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Good News for a Good Brain | June 2010

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Sending Kids to Camp 2
Volunteers help disabled children

Doing Community Good 2

Dahn Foundation provides service

Growing Together Naturally 3

Kirkland Center, Washington

Dissolve Into Bliss 5

Chunhwa Meditation Suhaeng

Staying Cool Takes Guts 6

Regulate with intestine exercises

Reaching Out to DC 7

Joanne Steller & Jane Gordon

Samnamie, a caterpillar in search of the meaning of life, contemplates his existence.

Inspiration for Your Day 8

Messages that stir your soul

The Truth About Chunhwa

Look forward to
Understanding Suhaeng
An innovative lifestyle

Dahnmudo Training
Martial art of enlightenment

The secret of metamorphosis from human to divine

hunhwa haseyo~! If you are a member at a Dahn Yoga center, you have probably learned some Korean, including this expression, spoken to your classmates at the end of a class. Or, you may have noticed the words and calligraphic characters for Chunhwa on a poster. Literally, Chunhwa means to become heaven; it is essentially translated as completion of the soul. What is Chunhwa? Is it another way to describe enlightenment? What does completion of the soul have to do with yoga? Is this part of some religious doctrine? These are very reasonable questions. As you are already well aware, Dahn Yoga is a unique practice and our centers are unique environments. It seems like most yoga studios shy away from broaching deep spiritual matters nowadays, even though most yoga practices are rooted in some discipline of spiritual development. In many Asian traditions, however, spiritual concerns are addressed in a universal, almost scientific, manner. Just as human

Tapping Away Tension

Toe Tapping is simple but effective

Happy bytes
Members of the Young Earth Human Alliance (YEHA) will be able to attend a National YEHA Camp to be held July 23-26 at Honors Haven Resort & Spa in Ellenville, NY. The next YEHA BMC (Phoenix Project) will be held July 31 to August 5 in Oracle, AZ. For more info, please contact Michael Munson at

beings are known to possess consistent structure, processes and characteristics in the physical body, the spiritual aspect of the human existence is considered to have knowable patterns and processes. This may seem unfamiliar or confusing to people who are used to religious or indiosyncratic views of spirituality. Lets explore those differences a little further. Many terms used in both Western and Eastern cultures can be translated directly, word for word, but have vastly different uses and meanings. Perfect examples are the terms heaven and soul. According to Dahn Yoga principles, heaven does not reference a place with physical existence, nor a concept of moral reward for good behavior. Heaven is a divine universal aspect of existence which does not have physical form, but is the source of the energy that animates all life. In addition to being eternal and in harmony with other aspects of existence, heaven is a summit of human consciousness. The soul is that spark of the divine which exists in all of us. (Continued on p.2)

Dahn Foundation: Service With a Smile

Dahn Yoga is more than just the exercise you do at a center or at home to refresh your body and mind; Dahn Yoga is about the life you live and how you can help make the world a better place through the training. The Dahn Foundation was created to further the broader healing purposes of Dahn Yoga. Primarily, the Dahn Foundation facilitates community service by Dahn Yoga employees, members, trainees, and affiliates. Many of these individuals share the benefits of Dahn Yoga exercises through free or reduced rate classes. Some also put compassionate philosophy into action through direct service actions in their communities. The Dahn Foundations work is made possible through a network of volunteers who reside in 15 major cities across the United States and the generous donations of Dahn Yoga members. Dahn Foundation activities are also funded by the financial commitment that Dahn Yoga makes to the communities where it engages in business. Some examples of Dahn Foundation projects include support groups for multiple sclerosis, Dahn Yoga classes in various senior centers, a program for juvenile offenders, tree planting, park clean up, and services for the homeless. Most recently, volunteers in Sedona, Arizona worked at a fundraising event for a childrens charity called Camp Soaring Eagle. Camp Soaring Eagle makes it possible for very sick children to attend summer camp. Dahn Foundation hopes to generate enough funding to help several children attend camp this summer. If you would like to support the Dahn Foundation by volunteering or providing a donation, please contact your local manager or

Lets Send the Kids to Camp!

