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Thanks for downloading Mine-imator Beta 0.6.2! What's new? Check below! * * BETA 0.6.2 Released 2013.01.

20 Performance graph in the Settings that logs events that may cause lag Items updated to Minecraft 1.4.7 Clicking the values of sliders now brings up Manual input More precision allowed when manually inputting scale Wither scaled up to its size in Minecraft Added setting to turn on back faces Chests are now hollow The "lock to lower part" checkbox is now checked by default The Iron Golem's nose is now a separate body part Fixed an alpha related glitch Fixed some other minor issues and errors BETA 0.6.1 Released 2012.12.30 New toolbar option: Import animaton Updated walking animations The legs of villagers, witches and iron golems can now bend Added an icon next to edited body parts Fixed a glitch with loading older animations Fixed an error when importing backgrounds Fixed an issue with non-existant textures Fixed a parenting issue Fixed a schematic related issue Fixed a few other minor glitches

* BETA 0.6 Released 2012.12.24 - Added a bending parameter to some body parts, like arms and legs - Added mobs: Silverfish, Bat, Zombie Villager, Witch, Cave spider, Wither skeleton, Withe r - Added the "Special block" category with: Openable chests, Openable double chests, Levers, Piston, Sticky Piston, Arrow, Boat, Minecart - Working Undo/Redo (about time, huh?) - Added a settings window with various graphics settings - Added link to the new Mine-imator forums: - Ability to choose recorder to use when exporting .avi - Fixed an issue where the human face was flipped - FOV setting for the camera - Got rid of a startup error - Fixed an infinite loop when a grandparent * * BETA 0.5.2 - Released 2012.10.28 The 3D handles will now rotate correctly Fixed a glitch where the camera would appear choppy Fixed an issue with the "Instant" transition Any error messages while saving an animation will no longer corrupt it Fixed a glitch when removing library items Fixed a texture glitch BETA 0.5.1 - Released 2012.10.21 Added support for HD textures Non-3d items now hover and face the camera like in Minecraft Fixed a bunch of errors Fixed a transparency glitch

Fixed a glitch with the position of schematics resetting upon loading * BETA 0.Lights can now be locked to body parts correctly .Your background image can now be a skybox .3 . Ocelot. Spruce wood stairs.schematics Added WorldEdit compatibility Added the marker's position in MM:SS:MSEC in the bottom-left corner .Added a "Skins" folder with skins for all the different models .gifs .New system for exporting .Minecraft sky/night setting .Loading bar when importing .4 .Two different settings for the visibility of objects/whether to show them in t he timeline . Mooshroom. Pig.Timeline zooming (mouse wheel) .avis . Emerald ore.Preview window for the library where you can see the rotation point clearer .Preset values for the rotation wheels (90.The default tempo is now 20 .08. Wolf.08. Chicken. Enderman.Added a overlay value for characters/objects . Enchantment table.y and z scaling .Released 2012.18 . filter for a specific block . Jungle wood stairs .Better block selection.Released 2012. Glass panes. Cauldron. Cow.avi Added a warning when importing huge .schematics .Added mobs: Skeleton.28 AKA The big mob update! .Added a tempo modifier in the camera timeline . 180.Updated Disco.Fixed a glitch with the scrollbars when loading a new file * BETA 0.mani . Slime.Fixed an issue with transitioning between two colors .* BETA 0.You can now change the ground texture to be anything you want . Villager. Zombie Pigman.Better graphics in the interface .10. Iron bars.Released 2012. Creeper. Spider.Better and less confusing interface for keyframe editing . Sandstone stairs.Fixed a glitch where the background color would reset after loading an animati on .Increased performance when not playing .Better texture importing . Birch wood stairs.Added automatic walking generation (Right click on a keyframe) .You can now modify the body parts of several different models .New and better timeline system: Create multiple instances of a single characte r/object .Slightly changed file format to account for the above changes . Iron Golem and Snowman/Golem .24 Added keyframe copying (Ctrl+Drag) Updated grass.Increased performance when viewing animation .mani Made it easier to drag lights Added a warning when exporting unsaved work as .Fixed an error when importing .Added blocks: Spruce. Ghast. -90) . Squid.Unchecking the "Visible" checkbox of a character/object now only hides it from the timeline .Added x.5 . Birch and Jungle planks. Sheep. Block of emerald.Interactive 3D controls for positioning/rotating body parts/objects . tall grass and leaves texture Added a "Animations" folder with Disco.New and customizable list for the library .

Fixed * - various error messages infinite loop when locking to an already connected item a glitch where users were unable to load . check them out! Added help popups for the timeline Added sand ground textures * BETA 0.Fixed .Z rotation BETA 0.08.21 Fixed a glitch where the camera wouldn't move when exporting as .Fixed tion .Fixed .Fixed .Fixed ters .schematics with special charac a glitch where lights would not update correctly a glitch where the vertical scrollbar didn't work after loading an anima rounding error with X.The first public version of Mine-imator .2 ..Released 2012.1 .Released 2012.20 .avi Added some schematics into the Schematic folder.08.Y.