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Overview of Agrarian Reform

1. What is the agrarian reform? Agrarian reform is a comprehensive approach to transform agriculture through transfer of ownership and control to the actual tillers, thereby breaking the land monopoly of few individuals. It includes support services to the farmers such as credit, production and marketing facilities, and rural infrastructures among others. Agrarian reform recognizes the primacy of the rights of farmers and farm workers to own and control the lands as the actual tillers. Since the beginning of history, farmers and farm workers have tilled the land and sowed the seeds to feed their families and the nation. Their blood, sweat and tears on the land that they till ensure that we have food to eat and our survival as a nation. Yet, they continue to be deprived to own and enjoy the land. 2. Is there a legal basis for agrarian reform? Yes. There are two legal bases for agrarian reform: a) The 1987 Philippine Constitution specifically mandates that,
Article XIII, Section 4 - The State shall, by law, undertake an agrarian reform program founded on the right of farmers and regular farmworkers, who are landless, to own directly or collectively the lands they till, or in the case of other farmworkers, to receive a just share of the fruits thereof.

b) Republic Act 6657 or the “Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law (CARL) of 1988” reaffirms the state obligation to promote the welfare of landless farmers and farm workers through the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP). It calls on the state to implement an equitable distribution and ownership of the land, with due regard to the rights of the land owners to just compensation. 3. How was CARP implemented? Sadly, the implementation of CARP during the last 20 years has been uneven. Significant gains have been made but a lot things need to be improved. Through CARP, the number of owner-cultivators has increased. It also improved socio-economic conditions of poor and marginalized. Landowners continue to circumvent CARP by applying for exemption and land conversion. Experiences of farmer beneficiaries showed that farmers remain landless despite being awarded with the Certificate of Land Ownership Awards (CLOA) as landowners remain uncooperative and unwilling to give the land.

it is necessary to read and to understand the issue. It will provide higher income for farmers. Is there a need to extend CARP despite this? Yes. catapres. wound strips. With that. CARP implementation continues to suffer from lack of government budget for credit and marketing facilities. ownership. 4. farmers become buyers of goods produced by other sectors. CARP should be extended to fully implement the provisions provided by law and to fully realize genuine agrarian reform. 6. Therefore access. In the end. Support the farmers by visiting them and joining their activities and mobilizations. alcohol) Prepared by the: Social Action Office. 5. Vitamin C) and medical supplies (bandages. control. mats Slippers Toiletries Medicines (paracetamol. Effective implementation of agrarian reform enables farmers and farm workers to become active participants in the economy as producers. The underlying principle of agrarian reform is that land is a gift from nature. you can do so much to help but first. amoxicillin neobloc. there will be more market interaction. You can also extend the following: • • • • • • Financial support Food Blankets. income and wealth are redistributed resulting in economic growth that is beneficial to everyone. pillows. bioflu. neozep. With their increasing income. gauze. antacids. betadine. What can you do? As a Filipino. There is a need for critical reforms that would remove the obstacles and evasive mechanism that prevent us from realizing the full implementation of the Agrarian Reform Program. This ensures the nation’s food security and increase the competitiveness of the agricultural sector. loperamide. It will create jobs in the agricultural sector. and the benefits of its produce should not be monopolized by a few individuals and families only. It is meant to be shared by everyone.The continued lack of political will on the part of the government is a major factor as well. rural infrastructure and other support services. De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde . cotton. it would be beneficial to every Filipino. Why should you care? Agrarian reform is an issue that affects all of us.