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Preliminary Examinations Special Topics in Human Resource Management SY 2013-2014

I Explain the Recruitment and Selection Process. What are the essential steps in the process? (10%) II. What is a 360 degree feedback system in performance evaluation? Explain and give concrete example. (10%) III. Define the following: a. Recruitment and placement (3%) b. Worker (2%) c. License (2%) d. Private fee-charging employment agency (3%) IV. Give the 4 types of incentive compensation. (5%) V. Give at least 10 prohibited acts of recruiters. (10%) VI. Differentiate the 3 special types of workers as defined in the Labor Code. (10%) VII.

The weekly work schedule of a driver is as follows: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - drive the family car to bring and fetch the children to and from school. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday drive the family van to fetch merchandise from suppliers and deliver the same to a boutique in a mall owned by the family. a. Is the driver a house helper? (5%) b. The same driver claims that for work performed on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, he should be paid the minimum daily wage of a driver of a commercial establishment. Is the claim of the driver valid? (5%)

As cargadores. The following are instances where an employer can require an employee to work overtime. the employer and employee cannot stipulate includes the overtime pay. necessary and vital to the operations of the farm. Managers. No. such that when the employee actually works overtime he cannot claim overtime pay? a. c. Employee is paid for overtime work an additional compensation equivalent to his regular wage plus at least 30% thereof. None of the above. The following are excluded from the coverage of Book III of the Labor Code of the Philippines (Conditions of employment) except: a. because Farm A paid wages directly to these workers without the intervention of any third party independent contractor. b. Yes. Are the workers considered regular employees? a. c. 5. A and B. The workers worked as cargadores at the warehouse and ricemills of farm A for several years. Employee is paid for overtime work an additional compensation equivalent to his regular wage plus at least 20% thereof. their work is directly related. because Farm A did not have the power to control the workers with respect to the means and methods by which the work is to be accomplished. provided the mathematical result shows that the agreed legal wage rate and the overtime pay. c. d. They were paid by Farm A on a piece-rate basis. No. 4. they loaded. computed separately. b. Yes. unloaded and pilled sacks of rice from the warehouse to the cargo trucks for delivery to different places. Yes. are equal to or higher than the separate amounts legally due. A and B. 3. Work may be performed beyond eight (8) hours a day provided that: a. Supervisors. 2. Employees of government-owned and controlled corporations. May the employer and employee stipulate that the latter’s regular or basic salary already includes the overtime pay. Multiple Choice (10%) 1.VIII. c. except: . d. b. Employee is paid for overtime work an additional compensation wquivalent to his regular wage plus at least 25% thereof. d. provided there is a clear written agreement knowingly and freely entered into by the employees. Yes. Field personnel. b. d.

or imminent danger to public safety. In case of actual or impending emergencies caused by serious accident.a. His department head.m. When the country is at war or when other national or local emergency has been declared by the national assembly or the chief executive. IX.m – 5 a. however. from 1:00 p.m to 5:00 p. instructed Mario to report on August 24. installations. flood. d. b. or equipment or some other cause of similar nature. Where the completion or contribution of the work started before the eight hour is necessary to prevent serious obstruction or prejudice to the business or operations of the employer. Problem Solving ( 25%) Mario is currently working as a teacher in one of the private Universities in Malmalanga City.m the following day because of the scheduled accreditation on August 26. He is currently receiving 600/day and reports from Monday-Friday 8:00 a. c. epidemic or other disaster or calamity to prevent loss of life and property. typhoon. When there is urgent work to be performed on machines. earthquake. How much will Mario receive on his work rendered? Good Luck!!! . fire.