only Persn he kncw was Bernie l*adon. But let s not gel ahead ot ourselves lo recap: By the end of 1968. Don Henlcv was still in Texas. Joe Walsh was still in Ohio, Glenn Frey was in Echo Park, Don Felder was in New York. Timothy B. Schmit was srill in the New Breed (who somewhere along the way changed their name to Glad)

seen bv

a New York-based producer for


AIIC Records named Bill SzYmczYk (pronrrunced SIM'zik). tho was visiting
frrends. Thc lo-ycar-old SAmcn k sJ\ lroducing B.B. King successfulil' for rhe label' and whcn he returned to New York, he convince.d ABC to sign the James Gang' with himself as producer.

released the which James Gang s debut LP. Yer' 4lbumhit #83 in the BillboarLl chart' Thus' at thc

0[ Sin. the Previous sPrrng' ln October. ABC Records

#17). rnd at aboul the same timc Clenn lbr Frev rjroppc<l our of college and headed
Californ,a. Frey made rvo imPortant early friendwas ships soon after arriving in L A' The first wilh John David (J.D.) Souther' also a Detroit native. s'ho had moved to Amarillo' Texas. as a child (making him, eventually' a nice bridge between Frey and Henley)' Souther was dating Frev's girlfriend's sisterThe two sharetl musical interests and soon set up a duo that they called hngbranch
Pennywhistle Frey's second notable acquaintance of the pericd was Jackson Btowne, a songwriter of consideratrle promise, most people agreed' who had briefly been a member of the Nitty Grirty Dirt Band and a backup guitarist for Nico, and who, now tha! a remrd deal wilh


in Sacramento, having apparently failed an puclition to join Poco. Randr Meisner was in Poco. who had played a showcase at the Troubadour and gotten signed to Epic Records, and Bemie Leadon was with Dillard and Clark. In January 1969. Poco began recording their debut album for Epic. During lhe album sessions, according to Meisner, he called the studio to ask to come dom and hear the album-in-progress and was told by Richie Furay that Furay and Messina were
handling it and he should stay away. He was sufficiently angered by this incident to quit

In May 1969, ltadon quit Dillard and Clark, though he would be Iisted as a special picker on their second album' ThroLryh The
Moming, Through The Night' released

of 1969. Walsh was a member of a narionally recognized recording act' as was Leadon. Frey was a member of a duo that had made an album. Henlev was stiil in Shiloh and still in Texas. Felder was still in Flow and still in New York, Schmit was still in CIad rnd srill in Sacrame nto Mcilner $a\ in Rick Nelson's Stone Canyon Band' but
not for long.


A&M in Seprember.

He went on to replace

leff Hanna in the
Stone Poneys

Hanna left ro join the Nitty Gritty Dirt freeBand. Ronstadt's goup -had been a had standing unit called the Cowettes aod

backup group for former singer Linda Ronstadt when

Apparentl), in a money dispute' Meisner quit working for Nelson and, not for the last

time, retired from the music


being cut two;ingles for Dot Records before hired b) the singer to tour with her in support ofier non+harting 1969 Capitol album

though he is featured on Nelson's In Concert album, which hit the charts in February l9?0 and got to #54. He was also the bass player on James Taylor's s€cond album, Swee/ Bcbi lames, recorded in Decmber 1969, which

went on

Hand Sowru Hand Grown. In September 1969, Amos Records, a tiny

to become a singer-songwriter watershed. selling three million copies.
Meisner returned home to Nebraska and got

Elektra had fallen through, was trying to interest other companies in his songs and
himself. Frey, Souther and Brome ended up is the same apartment house in the Echo Park section of L A. Meanwhile, back in Gainesville' Don Felcler was playing in a group called Flow The group moYed to New York to become rich and famous, and they got as far as making an album for ju impresario Creed Tay' loi's CIt Records called Flop and releasd in 1970 before breaking up' Felder then iniand FreY, July

Rick Nelson, who had seen Poco play at the Troubadour, was just then organizing a new country rock-oriented backup group' and he hired Meisner. The group was called
the Stone Canyon Band. Also in April, Joe Walsh moved to Cleveland and joined the James Gang, which then consisted

Iocal label distributed by Bell


issued the first and only album by Frey and Souther's duo longbranch Penn)ryhistle, a self-titled effort that passed unheard by the

a job at the John Deere factory. enough, however, he was in a local
called Gold Rush



world-at-large. The same month, L€adon

left the employ of Linda Ronstadt and joined the Flying Bunito Btothers, Gram
Parsons and old pal Chris Hillman's country rmk band, which had a deal with A&M and had released its fiKt album, The Gilded Pal'

of drummer Jim Fox and basist Tom Kriss (later replaced by Dale Petere)' While playing in Cleveland, the group was

Timothy B. Schmit had been resisting the ovenures of Poco, who wanted him to replace N{eisner as bassist and let Jim Messina retum to playing guitil. Schmit reemr to have worried about losing his studsnt draft deferment if he quit school, but even Glad was readv to become a full-time gig ln




----:;:; Jdnuaq '-l"

"-J jiJf il," ;;.';"."

li"",in"l ro'tn"
etc )' Raiders. -gur

claJ' on hv Terru --..i,,-c,t ::'l'-'^:1 "1t"-1",'3 and the tsvrds' Paul Revere
i'sucd an LP

ro Retiwing and signed to Fantasy Records, though they never achieved national success.) Schmit's tenure in Poco lasted more than seven years, a tale thal will be told in an upcoming issue of Goldnine' In May 1970. the Flying Burrito Brothers, with Leatlon aboard, issued their second album. Burlto Dehue. Unfortunately, by this time, Gram Parsons had left the group he'd

hal already been playing with and in February the offithalUefore Pco he had left ciat announcement came that (Glad replaced him Glad and joined Poco wjth Andrew Samuels' changed their name


Browne on a demo tape of a wng called Say You Will" that Browne sent to David Geffen, a personal manager who had gotten his stan handling Laura Nyro and then taken on Joni Mirchell and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Getfen threw the package in the trash, but it was retrieved by his seeretary, who thought Browne's publicity photo was cute. Geffen played the tape, was impresed, and tried to lGal€ Browne, who had by this time left town to wander around for a few months. When he retumed. Geffen agreed to manage Browne, though he was nr:t in a hurry to get him a record deal. Geffen is not known to have commented on the backup musicians. though Browne began to lobby him on behalf of

was history. "We split up becausc rse had no


work and the record. which was au1ul, did nothing,'Henley rold Pete Frame.
Lrnda Ronstadt. meanwhile. was garning greatet success. Her second solo album, Si/k .Ftirse, released in rhe fall of 1970, hit #103. Her manager, John Boylan, again needed to put together a touring band, and he offered $200 a week to Glenn Frey. who passed along an offer to Henley. The group was filled out with Mike and Richard Bowden. more ex-members of Shiloh. Around the same time, the hard-working James Gang issued their third album. lhrids. which was not quite as successfui as its second. but still went gold and produced ttr'o chart singles, "Waik Away" and "Midnight Man." Geffen, managing Browne along with his pafiner. Eliot Roberts, was now lrying to get the songrdriter a record conhact, having decided he was ready. But there were no takea. "l went to everybod) in the business tr1ing to make a record deal for Jackson, and everybody tumed him down," Geffen is quoted as saying in Off The Record: An Oral History Of Popular Music, by Joe Smith (Wamer Books, 1988). "I went to (Atlantic Records president) Ahmet iErtegun) again and I sid. 'I'm teliing vou. this guy-' is good. I'm the guy who brought you Crosby, Stills and Nash. I'm tJoing you a favor.'Ard he said,'You know what? Don't do me any favors.'I said,'You'll make millions with him.' And he said. 'You know what? [ got millions. Do you have miliions?' I said, 'No.' He said.'Start a record companv and you'|l have millions. Th!.n we'll all have millions.'l thought, Fuck him. I w:ili start a record company."'
So, in 1971, David Geffen srarted his

scts a night for a month in order to hone rhem$lves into a unified band. Jackson Browne. meanwhile, was at Cryslal Sound recording his debut aibum. One of the songs he did not finish tbr the record,

and might have abandoned, was slied

lt Easy." Frev liked the song, however, and Browne gave it to him to develop. Frey- added a second verse ("I'm standing on

the corner in Winslow, Arizona...") and elongated the "e" in "easy" to make a real
chorus out of the title. The song entered the

Eagles'repertoire. While the Eagles were playing their Colorado club residency, Geffen brought British record producer Glyn Johns to see them.

founded, to be replaced by Rick Roberts' Eunito Delw dld not make the charts. Also in May, Don Henley's band Shiloh moved to L-A. on lhe promise of a record deal with Amos Records. Their album would be produced by Kenny Rogers and Rogen's *ife would manage the group for a brief time. At the offims of Amos Records, Henley met Glenn Frey and J.D. Souther. One of Frcy and Souther's reenl activi-

Frey and Souther. The James Gang achieved stardom wilh

Johns, who had engineered the Rolling Stones' Sric.! Fingen and associate-pro-

duced the Who's

their sond album, "/cnes Gang


l/hoi Nev in recent *ff not impressed. "They were

Again,which entered the charrs in July 1970 and hii #20, going gold and spawning and #59 hit single "Funk #49."

Toward the end of 1970. Rick Nelson called Randy Meisner in Nebraska and convined him to return to plaing in lhe Stone Cmyon Band. ln Derember, Shiloh's fint and only album, ShrloA. was releared by Amos Rmrds, but by April 1971' Shiloh

playing rock'n' roll, Chuck Berry, but sort of badly," he told John Tobler and Stuart Grundy (Iie Record Producen, St. Martin's press. 1983), "and you had Bemie Leadon

on one side, a great oun!ry

ties was backing their friend Jacksn

Gienn Frey on the otber, rock 'n'roll from Detroit-they were pulling the rhythm section in two, which wasn't very good at all." Johns later went back !o see the Eagles again, this time w;th acouslic guitars in a
rehearsal studio. and liked them much more.

PlaYer, and





record company, Asylum Records, to
release an album by Jackson Broune. The label's records were manufactured and dis-

He agreed to produce their debut album. The Jane-s Gang released their fourth album in less than *vot'ears, Livc In Concen, in August. The album became their third straight Top 3t). goid-selling hit, but Joe Walsh had had enough. He quit the band in November and moved to Colorado. Bl March 1972. he had organized a new band called Barnstorm thal would last him until the end of 1973, lhough from here on he was
in essence a solo star. At the start of the year, Capitol Records released Linda Ronstadt s third solo album,

tributed initially by Atlantic, which suggests that Geffen couldn't have felt quite so angry at Ertegun. Record companies, of course. tend to have more lhan one artist. "As it happened, Souther and Frey were Iiving upstain from Jackmn Browne in a duplex in Silverlake," Geffen told Smith. "Thev were broke. Jack-

Linda Rorctadt, a country-flavored effon
including such standards as "Crazy Ams" and "l Fall To Pieces," on which she was backed by all four of the Eagles. The album reached only #163, failing to break Ronstadt through to pop suaes- That would come ?0 months later when she issued her first Asylum Records aibum. Don't Cry Now. Also in January, Asylum premiered with Jackson Erowne (an altrum frequenlly called Saturcte Before Using because the album cover is a reproduction of a canteen bearing those words). It was arguably the most importanl fint album hy a singer-songwlitrr since the debut of Joni Mitchell four,vears before. Though one can in a sense date the beginning of the Southem California Sound of the '70s from this release and it certainly opened ears to a raft of performers, the Eagles among them, it is also true that Jack-

said.'l want vou to sign lhem. They're really good and they're broke. Th€y can'l pay their rent.' So, to be a bero to Jackson Browne, I signed them. I encouraged John David Souther to b€ a solo artist and I encouraged Gl€nn Frey to pul a group
son camc to me and

together. Glenn would come

to me with

each new member, and he would say,'Can I


make a record now?' Ard I'd say, 'No. Not good enough yet.' Finally it was, and that was the beginning of the Eagles." This is Geffen's version of the story. An altemate venion credits Ronstadt's manager, John Boylan, with adding Meisner, after he left Rick Nelson in June 1971, and


l:adon, after he left the Flying Bunito
Brothers in July, to Frey and Henley in Roristadt's backing band, replacing the Bowden brothers. (Despite their respective departures, Iradon can be heard on Tfu Flying Bunito Brothen, their third album, releared in May, and Meisner is on Nelson's Rudy
The Fifrh, released in June.)


st a standard so high that none of Brome's may talented friends and peen really could compete. 'A great artist lays waste the language,"
son Browne

In August, the newly formed Eagles left Linda Ronstadt's €mploy and were booked by David Geffen into tbe Callery, a club in Aspen, Colorado, where they played four

Yeats *holar Denis Donoghue has noted, and Browne, despite the very real help he extended to Frey, Souther and othem, als unintentionally hamed them by doing what they did so much better. Especially in their early years, the Eagles were seen by many obseners m a kind of Brom€ tribute band, and this probably contributed to the critical stoms they were forced to weather throughout their career.