Camp Soaring Eagle takes disabled children camping
To pounding 80s hits by Eddie MoneyTwo Tickets to Paradise, Take Me Home Tonightsixteen Dahn Foundation volunteers joined others to sell glow necklaces and T-shirts and act as ushers at the Camp Soaring Eagle fundraiser concert in Camp Verde, Arizona on May 21, 2010. Camp Soaring Eagle is a non-profit with a mission To give kids with serious illnesses and their families a chance to discover the healing power of laughter... that sickness has too long denied them by providing camping experiences filled with excitement, challenge and fun in a medically safe settingfree of charge. For every $500 raised, one child can go to camp. Performers and volunteers worked hard to raise enough money for 17 children to attend. Director Juan Morales thanked the Dahn Foundation volunteers (pictured in the photo above) after the event, saying,You and your entire crew were awesome!! I cant believe the energy level and the spirit to jump right in and help with our mission; we look forward to working together again. The volunteers had a lot of fun and plan to do more fundraising with Camp Soaring Eagle and work with other local organizations to live the principles of Michela Mangiaracina Dahn Yoga.

The Truth About Chunhwa

(Continued from p.1) As our consciousness expands toward heaven, our soul or awareness of our own divinity grows. When the process of growth for our soul is completed, it unites, or becomes one, with heaven. This is Chunhwa. To experience and understand this principle, you need to understand the flow of life, including the meaning of life and death. Understanding the meaning or overall value of life is a type of enlightenment, but completing your soul depends on the actions you take. This is because the soul grows from experience, learning from actions; your choices reflect your awareness of connection to divinity. When we realize our innate divine potential we grow toward becoming one with the essence of the universe. Recognizing oneness, our connection to the divine and to each other, we can begin to overcome habits of fear, anger, and sadness and create peace and harmony. What does this have to do with yoga? Everything! When you experience your mind as separate from your body, whether consciously or unconsciously, you also experience yourself as separate from other humans and from your dreams, and true peace feels remote and unattainable. Practicing yoga, breathing deeply, and relaxing the body releases tensions, pent-up emotions, and even self-defeating preconceptions, and you can connect with your divinity. This is not a religious conversion, but a process of conscious actions you can take to improve your physical health and quality of life. Joseph Alexander

Dahn Yoga Life | June 2010

Patience Plus Trust Equals Growth

Members and instructors encourage each other to grow at the Kirkland Center

t the Kirkland Center in Washington, Im Hyeran Wonjangnim seems to have found a formula for success. With David Markin, Light Sabumnim, she creates an environment where everyone, including members and instructors, helps each other grow. Dahn Yoga Life: What can you tell us about the Kirkland Center? Im Hyeran Wonjangnim: Something unique about the Kirkland Center is that our 10 am class is the busiest. About twice a week, after class, SunMyung Myungsa-nim leads tea meditation. Everyone who has time sits together to have tea, collect our energy, and talk about inspirations weve had or whats going on in our life. DYL: It sounds like the members feel comfortable with each other. Im Wonjangnim: A strength of the Kirkland center is that our members have created a community. They share their heart and take care of each other. DYL: Do you do anything special to help your members to grow?

Im Hyeran Wonjangnim and her members sing together in the happy comfort of the reception area during a party at the Kirkland Center.

Im Wonjangnim: I really want to help them, so I work hard. Members develop trust from the positive changes they experience through Dahn Yoganot just in terms of their body, but their emotions, thought processes, and habits as well. One member quit smoking last year after a 21-day Miracle training. Now, she does Brain Wave Vibration and physical exercise instead and has more confidence. Three other members grew so much that

they opened Body + Brain Centers. DYL: Wow, thats wonderful! Im Wonjangnim: The members at our center touch my heart. As instructors, we often say were guiding the members, but we also learn a lot from them. I see them take the initiative to grow and demonstrate their passion for training. Im so grateful that we can open our hearts to each other. I grow Michelle Seo a lot from it, too.

