July 2013

2nd Annual Community Yard Sale Saturday-Sunday July 27, 28th 2013
Greece Museum 10am - 4pm

The Corinthian


Join us for a fun community day!
“One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”

Grab a friend, get a space. Come search for crafts, gifts, or treasures. Stop by for a food cart lunch.
To reserve a space to sell your new or used wares, contact Cyndie Shevlin (230-8218, call/ text), email: ultint@yahoo.com or use our reservation form on page 3.

Volume 34, Issue 4

July-August 2013

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Museum Education Historian’s File

August 3013 Thursday, August 8th, 2013 6:00–8:00 P.M.

Legacy at Park Crescent

Help us raise funds for our upcoming roof project.
Meet the trustees and volunteers of the Greece Historical Society, enjoy delicious treats prepared by the chiefs at the Legacy and enjoy good wine while supporting the preservation of our Historical Center. Watch for invitations and registration forms which will be mailed to our members and friends in mid July.

"President's Message"
While traveling the New York State Thruway I noticed several “History Happened Here” kiosks inside the rest stops. These kiosks note various important historical events that happened in the area. My first impression upon seeing the words “History Happened Here” was, of course, history happened here! History happens every day, everywhere. Yes, the historic events noted on these kiosks were important and should be remembered, but the everyday events in a community are also important and we need to keep a record of these everyday events. I am fortunate to have the 50 year diary of my mother. She does not mention anything of significant importance to the general public, just what happened to her on any given day. It is not only a family treasure, but also the diary of the daily life of a woman in the mid 20th century. Written diaries seem to be a thing of the past. Today we use various types of social media to record daily lives, but these recordings will soon disappear among the billions of daily entries. Will future generations be able to recall the life of their parents or grandparents without written copy? Will they be able to see the style of hand writing, or what was important in their communities? We at the Greece Historical Society, along with the Town Historian’s office, do our best to record and preserve the history of our community and the lives of its citizens. We depend on donations from the community and we are grateful for any photos, diaries, and artifacts that reflect the people, organizations and lives of the citizens of this Town. We also have the responsibility to care for these documents and artifacts at our history center at 595 Long Pond Road. Part of that care is the maintenance of our building. We will soon be replacing the roof on the house part of our building (the exhibit hall roof was replaced a few years ago) and we need your support. A fundraising event is scheduled for Aug 8th at the Legacy at Park Crescent. Please join us and support the preservation of the history of our community. If you cannot join us, please consider a donation to our roof fund. Send your donations to: Greece Historical Society Roof Fund, P.O. Box 16249, Rochester, NY 14616. Thanks you for your continued support.

“Museum Events”
Sunday museum hours are 1:30 - 4p.m. The office hours are Mon-Wed 9:30 a.m. to Noon. Sat./Sun July 27th,28th
Greece Museum 10:00 a.m.-4p.m.

Community Garage Sale
(see page 3)

Thurs. Aug 8th Greece Public Library 6:30 pm Blanche Stuart Scott:
Adventures of a Memorable Woman, Part II
(see page 4)

Thurs. Aug 8th Legacy at Park Crescent Silver Anniversary Celebration
Watch for mailing

Sun, August 11th Greece Museum1:30 p.m.-4p.m. Vintage Game Day

This year marks 25 years of the Greece Historical Center at 595 Long Pond Rd. To celebrate we are holding a Silver Anniversary celebration at the Legacy at Park Crescent on Thursday August 8th. Watch for mailing.

New Volunteers
Welcome to our two summer volunteers:
Suzanne Peters, a graduate of Potsdam University with a degree in archaeology, has experience in the museum field at Bethpage Village on Long Island, where she grew up. Pictured here, Suzanne is accessioning the new acquisitions. It may be a tedious job, but it is fun to work with these treasures. Shannon Shields, from Greece, NY is a history major from Canisius College, working on a War of 1812 project. She is doing extensive research and helping plan the exhibit scheduled for later this year. 2

Bill Sauers, President


Our Museum Community
Lorraine Beane, Beverly Bell, Nick and Mary Lou Borrelli, Delores DeConinck, Ardelle Goulding, Gordon A. Howe II, Mary Graupman, Sue Hodge, Luigi Latragna, Lorna Logan, Fred and Phyllis Meredith, Bethann Mitchell, Donald Newcomb, Morris Richardson, Gretchen Howe Russo, Richard and Lee Strauss, Virginia Tomkiewicz, Beverly Tulloch, Deborah Whitt, Scott Wiley.