July 9; 1993



The Eagles went to Olympic Studios in London in,Aprii 1972. where. in three ueeks, they cut their debut album' Eagles' The lr)-lrilck LP led of{ $rlh thc Bro}nc' Frey collaborarion Take It Easv' and also inciudetl anolher of Browne s cast-tlffs ''Nighlingaie." Frc) coniributed "Chug All
Night" and ivtost Of Us Are Sad" and inlros duced songwriting friend Jack Tempchin
"Pcaceful Easy Feeling

Meisner and Joe Walsh. on *iulfalls b'v exas weli Fl,ving tJurrito Brolher Rick Robcns Glenn Frey's guilar playing was featured prominenrlv on John David Souther' which

Souther) are dcpicted on lhe back cover lving dead an'J tied up on a Western street' It ma1 have been this kind of identifica'

(#49 in Castr 8ox). It is curious. given the suhsequent success of the song. that
"Desperado'was not released on 45. ''l)esperado" did appear again in the fall Ronstar1t s debut Asylunr album Dt n t ( N V,,t hcr highc'l chdrltns \(l Jl #45. Frey und Henle,v, meanwhile car:h contributed a harmon.v Iocai lo a song on Jackson Browne's second album, For Even' nrar. also released in the fall Df I 973'
The relative [ailure of Desperadd secms tt-\ have precipitared two major changes in the Eagles'direction. On the road. the birnd was being handled by GelTen employee Ining Azoff. Again" what happened depends on

tion that made Roberl Christgau in



his coliaboration with
and co-wrote

Lcadon brought in old partner Gene

Clark. "Train lxaves Ilere

-fhis Morning"'

..Wilchy Woman" with Henlel

rcleased shortly a'irer Eogles Thouch SoLlther's debut went largely unnoriced. it \\'as a slrong album. t$o oi vhose songs. "The Fast Onc' and 'Run Like A Thief." uould be covered by Linda Ronstadt and Bonnie Raitl. respectivelv Early in lql-1. Frc\ al\o could bc hcrrLl singing on the Asylum release ,Vice Baht & The 'lnge!' by New York folk singer and famous Bob

hrd been

rhe albunt. declare that he was ''!ilrn!'d ull h\ snal {hc blnd rcfr(t'nt\' Clearll. what lhe Eagles reprtsenled to


on Linda

Christtau s'as a "slick'sound and lyrics that ctlebratcd hedonism' sexism and other sentiments we woulci now dub politicallv" incorrect." all in the guise of a Western molif But to those who liked that motif, many ofwhom ljved in the West, what the Eagles represented was a Part of their cuiture

and' Earlybird'with Meisner' Meisnercon:'Take The Devil ' and "Tryin"' rributed
(Note tltat none of lhe sonts were collaborations Itet*een Henlcy and Frey' later the main Eagles songwriting team ) The album

denonstrated thar the gtoup could effecfolk tively mix guitar rock with elements of were lhey showed aiso it and country, and in excellent singers. both individually and
harmony. Il was favorably reviewed upon its release on June 1. Bud Scoppa- writing in the June his 2? issue of Rollirrg Srone' raved' though ausPiconrmcnts look account ut that more

Drlan crony David Blue. BIucc Preriou' aibum. Storics. had been Asylum's official second release after Jutksotl Bru||ne,lhough it may actuall-v have hit stores first Njce contained a Blue mng Batx & The "lngei called "Outlaw Man." which Frey borrowed for the upcoming second Eagies album' (After a year of operation. and having hit with Jackmn Btowne. tbe Eagles and Joni N,lirchell, who had moved over from Reprise, Geffen sold Asylum to Warner

"One maY argue whether the music' coming ou1 of L'A. rock establishment' is
cowboY'/outlaw West," wrote Lichtenstein "That's not the point. In a four-wheel truck crossing a rutted mountain pass lhal led to the played-out sil-


in the'real'

which story -vou choose to believc. Geffen was once again changing positjons at this

ver mines where, in the 1890s, 'Baby Doe' Tabor scanclalized the country' Desperado
was utterly appropriat€ on a car stereo in tbe

point. The departure of Elektra Records founder Jac Holzman, who had sold his comPany to Warner years before, led to the decision to merge Elektra and Asylum and
put Geffen in charge of the whoie company' ln the meantim€, he was hunting bigger game for his artist roster, luring Bob Dylal, whose contracl with Columbia had lapsed'



times hatdly any other music

for $7 million'


would do."

"?'he cious debut of five monttrs previous behiod JackEagles," he concluded, "is 'ight so; Browne's recortl as tbe best fi6t album be persuaded to could I year. and of this remove the word'first'from that statement." later notices fot the band in 'Rol/ing however' in Stone would not be so favorable, part apparentlY for extra-musical reasons ihut *ilib" di..utted later' But other critical well' rescwal.ions we re mrile at this iim€ as

remaining president. As Ertegun facetiously predicted, Geffen now had millions; eventually, he would have more than a billion')

Vital as the album might come to be seen for its fans, however, Desperado was a sales

The Eagles' second album, Desperado' which they recorded at Island Studios in tlndon, again with GlYn Johns, was
released on


'17,7973. Desperado was a

disappointment initially. It peaked at #41, 19 spats below tbe debul album "Tequila Sunrise," the first single, got to only #64 (#40 in Cash 8a), with second single "Outlaw Man' doing slightly better at #59 Frcv. August, 1974

Geffen claims lever to have liked personal management-too many late night
phone calls

- despite his reputation for closc relationships with artists, and he seems to
have been leaving the management busin€ss

more to his partner Eliot Roberts-

Vilbge lbrce reviewer Robert Christgau'
while complimenting Eaglcr' concluded that

far more ambitious effort than its predeceswith sor. a mncept album whos songs dealt lhe Old W€st, specifically the Dalton gang and its leailers, Bill Dalton and Bili Doolin' The concept was tied together by a Freyi Henley8rownelsouthern song called ''Doolin-Dalton" lhat appeared in three ver-




"lhe product is suave antj synthelic-brilliant. but {alse. And not always brilliant'
cither." Recorrl buyers' howevti' don'l \eem lo bur have found the album brilliant or false' by insiead modcratelv successful' Advanced with a nona single relcase of "Take It Easy" LP d-side. 'Get You In The Mood"'fagles ocaked at #Jl during r '13-*cek initlal chart


but also in Blue's made-to-order "Outla\ Illan." L-eadon's "Bitter Creek''
iBitler Crce k Newman was a member of the " gang) and Henley and Frey's "Desperado chose who Lichtenstein. Journalist Grac€
Desperado as her "desen island disc" for Greil N'larcus: book Srrandedi Rock And

' tn lln

1q75. when the F:gl* became .up.r.,urr, it would re+nter the charts for an additional 16 weeks') "Take tt Easy"

Roll for A Deseft Island (Alfred A Knopf' derribes ihe album's concpt as follows: "The Bill Doolin who joins the Dalton Gang at the b€ginning of Desperado regards him*lf as a young bul immortal hotshot

a hit ln



100' it

reached #12. (The BillbuilHot 100 singles chan takes its rankings fiom a combination of sales reports and ratlio airplay' while rival Cosh Box is purely a sales chxt. Since "Take lt Eas'" peaked io Cash Box at #9, the imPlication is rhat the song's surcss was driven would more by sales than by airplay, and this true of most Eagles singles until their

(-Twcnty One ). loses his innmence in a romantic encounter with a manied woman ("Tequila Sunrise"), faces isolation in his pasage lo adulthood ("saturday Night")'
and confronts the emptiness of a life on the road ("Desperado"). Yet he still hones his skills ("Certain Kind Of Fool") 1o become
rhe best of the hunch, while at the

sme lime

breakthrough. "Best

Of lvly tlve"'


he turns rynical about lame ("Bitter Creek") and eventually recognizes that life isn't what he expected it to be. lnslead of a full house,

the case - singles which the reverse would be than in Cos' Biltbwrd in p.ri. hig\er *r-fl gorthe records were gettrng

il's a stacked deck (reprise), inevitably winding up in violent death."

perfomane more airplay rhan theit sales





a story line thal

*."i1 i"Oi*t..

in lhis aflicle 'qff chart Peaks with the Cash Bu are taken from a;JJb oard' in parenthe5es if it is higher') ".rt ".,.a wo*un" was the Eagles' second "-]*t,"* Eas) .innte. anO ir reached #g' "Peaceful as the LP s third sinFle in

attracted Holllvood, in the perrcn of director Sam Peckinpah. shos crediis includ€d such violenl Westems as Tk l*ild Bunch' verthough nothing ever mme of a movie

i.li."." t l"u*o

(#20 in O...",iU., 1g't2' got w #22


i Ornng tt'" year' the Eagles could also t. tt.urO oo ottttt LPs t'eadon was on Rita For toolia*.'. fall release The Ladv's Not
with Hetlev' Sale. aiO he turned up' along

Perhaps also to be exPecled' it was album that offended rock critics' esPecialiy a urban ones, if only because it suggested West oul' Old of lives the bet$een Daraliel memlaws and rock'niroll surs The band gear ben even appear in guns and Western (along with on the froni cover of the LP and

s. A{x.Ft{fg


"{.'ji,".o*1i,'"i, # ;;, r: x :';lJ :1,:':l ffi ;,ll[','?i.t;::" :i: :,'i'ili:: :i
brr.l ili' L'rJiru

.*;:.; ii]*,,*l'


ff 'j,.::': ;1; ii. ..11;:,,'f";i:i'.' J: :;' ffi t"'';':'^' ;.T1,1 -v.,ll I.r i'r,f $::, hi: own out o,r lll','ii
, .,_ ,,, eo

, -,",-",,,. rhc Gcffen c't' ::'j: ::";;;;;,:" l:::: u'-' 5f "j'jl in ,u"'"':rne ilil::'.il;,;;: ;;il"1''

got lo #77 lowed b;- "James Dean," which Scptember 23' on Thcn But l9 Ccsh ) rn # 1 !)tspcrado hecamc thc Fagles thir'J album of rhc lerr ro achieve gold cerlificdtion The band members were all over other norabte albums released in lhe fail of 1974' Henley, Frey and Ltadon sang background vocals on Randy Newman's classic Southern concept album Good Old .Boyr,' Henley,

strugglilg for three vcars to define itself-

country rock? guitar rock?-had


delined by AN{ radio as smooth-voiced bal-

Fortuitously. they were just ready to
release their lourth aibum, One Of These .Vrgfirs. This timc. thcre were no sonwriting credits outside the band (well, a couple' but we'll get to that). Maybe Souther' wbo Geffen seems to have decided shoukl be in a band, was busy, with the first Souther' Hillman, Furay Band album, on which Henley and Frey apPear, just out. On One Of These n-ighrs, Henley and Frey

10. 1975, soared to the top of the LP charts and went gold in less lhan thrce weeks. are the title song, which became the Eagles second straiqht #l single for the week ending r\ugusr 2, ''Lyin' Eyes," which went to #2 in November (#8 in ihe country charts)' and

lIji "1::::,';:':il;i .'r"'tr'"i: ;H';:;;; i:"",:il; t-t"_it'",r,
I ,)nJon

S()ulher and

*'"' "t n::i'':,i',T;o FlIh Joiirr)' "'-j

*". -

:1.:.1 in the rhe Eogies'ehange


of Joe

a net upcoming songuriter Walsh's. Dan Fogelberg'

-. ..

