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Ethics Quiz


November 2012

1. Which of these are key principles of the code of ethics?

A. B. C. A. B. C. A.

Objectivity Familiarity Professional behaviour Contact the regulators Stay quiet Check your facts Working with colleagues from different functional areas within the organisation Meeting reporting deadlines Allocating bonuses Having written orders to do something Companies internal codes, policies and education Corporate governance regulations Setting standards and disciplinary process Making decisions for them Offering helplines globally Top level commitment Communication Write a document

2. If you face an ethical dilemma, what should your first step be in resolving the issue?

3. In which of these areas might you face pressures?

B. C. 4. Which of these are safeguards for upholding high ethical standards? A. B. C.

5. How does CIMA support its members and students?

A. B. C.

6. Which principles of adequate procedures should be in place to prevent bribery according to the recent UK Bribery Act?

A. B. C.

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Ethics Quiz

November 2012

A, C Brush up on your knowledge about your professional code and your personal obligations with our animation, or take a look at the code itself here.


C Before you take action, make sure to check your facts. Get more guidance about how to resolve an ethical dilemma with our ethics checklist. But why wait until you are faced with a dilemma? Practice using CIMAs code of ethics and the ethics checklist to resolve a dilemma with our worksheet: Ethical Dilemmas - what would you do?.


A, B, C Read more about what your fellow members have answered about pressures in the workplace in the recent Acting Under Pressure report and CGMA Managing Responsible Business report, which are both based on a global ethics survey. Also see the webcasts based on the survey, and our recent Fact or fiction: Global report about business partnering.


B, C Learn more about corporate governance and ethical practice on our Sustainability and Ethics Reports page and Governance Reports page. Also see the code of ethics for more details about safeguards. A, C CIMA provide a range of helplines, including a global guidance line, to its members and students as well as a range of other ethics resources. Find all our helplines here. The range of information available helps you make the right decision. A,B As a CIMA member or student you are required to uphold highest ethical and professional standards. It is your responsibility to keep up to date with the most recent regulation and practice. Read more about the latest bribery regulation on our UK Bribery Act Guidance page.



Find all our resources at Send any ethics queries to