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VETERANjournalist andau-
thor B G Verghese, speaking
after receiving the 10th UN
Brahma Memorial Soldier of
said that the North-Eastern
Council and the Ministry for
Development of North-east-
ern region (DoNER) are
poorly conceived and struc-
tured bodies. He added that
thebodies, alongwiththestate
governments, lack the imagi-
goods or manage the North-
The UN Brahma award,
given in memory of Upendra
Natha Brahma, who had led
the movement for a separate
Bodostate, washandedoverto
at afunctionhere.
Verghese, considered an
expert onissues relatingtothe
Northeast, also said that the
political andsocial turbulence
in certain parts of the region
had restricted growth and in-
hibitedoptimal exploitationof
the regions natural resources
The Guwahati interna-
tional airport and the Moreh-
Tamu-Kalewa Road are out-
standing examples of
expensively planned failures
forwhichtheCentremust bear
the prime responsibility. The
ambitious multi-modal
Kaladancorridorproject from
Mizoram to Sitwe port in
unless immediate steps are
erational requirementsincon-
cert with the multiple stake-
holdersthat must beinvolved,
ments meant for floodcontrol
utaries as engines of corrup-
tion andwonderedwhat pre-
vented the government to
chalk out an effective flood
management planof action.
Healsosuggestedthat In-
dia engage with China in a
joint survey of techno-eco-
nomic andsocial feasibility of
developing enormous power
potential of the Tsangpo-Di-
hang U-bend from Tibet to
Assam. Rather than need-
lessly worry about exagger-
atedreports of Chineseplans
to divert the Brahmaputra
northwards, the Northeast
shouldpress theCentretoin-
vite Beijing for such a joint
l MONDAY l JULY 8 l 2013
Notice Inviting Tender
Online tenders are invited by Chief Engineer (RE) for Composite work of Supply & Erection of 33/11 KV PSS, 33 KV Lines, 11 KV lines,
Augmentation of 33/11 KV PSS, on turnkey basis for strengthening, improvement & Augmentation of Distribution system under BRGF
Scheme Phase-I as detailed below:-
Last date of Sale of Request of Bid/Bid documents: Upto 15.00 Hrs. of 25.07.2013 through website
Last date of online submission of tender upto : 17.00 Hrs. of 25.07.2013
Date of opening of Technical & Commercial Part : after 15.00 Hrs. of 26.07.2013
Date of Pre-bid meeting : 11.30 Hrs. on 11.07.2013
Date of opening of price part: to be notified after Technical bid evaluation
The tender documents are available at website Tender documents must be accompanied with scanned copy
of Demand Draft towards the cost of Tender in favour of Sr. Manager (F & A), SBPDCL, Patna Payable at Patna and Bank Guarantee
towards EMD, Original Demand Draft for Cost of Tender and BG for EMD must be submitted to CE (RE), SBPDCL, Vidyut Bhawan, Patna
positively upto 17.00 Hrs. of 25.07.2013 failing which the tender shall be summarily rejected.
Chief Engineer (RE)
NIT no. Name of
Name of Subsidiary
Distribution Co.
Estimated Cost
(Rs. in Cr)
EMD (in
Rs. Cr)
Cost of Tender
document Rs. in Lac
1. 196/PR/SBPDCL/2013 Gay SBPDCL 92.73 1.85 1.0
2. 203/PR/SBPDCL/2013 Arwal 78.70 1.57 1.0
3. 204/PR/SBPDCL/2013 Rohtas 81.99 1.64 1.0
4. 205/PR/SBPDCL/2013 Bhojpur 53.43 1.07 1.0
5. 206/PR/SBPDCL/2013 Nalanda 104.31 2.09 1.0
6. 207/PR/SBPDCL/2013 Bhagalpur 98.94 1.98 1.0
7. 208/PR/SBPDCL/2013 Jamui 66.61 1.33 1.0
e-tendering introduced in BSPHCL for tenders above Rs. 25 lacs.
