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A Cup of Coffee with God Part 9 Sub Conscious and Conscious Mind

(An Uncommon imaginary dialogue between God and Me)

Gan, Chennai

A Freely Flowing Mind is a Liberated and Enlightened Mind Me: Hi God! Happy to see you again! God: I am delighted! Me: I want to ask you about Sub Conscious and Conscious Mind and their Functioning God: Oh! Sure! Its my pleasure to Answer you! M: What are exactly Sub Conscious and Conscious Minds? Can you explain how they Function? God: I just want to elaborate a little on the Mechanisms of the Mind, which will be useful for you to carry on a Happy Living. As all of us know we have two types of Minds Viz. Sub Conscious Mind and the Conscious Mind. Here goes the comparison between these two Minds. I give the tabulated information which is a concise way for easy reading and understanding.

Sub Conscious Mind & Conscious Mind Differentiated

Sl.No 1

Sub Conscious Mind

Conscious Mind

2 3 4 5 6 7 8

The Real You . All your The Advisor to You. Character and Beliefs are stored here Based on Memory. Just like the No Memory. Can hold only one thought at Hard Diskof your Computer a time. Just like the RAM of your Computer. Volatile in Nature. No Reasoning Power Observing, Logical, Analyzing, Comparing, Reasoning etc All Thoughts arise from here Subjective Mind No Thoughts arise from here Objective or Thinking Mind

just like a Store keeper records Just like a Gate keeper, scans and allows all information information inside. Similar to Bank. Stores all Information Involuntary Actions like Breathing, Dreaming and Emotions like Love, Feelings, Anxiety, etc arise from here No storing Capacity Voluntary Actions like Moving, Lifting etc.

9 10 11

No Emotions. For example, Consciously you can't get angry. Unconsciously Acts. All Habits Consciously Acts are stored here. Master - The ultimate Authority Faithful servant. Never Adamant. Tells and Power center everything as a suggestion only The ultimate winner in the battle Generously gives way for Sub Conscious between Subconscious and Mind and finally surrenders Conscious Mind



Your Karmas, Samskaras, Not programmed. Vasanas and Genetic Imprints are stored here No Freewill Your Freewill

From the foregoing tabulation we find that Subconscious Mind is more Rigid and not under your own control. The Sub Conscious Mind rather controls the most of your actions.

You are not Responsible for your Thoughts!

All your thoughts arise from your Sub Conscious Mind and you can never know what is your next Thought. Thoughts arise like a flash. The next thought always arise involuntarily, even without your concurrence. To verify this, do the following. Look attentively inside you. Look at your Mind. Now watch for the next thought. As long as you are aware of your own inner self, no thoughts will arise. All thoughts arise unconsciously. No thoughts can arise consciously. The conscious mind can at the maximum want and set the direction for the sub conscious mind to produce the next thought. But, all thoughts arise automatically and involuntarily.

You are not responsible for your thoughts, but you are responsible for your Actions
Even though you are not responsible for the thoughts that arise in you, since all actions have greater implications on you as well as on society, you can not evade responsibility for your actions. All actions yield a Sweet Fruit or a Bitter Fruit. Ultimately everybody is responsible for their actions speech and actions. One should always exercise caution while acting, taking care to see that one is not fooled by the Subconscious Mind. The subconscious mind always justifies all its actions even though they may not be agreeable to the established norms and rules of the land. This is the reason for most of the rampant chaos like wars, conflicts, communal disorder, thefts, robbery, rivalry, family feuds etc in the society.

Training the Sub Conscious Mind

The Business of the Mind is to Think and Act. The Mind has no control over its own Thoughts, but it is highly responsible for all its actions. One way to correct this lacuna is to give the correct inputs to the Sub Conscious Mind, through the Conscious Mind. This is the reason our elders have established several routines like Praying God, Going to Temple, Observing Discipline, Respecting Elders, Telling Affirmations, Not associating with Ill Minded and Bad People, not to watch bad movies etc, as all of these will have repercussions in our subconscious mind even without our own knowledge and awareness. This way we can streamline the Inputs to the Subconscious mind. This is like properly training the Sub Conscious Mind so that we seed and feed the sub conscious mind properly.

Allow your Mind to Flow

This is the Most crucial aspect of all, in setting the mind in order, which we all miserably fail. The Mind can be set right by any means as set out in the previous paragraph. There is no Greater Foolish thing than using your own Mind to control your Mind. Your Mind can never Control your own Mind. This will lead to all conflicts. For example , I list out some instances which are incorrect below.

Wise men always Ignore the Agitating Mind Like Ignoring a Barking Street Dog 1. You see your neighbor buying a very costly car. You may feel some sort of Jealous. If you get a jealous feeling, you should never mind it. Neither you should harbor the Thoughts nor you should abhor this

thought. By harboring the Jealous thoughts, you aggravate its life. By abhorring the Jealous thought also you are feeding it to grow more in a different style. Both, Harboring as well as Abhorring are wrong. Simply, when the Jealous thoughts arise, just dont give any importance to the Jealous Thought. Allow the thought to rise and it will automatically fade in few seconds, unless otherwise you Harbor it, or Abhor it. This Technique is somewhat like, when a Street Dog Barks at you, you neither try to run away from it, nor fight against it. You simple ignore the street dog. The dog will automatically tone down its barking and become quiet.

2. There is no Right Thought or Wrong Thought. Simply they are Thoughts produced by Subconscious Mind. The subconscious mind does not know to differentiate Good and Bad. Dont give too much Life to them unless otherwise it is extremely essential like creativity, innovation, discovery, problem solving etc. For example if you have lost a huge sum in Business or Stock Market, this loss pesters you often and may hamper all your actions. Dont try to avoid such thoughts. Simply ignore them by focusing on some other pleasant activities like Music or Movies etc. This way you are not giving life to the passing thought. 3. All Thoughts have to pass and not stagnate. All stagnations are bad. It is wise if you let everything pass. A stagnated pond becomes filthy. A moving river cleans itself. Allow your Thoughts to flow rather than to stagnate. Many persons always do action replay of their past. They will replay the past failures and rewind it and replay it again and again. It is wise to move on, by simply absorbing the essence that is learnt without stagnating for long.

Never Mind your Mind. Diligently allow unwanted thoughts to flow like a passing Cloud Reacting to them will only strengthen them 4. Never Mind your Mind. For every action, your mind creates some reaction. Please do not create any Reaction to the Reaction. This will only worsen the mind. For example, you think you are a total failure in your career. This is the Reaction. If such a thought comes watch it and allow it to flow like a passing cloud. Instead, if you keep on thinking , "I am useless, worthless, etc," you are creating additional reactions to a reaction. By doing this, instead of solving the problem, you give life to a dying thought. Let the thought arise and fade. If you dont pay attention, the life of each thought is few seconds only. We simply pour more oil, in the burning fire and aggravate it and finally curse your own inability. This in no way will enable you to solve your problems. Rather take some positive and concrete actions, which will solve your problems. Just take a paper and pen. Define your problem. List out the solutions, Discuss with your friends. Go to Temple. Pray God. Listen to Music. Go for a walk. These are wise decisions. Children's have enlightened Mind. They don't hang on to the same issue for a long time.

Children have Enlightened Mind They don't hang on to the Past or Future They always live in the present. Emulate Them 5. Final Advice: Allow Your Mind to Flow. A Mind which allows everything to flow is a Liberated and Enlightened Mind.

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