Tea Time

How can I tell whether Im sick or having myunghyun?

than bruises from injuries, and sometimes, even though you tapped one place, they appear somewhere else! Furthermore, once all of the toxins have been released, you can tap all you like and still be bruise-free. You can tell whether youre sick or having myunghyun by how you feel. Myunghyun is actually a process of renewal, so when its symptoms disappear, you feel cleaner, healthier, and more refreshed. If you pay close attention, theres a sensation of awareness and detachment, combined with a sense of optimism, as you release toxins from your body. It can be helpful to notify your Dahn Yoga instructor if you think youre experiencing myunghyun. He or she can recommend exercises or breathwork to help you get through it more quickly. Please e-mail or call (213)545-1785 if you have any questions youd like to see answered in this section. Michelle Seo

So what exactly is the difference is between being sick and going through myunghyun? Myung means bright, and hyun means dark. Put together, the term refers to a natural cycle of ups and downs that occurs as practitioners release toxins accumulated through years of unhealthy habits, struggles, and negative emotions. Though this releasing process is healing, you may experience unpleasant symptoms including soreness, fatigue, increased sensitivity, drowsiness, itchiness, or even frequent yawning, cold or flu-like symptoms, or vibration in the body. Everyone can have different experiences of myunghyun, depending on their condition; people can even have emotional myunghyun. One rule of thumb is that it takes one year of training to release ten years worth of accumulated toxins. A common example of a symptom of myunghyun is bruising from tapping. Bruises from myunghyun fade faster

Dahn Yoga Life | June 2010

Dahn Yoga Life | June 2010

here are two kinds of people in the world: those who love meditation, and those who dont understand why people love it. Chances are, many of the people who think they dont really get it actually are, in fact, meditating, but they just dont realize it. In either case, for those who are interested in having a profound experience of meditation, Dahn Yoga offers the Chunhwa Meditation Suhaeng program. If the only word youre familiar with in that title is meditation, and Chunhwa and suhaeng amount to little more than strange syllables put together, I hope you become more familiar with them through this article. Chunhwa, as was explained in the cover article of this issue, refers to the idea of a human becoming one with heaven. This is a concept we find in a variety of spiritual pursuits, such as Ascension in Christianity or Samadhi in Hinduism. Chunhwa is basically the ultimate way to die. This is relevant, because deciding how you will die has a critical effect on how you will live your life and the choices you make throughout.

Suhaeng is a term that all Dahn Yoga practitioners who are serious about their practice should know. Simply put, suhaeng is a word that describes consistent training and practice for spiritual growth. Originally called the Meditation Tour, the programs name has since been changed to Chunhwa Meditation Suhaeng to reflect Chunhwa as the topic of the meditation and to emphasize that its purpose is not merely to go sightseeing, but to engage in intensive training for ones growth in the beauty of nature with Chunhwa as a goal. It uses meditation to give you an experience of the meaning and value of Chunhwa in your life. It can turn an admittedly vague and idealistic concept into a goal for your life, and guide you in how to attain it.
Challenging Your Expectations In the Chunhwa Meditation Suhaeng program, participants can gain a clear understanding of meditation in theory and also through practice. An experienced trainer explains exactly what meditation is, how it works, and various ways to practice it. He or she then guides participants through the experience in each

beautiful, sacred location they visit for training and meditation. The stereotypical perception of meditation often includes someone sitting on the floor, legs crossed to various degrees of twisting, eyes closed and mind in some alternate mental state. Oftentimes, for people who fall into the category of those who dont understand why people love it, the picture is accompanied by an inner cringe at the thought of how painful it would be to sit like that for so long, or how boring. But as most Dahn Yoga practitioners have probably already found out, meditation is really more than that. They know that when they practice Brain Wave Vibration, jigam, or dahnmu, theyre doing meditation. In fact, the literal translation of jigam is stop emotion, and it means to quiet the mind by putting thoughts on hold. Jigam,