Th, Plovcr You Get. "'"""' '., Stnar|tr tou ^;-L tumed l'\'alsh into album the il"." *,.r*' sPaMinB his sigand #b " Ii".,rr. *oing'o as f,it 'n*fq Muurrain.\\'a-v- aswell "r,"* a \econd chart entry"'Meadows'

".".,r bv Bill l,l---1,"a,,."0

on '"""' uPcomlng en adrrnce copl ol hls



tre w1rf,


among others, sang harmonies on Jackson Browne's third album, I-ate For The Slc'v''
Henley drummed and he, Frey and Meisn€r sang hamonies on Fogelberg's debut album, Sorvenin. produced by Walsh and released on Azoffs new Full Moon imprint through Epic Records; and Frey and Henley sang on Walsh's album, So ltftal Most nota' ble of all, Henley drummed and Frey played

"Take It To The Limit," which reached #4 in early 1976. The effect of these four staight ToP 5 singles and this chart-topping album was to \aull rhe Eagies 1o the *tatus ofsuper:tars in 1975. All their albums went back in [he
charts. They played stadiums in the summer *appearing with Elton John, the Beach Boys and Joe Walsh at Wembley irr London, on June 21, for example, and with the Doobie Brothers at Oakland Stadium on June 29 (Elton John dropped in and sang "Oh Carol" they were still doing Chuck Berry r$k 'n'ro11, no matter what Glyn Johns thought). They were also the subject of a Rollittg Srone cover story, even if it was assigned to teenager Cameron Crowe, who handled upstart '70s bands like Led Zeppelin for the


had laken firm control. getting co-*riling credits on six ofthe nine tacks.with Meisner.

Leadon and Felder being assigned what night be thought of as the George Harrison
position, i.e., a rng or fwo on the album, but no singles. Most prominent was Leadon, who co-wrote "Hollywood Walu" with Henley, Frey and Tom l€adon (his brother, one assumes) and co-wrote "1 Wish You Peace" wirh his girlfriend of the time, Patti (Reagan) Davis.




iuJ.d tosiof

good tnough for the Eagles' who the Johns scssions and hired start over al the Record Plant
seems to

in Los Angeles The main dispute

acoustic guitar on "You Can Clos Your Eyes." the closing lune on Linda Ronstadt's Hean Li*e A Wrcel, the lwo-million selling #1 album that made her a star. Bass guitar on the track was played by Poco member Tim0thy B. Schmit'fhose who have listened to a radio any tjme since 19?4 may recall that it was noted in passing above that ()n The Border con' tained a song called "The Best Of My Love" that was held over from the abortive Glyn Johns recording sessions' PerhaPs due to that onus or (as with "Desperado"?) the band's disinclination to think of itself as a ballad group, the LP's first fwo singl€s had both been uptenpo rockers. Finally, nine
months after On The Border had hit record stores, "The Best Of My Llve" was released as a :ingle in November 1974. It changed the

increasingly staid'60s-oricnled maguine.
This would prove a temporary respite in the EaglesiRol/irg Srorle feud, about which more later. One Of These Nighr-s uas arguably the best Eagles album vet. ThJl s how tt uas perceived by the cross-section of criti* who

move in be.n *b"rh.t tlre band should t "u" Frey as direction' rock-oriented a more wante.l {Johns says hc and Frey


album' On s€ttled lhat disput€, and the third two Johns' The Bonier, tbough it retained oruduced ballads. Souther rnd Hcnley's :'You \crcr Cry Like A tover" and Souther'

n"r., *oi rlong ) The hiring of


While not ranking in infamy with Charles Manson's writing contribution to a Beach (7ne 0/ Boys album, Davis's particiPation on These Nights is notable if only beuuse, some time later, she told a reporter how much she liked receiving royaities from the album, only to have Don Henley tell ihe press that her contribution was minimal and, an;vay,

Love"' Henlev antl Frey's "The Best Ol My before' rocked harcier than the band had was still, ho*ever' a balanced collecand tion. The ieati-of{ track' Jack Tempchin Bob Strantllund's ' Already Gone" {a musical retread of "Take It Easy"), and Henley the and Frev's "Good Day In Hell" featured guitar piay.,ing of Bernie Leadon's old friend -Don Felder, who irad been spending his time


Wish You Peace" wasn't uP to the Eagles'


usual standards. Leadon also contributed an instrumental, with fiddles by.. David Bromberg and strings

participated in Paul Gambaccini's /ioc/i Citics' ChoiceiTht Top 200 Albums {Q'sick Fox, 1978), who voted it #190 on rheir list' One of the participants who probably did
not vote for it, however, was Dave Marsh, who, though he lists "Take It To The Limit" at #830 in his book The lleart of Rock & Soul: The l}al Crearest Sing{es Ever Made (Piume, 1989), uses his write'up on the $ng to trash the band in a way that exemPlifies the reaction of critics like him to the Eagles. both in their heyday and subsequcntll-. "The Eagles wele to seventies rock slars

Eagles'lives forever'

by "the Royal Martian Orchestra"'called "Joumey OfThe Sorcerer," aboul which we will hear more later. (tfadon relurned the
favor to Bromberg by appearing on his Mldnig,ht On The firoler album). But the tracks we ali remember tiom Onr OfThese Nighx,which was released on June

since his rrrivel in Dlarer an,J latcll



1971 as a session

a part of David


For the week ending March t, 1975, "Tlte Best Of My l-1'€" topped Billboard's Hot 100 tthough it never got higher than #4 in Cash Bu\. Suddenly, a band that had been

i,oclup uanO. The F.agle: Iiked his *ork sufficiently that he was asked to join the grouP the day after the "Good Day In Hell" sesThe album contained an unusual amount uf oulside materiai, intjicating that !he pace of recurding and road work was not allowing tlrc bard members enough time to wite ln

Eackstage, warming up, FreY, Henley ancl Joe walsh

adililion to "Already Gone," there were "Midniglrr Flyer" by rcuntry u'riter Paul
Craft (who would wore a country hit with Moe Baudr in 19?5 on his song "Hank Williamr, You Wrote My Life") and'Of 55" by Asvlum Records singer-songwriter Tom \1aits. Meisn€r contritruted "ls It True?" ard l*adon lumed in a tdbute to his old Iluritrr huddy Gram Pusons (on whose FiJ$thunrously released debut solo album


Lcrdcn sko conlribuled to the tiile track a!+ng with flcnley and Frey. At16 11t"t" *u. sNrther s$!lf by that mngwiting mnglomer*tc o{ Frq, HsnldY, Southcr and Brome,

gusred), "4ns€t he

'MY Man."

*Jcxr Feln' lllil* rbe F3*16 *cre in the


fi4drr w*i *tiiflcd S$ld. a gxrd sign. And *r 7h* &ffiJ.t. qxx rcleanc March 22, p*rod ewa r*irc *r&cisful. lt peaked al

*l?. lrEt*trc tlx Srtgp'* !i$i chading slt1uri ilr rli{ Li.X' *sl *tlrt !*lrt e mare h}o *rul s h,*lf ifl{nlh} {flt! rtk*t{. 'Alreedy

fxmc' rm th. aibutlr'r lir* xngle, md h *efll 1(] $l: {al? in {a* &r*; lt *'* lol'


july 9, 1993
lowed bv Fleetwood lvlac's Runotro.) On !-ebruary 28, 1976, the Eagles won a Grammy award for Best Pop Vocal Perfor-

what Uncle Scrooge was to comic book characters," he beBins, "the richest, mosi renowned, and neyertheless th€ most dissatisfied and greediest." This kind of personai. unsubstaoliated attack is lypical of Eagles criticism. lv{arsh doesn't so nuch dislike the Eagles'music as he disapProves of the Eagtes. just as Christgau earlier criticized what he ihought the band rePresented Marsh later admits (though he says he'll

until two a.m., and it *'as now two o'clock in the aftemoon. Bernie was laying on a couch in front of the board. so we really couldn't sec hrm, bccau* the rest of us were tD ing to decide on qhicb oi this bunch of takes we were going to use, and everybody had their opinion. So I mked Bernie what he thought, and he got off the couch and said, 'l ahink I'm going surfing,'and he got up, walked out of the studio. and we didn't see him for three

however, Geffen was misdiagnosed as hav-

ing caner and retired from the business worid entirely lor the rest of the '70s. The Eagles'fint album had taken rhree
w€eks to make: their fourth took sir months. A{ter it came out, they went on tour for the rest of the year, tben suffered a personnel change and went out on the road again. It was clear to EiektraiAsylum that the band rvas unlikely to have a new album ready tbr the summer of 1976- So. probably as a stopgap, on February 17, the company released Their Greattst Hits I97l-1975. The album may well harc had the effect of killing sales of the band's fint four albums (none of whictr seem to have advaned to

mance by a Duo, Group or Chorus for "Lyin' Eyes." hr lv{arch, track fron the Far
East. they entsred Criteria Studios in \'[jami to begin work 0n their fiih album. The same month. ABC Records i\ssed a new Joe Walsir alhum, the live LP You Can't Aque lllth A Sick Mittd. Not surPris;nglv, Walsh's backup band included Don Felder on guitar, and Feider, Frey and Henley heiped out on vocals on a version of ''Help The album reached #20. The Eagles intempted their recording

it ifyou tell anyone) that, "actually, the Eagles were often decent Top 40 fare and

'Take It To The Limit'is a good example." He then criticizes the song's orchestration and its "{uzzily lliought out" lyrics. Another penon wlto seems to bave been
unhappy with the Eagles' music at this Point rvas Bcmie [:adon, who quit the trand unex-

When [radon went surfing permanently. he left the Eagles in the lurch, because they had a tour ol the Fdr East coming up immi-

Me Make It Thrcugh The Night."

pectedly on December 20, 1975' fhe day "Take It To The Limit" entered the Hot 100. "The way I heard it, after months of disconrent. Bernie went to the loo during a recording session and that was the last they saw of him," writes Pete Frame (Pete Frarne's Rock Fanily Trees, Omnibus Press. 1980). A variant on this accounl is one from producer Szymczryk (though i1 refen to the One

It was a surprise when they announced that Joe Walsh had agreed to replace lcadon. The singer/guitarist was a friend, and he shared a matager md a producer with the Eagles, trut in i975 successful solo artists didn't join even more susessful groups. Walsh. who maintained his solo career, was the iirst of what is still only a few
such group memberslsolo artists.

the one-million-unit mark), but it was wel'
comed enthusiaslically by fans ln one week, it was certified not only gold (signifying sales ofhalfa million copies), but also Platinum (a rew designation inaugurated at the start of the year indicating sales of a million copies)

sessions for the lucrative U.S. sumner concert circuif, starting on Mav I in Sacra. mento, where Walsh made his domestic

By the end of l9?5, meanwhile, David
Geffen had gotten out of ihe music business entirely, advancing to the position of vicechairnan of Wamer Bros. Pictures and looking like a possibJe successor to Warner Communications chairman Steve Ross. Elektra/.Asylum was taken over by record executive Joe Smith (laler to publish the book Of The Retord znd run other record companies). Shortly after his ascension.


