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Biology Folio

Chapter 9 : Endangered Ecosystem

Name:Yogendran s/o Suraskumar Class:4 Science Teacher:Nur Shahneem

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Introduction Objectives Human Activites That Endanger The Ecosystem
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Green House Effect And The Thining Of Ozone Layer

Steps to Maintain Stable Environment


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Conclusion Reference

A healthy yet picturesque environment is always a significant dream to others . However numerous negative impact from irresponsible human activities has greatly affect our dream environment . It has not only cause in balance in environment but also causes various environmental problem besides endangering the ecosystem. The only way for us and the future generation to have a sense of peace mind living in the dream picturesque environment is mainly by planning development activities with great care which will possibly not affecting the environment at all. After all environment is our main home. So the environment should be preserved starting from now onwards so that the future generation will be able to feel the environment which we are experiencing now.

1. To instill awareness among human about the importance of the preservation and the conservation of the ecosystem . 2. To sensitize humans on various type of negative effects of their activities towards the environment. 3. To raise the efforts of creating a convenient, safer yet conducive environment for ourselves and the future generations. 4. To deduce the time for the depletion and the destruction of the environment due to the environmental problems caused by human beings.

I Yogendran Suraskumar,4 Science would like those who have been indirectly or directly involved in the making of this folio titled ENDANGERED ECOSYSTEM. Ministry Of Educations effort in organizing the making of this folio is highly appreciated in a way of increasing students understanding in biology .Hence, not only increasing students level of understanding , but also increasing the value of studying biology as it is related to our living .By doing this folio, it does not only increase my understanding towards biology ,also it makes me grow enthusiastic towards the intriguing subject, biology .I have now completed a paperwork on the topic ENDANGEREDECOSYSTEM based on the last chapter in the form 4 syllabus. Nevertheless ,I felt relief and grateful upon having such fabulous companion and references who were my biology teacher Cikgu Nur Shahneem ,my parents ,helpful friends also siblings .I was really thankful to those who have helped me out ,being supportive yet helpful especially in providing extra information on the topic which is given to in the making of this folio .Without their help surely I will not be able to make this folio as a satisfying piece .Last but not the least, thank you once again to those who has helped directly or indirectly in the making of the folio .

Human Activities That Endanger The Ecosystem

The world population might reach to 10 billion in the next fifty years .Hence, when there are increments in the number of the world population , it generally means that there is an increasing demand for shelter, food, medicine, transport and raw materials . Today, due to expectation of modern living and industrial revolution, the world has to confront the destruction of forests to build more houses, to being use as plantation areas and build roads, just to fulfill humans needs .Unplanned developments and mismanagement of ecosystem give rise to vast amounts of environmental crisis. Among those environmental problems are greenhouse effect ,global warming, pollution, soil erosion, landslide, flash flood and ozone depletion .The human activities that we are talking about are like agriculture, burning or combustion, industrialization ,urbanization and last but not least, deforestation.

Large agriculture of forests are cleared for extracting timber of fuel wood , agriculture needs, and for the sake of urbanization. The impacts are enormous and outrageous. Let see what are the drawbacks of deforestation.
Land Slides 1. Soil erosion is blocked. Thus, water flows inland and causes flash flood and landslides 2. When it rains for a long time especially during rainy season, the top layer of soil loosens and slides down ,thus causing landslides.

Soil Erosion