Notice of Security Trust Deposit

Date: ________________ To tenant: : ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ From landlord: ____________________ ____________________ ____________________

Kentucky Revised Statute. §383.580(1), in effect for ____________ County, Kentucky, requires residential landlords to: 1. Deposit all tenants' security deposits in an account used only for that purpose, and 2. To inform the tenant of the location of that separate account and the account number. In compliance with this requirement, landlord maintains a savings account exclusively dedicated to the purpose of holding tenant security deposits in trust according to the terms of any written residential lease or other rental agreement and all applicable laws, until such time those funds may be properly distributed. Name of bank and branch address: : ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ Savings Account number: ___________________________ The total security deposit received from you for the rental of the residence identified above, whether denominated as a security deposit, a key deposit, a pet deposit, a cleaning deposit, or any other type of advance deposit to cover contingent loss, expense or damage; combined, is in the following amount: TOTAL $_____________. That total amount was deposited in the previously identified bank Savings Account on ______________________.

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