The band's most successful album ever. Greatesl Hits topped the charts for five

weeks starting on March 13 and stayed listed among the 2t)0 best-sellen for 133 weeks. As


remember one instance in particular," Szymcak told Tobler and Grundy, "when we were at the Record Plant in L.A. We were listening back to some tracks we had
done the night before, and we had worked

These Nryhls album sessions).



of this writing, it has been cenitied for sales of 12 million copies domestically' which puts it in a three-way tie with Pink Floyd's l"fte Dark Sitle Of The Moon and Bruce Springsteen's 8on In The LI.SA. as the third highest-setling album in history. (Michael Jackson's Thnller is on top, of coune, fol-

debut as an Eagle. They also found time to guest on many of the summer's new albums. J.D. Souther was once again a solo anist, with the Souther, Hillman, Furay BanC haring folded after a mcond not-very-successfui album. His second solo album. 8/act Rose, released by Asylum in the spring, featured Frey. Henley and Walsh. (Chris Hilimaa's Sltppin' Away, reieased around the sane timc. featured Bernie l*adon.). In other summer session news, Frel' played guitar on Carly Simon'slnorher Pc.ssen6e4 Walsh played on Rod Stewart's rwomillion-selling-4 Night On The lown. Hen-

walsn. Tlmothy B. schmlt ancl HenleY-July, 1980




lury 9, i993



ley sang on Linda Rotrstadt's one-millionsellitg Hasten Down the lfmd and Frey and Henley appeared on Warren Zevon's major label debut (on Asylum, of course), lVaren


in rhe 1970s, he writes, "There were

rhe Eagles, who, at on€ point, with two
records [the other being Their Greatest ltits] on the cha(s, were wlling 500,000 units per

impossible to refuse-a full pannenhip in rh€ grotrp. Thus, Schmit became the latest in a long line of people (Meisner, Messina.



the;v lcst," Schipper writes, "their

fans would never ltnow ihey cared enougb to

Furay) to quit the moderately
band soldiered on without him.


Ztryon. which was produced by Jack*n

wek." Ironically, Hotel Cal$omia

is a

in search of greener pastures.



As sunmer tumed into fall,


turned up in the credits on Browne's new album, Ifte Pretender, which was relea*d only week before lhe appearance of the


Eagles' long-awaited new opus, Hotel Cakll appeared on December 8, 1976, just in time to b€ th€ stocking stuffer of th€ Hotel Califomia is the consensus choice,






4 f:

by critics, fals, even the trand itself, as the best Eagles album. Even critics vho hate the Eagles can only weasel out of praising it il it dcsewes by using phrases like -most consistent." In 1987, when Paul Cambaccini updated his tritic' bmk and re-published it as The Top 100 Rrck 'N' Roll AIburu Of All Time (}*mony Books), Hotel Califumia




ranked at #48. In sals, it does bette. than thar. C€rtified for having sold nine million opies, it is tied with five other albums for 15th plae on the Record Industry Awiation of America's list of the best-selling albums of all time. Hotel Califomia hit #1 for the week ending January 15, 1977, and held that position off and on for eight weeks, staying in the charts for 63 weeks. "New Kid In Toun," its first single, hit #1 on February 26 and was certified gold on March 21. Its scond single, "Hotel California," hit #1 on May 7 and was certified gold on May 12. Its third single, "Life In The Fast Lane." hir #1 1 JuDe 25. It is probably this period that Robert Sam Anson has in mind in hrs book Gone Crazy And Back Again" The Rise And Fall Of The Rollitrg Stone Generatiott (Doubleday. 1981) when, discussing the explosion of the remrd

examination of exactly the way of life the Eagles' critics disapproved of them for allegedly living. "Hotel California is about modem America," writes Grace Lichtenstein. From the T--ilight Zone story line of. the title song through the accounts of those who, like all of the Eagleg come to the big city in search offame and forfune, "New Kid In Tom" md "Life In The Fast [:ne," through the fear that all is "Wasted Time," to the decision to'Try And l,ove Again" and the resignation of "The Last Resort," the album, l*e Duperudo, is a cautionary tale about the ptrsge from innoen€ to experiene and disillusionment. Along the way, there de those old favorites, sex, intoxicants, md a lot of rtrk 'n' roll. Ilgielly enough, the Eagles spent the better part of 1977 touring to promote the album, beginning a month-long U.S. trek on March 14 at the Civic Center in Springfield,
Massachusetts, then starting a European tour on April 25 that rm through May 18. A{ter that. it was back to the U.S. for the

As Hatel Cal(omia continued to sell in th€ fall of 197, various Eagles furned up on the remrd racks seruing 6 session men for their famous friends. Don Henley drummed and sang on Linda Ronstadt's #1 albm Simple Dreams. Glenn Frey sang on the self-titied

go to the show." The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences T!'committee refusd this request. Azoff then ctranged his mind and told Cossette the band would play anyrvay, then on the night of the shm', they never arrived, leaving Coslte "to improvise a finish midway through the show." The upshot w6 that the Eagls won Record of the Year as well as a Best

debut album by Karla Bonoff, many of
whose songs Ronstadt covered, and on Joni Mitchell's Don Juan's Reckles Daughter. Frey, Henley, Schmit and Walsh all appeared on Randy Newman's Little Crimina&. Heniey and Schmit also tumed up in the credits lo Tmce Boylan, the mzjor label debut of John Boylan's brother, which

Arang€ment for Voices award for "New Kid In Tom," and tiey were quoted in various press acctunts as having snubbed the show because they didn't like the Grammys. "The whole idea of a contest to see who is 'best' just desn't appeal to us," Don Henley told the Los Angeles Timu. Arother orious incident in the Eagles'

is one of the gleat lost singer-songwriter albums of the 1970s (in me anyose at Elektra is paying attention).
The Eagles were nominated for a number of Grammy awards in January 1978, among them Record of the Year (a singles award, not to be confu&d with Album of the Year) for "Hotel Califomia." As recounted in Henry Schipper's book Brcken Record: The Ircide Stors^ Of The Grammy Awards (Birch [:ne Pres, i992) and clearly based on an interuiew with Grammy awards show TV producer Pierre Cossette, the Eagles were


on May 7, when they played

summer stadium circuit and then anoth€r European trip. During the summer, Bernie I:adon, who had formed a band with Michael Georgiades, released their fimt and only album, Narural Progressiou, which hit #91 (#80 in
Cash Box).

At the eod of th€ tour in September, Randy Meisner quit the Eagles, complaining of exhaustion. The band went to Timothy B. Schmit, who had been faithfully playing in Prco all this time, through their variou\ ups and downs, and made him an offer that was

to appear and perfom on the Grammy TV show, broadcast February 28. According to Cossette, by way of Schipper, Eagles manager Iming Azoff agreed to have the group appear on the condition that they win an award. Cosrette protested thal
there was no way he could know that in advance. Azoff countered by asking fhat rhe band be prorided a secret dressing room from which they would emerge if they did

The Eagies, ropanga canyon, septembet,1973. L.R: Bernie Leadon, Randy Melsner, Henley anct Frey

a softball game against the staff of fioJling Stone. Robert Draper, in Rolling Stone Magazine: The Uncensored lllrrory (Doubleday. 1990), diwsses boih the game and the longrunning feud between the band and the maguine, one that has seriously harmed the Eagles'critical standing md their plae in eristing histories of rock 'n' roll. "Bad blood ran behreen the maguine and the Eagles." Draper *riies unequivocally. The fint reason he cites is the familiar one about what the Eagles were thought to represent. "The band, perhaps more than any other, gpified the muic of rhe seventier and the state of the industry itself," Draper writes. "They were...tuneful and laid-back and clever, faceless stars, spokesmen for no cause save the guilty pleasures of the fast lane...Glenn Frey and his cohorts fancied thentselves outlaH...but io fact thev were consummate insiden." A ser-ond reason, Draper suggests, "could be found at tb€ corporate leyel. As a short. brash. briliiant upstart in the remrd trusiness, Eagles manager Iwing Azoff serued as a natural rival to [Ro//ng Stone publisher]


Jann \&'enner." (Such rivalries


a g

Wenner and music industr! people were nol unusual. and the resul! was usuallv the same: bad reviews in Rolling Stone and skimpv. sncering coverage for the bantj in que:tion. Another good example is the trand Chicago. massively successful in the'70s and since, whose manager/producer James Wiliiam

fiith Wenner, according to a trighly placed, usually reliable source, after which the band was virtuallv erased from the history of rock 'n' roll as told by Rolling Stonr in both the maguine and its many books.) The Eagles ereamed Rolbng Stone 15-8,
Guercio had "a failing{ut" and no wonder: If they'd lost they would have to have done an inten'iew. Somehow, in the midst of a-ll these shenanigans, the Eagles found time to start working on a new album. They also found time to work on other albums; Felder and Frey played guitar on Bob Seger's five-million-selling Stangu ln lown, reieared in May. The same month, Asylum issued Joe Walsh's best, and best-selling, solo album. "But SeioustyFolks-.. " which featured various other Eagles and included his caustic and hilarious ca.eer summan 'L,ife's Been

'": .,:.'i:.::tlr,

Good," a #12 htt (*6 in Caslr 8or). The album itsell hit #ll rnd wcnt platinum.


iibro41119 which producer Bill Sz-vmcnk derisirell dubbed Ifte Lnng One. (lt sholld be noted
that, these dlys. a supcrstar act laking three years tletween albums is at least avetage. and ma1'be even on the short side ) The l-ong Rsn was. perhaps inevitably. compared unfavorably to tlotel Califomia' Nevenheles, it contained some excellelt songs, among them the title track, a #8 hit, Tinothy B, Schmit's "l Can't Tell You Why' {co-written wilh Henley and Frey), which also got to #8, and "Heanache Tonight,"
the album's biggest hit, whicb reached

ffiff$;;;'u*n1'l$:: ;:.1 :: fliffi,:l$:i:'**":r: ":*li'"1 s#iJ,;;;f :,:.:":;j";:,T-,'i,l' auffi,k55'::J"'::{il:i il,,'.":ff"x;: :tm{ :.ri:{ ii"",'i,"" #[l ii',i'n,'r -"t 'n"-g;'l,o[]l Burrett "Lirern

*en Good'**



The double soundtrack album hit #l and went platinum. The s€ason was also marked by the reiease of Elton John's 2l At 33' which featured glest appearances by Clenn Frey, Don Henley and Timotlry B. Schmit' ln late July the Eagles performed at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium and the Long Beach Arena, where they remrded the sho*s for a live album.. Il almost didn't happen, aaording to Joe Smith.

and a follow-up. 'Heans On Fire." that reached the Top 20. "Gorta Get Arval.' a
third single, chaned at #83 in Ccs& 8o: but nissed the Billbosrd chatt. The title song' written by Jack Tempchin. was said to be an accounl of Meisner's dcpartue from the Eagles, though the lyrics are not that specific. Frey and Henley sang the background vocals. The album hit #50' and Meisner toured behind it. Eagks Live was released November 7' 1980. It reached #6 (#5 in Cuh Box) anC'
soltl a millioc opies, producing a #27 single

l[J?-"#;"; '; ffI ;J";J:'lry":"o--il "':: ii3;,Tl ll,lr"Il'Iii"".''il"::::i:"'"jl.liXli: mwh brst Ilffiil;.:'t;, movie didn'tdo n':1,',iiii"l1,l ;;;"*u n* ilh"' ;ff ""' : :^. rrF;.ner's full-lenglh solo
rclencd iiir-. o-i''' vL'trner'w,s in Eittboard'btt ,; railc'l to charr ::;-;;; agatn

ln Off


Record. Smith says that he sP€nt a year convincing the group to make a live album' even as they "were gening further and further



in June

November 10 and was certified gold on February 1, 1980. On that sarne day, the
album. which had hit #1 on Novembe r 3 and stayed there nine weeks (14 in Cush Box)


once f ir in Cuh Rus Meisner '.,, ,.'* rnd moved irr"'"n tn" mu:ir htrsincs\


f t:

CJlorrdo lo tale uP rsncnrng have the cu.rent Eagles lineuP maY folnt*. Under intense pressure to initial "nlt",: i.o up,trrt"f Catijbmia, they finished

was certified platinum. Its domestic sales now stand at a respeclable four million Critics found the album disappoilting,
though none is quite as harsh as Dave Manh

and embarked on a a*rrlnna in miii-summer Canadian tour' then came back


Christmas single' a cover of Home For "ut " Charles Brown's "Please Come New Year"' "FunLy with backed Christmas" Ttrat, exccpt for an ABC Records Joe on l&'alsh compilation and a vocal cameo Twin Dan Fogelberg and Tim Weisberg's the fall of all of iire iagles that fans got in for
a Christmas music the fans were hungr-v for new Eagles Sons

who, in The Hean of Rock & Sorr/. accused the group of plagiarizing the l9?i Otis Clay hit "Trying To Live My Life Wilhout You" in fte song "The Long Run" and even suggesied that Bob Seger, who covered the Clay song (written by Eugene Williams) on his

apart petsonally.- The day before the first show, Frey and Henley threatened to back out, saying that they would only go throsgh wilh the shos and the album iI Smith couid answer one question: Wbo were the four 20game winners on the 1971 Baltimore Orioles'pitching staffl" Smirh answered correctly*Dave McNally, Jim Palmer. Mike Cuellar and Pat Dobson. He is convinced thal if he hadn't, the Eagles would have never made an album. As it was, they went

in the

band's version


Steve Young's

"Seven Bridges Road." Among the criti€l communiry". there was deep suspicion thal Eagles llrr was one o{ the least "live" albums ever released. that it

consisted largely of studio Performances rvith audience sounds added. Producer Bill Srymczlk disputes this charge. 'l beg to differ witb that." he said to Toblet and Grund1 -We did patch the tracks up here and there. but everybody does that with a live album The band does mund like their alburo in concert, and I'd say that 70 perent of thal record is live."

was Of Different Motfters LP by Henley'

good 19?8. The single got to #18, unusually record in the '70s, indicating

Bernie kadon's main project for 1978' meailwhile. seems to have been his participation on the ambitious concept album llhite L{uttsiore. subtitl€d "A tale from the

Am.rican Civil War




plale'd a variety of stringed instrumenls on rhc iilbum and co-wrote one of its tracks with

1981 live album Njne foriSir. did so to "make amends." The two tunes are similar. but whether they are similar enough to jus' tify Marsh's charge must be a matter for the courts, and no suit has ever been fiied. (In concert, the Eagles introduced "The Long Run" as their tribute to MemPhis.) As the Eagles were enjoying their last studio hurrah, Bernie Lradon uas enjoling a surprise hit, as his Eagles instrumental' "Joumey Of The Sorcerer," was used m the lheme to the U.K. TV series The Hitchhiktr's Guile To Tlrc Galui, based on the

First oui, however, was ex-Eagle Randy Meisner's second solo album, One More Song, released in Oclober. The album contained the #22 hit "Deep Inside My Heart"
Don Felcter. 1980


November ?1,1980. Paramedics

arrived at the home of Don Henley in Los

comic sciene fiction novel



Faul Kcnntrle.v. who wrote the rest and
organized rlie project. Intended to he a sort of Jesrr CArrt Sfipcrs/dr-iike project. its

$ngs wcre sung by Jessi Colter anri Waylon Jennings, among others, and the backup ha*rJ included Eric Clapton along with l-esrJon. The producer was our old friend
Gl-rn Johns. truld lrter go on io an associaiion as prorlucer, songxrircr and husband to tlmrrrylou l-iarris and would achieve considKc nnc

Despite the candiclary of Jo€ Walsh' lhe Eagles played a one-off concerl on December 21, 1979. at the Sar Djego Spons Arena to raise monev for the presidential camPaign of California Governot Jerry Brown. Other perfomen included Chicago and Browne s girlfriend. Linda Ronstadt. Having completed their opus. lhe Easles were free to engage even more in tbelt favorite activify: stopping in at olhet People's sessions. Among the albums released in the firsl quarter of 1980 are Christopher Cross's self-titled debut, which features the singing of Don Henley, Warren Zevor's Bad Luck Sn'eak In Dancing.sclral. on which

lu1 s

crahlc success in country music, but l{tire *lansions ir aroiher great lost album of the T{b. 'I'lr* [.aplt:. meanwhile, worked on into t9?r]- and rt uar pruhably al this poinl that. St F.),.trrlrr rnai:lrillc rcprlned, Asylum *ift:rcri tirtnr * cl\h hanui (51 million is the !r*lre urr.;l!r ilrc{}) to fintsh the albun. ;vr!-tshly Irr rrr*ncr 197(i relcasc. though it *}qlil harr tun for f.hristnrr< li)lti. They r{idnl m;re cither dcadiine. "You're 4trli:tg *rth ;mplc *hr: have so much : ifsl{r*} thdt rh*rc ir nr: financial spur," Joe fi*ifh t*l* l-,rde*f,. "We er.r'n *nt them a

Felder. Waish, Frev and Henlel aopear. Craham Nash's Ecnlr & .5i:. lerturing Walsh s -suiLar playing, and Bob Seger's Against The tlitd. on which ilenler and S.hm,t .ing and Frel plars guitar.

on Februar,"- 27 1980' the Eaqles won a Cramml award for llest Rock vocal Perforrancc for a Duo or Group for "Heartache
Ti>night.' Negixiations.


anv. berueen


flry*ti*5 di{t('nar}-." i':y*s si tl&-t }*rked. how{vd r, the [:agles &lw*t tilr"r t{? !i\ir i}tlur stutji0r, and thcir
a.&Xs nau


bqnrql i-,r J.D. $cruthcr's rhird

$f*i {S&;n

1x${l li{E! !${i*r1f$l oil{), }',I.'tr fu:e**f,g. *a{t X{xl! llr:tlrrffr Rrrrlsrr



o&*i& felr*r*::l *arauxl lxtror hay. Qn fl. l're l#*hh +nr-unrtd hic tlr€ preh{m*r *d rb* U.$.

\&i* EQgit




?fu3s.* r*fueerl


*rx{?ii.rss *t'd"ti* iiBxrn"

Pierre Cosselte and lnirg Azofl have not bten rei,caied. In Ma}, the movie Li,cn Co$bor' *'as rcleaseti. aeain with the invoivement of ArotT. nany of whcse clients were featured or thc nominailv ceunt^Loriented soundtr:*k. among them Bonnic Raitr. Linda Ronsradr in a duct with J.D. Souther. Bob Segcr and tlre F-:gles singing 'Lyin Eves." Jm Walsh s "All Night Lr:ng' was releasd a* a :irtgle and gor to #19 (# I 8 in Casl 8or).





lil*. it""t"lil ffi;;;;;'r

vo hc wa' fined' put ttn drua an'l onte rctl to atrcnd
r",tY r-,"'
had markec

guitar on Bob Seger's lale-in-the-year release, l"fte Distann, and l{enley *ng on
Christopher Cross s early 1983 foliow-up ttt his spectacularly surcssful debut album. the
drsappainting'4 n athu P a ge' Joe Walsh retumed 10 the record racks in June l98l with You Boughr lt - You Name It' Chrisrgau. u hu graded the album a surpris-

r.'*"1 i"":rT:T:.Is 1*ff'; #l'il ;;;";;

ingly high B+, decided to name it Joe lValsh\ Come@ Album-Finally. Peaking at
#48, it produced the #52 single "Space Age Whiz Kids." In' September, Waylon. Jennings and Willie Nelson cemented the relationship

t\\'hen.)ou:'li"T: J.**j u tnt grouP'evcry fcw vean' there's Ili,l-*t*.ioi-* out or busiYou're ;;"""ncins il,;; [, group mcmbers con1!ri()us thc i}t,t il*i yun 15' l98l' il;'d ,. rL'lcn\e rccords on alhum' Ihcr latest hi: r'cJ i.* *.i'n rclc in ii, nr" \'tritlx'rhood A #20 hit (#14"A single
SrtJ' h coatained the #34 Felder's solo " Life Of ltlu,ittn In Juiy' Don
iauncirecl rvith two songs on the $undtrack to th€ animated

between Desperados

and Outlaws


recording a duet version of "Take lt To The Limit" thar they took to #8 in rhe country chans.

*ru*, ws
film I/r*ry

fifth ex-Eagle to
Ffom the cover pnoto session for "Desp€raato," December, 1972, AEoura, CA


lluat' As t\e

Urban Cmboy

s*ilndtrack had been to country muslc' si$ the Ifrdvj* Mctal soundfaek to heaiy noted hearl metal performers as

included such ,neasl $usic. Featured artists

Feider became lhe a fuli-fledged solo album with the release oflrbome. Unfortunalelv, the a{bum was a commercial washouL ;€tting ontifto +t;s, and it has proven Felder's onll' solo outing. Frey released his second solo album, Iir

ln Novenber. Don

llicks, Journer:. Donald Fagen and Devo' FeJ&r contributcd both "All Of You" and. ih+ tifigl€ "Heavy Metal (Takin'A Ride)"'
Fhich hit #13 (#4?incash Box)'

ln rrjilition to

these sightings, the Eagles

inade sveral guest rPPearances on summer recordl. Tin Schrtit sang on Gary Wright's Tfu Right f'laie *nd oa Plantation Harbor , an etbum ttt drummer Joe Vitale, who had

Manchu mustache Glenn Frey, solo artist, had a fashionably short hairflt and a Mona Lis smile. and he was wearing a white suit with a red tie. (Later, Frey would go even further, appearing in "before and after" ads -for Jack La Laine exercise clubs. one photo from his Eagles days captioned "hard rmk," the other, an '80s shot, "rock hard.")
On the record itself, Frey had replaced his old writing partner, Don Henley, with his old friend Jack Tempchin, who had co-writing credits on six of the 10 tracks The album's sound was a simpler pop-rock than the Eagles had adopted, with far fewer of the

Eagles cronies: Walsh contributed a guitar solo, Schmit sang hamony and plaved bass and J.D. Souther co-wote a couple of songs, sang and played guitar. While critia had applied the Eagles curse to Frey's solo album, dismising him as a second-rale hack, they warmed more to Henley. In part, this was because Henley had taken on certain social issues in the album's lyrim- "Johnny Can't Read" was about illiteracy and "Dirty laundry" dealt with media sensationalism, a subject Heniey knew about

Allttighter, in June 1984. For lhe release. Frey su'itched to N'lCA Records, which had appoinled Ining Azolf iis president' Fre) continued his arciation with Jack Temphin, co-writing every song on the album with him. Though it eventually peaked at #ll and had 65 weeks in the charls total' lhe album was a sies disappointment initiallv. Its first single, "Sery Girl," was a Top 20 hit. bul tbe second single, "The AllniShtet," g!)l
to only #54, and by the fall, the album's sales appeared to have dropped off permaneflth. In October, Timothy B Schmit became the sirth ex-Eagle to isue a solo album with Play,in It Crcl. Like Felder, Schmit had t tough time in record stores, with his album

pkyed with both \[alsh and the
rtsabh and Felcler contributed.guitar



lo thr tllrum.
The mt:sl promincnt session work of the t€.tt-x1a, hit*glcr' was for Fleetwmd Mac si*ger Stevie Nicks's debut solo albtm Bella flor$c. lielder phyed guitar and Don Henley