For registration logon to and e-Procurement Help Desk First Floor, M/22, Bank of India Building, Road
No-25, Sri Krishna Nagar, Patna-800001 at 0612-2523006, Mob:- 9939035696.
For complains regarding corruption Vigilance Help Line No:- 9431821485, 0612-2504969.
Consumer can deposit electricity bills via Sahaz Vasudha Centre or via
Office of the Executive Engineer, Construction Division-1,
P.W.D., Muzaffarnagar.
Very Short Term Tender Notice
Letter No. 2107 / 8A Dated : 01.07.2013
1. The Executive Engineer, Construction Division-1, P.W.D., Muzaffarnagar on behalf of Governor of Uttar Pradesh invites the percent-
age rate bids from the eligible and approved contractors registered with UP, PWD, Class A, B, C, D & E as the case may be . The
Bidder may submit bids for any or all of the works.
3 Time Allowed for completion of each work is as mentioned in column No. 7, including rainy season.
4 The bids shall remain valid for acceptance for a period 90 (Ninety) Days from the last date of submission of bids, Bids once submit-
ted cannot be withdrawn.
5 A set of bidding documents may be purchased from the office of concerned Executive Engineers, District Magistrate,
Superintending Engineer, Chief Engineer, and P.N.B. South Bhopa Road, MZN as mentioned in columns 8,9,10,11 and 12
respectively of the table corresponding to the respective work, between 11:00 am to 04:00 pm on any working day from
10.07.2013 to 15.07.2013 for a non-refundable fee of Rs. 500.00 (Rupees Five Hundred only) for stationary charges and tender
cost per set per work as indicated in column 6, in the form of cash or Demand Draft drawn on any Scheduled bank in favour of
Executive Engineer, C.D.-1, U.P., P.W.D., Muzaffarnagar payable at Muzaffarnagar. Interested bidders may obtain further infor-
mation at the same office from where the documents are purchased. Bidding documents requested by mail will be dispatched by reg-
istered/speed post on payment of an extra amount of Rs. 200.00 (Rupee Two Hundred Only). Applications for issue of Bidding doc-
uments by post shall be entertained only upto 4.00 PM on 12.07.2013 the authority inviting tender will not be held responsible for the
postal delay, if any, in the delivery of documents or non-receipt of the same. Bidding document can also be downloaded from the web-
site or But its cost i.e. Rs. 500.00 + cost of bid document as mentioned in Col. 6 above,
in the form of D.D. Drawn on any Schedule Bank in favour of Executive Engineer, Construction Division-1, P.W.D. payable at
Muzaffarnagar will necessary be attached with the bid. However for bid document downloaded form the website, the drawing will be
available in the office of concerned Executive Engineer at the address indicated in columns & respectively of the above table against
the concerned work.
6 In case of any discrepancy between the downloaded bid document and that available with the concerned Executive Engineer the bid
document available in the office would be considered authentic.
7 Bids must be delivered to the office of the Executive Engineer executing the work, Superintending Engineer, Chief Engineer and
District Magistrate are mentioned in columns 8,9,10& 11 of the table corresponding to the respective work on or before 12.00
noon on 16.07.2013 and will be opened on 17.07.2013 at 12.30 pm., in the office of the District Magistrate, Muzaffarnagar men-
tioned in the presence of the bidder who wish to attend if the office happens to be closed on the date of receipt or opening of the bids
as specified, the bids will be received as opened on the next working day, respectively, at the same time and venue, and validity of
bid will be considered from original date.