Top: View of Peace River, meandering through the heart of HSP Earth Village in Canada. Right: Members enjoy the highly popular water meditation during the Chunhwa Meditation Suhaeng program held last summer at a retreat center in the southern part of France.

dahnmu, Brain Wave Vibration, and Jangsaeng Walking are moving meditations that make it easier to put your thoughts on hold. Moving our bodies engages parts of our brain that are not as active when were still. That and the fact that these methods relax the body and get your energy flowing, bring you to a greater level of concentration more quickly than sitting meditation does. Improved energy flow also helps you sense the energy better, which also helps to quiet your mind. But whether youre doing a static sitting meditation or a dynamic moving meditation, by consciously clearing your mind of busy thoughts you can look inside yourself for the answers you seek. You can find the solutions and tools you need to face your obstacles and create the reality you want. Through this process, practitioners master their mind and body. Ultimately, they master their awareness and reach a state of deep and expansive clarity and peacea transformative experience that offers renewal, hope, freedom, bliss, and a better perspective.

have taken Dahn Yoga practitioners from various countries to breathtaking locations including Sedona, Arizona, and New York in the United States; the HSP Earth Village, an expansive ranch with a beautiful river in British Columbia, Canada; sacred places in South Korea; and even a retreat center in the southern part of France. The program has also been held independently in regions who have hosted the program. During the remainder of this year, there will be two Canadian programs available to Dahn Yoga members who have completed BMC or Suhaeng Jeja courses and two Korean programs available to members who have completed Beop Jeja or Dahn Master courses. When each day is not better than the last, or even different from before; when youre going on autopilot and hardly even noticing it; when you cant seem to let go of any degree of self-deprecation; when you have so many problems and issues that you dont know where to begin to resolve themthe best place to find the answer is inside yourself. This is where meditation and the Chunhwa Meditation Suhaeng come in. Experiencing Deeper Connection The Chunhwa Meditation Suhaeng alLike all the greatest things in life, howev- lows you to devote a number of days to er, a verbal description does not do justice experiencing, through suhaeng and medTop: View in Trimurti Retreat Center in to the experience. It can barely describe itation, the purpose of life and the Law of France, where the Europe CHMS was held. the sense of oneness with yourself, with Chunhwa. It is a commitment to give Center: The red rocks of Sedona, Arizona, others, and with nature that can result yourself the time to experience profound form the backdrop in a U.S. location. Bottom: In South Korea, program participants from meditation. Because it makes it connection and communication with share their experiences after meditation. Michelle Seo much easier to feel the energy of life your very soul. around you, from people to animals to the natural environment, we can become enlightened to our connection to the Earth and to the universe. We can more easily let go of ego and attachment, the illusion of separation. Both meditation So far, there are four scheduled programs for the Chunhwa Meditation Suhaeng and the increased awareness it brings Program for Dahn Yoga members in the U.S. throughout the remainder of this give our souls the experiences it needs to year. The schedule is subject to change. grow until it meets the divinity that is the creative force of all things. July 2nd 9th: South Korea Because creating this connection is easAugust 12th 16th: HSP Earth Village, Canada ier and more powerful in nature, the October 1st 8th: South Korea Meditation Tour and the Chunhwa October 8th 12th: HSP Earth Village, Canada Meditation Suhaeng programs

Dahn Yoga Life | June 2010

Upcoming Schedule for Chunhwa Meditation Suhaeng

Listen to Your Gut for Healthy Living

ahn Yoga emphasizes the health and strength of the lower abdomen as part of its training. But if you search online, you will also find the importance of the gut in overall health as a topic of current scientific research. In The Second Brain, Dr. Michael Gershon discusses the complex circuitry of neurotransmitters in the gut that allows your gut brain to act independent of the brain in your skull. The brain is not the only place in the body thats full of neurotransmitters, he explains. One hundred million neurotransmitters line the length of the gutapproximately the same number found in the brain. As research on the circuitry between our two brains progresses, neuroscientists are learning more about how the gut influences many areas of health, including sleep, pain response, and stress response. This is no surprise to practitioners of holistic mind-body disciplines. The lower energy center (dahnjon in Korean) has been a focus of practices for centuries, with the knowledge that unhealthy intestines can affect a person physically, energetically, and spiritually.