Some of the old animosity to anything related to the Eagles remaineC, to be su.e, but even Robert Christgau admitted in his review, "If thire were an!'thing to actually like about the guy, his complaints and reveIations might even be moving," a statement
that, in Christgau's terms, amounts to a rave. Ten years later, writing in the Rolling Stone

'llrr rtrc*nC) rintmmed


dircusses his affair with Nicks in and sang background


vmals on thc album's concluding track, "The Highwuynan," and Henley sang a duet with l{ish on "Lcatt}er And lace," a song Nicks hait stitlr* for Waylon Jennings and Jessi

trademark hamtonies. No Fun Aloud hit #32 in the charts and went gold in seven months. lt produced a #31 hit in its first single. "I Found Somebody," followed by "The One You Llve," rvhich got to #15. A third single' "All Those Lies," made il to #41. Next up uas Randy Meisner, whose third solo album. and his second to be titled
Ran@ MeLsner.was released in early

only getting to #160- Unlike Felder.
would keep trfing.
ley's second


November saw the release of Don Heil' *lo album. Building The Perfeu


('{\e LP




Album Guide (edited by Anthony Decurtis
and James Herke with Holly George-Warren, Random Houe, 1992), Mark Coleman wot€ that I Can't Stand Sil/ "sounds like a leaner, meaner update of the Eagles' llorel Califomia...a subtle, but definite improve-

Colter. 'l'he album lopped th€ chads and t+rLl {*ur miiliun copies; a single version of


'I.*ather And l:ce." medited to "Stevie :,,llihs siih tli:n l{cnley," wenl to #6 in the
tdl. f.eglc gucrt
epp€arances continued in *tldt fall rrc*rd rclcarcs as Who bassist John liirtsLitle'r ltxi J-utl Tjrc Nere (extensive

The album got to only #94, producing the #28 single "Never Been In bve"' and was lv{eisner's final solo LP so far. Four other former Eagles were represented on yet anolher double soundtrack album, this one accompanying the film Fast
Times At Ridgemont High. The film was based on a book by fotmer Rolling Stone

Records, a label set up b."- David Geffec in 1980 after he retumed to the business world and that had proved jusr as successful as .Asylum.) It was the albm that established Henley as ihe Eagles'only solo superstar and crilical :ucres. Mark Colcman. u ho

: ..

ft*frHg b \A'rlrh), lhe rlf-titled, million$alllr}S drhlt alhurr f,r {)uulcrflash (Schmit {41 $tr*hl **ii tlrq [!ec $res'lr.iag [rr,r ql]r.&'kf {K S!}1r.tii. !n tlrc spring ol 1981. llcnlry. kJr*r:t :rnrl 1\rihl rl} turned up in fh* crr:lltrt ltt Kariu ltrrioflr l*ild t.lean O{ It*r
}'rer*g, anil 5,.lrnrir cQultt he heard sing1*6

*riter Cameron Crowe, who had profiled
the Eagles so s.vmpathetically back in 1975. The album included songs b-r'Henle,v'
Felder- Schmit and Walsh. the nost notable of which was Schmit's cover of the Tymes' hit "So Much In Llve." a #59 hit single'

ment." The album hrt #24 in the charts and was certified gold. "Johnny Can't Read" got to only #42 as a single, but "Dirty laundry" tuned out to be the first big post-Eagles hit for an ex-Eagle, reaching #3 and going gold A ttlird single, "I Can't Stand Still." got to #48. As usual, the summel also found Eagles all over other albums, especially Timothl' B. Schmit- who shared his vocal cords with Eye
to Eye (E-ve

it {ive sm in the Rollilg Stone ALbunt Garde. calls it "damn near a perfect pop album-and a popular one !o boot." The
aihum. which hit #1-1 (#8 in Cash 8o:) and soid nvo million copies, was jed bv the massi!el,v- popular single "The Bols Of Summer. a #5 hii with a memorable black-anr.i'

qhite video thal became an MT\j farorirc
The single elen draws thi Praisc of Ea5:i. hater Dare Nlanh in llre lleurt Of Rttck & 5,,a1. H,rq could Dcn Hcnlcr seem sr' lirc as lead vocalist of the Eagies, yel so greal c'r his ownl'" N{ush asks. going to the heart of

ji., .; !e ht.*.r liis;"


*r,r'lotifl ,li*il.*rrllirrr.rclling Ioro


I :

J!r\r pn{:x ln thc rcledse of $$€*:.J $.1*3'* r!:brrt q:lo alhum, In.. iu,\zoff


*l . Fxglel l*eet th* f.i*gl* *ere ore r halfr !e th{i€*}i t?r fsn6 fim." Frr"v lold thc


l{r* *{ticisl hrcr}iup oi


though it was Jackson Browne's #7 "Somes Bab1"' that was the album's biggest 15. Fast Timcs ,4t Ridgelnont High gol to a disappointing #5,1. The movie. a consider-


Eye), Crosby, Stills and Nash

abie summer hit. launched lhe career of aclor Sean Penn.




eoxld go-e yox 30 re a*lluirt atxrur it: I .i&,44** !.h* bs**. I €lri li*d il{ rr anrl I qtrt. '

*+g&" ?;ps;-


huE k:r



On August 13. As.vlum released Don Hendcbut solo album, I Can't Stand Still'

r. f;*t's*+ f'*n:,-ti*+l e*t rr|*nrrd I{*v lt;.
Tk *rthr.l".
(rr rhr cr+cr rlc,,rir di lf!,69 v ' ri' .l ,.q r hrarqlf I r,,nr h,r rrn:rFc.

[.ike Frev. Henley had found a new collabonlor as well- hooking up with James Tay-


lor's guitar player, Danny


(Daylight Again) and America (Wew From The Ground). Heniey, meanwhile, sang on Warrcn Zevon s album l/re Ent o;. If Henley and Frey established thcmselves as solo artists in 1982, an end-of-the-year release demonstrated that they- didn'i have nearly the ommercial cloul of the Eagles When Asylum released Greatesr Hits' Lbl' ume 2. tt looked like a redundancl. but it went gold a lot faster than Henley or Fr$"s
soio albums.

the mattet. "Well. in baseball lhev call ia addition by subaraction; get rid of the nediocritic. and iet thc real talent shin<

"The Bovs Of Summer" was followed iti the sjngles charts bv "All She Wan{s To D{l Is Darce." which hit #9. "Not Enough Lovt h Tle Worltl." which got to #3-1 ( #6 in Bili'

board's ALiuit Contemporan

tS* I *i:' " I -if;' {ir the urmlrng. trrngtEL l,{pt }nr+o era;r:ig hrppie wirh thc Fu

Korlchmar turned up in the writing credits ol eight out of 1 1 songs and even wrote one ("You Be tter Hang Up") himself. Henley also rclied more heavily tban Frey on old

Olhenise, the fall of 198: and lvinter ol 1983 rcre quiet on the ex-F.agles front' though Felder and Frey lurncd up plaling

- forme iit Listening-chart, a listing cx-Eaglc' would rurn up in more and more frequentlv). and "sunset Grill." which hit #l;
{Nol that it matters anymore. but upol



e, 1993



o sow unavaihble 3nd,lhal

of the Eagles assumed the mantlc regard Clenn critical surprise a with ione ir""Lt" u".rt with a hit record in tht form and Harold Falter^i-rn. f.i,i, Forsev "Thc Hert [s I"***ii,,"n and -produced C.? the bigOn," f"utut.a in Bttcrh Hills "The *ri fit* nf ryt. 198-1 Christmrs season


xl ll,l-'J 1",., n ". lc-qacy

::*f;r;n:*:;,TJ**W,ffi "t.n ni_ 15, x,,:Ll :+"f#:ti:x]:::iil; '"TT *";;;; nI,
he demonstrated again in rhe fuf f, album, "You Belong To The Ciry." #2 on both rbe Hot 100 and the ROutt Con_ temporary charts.

but not as



featlred role.on




parg singing "Ufe In stars, had a featured liw A album of the shw l:ne-" Fasr The *as released by Rykodisc in October 1990' Randy Meisner tumed up in Augusl 1989
a rnember of the reunited original album, /"{gaqy, that of Poco, which isued an



ex-Eagle, The soundtrack album topped the charts and sold rwo million coPies'

hit yet by an at ls On'' becamc lhe biggesl going to #2 by March 16' 1985'

((iuest appearances

by ex-Eagles



included Timolhy B- Schmit's vocals on Dan Fogelberfs l4indaws lnd lfalLr' Schmit and Henley's singing on J.D. Soulher's -I{one 8y Darz, and Bemie Leadon's playing and singing on his old friend Chris Hillman's Desert Rose, the precursot to Hillman's c{luntry group the Desen Rose Band.) Don Henley had a song, "She's On The Zoom." on the early 1985 soundtrack to the film !'?sion Qaesl, which hit #11 and went platinum. but he still was no competition to Frey. who turned up as an aclor on an cpisode of the hit TV series lfiami l4ce based on his song from The Allnighter,"Smtgg,ler's

Henley, however, :etained the greatest critical respect, a fact reinforced on Febnary 25, 1986, when he rvon a Grammy for Best RGk Vrcal Perfomance, Male, lor "The Boys Of Summer." Henley.s other norable actil itis for 1986 (the only notable activities during rhe yer by an ex-Eagle) included placing a song "Who o'pns This Place." on the excellent mundtmck to the film The Cobr Of Monq put together by Robbie Robertson and, in the dirty laundry department, tlosting a N€w Year's Eve p?rty at which Democratic presidential hopeful Gary Hart met Doona Ric€, an event that, in the spring of 1987, would lead to his withdruwal from lhe presidential race.
In early 1987, John McEuen, leader of the

'tHf*ln lo 1988 on ihe q'*e,"**.{fl'- llli i** tull-tbre uana
t Griuy Dirt



gold. Meisrer loured with hir #40 and went summer of 1990, sing' the s,roup through the

*!rit$ ir?l&i rnougi''#.H#
I*adan **x



nt" a. #33,*unttY rs€rF-'"..,
t*y srootl qoe

inslTake It To The Umit," mmg other
so-nes Bur

+ith sc






album frvii

i;tn flis,r sith hb third

'' solo

bl fall he ws in a nw country ourit, Black Tie, that smred a #59 country Holly's "lraming hit with a cover of Buddy
The Game'"

Blues." The resulls were


"smuggler's Biues" was relemed as a single and wenr lo #11 while The Allnighter headed back up the charts. gaining a gold certification by August. Joe Walsh was the only ex-Eagle with a new album out in the spring of I 985. His lle Confessor, the first solo album he'd made in
years wilhout a joke title. got to only #65 (#52 m Cash Bor), despite a tour that found

him opening for Tina Turner. (Walsh muld also be heard during the summer playing gpitar on Michael McDcnald's album No

