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MED-IT the key to your business development in the Maghreb

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Email : Opération soutenue par le Ministère
Délégué au Commerce Extérieur

MED-IT, the North-African reference in IT trade shows Testimonials

MED-IT are a series of International Information Technology Trade Shows Exhibitors

Med-IT Tunis 2007
(Computing, Internet, Telecom), exclusively intended for IT sector professionals
How would you summarise your participation
and decision makers. They are held every year in Algiers, Casablanca and Tunis, in Med-IT Tunis 2007? To me, it has been

under the auspices of the Minister in charge of NICTs and they are also certified extremely positive. The meetings set up by the
organisation were taken at a high level: MD, IS
by the Minister appointed to French Foreign Trade.
Manager, IS Security Manager. This saved time
and gave us a good perspective on the Tunisian
market. Besides, the companies we met

The “Med-IT” concept: an exhibition, conferences matched our predetermined requirements.

Lastly, Med-IT organisers understand
and targeted business meetings. each of their partners’ trades very well.

Denis Gadonnet, Southern Europe Channel

A genuine crossroads of exchanges between professionals, Med-IT trade shows
Manager, IronPort, a Cisco Business Unit
also represent a highly-appreciated meeting forum for companies and local authorities,
who take this opportunity to get informed on the latest IT equipment and solutions, to meet Med-IT Algiers 2008
interested professionals and establish strategic agreements with international companies I just thought I would send you this email
to congratulate you on the quality of your
seeking partners.
work. It was perfect. It is a real pleasure to
attend Med-IT trade shows, and believe
Every year, conferences held in relation to the trade show provide an opportunity me, as someone who goes to a lot of trade
shows, I can tell you this is quite unique!
to unveil major market trends and to highlight current themes.
Presentation workshops on innovative solutions and the “IS Managers forums” Hamed Henni, Sales Director EMEA,
foster exchanges between professionals and testimonials on best practice. UDCAST

Med-IT Algiers 2008

In order to ensure they make contacts that meet their expectations, exhibitors and visitors
I want to thank you for your excellent
may take advantage of a schedule of targeted meetings to be set up prior to the event. organisation and I hope we shall have
the opportunity for a repeat next year.


The MED-IT Awards

Every year a competition highlights the best IT achievements.Launched

in Algeria in 2008, the competition focused on the best cultural websites.
In 2009, the competition will focus on the best e-commerce websites,
a hot issue with a promising future in North Africa. The operation also
provided the event with major media coverage and represented an opportunity
to enhance innovative achievements performed by local operators.

Number of visitors
Number of visitors expected: 3,000 professionals

Who will be attending?

Human resources, Training : 4% Other positions : 4%
Administrative and Financial Managers : 5%
Sales Management : 9%

IS and Computing Managers : 47%

MDs, Managers : 31%

Press : 1%
Companies : 41%

ICT Professionals: 39%

60% of visitors are end-users: decision makers,

companies, education and liberal professions.
40 % of visitors are IT professionals: IT sector,
press and education.
Teaching and training : 3%
Liberal professions : 2% Authorities, Ministries : 14%

* 2008 statistics based on average attendance at trade shows in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia.

Who will be exhibiting?

Telecom and Mobile Phone operators

Software and IT solutions publishers
Suppliers of IT equipment and materials
IT engineering and services companies

Why exhibit?
A true business booster, Med-IT will enable you to:

Be known and to enhance your reputation

Meet new prospective customers and clients

Meet potential partners and engage in strategic agreements

Take advantage of qualified visitors and of a high-profile media


Event Promotion Testimonials
Prior to the event :
Med-IT Algiers 2008
Direct marketing :
I wanted to thank you for the organisation and
10,000 invitations posted to companies from a selection of qualified professional files + 3
the handling of the Med-IT 2008 trade show
email campaigns + a phone follow-up campaign on the invitation mail out (to a selection of
that just took place in Algiers. I was personally
1,000 companies).
very pleased to take part, and I hope I shall

have the opportunity of doing so again.

Advertising : Rachid Oudia, Clio SA, Genève

150 ad releases in the local and international printed press (business, IT, Networks, Telecoms),
TV, radio and Internet. Med-IT Casablanca 2008
We thank all Xcom organisers for the way
Press :
everything went so smoothly during this 7th
every month, press releases are sent up to and until the event, a press kit is prepared, and a
edition of the Casablanca trade show. Despite
press conference is held during the event itself. our late registration, we most particularly

appreciated the way in which the business

During the event : meetings schedule, which we were given a

Media coverage : journalists are invited to meet with the various speakers and few days before the event started, matched

to cover the event. Contacts are facilitated through the availability of a press our requirements. The schedule was followed

at 80%, and this enabled us to do effective

lounge within the trade show where everyone can meet attending journalists.
and substantial business throughout both
Partners will relay the operation via live TV and radio appearances covering the event.
days. Trouble-free logistics meant we were

operational from the start of the event, and

After the event : through all this, Xcom managers, staff and
Accounts and reports written by journalists and various publications, following their subcontractors demonstrated highly appealing
attendance at the trade show and the summary of the event. good spirits.

We are looking forward to Tunis! See you very

In 2008, over 350 articles about the Med-IT trade shows appeared in the press soon.

