I have done my B.Sc. Communication Systems Engineering (CSE) in 2010 from Institute of Space Technology (IST), Islamabad, Pakistan which is the pioneer institute to offer this program in Pakistan. During this four years program, I had a chance to work on different interesting and challenging projects. Among them the most important one was my Final Year Project named IEEE 802.11g Standard's PHY Layer Implementation on USRP Board using GNURadio. It needed an extensive knowledge of Python and GNU C programming languages, Wireless Communications, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), IEEE Wireless Communication Standards, etc. Some other important projects are Wireless Transmission of Voice, Data and Video between Two Wi-Fi Devices using VB6, Implementation of Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-I) on FPGA using Verilog HDL, Development and Implementation of a PID Controller using MATLAB and Simulink for MagLev System, etc. Courses that I took in my B.Sc. (Engineering) program include Digital Communication Systems, Mobile and Wireless Communications, EMF & Microwaves, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Satellite Communications, Signals and Systems, etc. Among them my interest in ‘EMF & Microwaves’ and ‘Digital Signal Processing’ was exclusively appreciated and encouraged by both my teachers and my fellow students. My research work in EMF & Microwaves paid in terms of a research paper presented and published in Loughborough Antenna and Propagation Conference (LAPC 2009), Loughborough. Software tools that I am familiar with include MATLAB, GNURadio, Numerical Electromagnetic Code (NEC), EDX SignalPro, TEMS, MapInfo, etc. Recognizing my interest in DSP, I was allowed to work on DSP-intensive final year project by the communication systems engineering department of IST. I have worked on FPGA boards (USRP board has a built-in FPGA board too), DSP boards (C6XXX Series) and 8051 Microcontroller during semester and final year projects. Apart from my curricular activities I had had a chance to work for a charity based foundation named Umeed (Hope) where I held a position of a Member of Executive Committee and Co-ordinator. During those three years I had had an opportunity to work with and manage a group of ambitious and dedicated youths. As a Coordinator I had to take classes in a charity based school named Sukh and as a Member of Executive Committee I have to make decisions regarding planning of events, financial allocations, etc. Through a brief introduction given at application page, it is clear that ASP is a fascinating program. Engineering in itself encompasses multitude of disciplines and for an engineer it is necessary to know all of them in an appropriate detail to make engineering work and fun. ASP brings this concept together to benefit from what even little each discipline can contribute. To my mind, one’s ideas and intellectual abilities groom differently depending upon the culture and the facilities one is provided with. Students at ASP program will have different backgrounds, so their thoughts may also differ. The amalgam of their thoughts if channelized properly will beget new and unique ideas that may help in bringing about a huge change in Research and Development (R&D) as well as innovation. To boot innovation comes in when passion and new ideas work together. Secondly, ASP provides a great platform for young and senior students to blend energy and experience well to make innovation a routine. Now I am looking forward to avail this opportunity of working with versatile environment of ASP which offers incentives like multidisciplinary exposure and multi-degree program. As my tiny bit I can offer passion, resultoriented attitude and a brief but didactic experience from both academia and telecom industry. I believe firmly that I will be able to justify the faith you lay on me and will prove my metal if given a chance to work under ASP environment.

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