8 Bids must be accompanied with security of the amount specified for the work in the table, Bid security will have to be any one of the
forms Fixed Deposit Receipt of a scheduled commercial bank, NSC, Post office saving Bank issued in favor of concerned Executive
9 A bidder shall not be permitted to bid for works in the Division/Circle responsible for award and execution of contracts in which his or
his spouse's near relatives (defined as first blood relations, and their spouses) is posted as Divisional Accountant or as an officer in
any capacity between the grades of Superintending Engineer (both inclusive) bidder shall also submit an affidavit clearly mentioning
the names and designation of relatives working in any capacity in the Division/Circle responsible for award and execution of work.
10 No Engineer of gazetted rank or other Gazetted officer employed in Engineering or Administrative duties in an Engineering
Department of the State / Central Government is allowed to work as a Contractor for a period of two years after his retirement from
Government service, without Government permission. This contract is liable to be cancelled if either the Contractor or any of his
employees is found at any time to be such a person who had not obtained the permission of the Government as aforesaid before sub-
mission of the tender or engagement in the Contractor's Service.
11 Bid documents and other details consisting of qualification information and eligibility criterion of bidders, plans, specifications, draw-
ings, the schedule of quantities of the various classes of work to be done and the set of terms & conditions of contract to be com-
plied with by the Contractor can be seen in the office of the Executive Engineer mentioned in column 8 of the table corresponding to
the respective work between hours of 11.00 am to 04.00 pm on any working day between 10.07.2013 to 15.07.2013
12 Any Bidder who is having criminal record is not allowed to participate in the bidding process.
13 Any bidder who is registered with the state Bar Council is not allowed to participate in the bidding process
14 For works costing more than Rs 10.00 Lac each bidder is required to furnish in the from of an affidavit in the prescribed Performa
(Annexure-1) all information's required for evaluation of the bidding capacity of the bidder Each bidder is required to satisfy himself
about his bidding capacity before submitting his bid. Bidding capacity will be evaluated as mentioned in section 3. Bids of bidder who
do not possess the required Bidding capacity shall not be accepted in any case
15 Bidder must submit all information's/documents on prescribed Performa (As per S.B.D.) with each bid.
16 The bidder has to produced character certificate T-4, Solvency Certificate T-5, Self Declaration Affidavit T-6 etc, Issued by the
Component authority in original with bid document. Bid document without above original Certificate shall be automatically Cancelled.
17 |-|||||-|| z|| ||-||||| -|||-| | + -| -|||-| + | |-|||| |-|-| + | -|| -| -||.. ezz/z:.1z.zc1zz ||/c |.||.z |-||+ c.ce.zc1z + -||| -||+ |-|-| ||| + | |-||-| ||t |-|||-|
|-|| + |-| + -||--| -||-| ||a-| |+ || ||||+ |-|||||-|| z|| -| |-|||-| |-|| -| |+ ||-| -| |+ | ||t |-|||-| |-| + -|| ||||+
Executive Engineer
Construction Division-1,
P.W.D., Muzaffarnagar.
For and on behalf of Governor of U.P
Name of Work Approx
(Rs. in
Cost of
Time of
Address of
Executing the
Address of
of Chief
of District
of Bank
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Repair of Damage Road from Flood / SRMD
1 Muzaffar
Kasuali to
Niyamu Road
20.00 2.00 500+
Fifteen Day Office of
Engineer C.D.-1
Office, P.W.D.,
S.E. Office,
Circle, P.W.D.,
Road M.
2 Muzaffar
Mathura to
Niyam Road
29.00 2.90 500+
Fifteen Day -do- -do- -do- -do- -do-
3 Muzaffar
Akabargarh to
Niyamu Road
5.00 0.50 500.00+
Fifteen Day -do- -do- -do- -do- -do-
4 Muzaffar
Kutba to Hadoli
7.00 0.70 500+
Fifteen Day -do- -do- -do- -do- -do-
5 Muzaffar
MT Road (Km.
