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West Virginia Department of Education

Technology Integration Specialist Authorization

Elective Study Credit Request

Name: Jason L. Stutler

Location: Waterfront Place Morgantown, WV Date(s) of Training: 10/29/2008

Are you or a member of the
organization sponsoring this training? Yes x No 10/29/2008
Use decimal
etc. for parti
Hours 16
Title of Training: Quantile Framework Training
Sponsor/Trainer's Name: RESA County Math Teams/ MetaMetrics

Sponsor/Trainer's E-mail:
919-547-3400/ 1-888-539-4537
Sponsor/Trainer's Telephone:

Purpose of Training:
To familiarize the county math teams with the quantile scores that will be associated with WESTEST 2 score
reports in order to gain an understanding of what the scores reflect and the implications for their use. County
Math team participants will then come together to train other members of their county math department in the
use of the quantile scores.

Describe how the information will be applied to:

* primary focus/area(s) or skills described in your job description
* areas of responbility and/or
* TIS activities/other assignments
* technology skills
As a special education teacher, the quantile scores will be used to determine prerequisite skills students
already have and those that are missing in order to meet grade level expectations in math classes. The
quantile scores will be researched through a website database in order to determine levels of skill.

Describe how information will be shared/communicated with students and colleagues.

Page 1 Elective Study Credit Request 05/14/2009

Students will have scores on WESTEST 2 score profiles and colleagues will be trained throughout the process
by members of the county math team who attended the training. Special education teachers will be trained to
use the data by a member of the special education department who is the technology coordinator for the
special education department of the county.

Attach or detail agenda of attended sessions/trainings.

Oct. 29--Opening Session Welcome & Remarks, Quantile Framework Theory & Overview, Quantile Framework
WV Applications & Classroom Instruction, Quantile Framework Tools & Utilities, Quantile Framework for
Mathematics Empowering Parents, Empowering Emerging Mathematicians
Oct. 30--Quantile Framework for Mathematics--Seamless DIfferentiation with the Framework,
Lesson Plan Building, Instructional Strategies, County Team Wiki (accessible at:

WVDE Instructional Technology Coordinator

Page 2 Elective Study Credit Request 05/14/2009

Use decimals .5, .25
etc. for partial hours

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