Bowlin’s Remodeling* Canandaigua National Bank (Latta Rd) Doan Dealerships Fleming Point Greece Chamber of Commerce* Greece Grange Key Bank Legacy at Park Crescent Long Pond Auto Body Long Pond Family Restaurant Mark DeNeve* Mel's Diner North Ridge Glass Northwest Savings Bank (Long Pond Rd) Party Productions* The Signery The Villages at Unity* Tim Horton's (Long Pond Rd) Tops Friendly Markets (Mt Read Blvd) Ultimate Interiors* Vay-Schleich & Meeson Funeral & Cremation Chapels* Wegman Food Markets (Latta Rd)
(* denotes Business Member)

2nd Annual Community Garage Sale
Sat/Sun, July 27th, 28th 10am-4pm “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure” Join us for a fun community day. Grab a friend and rent a booth or come and search for treasures. If you would like to reserve a booth to sell your wares, contact Cyndie Shevlin (2308218, call/text) or email: ultint@yahoo.com.

DATE : Sat, 7/27 and Sun, 7/28 10 am-4pm, Setup begins 8am Contact: Cyndie: call/text 585-230-8218) LOCATION: Greece Museum, 595 Long Pond Rd. Rochester NY 14612

TITLE: Annual Greece Museum Community Yard Sale PROVIDED: 10’x12’ yard space, vendor parking area, restroom facilities AVAILABLE: Refreshments, Food (for purchase) REQUIRED: Bring your own table, tent, etc. Leave your space clean/empty, including trash. Note: We do not have trash pickup here. You must take it with you.

VENDOR: Name __________________________________________________________________ Address _______________________________________________________________ Phone No. _____________________________________________________________ E-Mail _________________________________________________________________ FEE* Enclosed: (Checks payable to Greece Historical Society)  $30 per space  $25 per space paid before July10th Total amount enclosed ___________ for ____ space(s). SIGNED by Vendor____________________________________________Date______________ Mail reservation to Event coordinator: Cyndie Shevlin, 55 Snowy Owl Ridge, Rochester NY 14612-2969___ Phone No.___585-230-8218 Call/text___ E-mail:_ultint@yahoo.com_


“Museum Shop”
It’s been a busy early Summer with many opportunities for you to visit. We have some great books for your summer reading (including children’s books) and our new Greece t-shirts are very popular as we now have women’s sizes. Did you ever think about our volunteer opportunities at the Museum Shop? I enjoy meeting the visitors and helping them find the perfect gift for a special person; you will, too. We’d love to hear your ideas on items you’d like to see in our shop, too. Stop by and introduce yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

Officers & Board of Trustees
President: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer: Asst.Treasurer: Executive Director: Honorary Trustee: Trustees: Bill Sauers Paula Smith Sandy Peck Roberta Young Jack Wallenhorst Needed Don Newcomb Rick Antelli Ruth Curchoe Sandy Peck Wendy Peeck Bill Sauers Cyndie Shevlin Paula Smith Jack Wallenhorst Roberta Young Bill Peeck Alan Mueller Bernie Wallenhorst Maureen Whalen Viola White Wendy Peeck Cyndie Shevlin Bill Sauers Marge Zercie Lee Strauss Kathie Firkins

Wendy Peeck, Museum Shop Coordinator

Museum & Museum Shop hours: Sunday 1:30-4:00pm

A special thank you to the Signery Sign Shop for their continued support to the Greece Historical Society.

Committee Chairs: Grounds, Building Historian Office Membership Museum Museum Shop Newsletter Programs Publicity Registrar Tours, Education

Blanche Stuart Scott: Adventures of a Memorable Woman, Part II Thursday, August 8th at 6:30 pm Greece Public Library

Maureen Whalen, of the Greece Historical Society, presents the second installment of her trilogy about this Greece native who was an automotive and aviation pioneer. Part II concentrates on Blanche’s adventures on a transcontinental auto trip from New York City to San Francisco in 1910. This living history interpretation is based on recorded interviews with Blanche in the collection of the Greece historian’s office and excerpts from her unpublished autobiography.
Your membership dollars help support the preservation of your town’s history and make it possible for the Society to share it with the community through programs, publications, and the Greece Museum exhibits. Your dollars also help maintain our historic farm house, owned solely by the Society, which sits on land leased from the Town of Greece. We truly appreciate your support. 4

Please Remember
The Greece Historical Society in your tax and estate planning. We are a non-profit organization supported by your *gifts and endowments.

We sincerely appreciate your donations.
*Tax deductible per (Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code

For newsletter input only, please contact: corintheditor@yahoo.com

Cyndie Shevlin, Editor
This newsletter is published bi-monthly by the editor for the Greece Historical Society and Museum.