Regular intestine exercises help you stay in cool control

Physically, aside from commonly known effects on weight and digestion, healthy intestines create shiny hair, strong nails, and beautiful skin. Stagnant energy in the intestines can contribute to skin disorders, brittle hair, and a sense of fatigue. Energetically, the large intestines are associated with the lungs and the small intestines with the heart. The heart and lungs circulate energy; the intestines store it. If the intestines are blocked, stiff, and heavy, the storage space is backed up and affects the process of circulation, creating physical discomfort, fire energy up symptoms and emotional discomfort relating to the fourth chakra. Intestine exercises are a basic practice for maintaining a healthy dahnjon and improving overall health. The surface point of the dahnjon is called kihae or Ocean of Energy because the dahnjon is believed to have the capacity to hold a vast amount of energy. Intestine exercises prepare your body for accumulating and holding energy. For example, intestine exercises can help you cultivate calm energy that empowers you to focus your mind. Some practitioners re-

port feeling more relaxed and less reactive to stressful situations. Remember, if you have severe gastrointestinal issues, be sure to consult with your doctor and inform your center manager before beginning any intestinal exercise routine. Genia Sullivan

Lets do it!
Dahn Yoga Life | June 2010

Our favorite: intestine exercises

Here are the steps for the beginner form. All new members at the Dahn Yoga Centers start with this form. Please talk to your instructor if you feel that youre ready to move on to the next level.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and arch your lower back,
sticking out your buttocks. Open your chest, relax your shoulders, and pull your chin in slightly. Put your thumbs on your navel, and your fingers on your kihae point (located about 2.5 inches below your navel). Focus on your lower abdominal wall, and pull it in, and push it out. The ideal speed is quick (doing 2-3 sets of in and out per second), with a smooth rhythm and pulling in and out strongly (1 inch from the center line).

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Reaching Out to DC with BE

Joanne Steller and Jane Gordon share Brain Education with children in Washington, DC
integrating the exercises with the childrens other lessons, the teachers teach them to use the exercises to calm down when they feel angry or anxious. The teachers encourage the children and give lots of positive feedback. They bring out their enthusiasm by asking them to help lead the exercises and challenge them with the hard things like sit-ups and pushups. They are making the children a simple picture-book with photographs of them doing the exercises and the exercise-related vocabulary words they are learning in class. The book is for the kids to take home with them for the summer. The children also sometimes take home some of Brain Education into her classes. In the afternoons, Jane teaches an afterschool class at two other schools, and in the evenings, she manages to squeeze in a regular class at the Burke Dahn Yoga Center. Though its obvious that Jane loves teaching, she shares Brain Education so actively because she has discovered through more than four years of BE training that her vision for herself matches the vision of the Dahn Yoga Centers. She wants to help both children and adults bring out their true selves and get in touch with their innate self-confidence and desire to help humanity. With confidence in what she wants out of life, Jane has developed a better relationship with herself, as well as some of the other people in her life. The value of her training became even clearer to her when she had a stroke a few months ago. Jane believes that her Dahn Yoga practice, especially Brain Wave Vibration, speeded her recovery. My doctors were amazed! she said. Jane is now back to working full-steam, but more aware and grateful for her life. To better share Brain Education, Jane has begun taking steps and looking for ways to have research performed on the effectiveness of Brain Education in schoolchildren. She has the support of the principal and national-level Dahn Yoga trainers. Her dream is to someday run a Body + Brain Center that focuses primarily on children. Among others in the Washington, DC area, Joanne and Jane are consistently incorporating Dahn Yoga principles into their lifestyle. Through heartfelt and passionate work, they and the people they reach out to are able to grow in self-confidence, self-awareness, and, of course, health, happiness, and peace. Michela Mangiaracina

held it for half a minute! I did it for a third of a minute! One-sixth! the kids in Joanne Stellers Brain Education (BE) class at Kimball Elementary School call out. These students are learning fractions with their back bends. With help from Joanne, a Brain Management Consultant from the Bethesda Dahn Yoga Center in Washington, DC, and teachers from their school, theyre making connections not only between different parts of their education, but different parts of their brain as well. Joanne also feels like shes connected all the dots in my life, with her six years of Dahn Yoga training and the