Don Felder and Timothy B. Schmit each contributed to {he soundtrach to the film

as bonus cuts for a CD mmpilatios. But, having joined Henley and Frey in Leadon. lradon toured and recorded with s€viral live performances, Timothy think offing' the group during the year and into 1988. .'i$mething bigger might be in the The summer and fall of 1987 sw album Not Go Quierly,' "lf Dirt Were pr61LO" 'Glenn was real hesitant atrout this,'he says' .The releases by Walsh, who returned to comedy -The Lst Worthless Evening." Hean but at one recent get-together, 'l could see in titles with Got Any Gum? and peaked at Of The MatFr," "How Bad Do You Wani ' '6tenn's eyes that he was digging it' Some' #113, and Schmit, who improved his previ- tt?" and "Neq York Minute" for exensiw r:jthinC is definitely b:ewing As far as the entire band, I'm honestll not sure."' ous showing with Timorfry 8., which went to phy. "Evening," released as the album's sec' Indged an Eagles reunion was being #106 and featured the #25 Hot 100 hit ond single, went to #21 on the Hot 100, #2 "BoF Night Out" and the #30 Adult Con- Adult Contemporary, and it was followed by operitji discused in many plaes in mid'The Heart Of Tlre Ma*er," whicb went to 1990, but nothiig has come of it yei. (Nor remporary hit 'Don'r Give Up." has a CD compilation been released.) Frey's third album, Soul Searchin', did not #11 pop, #3 Adult Contemporary. A fourth Schmit laterturnecl up playing bass and singappear until the summer of 1988, a full four single, "How Bad Do Ycu Want Il.?," wgttt ing in Jimmy Buffett's backup band. years after his previous LP. This time lacking lo #48 pop, and a fifth, "New York Minute," One can't help thinking, however, that a TV or film conneciion, the album only went to #48 pop and #5 Adult Contempoplms must have been serious, if the next reached #36 durjrg 19 weeks on the charts, rary. .4s a result, the album, which pealed at piece of niusic to appetr from Glenn Frey i! though the single "True lnve" reached #13 #8, stayed in the charts 148 weeks and sold *Part Of Me, Parr Of on the Hot 1ff) and #2 on the Adult Con- three millioo copies. Henley won a Best any indication. Frey's You" tumed up on the sourdtrack of rhe Vocal for the Grammy Rock Perfomane temporary chan. The album's second single, frlm Thelma & Louise in the Spring of 199i "Soul Searchin'," mised the pop chart. but album on February 21, 1990. In th€ swmer o{ 1989, Walsh joined got to #5 Adult Contemparary" The more uptempc "Livin' Right," releared tr a third Ringo Starr for a 28-city tour as part of his Plear *e EACLES page 160 single. pet€red out at #m on the Hot 100. AllStan Band. Walsh, like the other all-

Nitty Griny Dirt Band, left that group. He

was replaced on a temporary basis by Bemie

t+ici*rjiue io lun" 1989 with thc rrlesse ot Thc End O! Thc tnnocence. "airch bitch bhch, blo$t bloat btoat," smplained Rokn Ctuietgau, but nrs was a minmily opinion. The alhum wu icd off by thc ritle track. which mundcti lilc exactly what it was, a 6lltboralion bet*een Henley and pianisVsingerlrongmiter Bruce Homsby. As a single, it wenr to #g on fhe 100.#-Z on rhe Adult Contemporary Tot chart and #1 6n Billboanl,s. Album Rock Tracks listing. The album was widely played on AOR radio, which alm chos such songs as "I Will

ln Julv 1990. Timothy B Schmit released The hir thirdsolo album' Tell trle The Truth

contractual obligaalbum fulfilled Schmit's tior to his record company (not surprisingly' Schmit was it failed to chart) At thal dme' in a planned reporledly ready to parlicipate Freles reunion'

i}e follou'ing appears in the rmrd comVt The pcny bio sent ro lhe pr('ss uith-fcU fnriit -en Eagles reunion would sure come in handv. The idea, initially' was to rtrord a
fe* tra"ks

Recenfiy reissued by occ compact classics on 24kt gold, these rliscs are available at better record stores everywhere or by calling occ at 818-993-8822







tre *o{

Drvio COPPEnFItt w mag{ lpeats

Jun Feb. 25,


2421 NE

25 Pl., Ft. Led€rdag tL


l}P U@t W




Cade Bayer SagH, Burt Bicha6ch, Dlrm WaMicL lieil oiammd vided aF dio: P&l H{ffi. 129 Edto6 f,8d, Hilpts Hill, Mildle, 1W12 IDS
lndand. FRlt{Co DEVIT*


't/AillrD Pdt




' \ltnts

Fuckbqi Centritugal




STARSKY Al{0 Hllrn, 'Dwnqf HaicM. GdJz, Ezo Esr Knkvd.


Curr (LP) (Uvc bootleg wrlma dcw) Inere-able (t"P) iU.S. bdtet of lrndm Periome 5l8l) Dead Cll Colledt@ (LP) (Ha[ of rhb re@rding mada .t badon's Msquec Club, l9?9)


0g x;aRTltt t k"ttlr rlr* *"t"4 al$ dt'thrn! wrth Den d Madrn m w6 il vds. iih, d @dlF, mk D.n€ls, F0 Bor 203, Aasdia. Cn

min; ril krn BcdJ 515 Rry St . Pa. re'iiu Sac, wt 53578 60&613'3t77

Rhoads aubPEY


d /b tlm

Itiscellsnm[s cult Hem (7-iacb

via c6{€rt




lq'.U W

otiE W


Mnt4d. Also

li" ryldhtffited ii

O' Cl6[ h8h epre.da TIE hotato: and 'P0W Pad orP" redrd in




l'6 A Cult

H€to4 Dig You (gre4ue, pimre sleevc)



Sheildan. Ph@nr.



froadh€ht, 714

DOCUMS{rARY IYA*TED: Galds Age oi R(f 'n Roll nanated ry John Sebastian- C6tnct: Butch Prlsts, 532 w. Webster Dr., Jetle'wille, lN 47130.



sy vrd$ tr aud6 fr


ddittr, on b lffi




' CEry

The Gloe (LP) Wonderland,/Polydor


Sulihine (Robert Smith atd Sil:Nie Md thc Banshees'
Steve Seve



drrs ercellml

lims M lvenE.



stde codts 1778. EE, PA


AF. Ard,0H

Rrc[,513 E &Y Falh 4431G1504



ilds, EE TV appeiranc liw ffied f@tae. W SErals. eb A$ lod(ing ht iNc tufMbhr d Donna Vm W'ls, 1337 N. B@na \4di, Un{ D,




vides wanted. Only stLd0. f{o liw Fdmatue sMf. Send hst. Bill


80s, $d grcus gpftraliy.

3i8n€d cto$'ing in*rumt5 Pld ,'1d P{ati

Siorcie And The Banshes (LP/CD) Hyaena (Roberl Snith on guitd) Ceffer/Wonderland/ 24030
Polydoi Geffen/Wondertand./ 24052



8dr 002i. &l&iln. NY 11572. FAx 5l&223{194. RICHAID lHottPsotl and oavid 8yru toeeths on 'R6k SleadY' gDw lmlne

IdM.ok num-alhms. Cotac, Staftlads 3l0l F Henneon Ave., M96 MN 55413.
Fax 612 331-80&3





st */

Roben Smilh on guitar

Fmls Dance (EP)
lambs To

lele.iss apteaF an€,'Bobbre Geikys 6oodtrm Hou/ srais.'DamE Al S€r'sP€el wih A,ro-Marprd, Anft &rcoit spqrals, CaL


Send details

icde. hrgh qlalrry @py I0 Autumn lo Mad' Kftoll, New Paltr, NY 12561.


will buY q

55M CAPTAIN EEEffUiT iteffi wtsd ln &PPa iEe ffi o{fs I dn scMne
lrft6;cludrn8 rm€d ldc6'Bong! Fu M r$ue. YNr list geB mlre aill flc, iD 4 8or 4062. Newt$ Nl C7360




F@ls Dan@ (Five-wng EPs,


led b!

Cuf b6ist Simot GalluPi

Cure {lo-itrch EP)

Mte6 tail8m wc als GloB




HaltAr Odopus: Cl$ To
Mouth/New Day,Stop

(reoix)lA Man Inside My

k?demv Awads Fd{)a1r1€€ Buth
Tuohey, 3 Alkghanl. B6tof,, MA 02120


Cure CURE DISCOORAPHY from Page l?2

Reb€rt Smtth (LP)


Just Like Heave! ivideo)/Catch/Hol Hot Hotlll^trhy Canl I Be You (12" emix) (Combination of audio and video tracks on thc

CDv di* fomd)

Sire/Fidion Sire/Ficion Fidion (U.K.) Ficiion (U.K.) Elekrra Ficlion (U.K.)

821 136


The Top

1984 1984 1984 I 984 1984 1985 1985 1986 1986

lt086 Fis-9

(Compilation of 4-5 rpm singles Als i$ued on CS #4-25076) The Top (Ale releaed as a CS #415080) The ToD (CS f Fiv-g. CD *821-1362) c..-ri-The Cure Live (Released on DC a #823 682':, The Hcad On Tbe Dmr (lsu€d ar a CS #4-60435 and a CD
Japanese Whispers as 2{O435.1


BAK 6m6

Beueetr The Fo.csl & The Sea -The Robert Smith lnteftiews. Vol- 1 (No music, just d inleriev w/Robe.t Sfrith)

The Gtwe (LP)


ROUCH US Blue Susshi.e (US teis$e ol Robes Smith aod Siousie aad mh)." "Mouth To Moutt!"'The TiS}llrop€") credited to Hen'ley.)

Fi{h-11 Fix-s

Tbe Head-On The D@r (lssued CD as 827 231-2)
RaYs Don'1


a CS as

#Fixhc-l1 ard a

the Banshees' bsist Steve Scvetit- Blue vjnyl, CD venktn has three borus B-side tracks: "Uke Al Alioal (clubl' what club

(U.K) Elcktra
Ficirion Ficlion

(U.K.) Eleklra
Fidior (U.K.)


S!ilding On i Beach: The Singles t Cc'ette venion include< enra ltB-side\ CS as #4'641'1. CD 82'6M417, Standins On A Beach: Th€ Singles Kr$ Me-Krs Me Kjss Ve (Double LP. I$ued e a CS #4{0717
and a CD a 2-60?3?. CD vesion d@ nol ioclude "Hey You") Kiss Me Ki$ Me Kis Me (Double LP' issued c a single enrnded olav CS s #Fixhc-13 and a CD as 832 l3&2) i$ue, CD'vefiion d@5 not include 'Objeft World wa-: "So fuhaf' froo Tfiree ltua|inary Boyt is snbstituted itstead) Faith Sevenleen Seconds


IAGLES fiom page 30
1986 1981 1987

ln May, Black Tie releard a ne*


on B€rcb Records, a version 0f l' Griffith's "Listen To The Radio." lt di
and a more Eagles-like track vould be hard to find. Ttle song hit the Top 10 on both the Album Rock Tracks and Adult Contemporary charts, ftough it reached only #55 on the Hor 1m. chart.


Elektra Elektra Elektra Eleklra Ekktra FictioruElektra


60785-2 60?86 60855 60978

PomosraFh! Bou. Sori t try

{ Reissue

Di"inteemtionlCD and esetre "Untitled' and "Last Dane")

of A& M relece) {Track in differenl running ord€r

lhd PVC veBioos include two enra

1988 1988 1988 1988 1989 1990



Mixed Uo r\ invl !eEion ol Iemix collef,ion @nlains bonus rracl why Can r I Be Yo!. limiled edition galefold slee\e) Entreat (Eighl tive DiM!e8@nb, tracks froo same show 6 Picwra bf You EP, re@rded l;ve at webbley SEdiud, July'89 This may be a boot since rc, in tbe Fidion €Elog ud this is a numbe r uuallj* tesned for LPs. Sleevc sys, "Afiist royalties donaled to charity.")