12.00 1.20 500+
Fifteen Day -do- -do- -do- -do- -do-
UPID-77635 dt. 05.07.2013
=iii=i ii+ii lii-tii
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rri =i=i-i l-il-i rilq ria
:| + |||-| + | |-| --| + |-|-| |-||| |-|-|| |. ::1e/z:-|.|.|.-|/1: |-||+ 1v.ce.zc1: z||
|-||--| |-||| (|-||| | zc1:1: -| -||t -| -| ||| || | -|-| -||-|-| -| -||-||-|-| |-|| || -|||
1z + |+ -||. 1v -| ||-| |-|-|| |-| + -| |-||--|+ + ||| ||: || + | -|-|||-|-|| + | + ||) | |-||+
c1.c/.zc1: | c:.c/.zc1: -|+ |-||||-| ||-|| -| |+ | + |-||+ c:.c/.zc1: + | |-|t | -|+
|-||||-| ||-|| -| -|| + |-||+ c:.c/.zc1: + | -||-t 1z.:c | |-|||+ || + |||-| -||-|-| -| ||a-|
||-||-| z|| |-||||-||| + | -||||-| -| |-| |-|| ||+ t |-||| | -||t|| + ||-| |-||+ 1/./.zc1:
| z:.c/.zc1: -|+ |-||||-| ||-|| -| |+ | + |-||+ z:./.zc1: + | |-||||-| ||-|| -| -|| + |-||+
z:./.zc1: + | ||a-| ||-||-| z|| |-||||-||| + | -||||-| -| |-||||-| ||-| -| |-| ||||+ |-||--| |-|||
+ | -|-|||-|-| -||-|, ||t |-|||-| + || -|| + -| + |-|| -| |-|--||-||| |-|||-| |+ || |-|| t+
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=iri-iri rii, rii.l-i.lri.,
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1 z : : : e / v 1c 11 1z
1 -||-|-||
||-||| || zc1:1: -| -||t
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-||-|-|| -| -||-||-|-| |-||
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1v -| ||-| |-|-|| |-| +
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:cc -

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-||, -||.|-|.||.,
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|+ , -|||-|+ |
UPID-77637 dt. 05.7.2013
Executive Engineer (E), Agra Cent. Elect. Division, CPWD, 63/4, Kendralay, Sanjay Place,
Agra, Tel. No. 0562- 2523790 & Fax No.0562-2523794, on behalf of the President of India
invites tender application for Pre-qualification from specialized firms in Three Bid
System for the following work: 1. Name of work:- Repair and Renovation of Auditorium
at IVRI, Izatnagar, Bareilly (U.P.).(SH:- Providing P.A. System). Estimated Cost : `
14,71,167/- Earnest Money : ` 29424/- Cost of Tender : ` 525/- (Non-refundable) Time
Allowed : 04 Months Last date & time of submission of application along with eligibility
criteria documents:-15.07.2013. 2.The firms Contractors who fulfill the following requirements
shall be eligible to apply. Eligibility:- 2.1 Firm/contractors who have successfully completed
work as detailed below during the last 7 years ending 30.04 .2013 can apply. (i) One similar
work of value not less than 80% of the estimated cost put to tender. OR (ii) Two similar
completed works each of value not less than 60% of the estimated cost put to tender.
