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Name of student teacher: Carolina Alvarez Rojas

Name of School: San Judas Tadeo

Number of students: 12

Date: May 14th, 2009 Class: 7th grade.

First at all I may said that I only went to one English class and the rest of the time
that I went to the school I had to be with other courses because I was asked to and because
there were no teacher to teach them, and from that time to now the school is have been
added to the strike. So the information that I am going to give is just a short breath of this
Task Nº1: The school
Refer to the general background of the school in a clear and brief way. Describe:

• Physical location.

This school is located in San Juan de Dios hill in Valparaíso, its address is Aquiles
Ramíres without number. It is next to a grocery store and next to a lot of houses. There are
no recreate places nearby and the access to it is very complicated because the street is
dangerous and declined.

• Organisation.

Into the school and by the P.E.I. the organization is:

- Council of Teachers
- Technical Advice for Cycle (pre-basic)
- General Parenting Center
- Education Management Team
- Business Council
- Welfare of Teachers

• Student population.

There are 160 students in this school, from kinder garden to eight grade. This
information is by the SIMCE web site.

• School rules.

As rules, I have not seen them yet, and they are not included on the P.E.I.
Task Nº2: The classroom
Comment about:
• The atmosphere of the room.

The students were in silence but not for that reason they were putting attention to the
teacher. In whole class, it is a quite course.

• The levels of engagement in the room.

The students prefer listen to music or do other things instead of learning.

• Students seating.

The students are seat individually but in three different roles.

• Space

It is a little classroom, but the space is enough for them because they are a small class.

• Whiteboard location

It is in front of the class right next to the door and the whole class can see it because the
classroom has a good illumination system.

• Classroom equipment.

In the unique class that I went, I had not seen any equipment, there were just two big
pieces of furniture but they were closed. But they had the whiteboard, seats for every
students and a board for information, which is shared with a second grade, because the
classroom is use for that course in the evenings.

Task Nº3: The teacher

Describe the following:

• Classroom routine.

I do not know if they have any routine.

• Motivation activities performed.

The teacher motivated them to be wealthy people in life but they do not have any
educational motivation by her, she lose almost all the class saying them how they must
behave in any situation.

• Learning activities conducted.

When the students try to follow the teachers instruction they did it pretty well, but with
the pass of time they get bored.

• Material resourced used.

I have only seen the use of texts books and dictionaries, but there were not enough to
them, there were only six texts books and 3 dictionaries for a twelve students class.

• Stages of the lesson.

I did not see one.

Task Nº4: The learners

In this observation task, focus on the things that help to create conditions for effective
learning and on the aspects that play a part in preventing learning.

• How motivated are the learners? Why?

The motivation that they have and that I know because I heard a conversation along
them was that they want to be better than their parents, so they want to have a degree and
get over in the future their economical situation.

• Are they taking part in their own learning? How?

I do not think so; they just learn what they are told to learn.

• Are they expecting the teacher to do the work for them?

Absolutely yes, they are. When they get bored they wait the teacher’s answers of the

• Do they like to participate in group work? If so, how do they behave?

No, they do not. They prefer to work by themselves.

• What kinds of learning activities do the students like the most? What do they like
the least?

I do not know. I did not have enough time to see it.

Carolina Alvarez Rojas

Teaching Practice Team