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TIS-SE Monthly Report

Name: Jason L. Stutler

Month: September 2008

School: Philippi Middle School

County: Barbour County

Technology Training(s) Attended:

For each training attended, please include a brief description of the session, how it relates to the
TIS initiative, and most importantly, how you will use the information in your classroom.

Our county asked all special education teachers to attend 3 days of intense
reading centered training at the beginning of the school year. Thus, we were not
allowed to attend any technology trainings in the county. The high school in our
county did conduct a Thinkfinity training for their teachers and that site should be
utilized across the curriculum at that level. I have attended one county
technology team meeting for Barbour county schools and was placed on the
Philippi Middle School technology team due to my work this summer with TIS
and the Special Education Teacher Leadership Academy.
If the following information is available on a lesson plan template and you have your rubrics,
graphic organizers, etc. saved electronically, feel free to simply attach those documents to your
blog rather than completing this section.

Examples of technology integration Used:

Please be specific. For example, if you used the whiteboard, give details of how it was used; if
you took your students to the computer lab, explain what they did there, what web sites they
visited. When available, please attach graphic organizers, rubrics, etc. that were given to
students as they completed the technology-based activities.

I have implemented many of the Thinkfinity areas (such as the Mad Lib activities
and word games) into my Special Education reading intervention classes.
Students enjoy the Mad Lib activities and it reinforces and reviews the different
parts of speech being taught in their language arts classes. The Thinkfinity site is
a hit with the group. Additionally, I have used some of the TechSteps activities to
assist a colleague who is teaching a computer skills course.

CSOs, including 21st Century Learning Skills and Technology Tools, the
Technology Integration Activity targeted.
Reflection on Technology Integration Activities
How do I feel about this unit, lesson, or activity? Was it a success? How will I change it the next
time I present it? What was my students’ reaction to it? (Asking for students to reflect on the
activity is an excellent way to determine what needs to be revised, but even better, it helps them
understand what they just did and why they did it.)

The use of Thinkfinity has greatly increased student understanding of various

concepts. The main drawback of having such a great resource at our disposal is
that all teachers will not utilize it in effective and innovative ways. Teachers will
use parts of it or will simply not use it because they do not have time in the
computer labs on a regular basis to implement technology into their lessons.