Males and females are polar opposites. They are as up is to down as night is to day.

One thing that is common to all opposites is that by the very nature of being opposite, they must be equal. If they were not equal, it would be impossible for them to be opposite. In any given year, at any spot on earth, there are an exactly equal amount of daytime hours and nighttime hours. The same is true of males and females; they are polar opposites and therefore are equal. However, we are not talking about legal equality here, but rather the essence that makes “male” and “female” has equality unique unto itself.

There is a difference in how these equal intelligences are arrived at however. Female intelligence is clustered around the mean far more than male intelligence. in both high and low. while conversely. . while the male population has a greater range on both the high and low IQ scale. A far greater percentage of female IQ’s reside between 90 to 110 than males. the female population’s intelligence tends to be concentrated in greater numbers around the average IQ of 100. and then takes all of the IQ’s of the male population to find their average. When one takes all of the IQ’s of the female population into account to find an average IQ. the more it becomes virtually all male. To put it more simply. men and women are equal in that the average IQ of all males is equal to the average IQ of all females. even though there are vast differences in their variability.INTELLIGENCE In terms of intelligence. The more you go to the extremes. There is far less variation in female intelligence. males inhabit the extremes of IQ between 70 to 130 in far greater percentage than females. the collective IQ’s of the two sexes are virtually identical.

HAPPINESS When one looks at “happiness. Researchers have discovered that when they ask men to rate the periods of their lives where they feel satisfied or dissatisfied. what they find is that women do not have a major mid-life crisis like men. what they find is that both males and females have almost the identical average amount of happiness in their respective lives. they have several “mini” mid-life crises that occur at various times in their cycle of life.” we find the same thing as we find in intelligence. they find that men have a major “spike” of dissatisfaction commonly known as Mid-Life Crisis. When the researchers total up all of the time in a male’s life to find his “average” happiness and compare it to the female’s average happiness throughout her life. he only goes through it once: . However. the male’s midlife crisis is far more intense than anything the typical female will ever experience – but. however. When asking the females.

A girl.AGGRESSION If we look at sin.” Male aggression is stereotypically to hit. kick. When we average out the two forms of aggression. we again will find that both male and female are equal. . It is very hard to miss a male’s evil because its nature is overt and it occurs as a “spike. uses covert aggression. men and women are equal yet they have gotten to their equal averages by different means. shout or destroy something. More commonly this is known as “Social Aggression” or “Relational Aggression” and it is stereotypically a female form of aggression. The essence of “maleness” is that things occur with infrequent but large “spikes” while the essence of “femaleness” is that things occur with more frequent but less identifiable “rhythms. but different. or good and evil. and this necessarily occurs over a longer period of time and is less visible than the male’s aggression. on the other hand. Its nature is to use gossip or social manipulation to hurt the targeted party. The boy may go through long periods of “nothing” followed by a spike that is hard to ignore.” When one averages them out. What we end up seeing is that male aggression occurs as a noticeable spike that lasts only a short time while female aggression is less intense but lasts over a longer period of time. what would you expect to find except again the same phenomenon? When a boy is bad it is very noticeable and often in the form of an outburst or some form of physical aggression.

” While males may think about the sex act itself more than women. Males and females both have equal sex drives. including the willingness to . If Men Have All The Power. Female sexuality. In the end of it all. the equal opposite is that women think about being “sexy” to the same degree. to the point of “equal but different. while women have erogenous zones located all over their bodies. . men and women are equally sexual. but more intense. whether they are the intended target or not. parts of the male’s body are. Her entire body is involved in having sex whereas only certain.SEXUAL BEHAVIOR Now. making it equal to the man’s. however. Jack Kammer. Men have fewer but far more intense erogenous zones. so I will steal his example: “Male sexuality is like a pushy door to door salesman. although they are expressed in different ways.” it must also be noted that male and female sex drives are equal but different in the same manner as the above examples. It is everywhere and steadily drones on and on at everybody. This is why women are so much more into “intimacy” and the mental aspects of sex. Even physically. In fact. it picks one target and gets in your face so much that you simply cannot ignore it. but they work in different ways. is like annoying junk mail. it is fair to say that a woman’s entire body is an erogenous zone that is dispersed with lowered sexual sensitivity but over a greater area. men and women both have equal desires to have sex and to be sexual creatures. How Come Women Make The Rules? said it best. in his online book. Women have their biological clocks and get “baby rabies” that demand of them to go out and get impregnated with the same intense irrationalness that men display when they are willing to do anything to copulate with a female.

” This “equal-opposite” aspect of sexuality is essential in understanding patriarchy and why things were set up in certain ways. Sex is the core of existence itself. It is horribly inaccurate for one to say that only men want sex. It is far more accurate to say that both men and women want sex equally.commit treason or sell out one’s own mother. Survive. Again. and free from the social stigmas associated with being a “loose” woman. Males and females both have an equal desire to do this. In fact. Humans have reverted back to the mating instincts found in most of the animal kingdom where the alpha males breed most of the females. All other things are in support of these two imperatives that are universal to all living things. but when it comes to sexual instinct we are animals that follow the same mating patterns as most other species in the animal kingdom. which I will attempt to describe and explain in my next post. and those males are the alpha males in society. There is a reason for this: 80% of the females are sleeping with 20% of the males. you can see that male sexuality and female sexuality are “equal yet opposite. One needs only to look at studies of sexually transmitted disease by gender to see that STD’s affect a far greater percentage of the female population than the male population. so that one can: 2). . We may think that we humans are smarter than animals. the only imperatives of all living things is to: 1). This has become even more evident since the sexual revolution arrived and women became free from pregnancy via the pill. while the beta males breed with none. Reproduce.

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