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Managed Network Services for Low Latency Microwave Networks
Owner-operators of low latency microwave networks are a new breed — extremely tech-savvy but aware microwave communications network management may be outside their core competency. To fill this gap, Aviat Managed Network Services is such a partner-resource: A Microwave Specialist with experienced Field Support together with highly integrated NOC Operations which are agnostic to any radio vendor, so operators can simplify their operations and safeguard their networks. For low latency networks, Aviat staffs redundant Network Operations Centers (NOC) with experienced operators who are highly skilled in microwave, networking and supporting technologies. Our goal is to resolve all alarms and faults remotely. If the fault cannot be totally resolved remotely, Aviat has field engineers and replacement parts stationed within depots along key microwave corridors, ready to be dispatched per 2 to 4 hour mean-time-to-respond SLAs. NOC operators remain connected and monitor all network sites providing command and control support until the trouble ticket is resolved. Well established operators may utilize in-house NOC services to manage their microwave network assets, but this is a specialized competency that has to be well resourced. Aviat NOC operations brings Tier 1 operator’s experience to all size networks, delivering “cradle-to-grave” management of all events. “AviatCare Managed Services provides the ideal option to proactively monitor the performance of the McKay Network. It ensures full technical support of the equipment and system capabilities. This mission-critical NOC supports hundreds of miles of the most sophisticated ultra-low latency radio network currently in operation. We could not possibly do that in-house!”

Microwave Expertise Matters
Engineering a low latency microwave network is complex work. Expertise must be demonstrated long before the first radios are powered up. Microwave transmission expertise is mandatory to understand how different geoclimatic conditions may apply along the microwave corridor. Path engineering experience is necessary to deploy low latency optimized microwave solutions across long distances and congested metros. Microwave transmission engineering is a well developed science, but a specific link or an entire network can present complex scenarios due to frequency congestion, site and path availability, regulatory restrictions — especially complexity introduced by latency reduction in radio technology. Aviat Design and Engineering Services is staffed with microwave specialists with more than 50 years experience designing and deploying microwave links under the toughest conditions and for the most demanding customers. Low latency networks are especially demanding because prime sites are already crowded, available frequencies may not be optimal, and latency reduction techniques tend to create more sensitive radio links.
Anything short of the highest degree of microwave expertise will leave operators vulnerable to immediate loss of revenue,

Jim Sullivan
Director of Deployment and Operations McKay Brothers LLC

Lower Cost of Ownership: Partner for Services
In-house microwave expertise is difficult to achieve even for operators who have been relying on microwave for years. Repeated analysis that compare in-house microwave OPEX versus outsourced microwave expertise has shown that contracted expertise results in lower cost of ownership and better value over the lifetime of the network. Aviat’s extensive experience in microwave operations and best-in-class troubleshooting integrated with NOC Services can add up to provide significant cost savings by minimizing network downtime, costly and unnecessary truck rolls and untimely repairs and returns.

damaged reputation and legal challenges. With Aviat by your side, we can provide the peace of mind that Low latency operators can rely on, so they can concentrate on their core business.

Responsive NOC Operations and Field Support
After installation, microwave networks will require end-to-end network services such as proactive network surveillance, fault identification and triage, and repair or replacement response along with routine maintenance along the entire network.


June 2013


Managed Network Services Overview
Both remote and field support microwave expertise must be top-shelf to keep your network at optimal operating efficiency, as well as respond to disruptions that are natural or man-made. Aviat Managed Network Services takes responsibility of network operations and reduces operator CAPEX and OPEX.

Design and Deploy Services
These services are based on +50 years of hands-on experience building microwave networks for the toughest transmission conditions worldwide. Our expertise can save you cost and simplify your network. o Microwave Transmission Engineering o Site Selection & Path Engineering o Frequency Coordination and Licensing o Building Studies Engineering o Site Surveys, Power Engineering o Cutover Plan and Field Test Plan o Site Acquisition, Leasing and Zoning o Civil Design and Construction o Network/System Engineering o Network Design and traffic Engineering o OEM Integration and Configuration o Factory Integration and Testing o Equipment Staging, Integration and testing Installation and Commissioning o Rack, cabinet, shelter installation o Unit, rack, site and hop testing o End-to-end network performance & latency testing o Professional Services o Project and Construction Management Contact your Aviat representative for more details.

NOC Managed Services
Deploy new technology, cut operating expenses, protect against disasters, or migrate existing services. Aviat NOC Managed Services delivers Tier 1 level management, cradle-to-grave resolution of any incident, and customized response using the full assets of Aviat corporate NOC and Managed Services team. o NOC Remote Surveillance o 24 x 7 x 365 coverage o End-to-end Fault Management o Troubleshooting/Fault Isolation & Triage o Correlate alarms o Assess severity and service impact o Cradle-to-grave event management o Notification o Report events to customer within SLAs o Dispatch and Escalation o Drive resolution o Failure Analysis and Reporting o Remote and Corrective Maintenance o NOC Process Management o Co-managed, co-located or completely outsourced

Field, Maintenance and Repair Services
Manpower and equipment must be managed to respond quickly to correct any fault or disruption, including fault notification, repair and replacement action, and escalation to contracted response level that your network requires. o Customized Service Level Agreements o Technical Support 24 x 7 x 365 o Phone and online access to Technical Assistance Centers in same time zone o Repair and Logistics Services o Repair or replace o Advanced Replacement, Depot sparing o Dispatched field support staff o Preventive Maintenance and Audit Services o Spares Management and Administration o Remote and Corrective Maintenance

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