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May 7, 2009

Dear Board of Directors,

I have had the honor and privilege of serving the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as a member of the Board
of Directors for nearly five years serving as a Director, member of the Executive Committee in the capacity of Treasurer and
Chair Elect and assuming the elected position of Chairman of the Board in 2008 and being elected by the Board to a second
year term as Chairman by super majority vote in 2009. During my leadership tenure, I have strived and made it my number
one priority to lead in a manner that truly serves the best interests of the Chamber and its membership. I have always lead
with the strong resolve to instill due process, compliance with the Chambers By Laws, and govern the Board with the highest
levels of integrity and ethical standards regardless of political pressures.

I believe that today the Chamber is in a very critical moment in its long history. There are many, like myself, that believe that
the Chamber in the last 5 years have made tremendous and historic progress in its mission to represent the interests of
Hispanic small businesses through proactive engagement with elected officials, forming strategic partnerships with other
Hispanic business advocacy groups, and developing strong relationships with corporate America. All of this work, in the
eyes of many, has resulted in the GDHCC earning the reputation of being the premier Hispanic Chamber in the United States.
The leadership of the GDHCC achieved this distinction through fostering an environment of effective cooperation and
collaboration. In my tenure as Chairman of the Board along with the leadership and execution of our past President and CEO
CiCi Rojas and with the leadership of the Board of Directors have produced significant tangible and measurable results all for
the benefit of our membership and Hispanic business community. Some of our successes include:
• Achieving record annual revenue of over $2MM through diversifying the Chambers revenue sources, increasing
membership, and corporate partnership in 2008.
• The creation of a robust Legislative Agenda thanks to the leadership our Legislative Committee Co-Chairs Harold
Oliver and Teresa Flores and their hard working committee.
• Raising a record $450K in scholarships for our Stars on the Rise scholarship program in partnership with the Dallas
Hispanic Chamber Foundation in 2008. And in 2009 under our new super foundation and thanks to the leadership of
Michelle Bobadilla and Rene Martinez and their education committee, have raised over $1.3MM in scholarships
breaking the record set in 2008.
• The Chamber was awarded a contract with the US Dept. of Transportation making the GDHCC the procurement hub
for the Gulf States Region.
• The Chamber being awarded a $150K grant from the EDA to fund the Chambers feasibility study for the vision of a
new building headquarters one year ahead of our original timeline.
• In 2008, securing one hundred percent renewal of the grant with the City of Dallas that funds our Business
Assistance Centers during a very difficult political environment for another four years.
• The most engagement of our members and corporate partners in the history of the Chamber with slightly over 1,000
people in attendance at both our Stars on the Rise and Q&E events in 2008.
• Significant progress and tangible results achieved with our business development initiatives thanks to the leadership
of Armin Cruz and his talented Business Development Committee opening many new doors for procurement
opportunities for our members.
There are so many other success stories and accomplishments but without a doubt, we have been successful.

There are others among us that obviously believe that we have not been successful or choose not to recognize the tremendous
progress we have made. They believe that the Chamber should be a champion on social issues in the Hispanic community
which clearly is not in line with our mission statement. They utilize old racial divisions, various tactics of intimidation, old
school bullying, and strong-arming corporations into concessions. They threaten to personally attack anyone who disagrees
with their goals and wishes. In my opinion, they are simply using their political power gained from their service to the
Chamber for personal gain and not to support what is in the best interest of the Chamber and its membership.

I consider the current environment toxic and a shift has begun to take place to clearly undermine the creditability and
integrity of the Board. The recent series of events, in the end, will only hurt the membership who will find themselves again
under the self-serving interests and ideology of the old guard.

I have come to the realization that the current environment is no longer conducive for moving forward with our strategic plan
of positioning the Chamber for the future. I can no longer justify putting in the hard work and long hours required for leading
the Chamber that is, in my view, headed in a direction opposite to the plan we have been executing. I have witnessed and
personally experienced the passion and the resolve to which this faction is willing to leverage in order to bring personal harm
to those who oppose them. I can no longer subject my family, my employer, my integrity, my character, my values, and my
professionalism to these elements. Therefore, it is with great sadness that I am tendering my resignation as Chairman of the
Board of the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce effective immediately.

Frank J. Rosello