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K Lysia Hand, M.A.

Adjunct Professor of Communication Studies Phoenix College

INSTRUCTOR QUALIFICATIONS Instructing communication courses in Interpersonal Communication, Public Speaking, Small Group Communication, Organizational Communication, and Intercultural Communication. Instructing developmental classes in College Success, Personal Money Management, Career and Personal Development, Principles of Interviewing, Eliminating Self Defeating Behavior and Basic Computer and Internet Skills. Supervising and instructing a diverse population of students as well as non-native English speakers in a classroom. Developing written syllabi, course outlines, and course materials. Promoting the scholarship of teaching and learning through attendance at conferences, courses, seminars, and workshops. Maintaining office hours to assist and advise students. Collaborating with departments throughout the community college and the community to facilitate student success. Integrating technology and computer applications into curriculum. Providing training and instruction across the United States, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Europe. Evaluating knowledge of subject matter taught, and monitoring student records. Administering the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Keirsey Temperament Sorter to assist students in academic and career planning. Providing dual language (English and Spanish) instruction and student services. Using Canvas and Blackboard for online classroom learning. EDUCATION Master of Art Whole Systems Design emphasis Summer 2003 Organization Communication Antioch University of Seattle, Washington The Organization Systems Renewal (OSR) cohort and interdisciplinary program provided graduate students with a unique blend of theory and experiential based learning. The program emphasized adult learning pedagogy and allowed students to apply the focus of their academic research in a Change Consultation Project. Teaching Praxis: Spring 2002 Classics of Organization Theory Designed and delivered instruction on the history of organization theories and communication practices within organizations. Systems Theory Spring 2003 Collaborated with a team across time zones to develop and deliver instruction on living systems theory and the application to organizations, education, and communication. International Study: Bali Indonesia Intercultural Learning Session Summer 2003 Traveled, studied, and explored traditional culture of the Balinese people. Presented paper on the intercultural communication perspectives of trance and possession at Udayana University in Denpasar.

K Lysia Hand

Change Consultation Project and Teaching Praxis: Fall 2003 National Gelede Society - Staff Development Consultant Phoenix, Arizona Developed and implemented staff development workshop focused on improving communication. Bachelor of Science Major: Psychology Minor: Computer Science Westminster College of Salt Lake City, Utah Spanish Phoenix College Phoenix, Arizona PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Adjunct Professor of Communications August 2008 to Present Maricopa Community Colleges Arizona Provide instruction and integrate intercultural perspective into core communication courses: o Interpersonal Communication o Introduction to Human Communication o Public Speaking o Small Group Communication o Intercultural Communication o Organizational Communication o Creating College Success Maintain office hours to assist and advise students. Provide instruction that utilizes adult learning techniques and differences in learning styles. Collaborate with teams, faculty, staff, and students. Monitor students' scholastic records, attendance; prepare and grade exams. Integrate technology and experiential activities into instructional activities. Participate in department, college, and district wide committees and activities. Community Organizer October and November 2010 Working Families Win Phoenix, Arizona Identified and activated local leaders on issues of importance to working families. Implemented a neighbor-to-neighbor house meeting model of organizing to engage and develop leaders. Implemented field and outreach strategies in identified communities, including grassroots advocacy actions and voter education campaigns. Collaborated with agencies aligned with historically underrepresented constituencies. Coordinated local and regional community leader trainings. Worked collaboratively with diverse organizations and on a geographically dispersed team. Fall 1992

Spring 2008 and Fall 2009

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K Lysia Hand

Instructor - Eastern Religions and Communication 2007 - 2008 Phoenix College Phoenix, Arizona The Phoenix Community College Division of Continuing Education collaborated with the Language Education and Diversity Sensitivity division to hold diversity in communication workshops. Instructed a diverse population of students on possible ways Eastern Religions may influence Communication. Developed curriculum, syllabi, and course materials. Monitored attendance and maintained communication with representatives at City of Phoenix. Training Officer II November 2007 to May 2010 Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) Phoenix, Arizona Planned, organized, developed, coordinated, and evaluated a variety of classes for staff and teams within the organization. Provided instruction for classes in: o Microsoft Office Suite o Career and Personal Development o Customer Service Skills o Interpersonal Communication o Group Communication o Diversity in Communication o Personal Money Management Integrated computer and internet applications into the development of curriculum. Developed curriculum for courses in business communication, customer service, and using technology in communication. Prepared course outlines, materials and exams as well as evaluated instruction methods. Collaborated with teams and subject matter experts in curriculum development. Researched and evaluated emerging technologies and instructional design theories for potential application to course content. Evaluated course material and incorporated revisions into the curriculum. Conducted follow-up evaluation of training and incorporated feedback into revised curriculum. Facilitated training that utilized accelerated learning and adult learning techniques and differences in learning styles. Coordinated and scheduled classes based on room, equipment, and staff availability.