Sungbit Joanne Stellar, a BMC graduate, laughs with the children in her Brain Education class at Kimball Elementary School in Washington, DC.

classes shes teaching now. I feel like Id always been meant to do it. Since the end of last October, Joanne has visited Kimball Elementary most Mondays to teach two kids classes and one class for several teachers. The students and the teachers attending her Brain Education classes have helped her adapt BE to children, especially minority children whose education focuses heavily on test-taking. In addition to

of the exercises they learn in the classes, like tapping another persons back. Joanne is one of several Dahn Yoga members and Brain Management Consultants in the Washington, DC area who are reaching out to children. Another, Jane Gordon from the Burke Center, has made teaching her life. During the day, she teaches eighth grade in a Washington, DC public school and incorporates the principles

Dahn Yoga Life | June 2010

Inspiration For You

ight, sound, vibrationall are energy. With the right energy, you can heal body, mind, and spirit. Thats one of the basic principles of Dahn Yoga practice. Through Dahn Yoga exercises, you make vibrations in your body to release its natural healing energy. Now with the new audio CD Inspiration for Your Day (BEST Life Media, 2010), you can use sound to get your energy flowing, open your heart, and brighten your spirit. The sound vibrations on this CD come from poems and messages created by Dahn Yoga founder Ilchi Lee to communicate the universal wisdom of life. They are read by the soothing and uplifting voices of professional voice actors Peter Thomas, Jr. and Shondra Jepperson, and Dahn Yoga instructor and DahnTV host Edwin Kim. In the background, inspiring music creates

Get the exact message you need, when you need it

an overall package that automatically relaxes your brain, opens your heart, and puts you in touch with the loving and peaceful energy of the universe. Besides the healing sound vibrations on this CD, the positive and profound information contained within the words of each track can also offer a healing touch. They were chosen as the best available from Ilchi Lees 30 years of speaking and writing. As the most relevant and/or recent, these poems and messages capture his key teachings that give others hope, brighten their spirit, and help them discover the inherent greatness within. While there are favorites many long-time Dahn Yoga members might know such as the Prayer of Peace and Finding True-Self, there are also nine messages that have never before been released in English.

Whether you sit and meditate intently on the words of the messages, flow with each tracks energy immersed in dahnmu, or simply play it as you are doing other things, this CD will center you and expand your understanding of true peace. You can listen to the messages in succession, or one at a time. If you listen to the messages every day, you can increase your mindfulness and gain insight for making more positive and beneficial life choices. Michela Mangiaracina

Tell Us How Were Doing!

You are holding in your hands what is already the fourth issue of Dahn Yogas monthly newsletter, Dahn Yoga Life. Our goal is to serve the Dahn Yoga community by providing the information that you need. To do a better job, we would love to know what you think. Please send your feedback, questions, suggestions, and sharing to The Dahn Yoga Life staff hopes to keep improving the communication between all the Dahn Yoga lovers and practitioners. Thank you for reading our newsletter. We sincerely hope that it helps you to create more concrete beauty in your life.


Within Time and Empty Space

Excerpt of poem from the Inspiration for Your Day CD

Do not try to fill the small space with something, but break down the wall. Welcome infinite time and space, the sky and the stars, and this Earth. That is when you can attain great freedom. Find the star of a great dream and vision in your heart. That is when your life will become brighter and freer. That is when you will know that you are an eternal being.

Dahn Yoga Life | June 2010

- Ilchi Lee

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