Alain GOUZLAN, Associate Director GD Expert

Excerpt from IT MAG journal (an Algerian magazine specialising in IT)
following the Med-IT ALGIERS 2008 trade show (article published on May 5th, 2008)
Med-IT Casablanca 2008

The close of Med-It’s 5th edition We did not have the opportunity of talking

with you before we left Casablanca. I wanted

(by Nacer Ould Mammar)
to congratulate you for the organisation of the

Evidently, the 105 exhibitors at the Information and Communications trade show.
Technologies Professional Trade Show’s 5th edition mostly expressed their Best regards,
satisfaction with the proper organisation of this event. They were unanimous
in saying that the trade show was a success. Moreover, a significant number
Florence PITON, Business Developpment
of those exhibitors suggested that the next editions be extended to three
Manager SYLOB,
days instead of the current two. Integrator of ERP solutions

Med-it 2009 schedule
Med-It Algiers : 18 19 20 may 2009 Testimonials
Med-It Casablanca : 03 04 05 november 2009
Med-It Tunis : 09 10 december 2009
Med-IT Algiers 2008

Terms and Conditions This letter is to express our warmest thanks for
the invitation. We visited the trade show and
attended the round tables and conferences,
Algeria & Morocco Tunisia
BOOTH PACKAGES 3 days 2 days
which to us meant an opportunity to update
our knowledge on technological changes
within computing and telecommunications.
Bare surface (minimum area 36 sq. m.)
Thank you again.
Bare booths include ground markings defining your € 380 per sq. m. € 350 per sq. m.
area, with no carpeting, no partition and no signage. Mr TOUAIBIA Business Developpment Director

Conference speaker
Equipped surface (minimum area 9 sq. m.) Med-IT Algiers 2008
Equipped booths include carpeting, partitions, the I congratulate you for organising this trade
show, which really was a feast and a great
aluminium structure, signage, lighting, an internet
success. Your acute flair for communications
connection and a furnishings allowance (for a 9 sq. € 450 per sq. m. € 420 per sq. m.
and your professionalism have been key
m. booth: one hostess counter, one stool, one table, factors in this growing success. The guests,
three chairs, one wastepaper bin, one display stand). the activities on offer, the excitement of
participants all conspired to make one hell
of an ambience and gave some depth to this
major, leading event. I had hoped to congratulate
Registration fee per company in person, but unfortunately your schedule and
Registration fees include exhibitor badges, invita- your many duties made it impossible to meet you.
Once again, please accept my sincere
tions, a presentation of the company in the exhibitor € 175 € 175
congratulations for yourself and for your whole,
catalogue, and personal liability insurance. wonderful team.
Looking forward to the newt Med-it, I remain
Yours sincerely

Khaled KAÏD, Deputy Director of Distance

Optional services Learning at the University of Continuing
Education, Algiers.
Scheduled meetings : € 900
MED-IT 2008 Awards Jury
20-minute presentation workshop (conferences) : € 500 Chairwoman
Advertising in the exhibitors’ catalogue : Full page : 800 € and 1/2 page : 450 € It was a real privilege to be involved with
the jury selection. The prize ceremony was
wonderful and I really appreciated being able
Support for Export to listen to the prize winners talk about their
Expenses incurred towards this event may partly be paid for within the context of work - very inspiring!
It was a great salon - congratulations to everyone
specific EXPORT INCENTIVES programmes, according to the country concerned. For further
for their hard work.
information on this, please contact the appropriate agencies. If your company is based It was a wonderful success.
in France, you will automatically be entitled to a discount under the Ministry for Foreign Trade
Best regards,
certification scheme. For further information, please contact us.
Christine Maxwell, Director of the World
Summit Award, Director Chiliad Software and
President of the Jury Med-It 2008.

The organisers
XCOM is a company that specialises in organising professional trade shows focusing on Information Technology
(Computing, Internet, Telecoms). Consisting of a team of 6, XCOM has been organising its own events since 1998. The
company head office is located in the South of France and has a subsidiary in Algeria. Arrangements are underway
for new subsidiaries planned in Morocco and Tunisia.

In 1998, XCOM created the Téléform trade show, the 1st professional fair devoted to e-learning ever held in France,
and in 2000 in Marseille, it introduced Net’Expo, the leading Mediterranean trade show for Internet, Computing and
Telecoms. Both events each had 150 exhibitors. Since 2002, XCOM has organised the MED-IT trade shows on Information
Technology (IT) in North-African countries.

Website :
Website Salons :

Your contacts
In France / XCOM
Switchboard : +33 (0) 4 42 70 00 66

Direct line : +33 (0) 4 42 70 95 10
E-mail :

Christophe STIEVENARD, Associate Director

•Visuel : RBL Communication Création graphique : Cap Grand Large - Printed by GUNYFAL S.A -
Direct line : +33 (0) 4 42 70 95 11
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Marianne BOUFFARD, Sales Manager

Direct line : +33 (0) 4 42 70 89 13
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Clotilde CHOUILLOU, Office Manager

Direct line : +33 (0) 4 42 70 95 12
E-mail :

In Algeria / XCOM
Yasmine MEKNACHE, Manager, Algerian Office
Tel / Fax : +213 21 91 84 75 Mobile : +213 7 90 844 188
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