Answer to last issue’s “GUESS WHERE AND WHAT” Barns, large and small once dotted the Greece landscape. Year by year the number decreases, a faded symbol of Greece's agrarian past. Where was this barn located and did it have a special use? It is a Hop drying barn that was located on Stone Road, just west of Mt. Read Boulevard. Built in the 1880s, it was on the Flannigan family farm. It was obtained by the Genesee Country Museum, at Mumford in 1978. It was carefully numbered and disassembled and then restored and rebuilt next to a small hop field and a replica of a small 19th century Brewery at the museum. Thanks to member Frank Thomas for his suggestion to use the Hop barn photo. The Thomas family truck farm was just southwest of the Hop barn on Stone Road.

Congratulations to the winners, Joanne Siem and Gene Preston. Since their answers came in within minutes of each other they each received a GHS tee shirt.

“Education and Tours Committee”
Tours We had a very busy month of May with school tours; May 13th thru May 24th we had a tour every day. It is wonderful to see the excitement of the second graders. They are very interested and inquisitive and they love hearing how people lived long ago. To them, long ago is 10 years ago, long before they were born!! So, you can imagine what they think about 100 years ago. As the students come in the front door to the living room, one of the first questions they ask is, "does anyone live in the house?". That's always an introduction for me to tell them about some of the families that did live in the house many years ago. And of course, they love hearing that the house was not at the location it is now and how it was moved. The 1930's kitchen is also one of their favorites. I always have them try to guess what some of the appliances are - their responses are quite unique. Some think that the washer is a large cotton candy machine or possibly a large butter churn. They are amazed when they find out what they really are. Many thanks to all of the volunteers who helped; I even put Lee Strauss to work one day!!! Education One of the projects that the Education Committee has been planning is a Game Display in the museum and also a Game Day. We are now in the process of putting it all together. We will have board games such as Monopoly, Candy Land, Chutes & Ladders and many others. On the Game Day itself we are planning to have several tables set up in the living room to play these games and also outdoor games, such as Croquet, Hula Hoops and more. To get started, several of us attended the Strong National Museum of Play. My son Mark works at the museum and was able to arrange for Mr. Christopher Bensch to give us a personal tour of their game display. We all were astounded and it brought back many memories of playing these games as children ourselves and also with our own children. We were able to gather great ideas for our own game area. Many thanks tour gracious hosts, Mr. Bensch and Mark Firkins. We are looking for donations of Vintage Games and Toys for our newest display to open on August 11th. This will also be our Game Day. Please contact Kathie Firkins at 621-2869 or tile1316@frontiernet.net if you or someone you know would like to donate these items to us. Afterwards, we plan to feature different games on each Sunday that the museum is open.

Kathie Firkins, Tour Director and Education Consultant

“Sweet Sensations” 2013 Strawberry & Dessert Tasting Festival Fundraiser
Nearly 350 of our neighbors and friends enjoyed our “Sweet Sensations” Strawberry & Dessert Tasting Festival on Monday, June 17th. A special thank you to all the volunteers who helped make our annual festival a success and to all the businesses and organizations that provided their support, food, services and/or gifts:
Arikata Martial Arts Army Strong Community Center Barton's Parkside Hots Bill Gray’s Blanchard Florists Buffalo Soldiers Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse City Historian-Christine Ridarsky Don Newcomb's Band Firestone Complete Auto Care (W. Ridge Rd) Fleming Point Genesee Country Village & Museum Greece Community & Senior Center Greece Chamber-Outdoors Committee Greece Police, Greece Special Police Green Acres Farm & Nursery Joe Robach Legacy at Park Crescent Long Pond Family Restaurant Mel’s Diner Memorial Art Gallery Northwest Bank North Greece Fire Dept. NY Museum of Transportation Party Productions Pier 45 Rochester Street Machines Rockcastle Florists Seabreeze Amusement Park Strong Museum The Party Is Here Catering The Signery Sign Shop Tim Horton’s Tops Friendly Market Town of Greece Van Putte Gardens Vay-Schleich & Meeson Funeral Home Villages at Unity Walgreens Waste Management Wegman Food Markets Northwest YMCA

Got some extra time? Want a project to sink your teeth into? Have we got the job for you! Working times are very flexible. Please contact Lee at 225-7221(office) or 227-5305(home) or email us at: greecehistoricalsociety@yahoo.com.