Another Album Rck Top 10 hit in the spring of 1991 was Joe Walsh's "Ordinary Average Guy," one of Walsh s funnier numbers and mmething of m mser tecord to "Life's Been Good." The sng was followed by an identimlly titled album, which hil

Glenn Frey's fourtl solo album, .ll l{eather,was released ot June 23. Fre moved from L.A. to Aspen in 1991 anc his om 48-track recrrding studio. [{4. Rmch, where he made the record. ul neely all the instrumenG alons', associate Jay Oliver. The album Ha eded by the single "l've Got Minc.' entered the Adult contemporary chr
the week ending July 4 and peaked .l The single entered thc Hot 100 f,'r lj,. ending Jub 25 and peaked at #91. A r: single, "R*'er Of Dreams." entere. Adult Crntemporary chart for lhc ending September 36 and pcaked at ' But the album itself, for which

1986 1986 1990

CDs iSelected) Finion (U.K)



Eleklra ElektE Elekn
Cassettes (Sel€cted)


The Singles (Altemale name for the Stantlip On A Bea.h: The Singlas LP. Exaclf) the same?) Suring"At The Seal The Singles {Adds four lracks to the LP @mlilalion Stonding Od A Beach) lnteeration { Limited{dirion boxed st of four CD EPr

Al Thc


1992 furned out to be a bury year for exEagles. January saw the reletre of Bl&e


by the Remingtons, an



Of You. Lulta\' FN.iMioh SfreL Lovesotg, Dltiitegratnn LP. PIus Postet) Wish



prominently featuring Bemie Leadon. The trio sings clow tenor hamonies that k)und a lot like you know who. The album enlered

the country chart on Fetrruary 22
peaked at #55.
1981 1981


frads, failed to

Records did not eYen take out an ad i chart, a tremendous (

Eleklra Fioion (U.K)





Ficrjon (U.K.)

Faith & Carnase VieG Fairh & Camale Visors (N;ne Cure cuts on side one. olhel is soundttack t; film that opened Cule shows in'81) Conen-The Cure Live/Curi6ity-Cure Anomalies 1977-I984 r cas\etle \esion of Lite LP b,v outrake! and oddilies) iranciinp On A Beach - All Tte Hits Unavailable B'sides

On March 14, Joe Waish played at Willie Nelson's Fam Aid V at Texas Stadium in
Iruing, Texm. Walsh and Schmit hit the road with Ringo Starr for a second summer, start-

poinEnent for an anisl those recori sold well for ov€r 20 years. (The Jao:
versicn of Stange Weathq contaias at

cut, -Ain1

It Lore,' which Frel orir
Japanese commcrcia


wote for a


Various,{rtists Colltrtlons

Potydor Rsb Stiff A&M EIekEa Elektra

RS-24103 USE-3
SP 3926


Times Square - Soundtrack (LP) {The Cuie mntribute 'Gtinding Hall- to sundtrack)

OfAnothe. Kind Vol.


(LP) (Cure ttack,'Bols Doo'l Cry")

1919 1980 1980 1989 1989

The t:sr Comoilarion ,{lbum (LP)

iiu.ping so..one El*


Train''on rhis sliff U S comPilation)

ldrt Ansels- Soundtrack

PR 2213-2 6094&2

tCure trick is -Fminalion Sreel') ilav This: The Besr Ne* Music On Elellra (CD) rln:ludes "Hot Hol Hol:l: Remix and -Catch" by rhc Cure) i.ubaivar rCD) {The Cure p€rfom the Dmn''Hello I tryc You' u uell as iHello I bu. You (Slighl Retum)")
John Peel SamDler (CD) ('Kiiling An Arab- ippean on samplerl





no ompany Funeral


Targo (Germany) -' b;;ii; -

881448 IME Ercerpt-Th€ Cure Live (EP) (Fealuring No cuts''A Forestba "Primary'_ B@tleg or real ') on oo number Cirls Don r.try.(LP) (Double lPin, ore,sleeve re@rded tNr in Be rlin' Amsterdam and the U f!) board ftom mixing the baod's (Taken (t?) Domino 395 431 AS Visions Of at various conFns) llve on Propect Hill (rf) (subtirled "Melbouff Ave ' 5519 Aug..26.80")

ing at the Sunrise Musical Theater in Fort I:uderdale on June 2, moving to Europe in July and concluding h the U.S. in Augusl. On March 31, Don Henley, who had been biding his time berween albums by attempting to prevent the woods around Walden pond in Massachustts (site of Henry David Thoreau's literary clmic Walden) from being developed, held a benefit conceil at the Universal Amphitheater with country stars Clint Black, Trisha Yemood and the Ni$y Gritty Dirt Band, then retumed on April 4 for a rock show featuring Neil Young, John Fogerty and Roger Waten. Henley and Black sang Eagles tunes, and Black announced he and Henley were cowriting material for his nert album, due in June. (The album, Tfre Hard lYoy, actually was released July 14. lt contained no songs

Canada Dry grnger ale.) Also in June, Heniey contribrrted


to the

lead-off single from

Smyh's albm ParT* Srryrh. He also pi pated in the video of the song. '"Some Irve Jst Ain't Enough," and it d( seem to oYe6tate the case to say th.
prominence had a big impact on makit. song a substmtial hii.. It entered thc

Contemporary chart for the week. August 1 and spent the frmt of four *e, #1 on September 19. lt crossed over Hot 100 for the week ending August , hit #2 on Septeober 26. In October. certified gold.

released August 11. "Vote For Mr album track in which Walsh announ.l endidary for vice president. premic

Walsh'sSongrForA -ug


July 9,



the week Rock Tracks chart for Fl"-^.,-," 2l and hit #10. Another

contract, and thus came under the California rule limiting contracts to seven yeas' duration. This, he said, allowed Hcnley notrce in i(rminate his.lontract'lith witrcn the c('nltac{ thal noLed further fotrf. fnnat


+ o
o o



:u;n'i.i?';ill ;'Ti?ff : :::

l^' ::.il ::T ;::,.: i:: Y:;

i"ol l*.i, *r"-

altowing the arrist to

album Antused To Deuth ll fealurcd a duel oo,,i.ut..t Septembcr,l uut.t, and Hcniey on tbe track


,..*inrt. i, Dil id Geffcn were :';"';,;;"'". rhings ar thc compan;
irig.r .unttnota
r{) bc thc


not penonuhich


m\e At prc\cnt'

i= io


itarctring TV.* John Prine had originall!



llou uuou, tmln! lis girllricnd his )e in the ahorlrve ,"*"a,- in fianun.nen Square chinese revolution of 1989'

pulled out uen announced {ot the duet' but h. ,r* thc lyrics' in which the nunator


,t,,^.rll" lin"

Iu Octobcr'

Rcstiess fleart's 68 'lrox dn shrch B(rnr: iu.i:l'l:r'

thc " suit is Pending to erd rhar just about brings tbingr uP seven th€ of beginnin8' the at date. As noted another were memmln who at on€ time or heard U"., of *" Eagles, one hasn't been three h3ve fuom lately, rwo are in Nashville' to reach lhe charts with their Itrlesl

l; la


*ar lcarureJ Promincnlly

*a\ relel\(s



iir? t"',i"

i, iu-u-

charts 3nd 'ounrry and was still charted tharts oto

in the

albums and one is in lili-gation Classic rock conlinucs lo play Eagles records and lans :un,inuc to 5ur them. and countn conttnt'e: !o turn out Eagier clones' in s0me cases with the help of ex-Eaeles

RandY Meigner and Don Henley

ol June 5, 1993'

Rccords On January 2li' 1993' Ceflen ItJ :urt .g,'n'r Dun Hcnler' chatuing conr"tt '*tLtng.S'10 milli''n in Ot.t.n

rn il)iun(tion preJamrg.es uith rrnolher l.n,ine H"ntat lr'rm :rFning HLnle) wa5 ihat contundcd t.tftn ,.r."i. t u ,i. 1.16' , a iqsx reord culltrsct





which hc hud irlling for rhree ulhum' of ln'n' lcl;.s..l ontu one. Tl:i Lnd Of Th'


What will happcn rext? A tew fearless predictions. Hcnler and Ccflen srll i(ltle: GefHenlcy * ill get more mone; ' anJ Dn id Ln,uill ogre. to take his calls- Henlev till but not succeerl in buying Waiden Wlrods' B' u'ith his om money. Glenn Frey' Timothy (if anySchmit. Joe Walsh and Don Felder a new one can find him) will unite to make a under company record new a for aibum will neiv name: it won't sell Randy Meisner

/\s,Yl!d Alylum Full moon

Thr LonE Run 508 Urorn Co"bor: 5ounJltrk st-mt HB-705 Fa8le\ Livc FNIH lrl16 lnsid. i\1o\es S0uildlrack L" lL'crcarc{ Illt \ ulume "'i',:'i.i

1979 1980

2 I


Bernie Leadon


A&M A&\.i

retire again'

if he hasn't already



lhat e6 fact onl, an amended "tttlon
th€ suit

replied to Henlev's lauyer, Don Engel' Hcnley's 1988 cootiact was ln



kcep plaling kiiler bluegrass in tour Nashville. They'l) atl get together for a and a new album in the year 2001' Really



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oiil.it.. n'a.a"aForgottcn\romin(ll(3tr\AD'iFloscRr ih" t,nr,'"t t\pcdt('n ' IlrlrrrJ rnd ClarkJ C:'rl')
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Georgiades Band) uttt'in Band 1Tfr"

Rarkerr) Blt,cerds\ Fa\urrtLt (The Stultcvrllc Squincl




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Clenn Frev


Grilry Din Bdd)

The Eagies {,,S, Albums Discogiaphv




.$ord # 59 <rr5{




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l)espcradtr On The Bordtr One Ol l-he\. \ir'L''

l.l': i9ll

Don Henlel.
Asllum Full lvloon
Ceffe n Gc ifen

7iil7 Longbrdn.h P'nnlNhirilc I l-orebranitr 60119 NL: Fun Akruti T1:' \lin.lrlc ii,rl iil BJ',r" ll.l.top:)'{:'tur' i \!' rn \ '.' q \.nJl'".\ ht50 \oLr \( Jr.hrn nlls I'r":1. \I J'j 5rlnljrrdil t,ri.], Slran{e \\edlhcr 1059c






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Ilotel Callfotut;
FIvl: Soun'llrxck


Shrl"n rShtloh \AS 1,li rr aitu! l f an r Sun.l Still r' Rrdprn-rn: H cr\' s"r'nJtr'r-\ i :.j':J ''l r '-.' ir,"^ tsu rJinA lhe Pedsrl tlcJ{ Soundtr"i\ \ Ouc': r.r.'n cu-S-:rl": I hc ( olor or \'{L'n(\ s!ilr.'I" 'c[ ;';; inrn'cn'J ii:r I OfTh( nd fh< [





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Dunhill Dunhill Dunhill ABC
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50140 50171 932

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12{!X.) SP-:1761

Whal You Cxn t Argue ['i!h A Sicl \tind ''But Seriousll. Fclks . ' Thc Best Oi Joe Wal:h
FNI: Soundtr3ck


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i91r IL)'! igsi, lesl



Full Moon

58 523
60158 23884


The warri(\rs: Soundlrack Urban Cosbor: Soutdtrack l'hert Goes l_hc Ncilhborhood Fait fincs At Ridgenl(\nt High: Soundlrack You llought Ii - You \ame it

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F)-ramid P]-ramid


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Grrat Outdoo.i: Soundlracli Ordina4 A!era8c (iur
Songs For

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D.ving Planel


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'1$ lb8

Randr Mtisner

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,.$ i'CA
Don Feldt'r
Full Monn


Randv Meisner
Fll'1i Soundarack



f)ne More Song Rand] i\,l.isner
l-egar1 (Poco)

197. 1gSI



qXIU hri:lil


Flow (FIow)

li)7! Soundlrack

llerw &latri:


'cE rr$ bat nd;

l'r.L i rme. At Rldgcalonl Ilrgh: S\rndrrnck
Sccr(t {dfi rrrr: Soundlrlck









full !lisrn


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Ridgen,'nt Illgh: Sourdr13ct

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Admitcr: Soundtracli I im(nh\ B. lcll Mr ]'he Trurh

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