AND(iii) Three similar completed works not less than the amount equal to 40% of the
estimated cost put to tender. with some Central Govt. Department/State Govt. Department/
Central Autonomous Body/Central Public Sector Undertaking. Similar work means Providing
P.A. System. The values of executed work shall be brought to current costing level by
enhancing the actual value of work at simple rate of 7% per annum, calculated from the date
of completion to the last date of receipt of application for tender. 2.2. Firm shall enclose self
attested copies of the following documents.(i) Solvency Certificate issued by a Nationalized
/ Scheduled Bank for ` 10.00 Lacs or more, issued after 31.03.2013. Self attested copies of
completion certificate(s) issued by the officer of the client department, not below the rank
of Executive Engineer or equivalent, for works executed in Government will have to be
furnished along with the application. The completion certificate must clearly indicate: (a)
Name of Work (b)Stipulated date of start and actual date of completion. (c) Value of work
done. (d) That the work has been completed satisfactorily. (e) Full address of the client,
officer issuing certificate and location where work is executed. (f) TDS. (for private works
only) 2.3 The department reserves the right to reject any application without assigning any
reason and to restrict the list of qualified contractors to any number deemed suitable by it,
if too many tenders are received satisfying the laid down criterion. 2.4 If any information
furnished by the applicant is found to be incorrect at a later stage, he shall be liable to be
debarred from tendering/taking up of work in CPWD. The department reserves the right to
verify the particulars furnished by the applicant independently. 3. Tender documents shall
be sold to those firms only, whose application are approved by the competent authority and
sale and opening (Tech. bid & Financial Bid) will be intimated in due course. This advertisement
may be seen at Web si te, or
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-||-| |<|| /cv (1)/ /e ||-| . |-|/ 1: |-||+ zv.c:.zc1: z|| |||| + ||| -||| + : -|-| -| -|| |+ | | | |+ | t -|
|-|||-| |-|||| -||t|| + ||| | -|z|| |-|-| + | ||-|| t + r=tii..
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UPID-77627 dt. 05.07.2013
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-|||+ z1cv/ :. (|-||||) l-ilri-i rilqrii |-||+ c1 |-||:, zc1:
|-|-| |-|||||-||| + | ||-|-| |+ || ||-|| t |+ :| + |||-|| + -|| |. 11e/ |-||||/ -|.|-|/ 1z |-||+ 1z.ce.zc1: + z|| -||-|
|||+ ||+ || |||-|| + -||-| ||-| |-||||| + | |-||+ cv.c/.zc1: -|+ ||+ | + |-||+ 11.c/.zc1: + | -||--| + |-||+
1z.c/.zc1: + | |-|| ||-|| ||, |t |-|||| -||t|| + ||||-| | |-||+ 1e.c/.zc1: | |-||+ z:.c/.zc1: -|+ ||+ | + |-||+
z:.c/.zc1: + | -||--| + |-||+ ze.c/.zc1: + | |-|| ||||+ -| + ||| + | -|||| -||| | |-||+ z:.c/.zc1: + | ||t-||-|| +
+ |||-|| -| -||-| || | t|||+
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-ii-irii- riti, rii= l-i-iii lriiii, -ii-irii-
UPID-77629 dt. 05.07.2013
ACTORHrithik Roshan un-
derwent a brain surgery to
treat a blood clot at Hinduja
Hospital in Khar on Sunday.
The minor surgery went off
well and Hrithik is expected
pital inaday or two.
Prior to the surgery, the
39-year-old actor posted on
his Facebook page: Minor
clot (chronic subdural
haematoma). Shouldberock
n rolling by evening! Sub-
dural haematoma is a trau-
matic brain injury in which
bloodaccumulates intheout-
ermost meningeal layer.
The actors father Rakesh
treat the clot which Hrithik
possibly got due to an injury
while shooting for a film. He
possibly got it due to a minor
injury he had on his head two
months ago in Phuket while
shooting for Bang Bang. The
surgery has been successful,
his father said. Inastatement,
Fox Star studios said the
shootingfor their movieBang
Bang had been postponed.
Hrithiks healthandwell-be-
ing is the top priority at this
moment,thestatement said.
In his Facebook post,
Hrithik thanked his fans for
support. An excerpt fromthe
post read, I amgoinginwith
absolutepower torecover fast.
My thanks toall of youfor us-
ing the power of your mindto
contributetomy life.
Hrithik undergoes brain surgery
Verghese receives
award, says govts in
The Guwahati
International airport
and the Moreh-Tamu-
Kalewa Road are
outstanding examples
of expensively
planned failures
B G Verghese after receiving the 10th UN Brahma
Memorial Soldier of Humanity Award in Guwahati.
New Delhi