Traveler’s Guide 1837
Recently a small (3½" x 5¾" x1¼") pocket size volume came into the society as a donation, along with other books and miscellaneous items. All of the items were from the mid19th century or earlier. The book (well worn, with a leather edge binding at the spine), titled Traveler's Guide and published in 1837, was owned by George C. Latta of Charlotte. He was the younger brother of Samuel Latta, the surveyor of the straight as an arrow road from the Genesee River west to the town line at Manitou Rd which was named Latta Rd. George had many talents and business ventures during his lifetime (1795-1871). As a merchant and forwarder in the village of Charlotte, at one point he (sometimes with partners) had seven ships in his fleet. His freight forwarding business took him to Ohio and as far east as American ports on the St. Lawrence River. His home was on the north east corner of Lake Avenue and Latta Road. George lived here with his wife Francis Mann; she bore him 8 children, dying in 1902. The fascinating life of Latta can be read in the book, Merchant Entrepreneur George Clinton Latta, Charlotte, N.Y. by Joan Sullivan, available in our museum shop. His Traveler's Guide was with him on a trip from Charlotte. A penciled note in the front and back covers by George reads: "G.C. Latta, M.F. Delano left Genesee River Monday, June 6 on the steamer Oneida and arrived Quebec Sunday the 7th. At Quebec Monday evening the 8th. Now at Payne Hotel, Quebec, June 8, 1840 in company with M.F. Delano of Rochester, W. Whitehead, Mexico and Mr. Berk of Germany. Were at Montreal Tuesday evening the 9th. I left Montreal Wednesday up the St. Lawrence and Delano left for Lake Champlain. Same day I stopped at Ogdensburgh Thursday for a boat" It's not likely we will know just what this trip was about, but it must have been of a business nature. The book's contents would have been helpful as it has travel miles from town to town, descriptions of the area. Various modes of transportation; stage coach, canal packet and the just developing railroad are discussed in some detail. After some one hundred seventy years it's amazing this little book gem has survived and will now be preserved in our permanent collection.

Latta Homestead


Pages in Guide

Photos, data supplied by Alan Mueller, Greece Historian's Office. If you have any information on our photos, call Alan at 663-1706.


“ Happenings at the Greece Museum”
Another successful plant sale on May 17th by our community garden clubs: Lakeshore, Lakeview, Shorewood and Woodside. These garden clubs, along with Thyme in the Garden, maintain the beautiful gardens around our property.

Helene Marlow examining a hospital doll during our Teddy Bear & Doll Appraisal event held on June 1st. Hospital dolls were used to teach expectant mothers about the care of their new babies.

Members of the Education Committee toured the Strong Museum of Play on May 29th. Vice President Chris Bensch gave us an extensive tour of the new games exhibit and Librarian Carol Sandler gave us a tour of the library and archives.

On June 7th the Greece Chamber of Commerce’s First Friday Networking Breakfast was held at our museum. Nearly 50 people attended; for most, it was their first visit to our facility.

Daena Ford (r) from Braddock Bay Raptor Research teamed up with Maureen Whalen for a program at the Greece Library on June 8th about Braddock Bay, the annual spring hawk count, the bird banding program, and the education and conservation efforts on behalf of Eastern Raptors. On Friday May 17th Dr. Preston Pierce conducted a workshop for local historians and museum volunteers on types of archives and the proper way to organize and preserve them. The workshop was sponsored by the Rochester Regional Library Council. A pizza lunch was provided by Archival Methods. 8

GHS Trip to Historic Neighborhood
On Wednesday, May 22nd, 27 people toured the historic Susan B. Anthony Neighborhood on a day excursion hosted by the Greece Historical Society. The centerpiece of the trip, of course, was a tour of the Susan B. Anthony house on Madison Street. Great progress has been made in restoring the house and even trip members who had toured this National Historic Landmark before saw many new changes. The house tour was followed by a delicious luncheon served in the “carriage house.” The afternoon portion of the trip was devoted to seeing three other homes and a garden on Madison and King Streets dating from the mid nineteenth century, as well as a walk through Susan B. Anthony square, an Olmstead Brothers designed park, now graced with the sculpture of Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass entitled “Let’s Have Tea”. Dawn Noto, the niece of GHS volunteer, Vi White, showed us through her home on Madison Street which she and her husband have spent the last ten years restoring. Her neighbors, Barbara and Marlene, also showed us their homes. Each of these women have purchased multiple boarded-up houses in the neighborhood and restored them to be used by new families or businesses. Barbara’s home was once owned by Leah Fox and her husband, one of the legendary Fox sisters, while one of Marlene’s residences was owned by Obadiah Bush, a grandparent of both President Bushes. The side lawn of her property was used by Buffalo Bill Cody as the site for his traveling show. She also stated that both her homes have ghosts! It was a day jammed-packed with history and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Kudos go especially to trip organizer, Sue Hodge. Sue promises more such trips in the future.

Coming Events
Tuesday, September 10, 2013 – 7:00 p.m., Greece Town Hall History of Elmtree (Yates Thayer) Farm by Marie Poinan This presentation will explore the history of 710-720 Latta Road as a country estate and a working farm over the past 100 years.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013 – 7:00 p.m., Greece Community & Senior Center Clara Barton Performed by Eleanor Stearns This portrayal of Clara Barton will give glimpses of her life, her involvement during the Civil War, and her role in the founding and activities of the American Red Cross.


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