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200W Single Output Full Brick

Advanced Power Conversion PLC
The innovative APC-F201 series employs an integrated planar magnetic design and extensive use of surface mount technology. This allows automated manufacture offering maximum reliability and versatility in a cost effective industry standard “full brick” size package. The 200W DC-DC converter operates in current mode control at a fixed frequency of 300KHz, using a patented power converter topology providing continuous input and output currents with low ripple. The converters will function in parallel with just a single connection. Hot pluggable, the APC-F201 works “democratically” without the need for Master/Slave operation. This provides true N+1 redundancy capability for improved reliability and ease of maintenance. The APC-F201 series offers many unique features, including Thermal Monitoring of Voltage for orderly shutdown of the system in over temperature conditions and remote sensing for automatic compensation of voltage drop. Thermal monitoring of voltage to provide early warning of system fault Hot plug capability Remote Sensing & Remote Shutdown Output short circuit protection Current limit protection Output current monitor voltage Output over voltage protection Thermal protection

FEATURES Standard full brick package (117 x 61.2 x 12.7mm) High power density and low profile Low input & output ripple currents Input transient voltage protection Single connection for parallel operation to provide true N+1 redundancy capability No need for master/slave operation External synchronisation facility

1 0.045 40 200 44. nom.0 A dB Unit V V %Vo %Vo %/ºC % us A W A mV mV Unit % KHz Note: This power module can be used in a wide variety of applications.1 40.trans Viso Input Characteristics V1 I1.max Tc=-25º http://www. min to V1. Io/ t=0. load & temperature Conditions.7 13.0A 60 Typ 5 5 0.01 5 500 Typ 83 300 1.min Po. Hants England GU14 0NR Tele: +44 (0) 1252 407800 Fax: +44 (0) 1252 407810 E-mail: sales@apcuk.nom . Specifications are subject to change without notice Oct 2001 . specifications apply over all operating input voltage.max Io=Io. Exceeding absolute maximum ratings may cause permanent damage and may reduce reliability. to +100ºC -25 -55 Min 36 18 Min 4.0 170 Max 85 125 35/36 100 50 1500 Max 75 36 Mhr.1 0.3 40 40 16.Ta=25ºC Io=Io. min to Io. Io=Io. resistive load.5A 24v -1. The safety agencies require a normal-blow. Tc=40oC Operating case temperature Storage Temperature Input Voltage (continuous) Transient input voltage (100ms) 48v 24v Input to output isolation voltage Conditions Operating input voltage (48v) (24v) Typical input current (48v) (24v) Input reflected-ripple current.200 Watt Typical Specification for 5V output unit General Characteristics Conditions Min Efficiency V1=V1.3 Advanced Power Conversion PLC Unit B5. peak-topeak (5Hz to 20 MHz) Input ripple rejection (120Hz) Conditions V1=V1.1A/us deviation Ttr Vo load transient recovery time Io change from 50% to 75% of Io.3 5 12 15 16. internal fusing is not included. Southwood Summit Centre.nom.2 10. Farnborough.max Over all line. However.965 4. Armstrong Mall.035 5. However. DC fuse with a maximum rating of 20A. The same type fuse with a lower rating can be used in practice Absolute Maximum Ratings Input Specifications (48V & 24V input models) Unless otherwise indicated.Outline Product Specification APC-F201 Full Brick Single output DC-DC Converter . g ºC ºC V V V Unit V A Max 5.7 48v -0. max Maximum output power Io Output current limit Vo Output ripple and noise RMS Vo Output ripple and noise peak to peak Test frequency band width<20MHz 25 50 Mechanical Outline Range Model Reference APC-F201-024-033 APC-F201-024-050 APC-F201-024-120 APC-F201-024-150 APC-F201-048-033 APC-F201-048-050 APC-F201-048-120 APC-F201-048-150 Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Power (V) (V) (A) 24 3. Ta=25ºC.3 40 24 5 40 24 24 48 48 48 48 12 15 3.apcuk. APC accept no responsibility for consequences arising from printing errors or inaccuracies. To preserve maximum flexibility. and temperature condition International Safety Standards This module has been certified by the Nemko approval authority to EN60950 and by UL/CSA to UL1950 & CSA950 Please contact APC for full details Vtr Vo load transient voltage Vi=V1. typ In Ir Output Characteristics Vo Output voltage set point Vo Output voltage tolerance band Vo Line regulation Vo Load regulation Vo Temperature regulation 80% of full load. to achieve maximum safety and system protection. max or 50% to 25% of Io. always use an input line fuse. V1=V1. Information and specifications contained in this data sheet are believed to be correct at the time of publication. max Switching frequency Isolation resistance input to output 10 Calculated MTBF Weight Tc Tstg V1 V1.7 13.5 Typ 48 24 5.955 0. max Io Output current The module may exceed output ripple specifications at I<Io.