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K Lysia Hand

Program Coordinator and Recruiter - High-Tech 2007 Workforce Initiative Maricopa Community College, District Office Tempe, Arizona Organized and conducted student recruitment and advisement, focusing on technology, electronics, and manufacturing programs offered within the system of ten Maricopa Community Colleges. Participated in department, college, and district wide committees and activities. Planned and facilitated career and academic pathway education events with community agencies, one stop centers, organizations, and industry. Implemented training session on technology programs offered at Maricopa Community College. Utilized traditional and non-traditional methods to engage student interest in academic learning. Coordinated with industry and faculty using traditional and non-traditional class formats, including hybrid, web-based, and flexible class schedules. Training Manager and Acting Recruiter 2006 Nationwide Credit (NCI) Phoenix, Arizona Facilitated two-week course on state and national laws regulating third party debt collections and the computer software required for the role. Organized and conducted new employee recruitment activities. During my tenure, New Hires performed 10% above expected level. Collaborated with the Vice President, Director of Operations, and Managers to design training and coordinate delivery. Developed course material utilizing the Microsoft Office Suite. Instructed and evaluated professional communication courses to adult learners from culturally diverse backgrounds. Training Facilitator and Performance Improvement 2004 - 2006 Coach Bank of America Phoenix, Arizona Provided credit card training for new hires designed to incorporate existing skills, learning styles, and experience of participants. Provided instruction for classes in: o Leadership and Coaching for Management o Eliminating Self Defeating Behavior o Personal Money Management o Career and Personal Development Developed curriculum and course improvements using web-based technology. Established cooperative working relationships with business partners. Identified opportunities, conducted needs analysis, and proposed process improvement solutions. Coordinated and managed the company wide curriculum revision efforts.

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K Lysia Hand
Summer Semester 2003

Instructor - Career and Professional Development Phoenix Workforce Connections Phoenix, Arizona Provided instruction for classes in: o Career Exploration o Career and Professional Development o Personal Money Management o Adult Basic Education o Strategies for College Success Developed training utilizing Microsoft Office Suite. Facilitated customer service, computer skills training.

Substitute Teacher Winter Semester 2004 Osborn and Madison School Districts Phoenix, Arizona Assisted a diverse population of families with academic planning. Developed course work and evaluation as well as monitored students. Provided classroom instruction for classes of varying size and ability. Project Manager and Trainer 1995 - 2003 Onyx Graphics Midvale, Utah Held various positions as Technical Support, Training and Project Management with a software development company. Provided instruction for classes in Microsoft Office Suite, customer service, career and professional development, and the software developed by Onyx Graphics. Utilized the internet to research trends in technology and documented and advised internal departments on results of that research. Coordinated with internal departments and external clients to design and implement training sessions. Developed and conducted technical training for clients in Europe and Asia Pacific PROFESSIONAL WORKSHOPS Cancer Awareness and Advocacy Network Summer 2012 Arizona Myeloma Network Navajo Nation The continuing education conference was designed to provide greatly needed information and materials about dealing with cancer for patients, their families and caregivers, and others who are concerned about cancer in the Navajo Nation. The conference explored ways doctors can more effectively communicate with patients and the community about cancer and integrate traditional medicine in cancer treatment.

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K Lysia Hand

Lecture and Discussion: Academically Adrift Spring Semester 2012 Phoenix College Phoenix, Arizona A discussion on how instructors can channel students' energies toward learning and in maintaining persistence. Lecture: Democratization of Information: Power, Peril and Spring Semester 2012 Promise The Democracy Renaissance in the Arab World with Arsalan Iftikhar, J.D. Phoenix College Phoenix, Arizona A lecture on the history of the uprising in the Arab Spring. Focusing on the role women, youth and media have played in facilitating Democratic protests in the Middle East. Instructional Strategies for Effective Teaching Summer Semester 2011 Maricopa Community Colleges Tempe, Arizona The training focused on instructional strategies that foster a deep approach to learning. Topics included: writing clear objectives, using an information processing model, using instructional sequence, facilitating a deeper approach to learning, instructional strategies, learning styles, and activities. Covered Gagns 9 Events of Instruction to create an essential teaching plan. Healing Racism Conversation Summer Semester 2010 Phoenix Human Relations Commission, Arizona State University, The Maricopa Community Colleges and The City of Tempe Phoenix, Arizona Attended a forum and community conversation on race relations in the Phoenix Metro area. Discussed how to create strategies for building effective relationships across racial and ethnic groups to promote collaboration and cooperation. American Dream Academy Facilitator Training Fall Semester 2009 Arizona State University Phoenix, Arizona Attended two-day training designed to teach facilitators how to empower parents to become successful advocates and partners in their childrens education. The ADAs educational focus starts with helping parents to instill the value of education within themselves and their children. The school based intervention focuses on low-income school districts and Hispanic populations. Hispanic Womens Conference Fall Semester 2009 Phoenix, Arizona Attended the 24th National Hispanic Womens Conference, the largest gathering of Latinas in the nation. The intense two-day conference aimed to motivate and educate participants. The conference provided resources, information, and education on Hispanic culture.

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K Lysia Hand

Certification - Temperament and Interaction Styles with Summer Semester 2008 the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Interstrength Associates Huntington Beach, California Attended a certification training utilizing Temperament and Interaction models integrated with the MBTI. The course focused on improving communication with customers and teams, providing tools for personal and professional mastery. The training facilitated for self-discovery and improving interpersonal communication, difficulties in public speaking, small group communication, and intercultural communication. Application included career and academic planning, resolving conflict on teams, and leadership development. American Indian Education and Cultural Training Fall Semester 2007 Maricopa Community Colleges, MCLI Phoenix, Arizona Attended a session introducing faculty and staff to the central themes of the Family Education Model (FEM). The training provided a grounding experience for professional faculty and staff teaching, counseling, and advising Indigenous students. The workshop introduced the historical, philosophical, and ethical foundations of Indian education. Speaker: Iris PrettyPaint, Ph.C., M.S.W New York Center for Jungian Studies Summer 2002 Shadows and Stones Continuing Education Activity Mayo, Ireland The 2002 Shadows and Stones Jung in Ireland program explored the islands stunning scenery and Jungian themes on the shadow aspects of personality. Focusing on the relationship between people and Irelands landscape, myths, music, and legends, and our own psychological journeys.

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