2.) How about cancer? Cancer is also a disease that costs us BILLIONS of dollars.

Why are cancer patients treated like victims of bad mitosis? We don’t shun a dying grandpa who was a chain smoker for 40 years who got lung cancer; we try to help them. Didn’t he, like the gay people passing AIDs, give himself cancer? We shouldn’t blame a group for getting diseases because we are spending money on them. It’s wrong to victimize people when they are ill, regardless of how they obtained the illness. Additionally, AIDS and HIV are passed down from straight people as well. Straight people can still get AIDs and people will feel bad because “Aw, it wasn’t her fault her mother had HIV and decided to have a child anyways.” And “Oh, my grandfather is dying of lung cancer from smoking and he’s in debt,” “oh, diabetes runs in my family, and my damn parents decided to give birth to me. Damn them!!! ” “Oh, I am a schizophrenic because my mother is—I can’t help that my mother gave birth to me!” Money is spent everywhere to help people with illnesses. So why are we focusing on the transmission of AIDS and HIV and blaming gay people when there are several ways to obtain these illnesses? How is the relevant to marriage, furthermore? 3.) Homosexuals are more likely to suffer from depression because of oppression. Gay teens are bullied and commit suicide more than any other group of teenagers. Imagine someone bullying you for something you can ’t control like your race. Wouldn’t that hurt your feelings? Also, straight people pass down mental illness to their children too. My Aunt is a schizophrenic and my grandmother and mother both have strong borderline tendencies, but they still married and had children. We are all mutated. I had a cousin commit suicide in her 20s because she was mentally unfit and I have a history of low serotonin levels and poorly cooperating neuron receptors that unfortunately make me a clinical depressive. (I am fine though, this is irrelevant) A smoker has a lower life expectancy than an average person; a straight smoker can still marry. 4.) That statistic is a lie, ironically. Nice try though. Straight parents are more likely to be abusive than gay parents—I know people with gay parents and they are very successful human beings and their life is no different from any other healthy parent raising a child. It’s funny—I’m pretty sure Catholic priests are more likely to molest younger children than a gay couple (jokes). Children with gay parents are just like children with straight parents. They are just children. They don’t care. Also, rape and molestation are touchy subjects so it sort of angers me that whatever source you got that from would make such a cruel connection that is blatantly untrue based on other sources. Pedophilia is NOT always connected with homosexuality —just like how pedophilia is NOT always related to Catholics. Straight men and straight women rape younger children every day and I don’t think one’s sexuality has anything to do with how much one group of people rape than another. I know quite a bit about rape. 5.) You’re right. But there are still straight people. In fact, I know more straight people than gay people! And so does everybody else because HELLOOO, gay people are a minority—that’s why they are discriminated against. Did you know that children in foster homes and orphanages are more likely to end up in jail and become welfare recipients/rejects of society? What if a loving couple could raise a child and make them successful? Statistics show that gay parents are less abusive than straight parents and there is no discrepancy in successful parenting between gay and straight people. Who will adopt all of those poor children and give them a comparatively successful life if there aren’t gay people to adopt them? You’re worrying about under population when there is CHILDREN WITHOUT PARENTS LIVING IN SHELTERS ENDURING PAIN AND REJECTION. Gay people are not going to start existing everywhere. Do you know who make gay people? Straight people. Do you know who make straight people? Straight people! That’s like saying Raz should not reproduce because she’ll infest the world with brownness and there will be no other race left. That makes no sense because that ’s such a stupid thing to worry about. You needn’t worry about people dying out because of homosexuality because there are 7 billion people in the world and only a small percentage of them fall in the category of homosexual. Perhaps allowing the homosexuals to raise a child of their own (because they are just as good of parents as straight people) will control the amount of children being rejected by their own straight parents. Just a thought.

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