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Dear Christian frler.ds,


Greetings In the name of our Loving Lord AND Saviour Jesus

Christ Who died that we might live. May the excitement of Christ's birth a^d the confidence of

Salvation through his death be yours at this t)."-e of the year. God has graciously carried us through the yeaar I98U a^d Is tra
velling with us on our Journey this year 1985. Bb do not know vha.t the future holds for us but it's alright for God holds the future

At this time I hereby express our whole-heart gratitude to you for your love, concern afjd sharing In our ministry here In Jamaloao We certainly appreciate all that you have been doing for us. "By this shall all men icnow that you are my dlsclr'les if you have love
one to another#"

There are good signs shown by many of our brethren here as the' make re-committment of their lives to the Lord's service. A new Int

terest a^i^d desire presently exist among some young people of the

Glover Hill area - Ka;jtin#l to walk with the Lord; no effort will be
spared to see their effort materialized. The devil does not like this, but God is Ir. the midst of us therefore we will not fearo

still ripe unto harvest, but the labourers are few." Kore a^d mere
there is the n?--d for loyal and dedicated soldiers. The search for material success has reallycaused mariy believers to become cold to

There is still a lot of work here to be done; the "field Is

such experle nces we continue to crave your earnest prayers in res

pect to all aspects of our operation in the Lord's work. Please Dray for the Bogles that we wiU be all that the Lord wants us to be. Pleasepray for church leaders and tv^elr congregations. PleasT'^ay that the Lord will cutoour special blessings that we we have gr^^t
harvest of souls In this year,l98Tr"

the Lord's work, therefore Joining the army of the unsaved. With

in your Joys as well ^^.s your sorrows.

Brethren, our love for you continue to grow. >/e share with vou

We wish for yoji a prosperous

you prosper spiritually and temporally. * Please rrake special men

weak state.*

1985, one in which you n-py experience gre?t harvest of souls. V.^j

tion of the Claremcnt Church of Christ in your orayers; it is in

' Finally, If you brethren have so^u used Hymnals that can serd

US, this will be greatly appreciated.

God bless you all.

. love

Great Songs of the

Church, Favourite Ernns or such like.

In His

Lushington, Hose & Chlldtren


May 8, I985

Bear Co-workers In Christ,,

Greetings In the sweet a^id Holy ^ame of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ* May Graae, mercy and peace be multiplied unto you as
you continue to work for Hlmo

At this time I

have pleasure In reporting to you that the Lord

Is blessing us and showing that He Is able to keep that which we have

committed to Him against the day of evil. There Is sign of growth, especially at the Glover Hill Church of Christ, Since the beginning

of this year flftee^ persons have beeQ baptized into Christ. Among
them was our son, Mark. Most of the others are teen-agers. them is from the Methodist Church of

We can see where the devil is working hard already to see if he

can bring of them bavk into captivity. With that we realize that there is no time for idle scornilig for those who are servants of the Lord, leally, from the beginning of the yea? a number of our bre thren had committed their lives for greater service with the Lord*

It ca^ be seen that with such sacrifice the Lord is well pleased. Please pray with a|^d for us especially at this time when the devil is
as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

Although my ministry is basically shared with four congregations, X-flnd 4^ ve3?y difficxilt to work effectively among so many in a spe clal ooncer,trated way. More time is therefore spent with the Clover

Hill a^ Beecher Town churchesf^, respectively. The Glaremont church, already weak, lost another deacon w^o went to be with the Lord, recent ly. At present, a young brother from the states, Kansas, is giving some assistance there but he is also he Iping at another cof^gregation*
He will be leaving baek for the states later in this month. bee^ in the Island since January. He has

using this opportunity and ask you to pray for Samuel Pottinger, an elder of the Clover Hill church and Hazel Campbell wife of another
elder of the church; both of them are ill.

The Pedro River Church that I also help is struggling ^n. A dea con who carries on the work is not enjoying the best of hesSlth. Please remember him in your prayers. His name is George Lawre|^ce. I am also

am glad for the confidence you have in us. I am grateful for the New Castle Church of Christ with brother Kenneth Dlmett who is doinfl: a
wonderful work on our behalf.

Although you brethren do not get regular newsletters from us, \I

you very much.

churches. Most recent requests met; used Bibles and used Hymn-books. To those brethren who give personal help to us in the family, we thank
Bemands increase as the children are growing, so

We are grat.efull to all the brethren and friends from the various churches who made and are making continual contribution to us and the

your help really means a lot to us.

Thanks very much, agaim and may God richly bless youtss^all.
Yours for Christ A souls

Lushlngton, Rose & children


k-ey 8th, 1985

Jpar Bro. Dimett,

Your letter of a month ago was received safely by me. the brethren are keeping very well.


check was received safely also. Thanks very much for everything. Please accept greetings in Jesus name. 1 hope that you and
I can say that those in my
family circle are-keeping well. On behalf of the church my family and myself I am saying a

special "Thanks" to you and the church for your generosity.

The Bibles have arrived and some of them are already in use. certainly appreciate the kindness. We

I am very sorry, Bro. Dimett that I am so tardy in my reply

Unfortunately I did not get to make a reply at the set

to you.

time and then other things slipped right into the plan. Piease note that it is not-willful neglect. I am also a

little more involved with some young people in the Gloves Hill
Church. We had an addition of fourteen since January. I find

that along with other things, I have to allot some time

especially to help them.


Thank you very much for communicating

to the churches on my behalf expressing appreciation and so

May God richly bless you Brother Dimett as it is impossible

to express our appreciation to you,

I am enclosing a news letter 1 know it is long overdue butplease forgive me.

. , .
Yours in Christ, L. Bogle

P.3. My typewriter is not giving me such a good service so I'm

sorry about the errors in the news letter.