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NCx -050 Basic function Symbol

Origin Search(REAL): _NCx050_Home_REAL
Performs an origin search operation to establish the origin.
Always ON (P_On) (BOOL) EN (INT) UnitNo (INT) Axis (BOOL) Execute (REAL) Positi on (INT) Select _NCx050_Home_REAL (BOOL) ENO (BOOL) Done (BOOL) Command Aborted (BOOL) Error (WORD) ErrorID

Unit No. Axis No. Start Position command Model selection

Origin Search Compl eted Abort Error flag Error code (May be omitted.)

File name Applicable models Conditions for usage Function description

\ FBL\ omronlib\ PositionController\ NCx\ _NCx050_Home_REAL11.cxf Position Unit CS1W-NC113/133/213/233/413/433 and CJ1W-NC113/133/213/233/413/433 CPU Unit Unit Version 3.0 or later CX-Programmer Version 5.0 or later None An origin search operation is started when Start turns ON for the axis of the specified Unit No. and Axis No. When the search operation is completed, the preset position preset operation is executed and the present position is set to the value specified in the position command. The present value preset operation is performed even if the position command is set to 0. The Origin Serch Completed Flag (Done) is turned ON when the present position preset operation for the FB has been completed. This flag will not be turned ON if operation is canceled for a deceleration stop or because an error has occurred. The Error Flag will be turned ON and the Error Code will be output if an error occurs for the FB. This will not occur for error in other FBs or other instances of the FB. This status will be reset then the Start Bit (Execute) turns OFF. If the Start Bit (Execute) turns OFF before the positioning operation has been completed, the status will be set for at least one cycle when supporting conditions have occurred.

Speed Command speed Done Error ON OFF ON OFF

EN input condition

Reference This FB executes the origin search and present value preset functions of the Position Control Unit. Refer to the Operation Manual listed in Related Manuals for details. Connect the EN input to the Always ON Flag (P_On). If another bit is connected to EN, the FB outputs will be held when the connected bit turns OFF.

In version 1.0 Model selection Select INT &4 -1._NCx050_Home_REAL (2/2) Application example An origin search is performed for axis 1 of the Servomotor connected to the Position Control Unit with a unit number. Original production  The detailed contents of the upgrading Version Detailed Contents 1. Variable name EN UnitNo Axis Data type BOOL INT INT Default Range Description 1 (ON): FB started 0 (OFF): FB not started.) Variable name ENO Done Command Aborted Error ErrorID Data type BOOL BOOL BOOL BOOL WORD Range Description 1 (ON): FB processed normally.) Unit No. When the origin search has been completed. &2. Turns ON when the origin search operation has been completed.  Version History Version 1. &0 Axis No. . &4 Output Variables Name ENO Origin Search Completed Abort Error flag Error code (Ma y be omitted. &0 CPU NCx Servom otor axis 1 Always ON (BOOL) EN (INT) UnitNo (INT) Axis (BOOL) Execute (REAL) Position (INT) Select Servomotor: 1 Axis: 1 Unit No.00.10 1. &1: X axis &2: Y a xis &3: Z a xis &4: U axis : Origin search started Specify the numeric value of to set for the present position. Refer to the Related Manuals for details on errors.12.10.073742e +009 &1. 0 (OFF): FB not processed or ended in an error.10 In version 1. &1 Start Bit A Position command D0 Model selection &2 Related manuals CS-series Position Control Unit Operation Manual (W376) CJ-series Position Control Unit Operation Manual (W397) 11-5 Error Code Lists  Variable Tables Input Variables Name EN Unit No. 1(ON): Aborted Turns ON when an error has occurred in the FB. A code of #0000 will be returned when the unit number of axis number is out of range. if you set a value except "01: The PCU will operate according to the a xis parameters set in the DM Area words allocated to Special I/O Units (m+4 onwards)" to the parameter(m+2). the present value preset operation wasn't sometimes set right.073742e+ 009 to +1. Axis No. a present value preset operation is executed.6. Contents It was improved to work regardless of the setting of “Axis parameter designation (m+2)”. Returns the error code when an error has occurred in the FB.00 Date 2004. Unit: Pulses &1: 1-axis Unit (NC1xx) &2: 2-axis Unit (NC2xx) &4: 4-axis Unit (NC4xx) &0 &1 &0 to &95 &1 to &4 Start Position command Execute Position BOOL REAL 0 (OFF) +0.: 0 _NCx050_Hom e_REAL (BOOL) ENO (BOOL) Done (BOOL) Comm and Aborted (BOOL) Error (W ORD) ErrorID Origin Search Completed Bit B Abort Bit C Error flag Bit D Error code (May be om itted. 2004. this limitation was removed.

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