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Chandhya Thirugnanasambantham


2400 Water View Pkway Apt No.311, Richardson, Texas 75080 469-215-4536

Graduate Computer Science Major seeking a challenging Summer Internship position where I could apply my Professional experience as a Software Development Engineer and contribute in areas close to my research interests. Education Summary University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson Masters in Computer Science Aug 2012 Present

Anna University, Chennai, India Aug 2006 - May 2010 Bachelor of Electronics and Electrical Engineering -GPA 3.6(Graduated with First Class with Distinction)

Technical Skill Set Programming Languages: C,C++,Java, C#, VB, Octave, Python, JRuby Database Skills: MySQL,Oracle10g,SQL Server 2008 Operating Systems : Linux ,MAC OS, Windows, Unix , Ubuntu Scripting Languages : JavaScript, PHP, Perl Frameworks: .NET 3.5, Microsoft Silverlight, J2EE, Apache Hadoop, Grails. Software Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio2010,Eclipse,Dr.Java,MATLAB Web Technologies: HTML5,AJAX, CSS, XML Professional Experience and Projects Software Development Engineer, TATA Consultancy Services , Chennai, India Sept 2010 Aug 2012 Proficient in Core Java, J2EE, web technologies HTML, JSP along with C#, .NET, Microsoft Silverlight. Experienced in building Web Services using WCF, J2EE components with Apache Server and JBoss.
Performance Improvement Implementation-Web based Application: (C#, .NET3.5/ Silverlight/SQL Server DB/WCF)

Designed and developed utilities in C# that enhanced performance by loading required objects and entities upon demand, rather than on initial application load. Lazy Load issue resolution increased Page load speed over 80% and was awarded Star -Technocrat title for implementation of performance measures. Competent in working with Iterative agile methodology and scrums

Online Pharmacy System in Java: (Java, J2EE/ HTML5, CSS, JS/ Oracle 10g)

Architected and developed a pharmacy system which was awarded Best architectural Design for data organization across all three-tiers. Developed an Error Log Handler in Java that can extract log entries from numerous log files using String search algorithm Knuth Morris Pratt algorithm and transfer filtered data into separate Logs.

Automation Tool for Data Handling and Database Normalization: (C#, .NET3.5/ Silverlight/SQL Server DB)

Designed and implemented a tool built in C# for extracting stored data in XML Format and reor ganizing data tables to reduce redundancy and helped in memory management. Tool reduced database calls to half through efficient data handling with cached copies of existing fields. Oct 2012 Dec2012

iPhone Application Developer, University of Texas at Dallas

Social Networking Application: (Objective C, Java, J2EE/ XCode, Eclipse/ JAX-WS, RESTful Web Services, MySQL)

Designed and developed a novel social networking application that allows users to create location specific groups to interact with members of the group within a particular radius from users current location. Simplified web services calls from XCode IDE to a Web service built in JAX-WS using a conversion tool to convert WSDL to Objective C which generated stubs compatible with XCode environment. Feb 2013 - Mar 2013 Designed and developed a hardware interface and an andr oid application that could remotely control the functioning of a positioning system of a domestic autonomous agent. Devised means to communicate with Bluetooth module of a microcontroller with optimum data transfer rates and location tracking is done with a graphic visual interface.

Android based remote control application: (Java/Android SDK)

Sep 2012 Dec2012 Design and development of a tool that implements a heuristic algorithm Kernighan Lin Algorithm using Binary Search Trees to perform partitioning using IBM standard benchmarks for chip design. Reduced complexity of O (n log n) was achieved from O (n 2 log n) by customizing the existing algorithm to determine an optimal cutsize for partitioning. Research Projects and Publication
Research Internship, New Gen Imaging Technologies , Chennai, India Sept 2011 May 2012

Design Automation Tool for Graph partitioning with IBM Benchmarks: (Core Java/Eclipse)

Employed primarily in providing Technology Solutions through design of intelligent tools in the area of Language processing.
An Intelligent system framework for an Automated Language Tutoring Tool (Appears in IEEE Xplore Digital Library) Sept 2011 Dec 2011

Designed and implemented an intelligent language Tutor Tool that can exchange dialogs wit h end user and has separate interfaces for Learners, experts along with Auto generated Scripts to hold Data Sets. Utilizes String Search Algorithms Knuth Morris Pratt to obtain patterns from data repository for text input. Employs a parser in Java CC to generate Parse Trees. Published as a paper in IEEE International Conference on Informatics and Computational Intelligence and is also available in IEEE Xplore Digital Library. ISBN: 978-0-7695-4618-6 DOI Bookmark:
Jan 2011 May 2011

An Adaptive Intelligent system that performs activity recognition

Conceptualized and built an intelligent office workspace to do office tasks with activity recognition through audio and video sensors. Viterbi recognition algorithm was used upon application of Hidden Markov Models to recognize any hidden states. Java implementation of the algorithm is done using Hash Tables . Published as a paper in IEEE International Conference on Computer Related Knowledge (ICCRK2012)
Dec 2009 April 2010

Research Internship at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India

Software Simulation study of acoustic emission with MATLAB in C++ for graph generation and data analysis. Achieved 94% measurement accuracy in equipment with a fault tolerant setup from graphic al output obtained.
July 2011 Aug 2011

Academic Projects
Intelligent Desktop Gaming Application: (C++, Eclipse CDT)

Developed a gaming application that can automatically c apture a Desktop image and create slider jigsaw puzzle Designed an incremental timer to the 8-puzzle problem requiring user to reach goal state within time limit.
Aug2011 Oct 2011

Online Word Search Dictionary Tool:* (C++, JavaScript, Eclipse CDT)

Designed and developed a word search tool, similar to a Google suggest like dictionary, where word search is done when JavaScript fires a http request to return desired word meaning from Cambri dge/Encarta. Achieved an improvement over conventional online dictionaries by crawling multiple instant results /search.
Oct2011-Dec 2011

Taskbar Space Minimization Utility:* (C++, Eclipse CDT)

Developed a windows utility for task bar space minimizing by reducing open -windows to a system tray icon. Functions as an optimization tool allows multiple windows to be open at the same time, wherein the relatively less important ones could be system tray icons.

* Utilities are a part of my online coding ventures in Appraised with a 5/5 rating consecutively for 3 projects Appraisal can be viewed at

Academic Accomplishments and Certifications Achieved Top 50 status - Interview Streets Code Sprint - International Programming Contest. Participant companies- Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon hire coders /5 Awarded Certificate of Accomplishment upon completion of Stanfords online courses -Machine Learning, Invited to serve as designated reviewer for IEEE Symposium on Computer Applications-ISCAIE 2012 Relevant Course Work Algorithms and Design*, Data Structures and Algorithms, Database Design, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning*, Secure Cloud Computing, Statistical Methods in AI and Machine Learning, Advanced Operating systems *Underwent as part of Stanfords Online Program Visa Status - F1 Availability Summer2013, Fall 2013, Spring 2014